Nancy had her baby!!!!!!
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NANCY - January 2

Hello all I know that the sex of the baby is what you are all waiting for [glow=red,2,300]A BABY GIRL[/glow]

[move][color=Pink]Madison Nicole entered into the world on 12/31/06 at 3:49 am 7 lbs 9 3/4 oz[/color] [/move]

I got to the hospital at about 8:20 am on 12/30/06 went to L&D they got me all hooked up on the monitors and iv(the iv was such a pain) I was in the bathroom all day long because of it. They gave me a pill to soften up the the cervix and SHOULD have started contractions I got a big fat nothing so 4 hrs later I had another 1/2 of pill and had to wait another 4 hrs to start the pit. In the mean time I kept asking my mother and DH it they were having a good time. I was able to watch some movies though. It is now about 6 PM and the Dr asked how things were and I still didn't feel anything after being there all day walking around doing laps. I did tell him how bored I was. Told him that the baby just wasn't ready. He did check me and say I was a 2 1/2. So they started the pit. The nurse was suppose to up it every 1/2 an hr but didn't she did it every 45-60 minutes. Well the dr said that by 9ish he would be able to break my water. My response was is it going to be an early ish or a late ish. He laughed. Well 9ish came and went it was after 11ish when I was 3-4 and he broke my water. WOW!! The nurse I had was wonderful and kept changing the as we called them DOGGY pads. That is when I really started to feel my contractions(Holy COW) I think I was able to last 1/2 then asked for drugs. Of course you know that they didn't come right away. After I recieved my drugs I was freezing the nurse said that some women respond that way I couldn't stop chivering. My blood pressure dropped and so did Madison's so the nurse sat next to me and monitored everything until everything was OK. I was finally able to fall asleep I think for a good 2-3 hrs. When I woke up I was feeling pretty good talking to mom and DH joking with them. About 3ish in th am the nurse came in she was watching the monitors at the nurses station and asked if I felt anything. I said no just the usual moving of the baby. She decided to ck me and she was right there. She said you are ready to push. The DR came in and said remember my record that we have to keep for the week. (He was there 3-4 times that week delivering babies and the least time pushing was 3 min and the most was 9 min) I told him I would do my best. Well in 3 contractions out came my little angel!! (DH reminded me that I wanted a mirror to watch it was so amazing to be able to watch her being born)

I was only able to hold her for a few seconds and they swept her away. She came out so fast that she was gargling to much when she was breathing. They explained to me that because she came out so fast she wasn't able to get all the stuff out of her so they had to suction her out in the nursery. They monitored her for about 1.5 hrs and I saw her about 6:30. What an experience.

We came home yesterday and as soon as everything settles down I will figure out again how to add a picture!!

Talk to you soon!!

Nancy and Madison


lili246 - January 3

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you that you had your lil angel in your hands, wow what a bless, take good care of her and God bless that lil baby.
Keep us posted on how it goes.
What an experience ha but thank god that everything turn out just fine, she was born very early at 3a.m. that is way to
Take care of that lil angel and hope to see some pictures soon!

Love Lili


Tiffany F - January 3


Congrats, I am so happy for you and your family what a wonderful way to start the new year, I no she is a doll what a blessing from God, can't wait for you to post Madisons picture ;), Take Care~~~Tiffany~~~


summer - January 3

Wow Nancy congratulations
on the newest addition to your family. Cant wait to see the photos.


liz - January 3


What a wonderful way to begin the New Year!

Take care of yourself and Madison.



Amanda Ivey - January 4

Omg!!!! congratulations hunny! You know I am going to be asking for pictures soon! hehe! So how is little madison doing so far? :) I can't wait to see the little cutie patootie!


cov1929 - January 4


OMG! I really enjoyed reading your story thanks for sharing with all of us. Hopefully all of us soon will have stories of our own to share. Congrats!!!!


Monica - January 4

Hi Nancy,

CONGRATULATIONS to my pregnant buddy!!!!! I am so happy that you had your little princess & that everything went well....... It seems that she was very comfortable in your tummy, because without modern technology.....she would probably still be sleeping comfortably inside of you...
Also, WOW....what a story! and yes....after your water breaks, the contractions seem to come ALOT stronger & quicker...The epidural felt good huh?..

I am so happy for you & your family!! Little Madison is so blessed to have a mommy like you Nancy.
I can't wait to see the pictures!! Will she be posted on your hospital's website? Please let us know...

Congratulations again!
Monica & Baby Joseph :D


babybop - January 4

NANCY!!!! Congratulations on your precious little don't forget to share, we're all anxious to see!!!


Mahogany Heart - January 4

I'm so Happy for you. You go girl.


Honey - January 4

Congrats Nancy!

I can't wait till you put up the pic's. Now that you and DH know what the gender is are you going to go out and buy tons of PINK stuff? LOL Well since we know what our bundle is already we have been doing the registries in all pink.

Can;t wait to hear from you about your first days home!



NANCY - January 6

Hello all I hope all is well with Mommies and Babies!! I hope that I posted the pictures correctly of my newest little angel




trying to adjust. She has her days and nights confused and Paige has a bad cold and cough. DH and I were up with both of them Wed. night. It's funny I told my mother you go from getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom to getting up to feed the baby. Peeing was definatly SHORTER!!!! I was up with her the night before from 1:30am to 5:30am

When I get a little more adjusted I will check in.

Talk to you soon!!

Nancy and Madison


butterflywishes1 - January 13

Congratulations Nancy!! She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!


Angie.kenney - January 14

im new here just wanted to say Congrats and your baby girl is beautifel.


NANCY - January 14

Thank you all for your congrats and I can't wait to be resonding to your BIRTH stories!!!!




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