MTHR, C677t Gene
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jessicaknight - January 9

I recently have been diagnosed with the c677t genes, a double homogenous match. I had a miscarriage in Sept. 2006 and had to have a D&C because I was continue to grow with a blited ovum (sp?). My husband and I stopped trying for a few months to get back on track mentally and physically. We began trying once again in June 2007 and I passed a rather large clot around Labor Day 2007. I called my doctor for a visit. My annual visit, they took blood. I was positive for pregnancy. They told me they would test me the following Wed. to ensure I was increasing my numbers for pregnancy. By next week I was bleeding, miscarriage #2. Next doctor visit he prescribed a full workup of blood work for genetic testing. I test positive speckle and 2 homogenous genes for C677t gene. I was very fearful when I was sent to a high risk pregnancy doctor to interpret my labs. High risk doc. prescribed 4 milligrams of folic acid and multivitamin daily. He was not concerned I had any problems getting pregnant. The problems were staying pregnant. I am currently in January cycle and still not pregnant. My October Cyle was 28 days while my November cycle was 32. I consulted with my primary OBGYN and he said to take a baby aspirin daily in addition to other vitamins (multi and folic acid). My high risk pregnancy doc. will not see me again until I am pregnant or have an additional referral from primary OBGYN. I am uncertain why some ladies on the forum are on B12 and B6 in addition to the other vitamins. My doctor said no when I asked about B12 and B6. I am 27 and know I have time but am concerned I am doing more research than my physicians.


lmaurercali - January 18

I found out yesterday that I have a mutation on the C677t. I had a miscarriage at 18 wks and a second at 9 wks. I have a healthy 18 mo old. But i had pre-eclapsia with her and when she was two weeks old I was hospitalized for ITP (extremely low platelets). Most of the posts I've read talk about folic acid and blood thinners. Could my ITP have been my body's way of saving my first baby? And will it be safe for me and baby to take blood thinners? Has anyone with c677t had a safe pregnency without blood thinners? Sorry for all the questions I am just really confused right now.



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