MTHFR C677T (Heterozygous)
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Mark's Mommy - August 16

I am so confused about this. There seems to be so much conflicting information out there about how or if the heterzgous condition affects pregnancy.

I have seen articles that say heterozygous MTHFR alone can not cause miscarriages. Then I've seen other articles that treat is with folic acid, B6/B12, baby aspirin and even sometimes heparin or lovenox.

I go to see my OB this week about this, but I am so confused. I lost my baby boy in April at 20 wks. I've also read conflicting information on whether MTHFR can cause late losses.

I would rather be overly cautious and take the extra folic acid, B6/B12, and baby aspirin, but we will see what my OB says.

Does anyone have anymore information on this?


jbmartin - August 24

Hi, I was diagnosed with MTHFR hetero after a miscarriage Dec 2003 at 19 weeks. I wasn't on anything but prenatal vitamins that time around. I'm 7 weeks preg now and on perscription folic acid and baby aspirin. But the IVF protocol has me going off baby aspirin at 12 weeks. I'm meeting with my OB next week for the first time. I don't think she did enough last time, even after i was bleeding and clotting. I too would like to know if I should be taking lovenox or heparin, or just continue with the aspirin.


HeatherMac - August 26

There is a wonderful man in Cincinnati, Ohio doing TONS of research on this particular gene and you should contact him for more information.

His name is Dr. Charles Glueck, and he is an endocrinologist with The Cholesterol Center in Cincinnati. Their web address is:

Glueck is a wonderful man who has helped MANY families achieve their dream of parenthood thanks to his groundbreaking research and willingness to help where others have failed.

I know he consulted with a woman in England, so I'm sure he would be helpful to you wherever you are located. It's worth asking!!




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