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FullHeartEmptyWomb - February 23

Hi all! I am new to the whole forum experience. Wish I could say the same for IVF! My hubby and I have been married just over 10 years and trying desperately since 2003 to have a baby.

I have been gathering my past medical records trying to piece together a full history for my new Doc. I stumbled upon something that has been really worrying me and hope someone here can help. (Forgive me for jumping straight from "Hello" to "Help me".

The thing is during my first full IVF cycle (I was 25), I was *shocked* to learn I wasn't pregnant. I took a home preg test that read neg and the doc confirmed it with a blood test. So neg right? Well not necessarily. See I had held the home preg test upside down; rendering it useless. I had yet to figure that out when I went to see Doc. As he called me back to his office, he smiled and asked "how are you doing?". My response? "Well I'd be better if my test had been positive". Oops. He immediatly was angry, not that I blame him after all his office was full of patients.

They called me after I left and said I wasn't preg. But 2 days later I was taken to the ER with a killer migraine (first ever). At that time the ER Doc told me my preg test was positive. I dismissed it saying I wasn't, that it must just be the hormones I had just stopped.

That was that, they just took me at my word. For years now this has been eating at me. I live in an area where the IVF Docs protect each other so even if I asked one, the answer may not be honest. I was wondering if anyone here knows if this means I was preg?

Please, even if you are not sure, could you still give me your opinions on this? It's just eaten at me and really tearing me up inside.

Thank you


Marina - February 27

hi Kay,
we just went through our first IVF procedure,which unfortunately ended up in m/c at 16weeks,we don't know why yet,the results(if any) will be ready in 4 weeks.
I've read your post and have some qiuestions.First of all,I'm sorry it didn't work for you.
Second,you could have expirienced what they call chemical pregnancy,that just resolved itself.Did they tell you your numbers when you went for a blood test?Everything 5 and above IS pregnancy,it means the implantation took place.It might didn't make it,but you got pregnant,because if ER doctor told you are PG,than the HCG hormon(produced by embryo)was detected in your blood.
Did you have an appt.with your doctor to discuss the results?Did you have frozen embryos left?When did this happen?



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