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lili246 - November 20

Thank you very much for being here for me and checking on me. I really appreciate you friendship. I am glad I found you and together we will get through this and we both will be talking about our bfp soon.
I am happy that you get to stay with your kids at home and take care fo them yourself. I wish I could do that but I have to work.
My mom is my babysitter ever since my baby boy was born. DH and I decide that if my mom would take care of our lil one then I would work but if she wasn't willing to do that I was going to stay home and take care of him myself. But thank god that my mom is the babysitter I feel so comfortable her taking care of him. I think there is noone better to take care of the him than my mom or myself. As you can tell that she's been with him since he was born he is so attached to my mom which I am glad. My boy has been the light of the house and we thank god for having him here with us. He makes us happy on whatever he does because he is our lil baby boy that doesn't know from right to wrong. Until he gets alittle older. My parents are so happy to have him at home and you can imagine how much they are thankful.
I know what you mean about the kids when they get sick they get cranky and everything seem to bother them.
wow you had very interesting jobs! But theres nothing better that to stay at home and take care of your kids.

So hows everything coming along are you still trying to concieve at this point? I wonder why it's taking long, or are you just relaxing? But we get pregnant at the same time and talk about our pregnancy symptoms..

I am still waiting for my period to come which don't have an idea of when it will show up. Hope that soon. It seems forever.
hey do you know whats the best time to start BD? I don't want to make my DH feel that I don't want to be with him, but I am not sure when I can start BD, I don't want it to do it soon and then cause an infection since my surgery has been for only 19 days ago. The doctor did tell me that I can use condoms while waiting for those two months but she didn't specify how long to wait before having sexual intercouse. Well hope that you can give me some advice.

I know that we are going to miss those huge sales the day after thanksgiving but hopefully we get off early that day and go out shopping for christmas, or we also can do that on saturday but I know that the big deals are friday very early in the morning.. But o well.

It's amazing that time goes by so fast, and christmas is coming soon, i wish that we can get the best christmas ever....bfp.

Lets pray for eachother.

love you so much even though I don't know you by person but I appreciate you being here for me.

Love you so much!!

((((((((((((BIG HUGS AND EXTRA HEALTHY STICKY BABY DUST TO US)))))))))))))))))))))))



gavinsmommy - November 21

Hi Lili,

I think my af showed up about 1 month after my loss. I think it takes about that long. The dr. told me that I could be intimate with my dh after all of the spotting was over. I believe it was around 3 weeks after the m/c that we were able to be together. Do you think you should call your dr. to find out just to be sure? I am surprised they didn't mention it to you. Maybe you could look it up on the internet also. I know they worry about infection right afterwards and you don't need that.

We will soon have our BFP's because God knows how bad we want these lil ones. You will see. I think the ovulex messed my cycles up before, I am hoping that is why there is a delay. I got a + on my opk today so wish us luck and prayers. I will do the same for you. I would love to be due date buddies with you.

Please let me know if you can find out from your dr. how long you have to wait for intercourse. I am pretty sure I was able to after all the bleeding stopped and I had my check up. How is the spotting? Did it stop yet? I sure hope so.

I can't believe like you said how fast the year has gone. I can remember like yesterday preparing for the Holidays. Its like a blink of an eye.

I guess me and you will be out shopping on Saturday. I hope that it is a nice experience for us. Some of these sales make people crazy.

Please let me know how you are doing and I will say an extra prayer for you and your family on Thanksgiving.

Talk to you later.

Take care of your men.

Mega healthy baby dust our way!!!!!


P.S. I think it is wonderful that your mom gets to watch your lil guy. Like you said you don't trust know one as much as her or yourself. There is a special love there and you know that he is fine. I do the same with mine when I need to.


lili246 - November 21

Last time when I was at the doctor she did mention that I can have sexual intercourse with DH but with protection(condom) but I wasn't sure if she said that I can start BD now or at the time where I was at my waiting period of those two months and use protection so I can't get pregnant while I am waiting. Hope that I didn't confuse I did do some research and said that wait when the bleeding was all gone at least 2 or 3 weeks. This friday will be 3 weeks from my surgery and the spotting comes only whe it wants to like I hadn't had any at this point but I did get some last saturday when I would wipe I saw some red, but I don't know I guess that I should wait until I don't see anything at all right? I guess spotting counts as bleeding right?

Well I just want to make sure that I am not doing anything wrong that will affect my chances of getting pregnant fast or getting an infection and taking longer later to get pregnant. Well I guess I will wait for one more week and see how the spotting goes.

I do hope so that we both get our BFP soon. I have faith that you will get your BFP sooner than you think and we might be due date
I wish we are. I just want this af to start it seems forever.

I will also say an extra prayer for you and your family in Thanksgiving because I found a really good friend that with all your help you have helped me through the way and helped me with the depress I had. You've been such a good friend to me and I really appreciate you being here in the hard times. God bless you and your family.

I know that my son is in good hands with his grandma and I thank god for letting me have my mom with me and hope that she is with me for more years to come. She has been such a help.

So yeah that will be fun shopping on saturday hope that we still get good offers, I'll start buying some of my christmas gifts.
I wanted to know if I can have your address so I can send you a christmas card.



Love you,
Thanks for being here for me!


gavinsmommy - November 21

Hi Lili,

You make me smile so much!! You have such a wonderful personality and a kind heart. You are always putting others before you. You are going to be so blessed by the Lord for your kindness.

I think if you are done spotting by this weekend you and dh can go for it. It should be a week by then. Hopefully all goes well and you can enjoy each other.

There is somethng magnetic that draws someone to you. I find that so amazing. You have such a kind personality and a huge heart. You are cheering on others for their Bfp as you have suffered a huge loss. You are truly amazing. God has blessed you already and those who were lucky enough to meet you. He has a wonderful plan in store for you, I can feel it.

I love being here for you and I pray that I bring you some comfort and hope. I hope I can help you with what ever it is you need to be answered.

I think if we start out early Saturday we should find some good buys. Do you think so? If not we will keep trying right.

I swear if I was near you I would give you a big squeeze for everytime you have made me smile. You are truly and inspiration on how a human should be.

I will send you my address through your e-mail,ok. I would like you to send me yours also so that I may send your family a card also. If that is ok.

Take care of yourself.

Mega healthy baby dust our way!!! You will see.


OOOPs Ps. I would love to be due date buddies too!!!


lili246 - November 21

Thank you so much for everything and those kind words you've said of me. You made me feel special. I really thank god for the strenght he has given to bypass this loss. That youknow it wasn;t something easy and it's the saddest thing that someone can live through. Hope that noone else would suffer from something like this.

About cheering other girls to get a bfp is something that you know all of us are here for and trying to get pregnant somehow. Everyone here deserves to get pregnant and have a lil one running around and making a mess at
It's just something wonderful and now that I am no longer pregnant it's so hard to see other ladies around me pregnant but I try and not to get jelous and make myself strong because I know that god has something for me and he will bless me soon. I have faith because my lil angel from heaven is giving me the faith and I believe it will come soon.

You are one of the girls that has lead me through the right way. I think that if it wasn't because of you I would still be inside that deep hole and not wanting to come out and see the light. You know how hard it gets but when you have people cheering you up they lead you to the correct road and you have done so much for me that I am very thankful for that and for finding this forum and meeting you through the internet.

I hope that we find some good offers still on saturday because I am going to go shoping and ofcourse we will not give up and keep lookiing for the best

So how are the preparations for thanksgiving dinner, I think that we are going to plan everything on that day and since we are not working go out and buy dinner fo that night I know that all groceries stores will be packed because they always get like that on holidays but o well not sure what to have for dinner.
But well see. I best on that day is to be with your family and be thankful for that right?

Well have a great night and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Hope that everything is going well with your children and they are feeling much better. take good care of yourself and of your wonderful family.
God bless you family and hope he bless us with a healthy pregnancy soon.

Love you so much sister.



gavinsmommy - November 27

Hi Lili,

I was just checking in to see how you are doing. How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was as wonderful as ours. We had such a nice day together. The kids really got a kick out of the dinner I prepared. We end up putting the tree up Thanksgiving night after we were all packed from our feast. I figured it was a way of working some of it off.LOL I went shopping on Saturday and found some really nice deals on some of the things the kids were asking for. I was surprised how smooth the shopping adventure went. I still have a ways to go though on some of the things they are looking for. Its tough being Santa.LOL I really enjoyed my time with the kids. Holly didn't have school until today, which we both dreaded. UGH! What ya going to do though.

Has af showed up for you yet? If not you still have time. Please don't worry yourself to much on it.

I will talk to you later. Oh I was wondering what your last name was so when I send the card to you. My last name is Hackman.

Take care and extra healthy sticky baby dust your way,



lili246 - November 27

I have a wiered last name and hard to pronounce it but it is, Paniagua.

We had a great thanksgiving. I actually had a four day weekend. My boss gave us thursday, friday off and ofcourse our regular days off saturday and sunday. It was really nice having a four days off, we enjoyed being with our son and going shoppping. I actually didn't do any shopping except of things I needed for the house and food
My dh was the only one who bought gifts but I was just helping which I enjoyed.. friday was crazy at the malls it was packed with people and saturday I don't know I actually stayed home and didn't do much so I did actually went out on friday and see what good offers there were and thats it. I hope that I can get another break from work it was nice staying at home and relax.

AF has not been here yet I don't know when it will come
because I have not been taking my temps. I always say that I will but I forget every morning. But I will try to remember every mornings, I hope

I am so happy that you and your wonderful family enjoyed you thanksgiving dinner. I am glad that you all had a great dinner. My mom out her christmas tree up last monday, and it's being destroyed by my son he is taking everything off and then outs it back again, but hope that he leaves it as is and stop touching
It's hard to put something up and keep the kids away from it.

I am trying to be patient and let things happen on it's own, hopefully by the begining of the year I can start again. I will keep fingers crossed but I will not stress my self to much and let things happen without stress.

Have a great day and take good care of yourself and of your wonderful family.

Love you and ofcourse lots of extra healthy sticky baby dust your way as well.

SO how is it going with you on what CD are you in?

Take Care



gavinsmommy - November 28

Hi Lili,

I know what you mean about the 4 day weekend!! UGH!! I didn't want to move today and niether did Holly. I am glad you had a nice time off. It always seems like those days just shoot by. :( I think that we all should have a 4 day weekend every week. Call it family time.LOL That would be so nice. I know what you mean about your lil guy with the tree, the twins are doing the same thing. I have to keep putting everything back and before I know it they have it again. Its like a flash!LOL

I am on cd 18 right now. Now the waiting and hoping begins. I will keep you posted on how it goes. I know what you mean about waiting for af to show up. I was the same way after my loss. It would be great for you to start out the New Year being able to try or already having your Bfp. We need some of those fast on here.

Well I am off to take care of a couple of things that I let build up over the weekend.

You take care of yourself and your men.

(((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))))

Extra healthy sticky baby dust your way!!!***********

Love ya Lili,



lili246 - November 28

Hi Helen,
Good morning! How are you today. I am feeling great. I decided to leave everything in the pass and to start thinking of the future. I am happy because I have survive and thanks to my two men and you girls. I am so happy that I found this forum because you have lead me through the way and have been here for me in the good and bad times. Thank you so much.

well I don't think that I can start trying by the end of the year because af is not here yet and I will be almost 1 month from my surgery well af should show up any time within now to up to two more weeks so that would be in december and then have to wait for the other normal af that would be around january I think about the middle of Jan. because I am not regular on af. I am so irregular so I think that I can start trying again about the end of Jan. hope that af's don't show up late and don't have any problems getting them back.
I am trying to relax and wait for them to come. It's funny that at this time I want af to come and in a few months I will pray for af not to
I am so excited I can't wait till I see that bfp again. If I do I will be the happiest person on earth and hopw that I can get it soon.
I will be praying for you so that you can get that bfp I know that we need some more it's been quite a while that we haven't got good news. All of us here are trying so hard and God knows how much we want that lil one.

I agree with you that we should take a four day weekend every
It's so nice when you have so many days off and get Well I love to go shopping every weekend. Almost every saturday and sunday I go out with my two men and go shopping sometimes don't buy anything but we like to go out and have fun.

So how are your lil ones are they feeling better. Hope so.

Well take good care of yourself and your wonderful family! Keep the faith and I will be thinking of you.

Love, Lili

Extra Healthy sticky baby dust your way aswell!

((((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


gavinsmommy - November 28

Hi Lili,

Just popping in to say hi!!! You have the right attitude towards this. I was hoping your af would show up in time to give you that bfp for the New Year. Even if it is in the middle of January it is still the New Year.LOL Hopefully your af will get her act together so you can get this show on the road.LOL I know what you mean about wanting af and then not wanting her. We can't seem to make our minds up can we? No wonder af is so confused. Hopefully your cycles will be regular for you so you don't have anything else to worry about.

The kids are feeling much better now. I am so happy. I just have a feeling that it won't be for very long though. The weather here in Chicago is in the 60 and 70's. Friday it is suppose to snow. No wonder we are all sick. UGH!! You just can't win.

I am hoping a praying for a bfp this month. I know it is all in Gods hands and what will be will be. We shall see.

How are your two men doing? I think that is great that your dh likes to shop. My dh is the same way. Who better to shop with then your best friend. I refuse to be a fool and drive myself crazy looking for these rare and few toys that they put on the market to drive parents crazy. I know the kids will be happy with what they get. I think these manufactuers do things like this on purpose just to see how many people they can make crazy. Christmas is not about that.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, I really do appreciate them.

I must run and finish up my last bit of decorating so the twins can take it down.LOL

Take care and (((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))

Mega healthy sticky baby dust to you!!!!!!!

Love ya Lili,



lili246 - November 28

I really like talking to you everyday. You make my day by making me laugh. Go on and hurry, finish your decorations so the kids would tear it so funny!

About af yeah I am just not to sure when it will be here but yeah in Jan is the new year so that will be a good start right. I really hope so and pray to god so he can bless me once again.
It is very crazy and so hard to understannd us womens we sometimes want af then other time we don't, just can't
But I am very sure that god knows how much I was looking forward to that baby and from what happen I am sure that he will bless me again soon. I have faith and with faith everything is possible. Don't you think?
I just have faith and you should do the same because I know that you will be bless very soon. I hope that you do because I know that you are a very good mother and sooner than you think you will be bless again.

I know what you mean about the weather here in california it rained yesturday and today the sun came out but it is very cold well not as much as in Chicago but cold for me that I get cold very fast. I like the warm weather but we are in winter and have to live through this. I just hate the days that when it gets dark early. I get off at 5p.m. from work and it is very day already.
But you know time goes by quickly and I just can't wait when we start talking about our

Best wishes and take good care og you wonderful family.

by the way my two men are doing great thank god. We are as healthy as we can be at the moment and hope we stay this way. I hate being sick in the holidays.
I will be sending you a gift as a apreciation of your friendship. You should be recieving it close to christmas.

Love you so much my friend,


Mega Healthy sticky baby dust your way........
Take Care (((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))))))))))


gavinsmommy - November 29

Hi Lili,

Yes i believe if we have faith that anything is possible. If you really think about it that is all we have. God has already turned the pages of our lives since the time we were concieved. He has already read the book on our lives and knows what we are all about. He is all we truly have and the only one we can really count on. I pray to have another child and I ask him daily but he knows already if that will be a part of my life. I thank him for giving me the precious gifts that he has already given me. He is a loving Father who I am sure would do what it takes to keep his children happy. So if we have faith we have it all.

I don't know if it is just me or does this week seem really long?LOL It feels like it should be Friday by now. LOL

How are you feeling? Have you done your temps yet to get an idea about dear ole af? I know it is hard sometimes to find the time just to think in this fast pace world.

I am glad that you and your family are feeling well. I sure hope it stays that way. The weather like you said has not helped either. Today we are going from 60 down to 32. That is the miracle of God. He can change things in the blink of an eye. I know what you mean about it being dark. I get up it is dark and before I know it is dark all over again. Makes you feel kind of blah.

Thank you for sending me something for Christmas, you didn't have to. I get a gift each day from you by just talking to you. That is priceless in itself.

I will talk to you later I think I might bake some cookies on this dreary afternoon.

Take care of yourself and those wonderful men.

((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))

Extra Healthy Sticky Baby Dust To You!!*********

Love ya girl,



lili246 - November 29

Well today here at california is very windy and cold. I hate windy days and it makes it a really bad day. The good thing is that at work I have a heater and that makes it warm. Lucky me ha!

I actually took my temp. today. I woke up and remember before I step out of My temp. was 98.0 I think that is kinda high and I have a feelling that af should be coming within this two weeks. My temps. usually would be arounf 97.5 or so and today was high so hopefully I get af soon. I have been feeling good

From what you are saying it is freezing in chicago, do yo like that weather? I don't know how you handle that weather? I guess you are used to it right? Where you born there?
I've been in california since I was 6 years old and I have been living here at the same place since
I love it though my parents where thinking of moving to Las Vegas, Nevada and dh to, but I don't know if I am going to adapt to it.

Keep the faith I know that our father has something good reserve for us and he knows how much we want to be bless with another baby and he will bless us soon. I have faith and I will never lose it.

Well for me this week is going fast we are in the middle of the week and two days more and that means 2 days I can't wait to be off again. I guess I am just becoming lazy.

Hope that you have a great day today and enjoy your wonderful family. O yeah enjoy those cookies!

well I'll talk to you later
Take care.

Love Lili


lili246 - November 29

O I forgot.......

((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))

Extra Healthy Sticky Baby Dust To You!!*********

Love ya,

Best wishes!!


gavinsmommy - November 29

Hi Lili,

It sounds promising that your temp was up. Hopefully af will be on time within the next 2 weeks. Try to remember to take your temp so you can get and idea. I have to sleep with it in my hand in order to remember. LOL You are not alone as far as forgetting.

I don't like the cold weather. UHH!! It makes me ache. I have lived here my whole life, born here but not by choice.LOL I still have never gotten use to this weather either. I think it is humanly impossible. I am not really a city girl at heart either. I would rather live in the country with horses and other animals. The city is crazy anymore. It is to fast paced and there is the issue of a higher crime rate. I like space and land and we don't have that either. Our houses are kind of built right next to each other. My uncle lives in Campbell California. He is my fathers twin and he has lived there for over 50 years. We asked him if the earth quakes worried him and he said he is use to them. I don't think I could ever get use to that. How about you? Do you have a lot near you? I was in Vegas once and I loved it there. Why don't you think you could adjust there? I loved the warmer weather.

I don't blame you for wanting to be off again. It is not being lazy it is just nice knowing that you don't have to hurry somewhere and you can be home with your men. I love when I don't have to worry about hurrying up. I just pace myslef then and I don't get all worked up.

We are going to keep telling ourselves to stay focused and stay strong. We have to focus on our faith because it will get us through.

The cookies turned out good. I made some butter,peanut butter, sugar and chocolate chip. The kids will probably be bouncing from the sugar rush.LOL I guess I will have to eat some so I can keep up with them.

My poor Christmas tree turned out real nice when I did it but the twins had their own idea of redecorating it. I came out from the kitchen and they had all of the ornaments in one area. It looked like it was going to tip over.LOL If they keep this up it will be past Christmas before I can finally fix it .LOL What are you going to do though. :)

You take care of yourself and your two men.

I will talk to you later, I have to go because the twins are heading for the poor tree again.:( I will be an expert tree decorater before the end of this year.:)

((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))

Mega healthy sticky baby dust to you!!:)

Love ya Lili,



lili246 - November 30

Good Morning Helen,

You know what I did in the midde of the night I remember of taking my temp and did what you do, hold the thermo. in my hands and slept with it, this way I didn't forget to take my
My temp today was 97.9, what do you think?

About Veas I do like it but don't know. I have been here almost all my life and don't know if I will attached to it. Maybe I will it will just take some time, but it seems crazt driving over there specially at night in the weekends where people are drunk and driving that really scares me.
I know what you mean about the crazy city and you prefer more room and live in the country. I don't blame you because the city is very crazy, and too crowded. I sometimes wish I can live in the country aswell. I need more room and less contamination.

I know that it might not me laziness it is because I am not with my son that much because I work almost all day from 8am to 5p.m and now that days get dark it really seems that I work all day And ofcourse I need to spend more time with him. thats why during the weekend I spend the day with him and go out to place to have fun or atleast walk around and not just stay home and be all boring, because I hate that and my son does to. he loves being outside all the time.

I love chocolate cookies but don't bake them that often. this is called lazy because I rather buy them at the Hope that you kids enjoy them. yeah better be careful with all that

About the christmas tree. You make me laugh. It will be good for you because you'll be an expert at decorating trees and maybe you one day get a job at that and thanks to your lil
I know my mom keeps telling me that I have to redo her tree because it doesn't look nice anymore because of my son taking everything out and then try to put them back. Her Nativity she has under the tree with alot of animals are all over the living room, she gets mad because my son is making a really big mess and there is no way to control it. they are kids and there's nothing we can do about it right?

Have a great day today. I send you an email with a picture of my son and me. I will send you more later with dh. Hope that you can send me one with your family.

Mega healthy sticky baby dust to you!!

Love Lili



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