Monica's blessed w/ beautiful growing baby
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Amanda Ivey - April 23

Congratulations to the new mommy on our ovulex board. Motherhood begins the day of conception.
Monica from ovulex board just found out that she is expecting.




Amanda Ivey - April 23



Monica - April 24

Amanda; You are soooooo sweet!!! Thank you very much! This REALLY means alot to me.....
Yes, I am EXTREMELY giddy right now.........and I know that I owe it all to my Heavenly Father for making it possible..

So how are you & the baby doing? When are you due? Is it sometime in August? I am so happy for you as well because I remember how you had almost thrown in the towel........and at the very last got your miracle!!
Your testimony really encouraged me for a long time, so I wish you and your little baby the VERY best as well.

Take Care!


Mahogany Heart - April 25

You go Girl!!!


Amanda Ivey - April 25

Monica I am soooooo happy for you. Have you called to start your initial ob appts yet?
Me and baby are good he's kicking a lot now and hard enough for daddy to be able to feel it also. I am glad that I was able to help you hold on with my testimony to recieve your gift from god. Everything is going to be just fine with you and baby I know it. Think you already got rid of 1 month without even knowing it :)


Monica - April 28

Amanda: Yes, I just had my first official visit to my O.B. doctor on Wednesday. Everything looks good! I will going back for the next week or so for additional blood tests so that they can monitor my HCG numbers, but other than that.........everything was pretty routine.

Amanda, how far along are you? I know that you are extremely excited. Do you have the baby's room together yet? Are you still working?

Baby Dust To Everyone!
From Me & My Precious Little Angelpop :)


Amanda Ivey - April 29

Oh Monica, I am on the ball girly and can't wait to see my little cutie wootie, snookum wookums (lol), but not too soon. We have everything we need now even the hospital bags are packed, now I am just sitting and waiting. I am on leave from my job soooo it's going to go even slower man. We had our 22 u/s done and found out he was 1 lb 4 ounces a little bigger than avg and they moved my due date up by 6 days.

So you've got the first part out of the way, these next few weeks are going to fly by for you and you'll be looking in the mirror at your tummy like whoa! Next we hear or see the little heart beating and then we get the actual u/s in 2 more months, this is so amazing. Did you get your prenatals yet? Are you getting sick at all yet? Any changes at all sore (.)(.)'s you know I want the details!!!

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Amanda Ivey - April 29

oh sorry I am I am 6 months and 2 days today.


Amanda Ivey - April 29

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Monica - May 1

Hi Amanda,

How are you today? Yes, my doctor gave me my prescription pre-natal vitamins on last Wednesday......but to be honest, I have been taking the pre-natal vitamins for the last 6 they are definitely in my system by now. Also, I don't have any morning sickness as of yet.....but my nipples & my breasts are REALLY sore :o.

When did you start getting sick? Was it around 7 or 8 weeks? Was it really bad for you?

Well Amanda, I am soooo excited for you & your husband. You guys have really been blessed!!!

Take Care!


Peaches - May 1

Monica..CONGRATS!!!! wow, it's so neat how it's finally happing to all of us...I'm so excited for you! My little princess is doing great..she kicks now and moves's such an amazing feeling...i love it!!



Monica - May 1

Congratulations to you again Peaches!!! I am soooo happy for you....PRAISE GOD!

Hugs & Love,
Monica :)


Amanda Ivey - May 2

I am still so excited for you, I hope we all stay in touch with one another. Is this your first baby? I do believe it was around 8 weeks I started to get morning sickness then it progressed to all day sickness and around 4 months it started to go away thank goodness. I had sore (.)(.)'s also at first, but I think that faded when the ms came. (It's like here's a little something to take your mind off that pain) (: Oh yeah and ms was horrible for me I was sooo hungry and too sick to eat I lost 15 lbs in those 3 months, I had to keep reminding myself it's all for growing baby. After that gets past you'll be sittin on total bliss. It should be about another 2 months before flutters and 3 before the kicks come, this is how time passed so fast for me (lots of things to look foward to.) Do you think you will find out the gender? It's so hard to stay out of those baby sections once you get that bfp. I'm sure if your hubby is anything like mine he will restrain you, until you find out the gender.

You're back!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're having a little girl! wow.....awwwwwwww. When did you find out? That's awesome. Did you pick out a name for her yet? I have all the info on my little one under another success story under these forums with my u/s pics. Do you have any pics please post them under your forum that was created I would love to see your little darling. I know you qare as excited as I am I can't wait to see my little slugger. Have you had your baby shower? Do you have a lot of the things you need? only about 3 more months for us. I can't believe I will be in my 3rd trimester in 2 more weeks and 3 days (who's counting?) :)


Amanda Ivey - May 2

Ticker checker (isn't working)

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Peaches - May 12

Amanda, i know i'm so excited and cant wait to see my little princess. We havent really decided on any names, but i'm reaching a lot and I really want something with a heavenly meaning..she is my little miracle and my faith in god is just what got her in my belly (and of course with dh help ;) ) but we are still doing some research.
I was trying to figure out how to use my scanner so I can post some pictures, but i dont think it works..i just gave up..i'll have my dh do it for me

Monica...aaawwwwwww i just want to scream and cry of joy for all of exciting to share something like this with wonderful and beautiful women how share the same story in different ways..but it's so wonderful how everyone little by little is getting what we all pray for..I just know that there will be more sisters to congratulate, dont u?

Love you all


101197 - May 18

I'm new and dont know your journey, but CONGRATS to you anyway!!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful 9 months!


Monica - May 18

Thank you so much for your well wishes 101197!! I am so excited & I can't wait to see my little "Angelpop :D" at the end of December.............

Thanks again!
Monica :)



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