new here but on third try!
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paige - April 17

Hi I am on my third try with invitro I would like to have someone to talk to that can relate to what I am going through.?


cassandra - April 17

Hi Paige, I have also done 3 tries, the 3rd resulted in a positive. We started IVF last year. I live on the east coast. I am fortunate to have a job with insurance that covers. Before the 1st attempt I had a cancelled cycle. Last May I had a good cycle, retreived I think 10, put in 2, froze 4 and the rest didn't qualify.m/c at 4weeks. Then I took some time off from it. Last January we put in 2 that were frozen, but they didn't take.My past cycle I had a better results, 12 retreived and better quality. we had 2 8 cell put in and froze 4. I have six frozen now. You must hear the 3rd times the charm from friends? It made me nervous. This whole infertile situation we are in is the pits. I just wanted to say hi and tell you there is hope. The women and doctors here are fantastic. Many of them have been through worse than us. Everyone here is very supportive. Come here to vent, ask questions or just listen. Good luck to you on your journey, Ill be looking for your posts to see how your'e doing. Take care...cassandra


lindsey - April 17

Cassandra I am so happy the third time was a charm for you!!!! You were sooooooooooo lucky to for the insurance to cover everything. I have not been so lucky! My insurance does not cover IVF.....nothing.....nada!

Paige ....I am also on my third IVF. I am hoping for as wonderful results as Cassandra! I will find out on Friday. You cannot help but have doubts and be apprehensive is human nature. Good Luck to you! You might want to check out the Sounding Board where woman talk about the different issues going with infertility. It really helps!


paige - April 18

Cassandra I think you are so sweet! I am glad I found this site. Doing this is very upsetting and depressing. I really appreciat your support and opinions. I really hope that my third try ends up like yours. It will be a dream come true! t would be very nice to have someone that understands what I am going through and that cares. Thabk you very much. Paige


paige - April 19

Hi Cassandra thanks for your support. I have also done two fresh cycles both with about 9 and had 10 cell embryos. We implanted four each time and nothing. This time I will see what makes it and go from there. My implant date is April27th. Also I did find out my question to the valim. You can take it three times a day for three days without it hurting anything. I am now on Lupron and estridiol and will start progesterone in a week. I am so hoping this will be it. I am very surprised I am not really stressed out. I feel if doesn't happen maybe it wasn't meant for me for some reason!


paige - April 19

Hi Lindsay thanks I will try the sounding board. Good luck with you too. I hope we are all lucky like Cassandra. People don't realize how much work and money and emotional stress goes through doing this. I did it almost three years ago and had to take a year and a half off just to relaxe.


Gina - May 13

Hello Everyone,

I am new to posting messages on boards such as this but need to talk with others who are experiencing the same thing. I live in Canada and have just finished my fourth round of IVF. I was diagnosed with a mild form of PCOS two years ago but have been TTC since Febraury 2001. I am 36 and previously tried clomid and three rounds of injections with IUI. Our IVF cycles have been challenging with the first resulting in a miscarriage and our fourth still waiting to find out. We had a pregnancy test yesterday with a very low positive (7.1) and have to return to our clinic on Sunday for another test. I am very down since I am having a lot of cramping and have started spotting. Has anyone else gone through 4 cycles of IVF and have you tried anything else besides Day 3 Transfers?



corbella - May 16

Hi Gina,

I am also from Canada (ontario) and we just had our 2nd failed IVF. Each cycle we did a 5 day Transfer. By day 5 we only had 1 Blast and 1 Morula to transfer both resulting in BFN. We have our follow up appointment with our DR in June so I am going to ask about Immune/Antibody Testing. It is so difficult to go through a negative cycle but you always wonder what if a next cycle will work. I said I would not do another IVF for at least a year but I am already wondering if #3 would be the lucky charm!! The Best of Luck to you!


Gina - May 17

Hi "Corbella",

Thanks for your message. We got the results from our second pregnancy test this past Sunday and my HCG level was almost back to "0". I had asked my Doctor months ago about immunological testing and he told me that he didn't feel that it was really all that worthwhile. But now, I am sitting here with a list of immunological tests that he is going to be doing tomorrow.

The clinic that we are going to does not have the capability of doing anything but three day transfers. Our embyros have been excellent three out of the four attempts with this last time having three 8 cell embryos tranfered with less than 2% fragmentation each. The doctor is, in his words, "baffled" and can't understand why I'm not pregnant. So we are going to go ahead with the immunological tests and we also have an appointment at the only other fertility clinic in the Atlantic region (Halifax) next week.

I am hopeful that the blood work will show something and that the clinic in Halifax will be the answer for us since they have the ability to do blastocyst transfer and assisted hatching with good results.

It is really difficult to go through negative tests and while you're waiting for your results you feel like you couldn't do another IVF. But, my husband and I keep picking ourselves up after each round since we feel that we would have lots of regrets if we didn't take this out to the very end of what is available to us. I hope that you go ahead with another round soon and really hope that the third time will be the charm for you!

Good luck!




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