Lila How are you?
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Aimee37 - October 27

Liz! Oh my golly!! WOWSIE!! :D That was quite an appt. to see all that going on inside of you! I mean from the orgnas, toes, brain, heart with 4 chambers! How exciting!!! So your Dr. thinks it's a girl!? :) How sweet! I bet you would luv a lil girl Liz! Is hubby leaning towards a boy? Congratulations Liz! I am so very happy for ou & the hubster!!Have fun baby shopping with Nana! ;) Enjoy!!

Yes, I think writing a June Bug baby blog and explaining my journey process will help me with my stress level and explain things in detail to my family. I do not want to get sick and exhaust myself explaining things to them. :-\ I might share my blog with you all once I complete it. I will try to work on it this weekend.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. The contractors have left my condo and I can air out my place. I will be restocking shelves, etc. in my new cabinets, etc. I wil try to rest in between.

Anyway, CONGRATS again and have en enjoyable weekend!! I am sure you will!! ;D


liz - October 28

Hello Mommies :)

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It was raining here this morning but I think it might be clearing up. I actaully saw the sun for a brief few min. Now I guess we are sopoosed to get very high winds, 35-45 mph!

I hope you are getting alot done but also resting along the way. ;) I bet you are so excited to finally how your condo finished. How long was it that they were working on it?

As for the little girl. I asked dh is he would be disappointed if it was a girl and he said no way! Of course he would like his little boy but there is always next time if this one is a girl. You are right I would love a little girl but either way I will be the happiest women in the world! It's strange because I always wanted the boy first then the girl. When I got pregnant it was like I was leaning towards a girl all along. Kinda makes you wonder if it really is mothers instinct.

We have a Halloween party tonight for one of our friends dh works with. I told he a couple of weeks ago it would be funny if he dressed up as a pregnant women. He actaully thought it would be funny too. (I was surprised). Anyway he said I could dress up like him and him like me. He is a lead for an flight department so the guys always joke that all he does is walk around with his clipboard. I think they will get a huge kick out of me walking around with a clipboard and dressed like him. It should be fun!

I am off to get some rest. My allergies are acting up again. ughhh I thought we were getting better. Oh well suck it up right?

Have a great day and weekend. ;D


Lila - October 28

Hey All - hope everyone is having a great weekend. The weather finially cleared up here and it really was one of those beautiful brisk autumn days. I had two great walks with my dog today and she really loves this weather it is amazing how much it evergizes her!

Liz that really does sound like a great appointment - I am so happy things are going well for you. Very exciting that you are starting to walk around the baby shops and think about your little one. I have a quick question for you on scans - di you do the Nuchal Fold test at your 12 week scan? If so is it just like a normal scan but they look at the neck? Any other tips, advice or info would be appreciated. have a great time tonight and evnoy the party!

Helen, everywhere I went today doing errands there were tons of kids all in costume and I kept thinking that you and the kids must be doing much af the same today. Seemed like all the stores I visited were doing early trick or treating for kids since it is the weekend. One place was also doing an ASPCA pet adoption and it took all my strength to not go over and get another dog but I think I have enough on my plate and even though DH and I keep talking about getting another I know he would kill me if I did it without him - he loves that stuff! I did my errands that I gave myself a mini spa day - got a maincure and pedicure and finially also had my eyebrows shaped (I was a little late on that appointment and boy oh boy did they need it). Anyway DH is gone all week in San Fran so I am on my own! I think you said Sat night is your big family Halloween dinner celebration so I hope it is great and I am sure you all will have tons of fun!

Aimee - I am so happy the appointment was a good one. I am sure hearing the HB was one of your all time great moments. Things look like they are right on target which I am sure is just a huge relief. I agree with Liz I think the HB thing is just an old wives tale and the HCG numbers I have heard are never a good indicator so it looks like things are still up in the air for you - you will just have to wait weeks and weeks like the rest of us to find out! I assume you do plan on learning the sex - is that correct? Have you started thinking about both boy and girl names? If so any you want to share?? What about you Liz where are you and DH on the name game? Enquiring minds want to know!
Aimee - Good luck with your blog and telling your family I am sure they will be super excited for you.

Well Abby keeps poking me to get off the computer and get her dinner so I best run and feed the princess!


gavinsmommy - October 29

Hi mommies,

How are all of you? I hope everything is well.

Lila, we had a wonderful party last night. We ate ourselves silly. Dh and I actually wore the kids out from all of the activities we had planned. It was wonderful. Today we are taking them out to lunch and then coming home to carve our pumpkins. They are so pumped right now. Dh and I are also. Its great to still feel like a child at times!!! :). Oh my gosh you are home alone and left to wander by a pet adoption. How did you find the strength to walk past. I would have made a bee-line right to it. I am a sucker for animals. The pets we have here are suppose to be for the kids but I enjoy them more. We go to the pet store to get our supplies and dh will make this alarm sound when ever I wander off path to the animals. That is great that your dh likes looking for pets with you mine is the same way. So have you decided on whether you are going to find out the sex of your sprout or are you going to wait? Dh wanted to find out the sex of the twins but I didn't want to, it took him all of 2 days to tell me.LOL It was nice though once I knew, I was going to love them either way. Enjoy your single time and give the sprout a hug.

Aimee, how are you and the lil one doing? I hope the 2 of you are having a great weekend together. Are you also going to find out the sex or are you going to wait? Give the buddy/buddette a tummy squeeze from me.

Liz, how was your party last night? You should have gone as cloud nine,LOL. Are you still enjoying the veiw up there? Have you decided yet whether you are going to find out the sex or wait? How are your sinus treating you today? I hope they ease up for you because they are such a day ruiner. Last night my sinus started acting up and I thought of you right away. Today they are still nagging me. Give the peanut a belly hug from me and I hope you are enjoying your day.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



Aimee37 - October 29

HI all!! ;) It was a nice sunny Fall day here in Northern VA. Wasn't it Lila? :) Yesterday it was a nice day but very windy, esp. in the evening. A few transformers blew in my neighborhood. Thankfully, my power was never lost.

I spent most of my weeend stocking my cabinets and drawers since the work is now complete in my condo. I did not pace myself and over did it. I am exhausted. I should have paced myself. ugh..Always have a hard time slowing myself down!! I am such the Spazz! LOL!!

I did something really stupid last nite. Last nite I had already taken my prenatal vitamin, they are the kind you punch out of the tin, like Benadryl. Well it was dark when I needed some relief from my allergies so I reached into the bag with my vitamins and Benadryl and accidently took 2 more Prenatals instead of the Benadryl! Do you think this will hurt the fetus because I took 3 prenatals last nite instead of one? Do you pee out the unwanted viatmins or does it have a toxic effect? This is worrying me. What do you all think?? Duh?? ::)

Liz- I hope your mothers instince was right and that you are indeed having a little girl. Your Dh is a trooper. How did the Halloweenie party go? That is too funny that you dressed up as upir friend! Did he go as a pregnant woman? LOL!!

Sorry, your allergies are acting up on you! Joine the party. ugh..

Lila- I have thought of a few names but I cannot pin point any right now. I do not want to think too hard right now unless I know the sex. I do like the name Hannah if it's a girl. She would have my same middle name, Marie. Hannah Marie Harms, would be the full name. Boy names, I have several: Conner or Corey (Scottish names, I have a Sottish donor) I like a few others too like Nickolas, Tristan, or Dylan. I stresses me out now to think of names. Thomas will be the middle name, which is my dad's first name. ;) What about you? Who is Abby? Is that your dog? Sorry, I do not think I ever saw you mention her? I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! ;)

Helen- I am glad you and DH had a good time at the party!! I am such a kid! I feel like one 24/7! LOL!! Too funny about your Dh not keeping the sex of your twins a secret! 2 days! LOL!! Did he keep hinting? LOL! I cannot & will not wait to know the sex. I must know ASAP! LOL!! I do not want a suprise when is comes to child birth. I can also plan ahead if I know the sex. ;)

Well, I am off to walk my Shelties for thier evening stroll. They are staring at me, like it's far over due. I guess gaining an extra hour would make it far over due. LOL!!

Hope yyou all have an enjoyable week. Back to work! Argh! Tomorrow is MOANday already!!!


liz - October 30

Hello Mommies,

Happy Monday! :( I am ready for Thursday already.

The Halloween party was fun. DH dressed up as as me and I dressed up as him. We won the best couple award. lol Dh had a blast being a pregnant women. He is such a riot.

Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary so we headed down to the Inner Harbor for the day. We went to the Aquarium and walked around for awhile. It was a very nice day, however a little too windy for my liking. DH bought me this little book he found at the Hallmark store. He had to read it to me because everything I tried I started crying. Thats is those hormones hard at work. lol

Both dh and I like the name Samantha Dale. My middle name is Dale, rather unique but I like it. Dh thought it would be nice to give our daughter my middle name. There are alot of other names we like for girls but we go back to Samantha everytime so I am thinking that is what her name is sopossed to be. As for boys we both like Christian Lehn. Lehn is dh's middle name, which is also his mothers maiden name. We would like to keep that tradition going so if it is a boy we will stick with Lehn for the middle name.

I did not have the Neucal Fold Test so I can't help you out there. I chose not to have any of the optional tests done. For me personally I know that there is no reason I would every terminate this pregnancy and I strongly believe that what is meant to be will be. If God chooses for me to have a child with a disability it is what I am meant to do. I know there are a lot of false positive results you get from some tests and that is another reason I chose not to do any. For me I worry enough I don't need to get myself more stressed out then I already am. This is just my opinion, so please don't be offened in anyway. I believe the tests can be wonderful and for many it is what they like to have them for me I prefer to wait. However, I did agree to the level II ultra sound.

I hope you are enjoying your time alone. I love alone time sometimes. It gives me a chance to just do what I want instead of what I need to do. ;) Don't get me wrong I do miss dh when he goes away and would prefer it was just for a couple of days at a time and not a week. Luckly for me he dosen't do the week long trips to much anymore.

Good luck on your appointment tomorrow! Are they doing an ultra sound?

Bad girl, not pacing yourself! lol I think you will be ok, I do the same thing sometimes. It's hard to keep us down. lol Are you getting more organized?

As for your prenatal vit. If I were you I would just call your office and see what they say. I think everything should be fine because normally the access vitamins will just come out in your urine. I do know some vitamins are toxic in high amounts in pregnancy but I am not sure which and what amounts. I think a phone call call would probably put your mind to ease.

I am so glad you had a such a good time on Sat. It is so nice to be kid again sometimes. ;)

DH and I are definatly finding out the sex for sure. He was leary didn't really want to know but I do and he knows I would never be able to keep a secret so he agreed. I think deep inside he wants to know. Last night when we were listening for the hearbeat he said Samantha wake up. I had to laugh, Samantha I said are you sure about that. He is too funny.

I must run, work is calling.
Have a great day.


gavinsmommy - October 30

Hi Mommies,

How is everyone doing today? I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Aimee, Isn't nice still being a big kid. I know the kids probably stop and think how did we ever end up with you 2 for parents. I love being silly. Dh is the same way. He called me Friday and said I won't be home until late. I headed into the kids room and laid down with them and turned on the movie Hellraiser. I am laying in their room and all of the sudden I start hearing these noises and I though it was my mind playing tricks on me. I finally got the courage to go out and take a peek and there he was dressed in this hideous monster costume. I jumped so high and screamed I swear he wet himself. I hit him like 8 times for almost giving me a heart attack. Now its my turn to get him. It is going to be a doozy I promise. You know what they say about payback. As for snitching about the sex of the twins he kept asking me what would I hope they were so after 2 days I said a boy and a girl. He jumped up and down all excited and kept saying that is what they are , how did you know. I couldn't believe he snitched. It turned out all good though because it was easier to pick names. I think you should be all right on the vitamins but I would do what Liz said just to ease your mind. The baby was probably bouncing all over the place. I hope you are having a great day and give the buddette/buddy a hug from me.

Lila, tomorrow!!!! I hope you have a wonderful visit. Did dh get back yet? I don't know about leaving you alone, you seem like me. When the cat is away the mouse will play.LOL. How has the sprout been treating you? I hope you 2 are getting along. Do you have any crazy cravings yet? I was weird with the twins I could eat spicy and sweet at the same time. Dh use to look at me and shake his head. It wasn't my fault. Give the sprout a hug from me and I hope you are having a great day also.

Liz, how are your sinus today? I am so happy you had a wonderful weekend. Gosh you and Frank actually got time to be together. That must of been wonderful. Happy 1st year anniversary!! How about you any crazy cravings yet? I must go Emily has the crayons again, God help my walls!! Give peanut a hug and have a wonderful day!!

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



gavinsmommy - October 30

Hi Trina,

I just want you to know that we are all still thinking and praying for you. We are looking forward to you coming back in November. Take care of yourself and we will talk to you real soon.


Aimee37 - October 30

MOANday came so quickly and I am exhausted. I had a rought weekend restocking all my cabinets/drawers. I am still not finished. ugh..

I am experiencing nausea if I don't eat and a sour stomach if I do eat. I can't win. Oh I always have clear skin and well I noticed these little bumps on my chest.ugh... Yuck!! I scrubbed really hard when I took a shower to rid them. lol

I took the xtra vitamins, it is done. Nuthing I can do to now to reverse it! I am not going to call my nurse at the fertility clinic, instead I wil wait till I talk the nurse practitioner this Wednesday at my OB appt. I do not want to call her up and bother my old nurse. LOL! She will think I called her up just because I missed her. lol

Liz- Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you both had a very good time!! ;D Congrats on winning the best couple costume!! :) Woo hoo!! Yes, I know! I know! I need to calm my arse doen BIG TIME! My arms and legs are sore from working myself to death this weekend.

Helen- Yea I will never stop being a kid! I swear, NEVER!! LOL! ;D I also think it is way to early for the fetus to be too effected by it and there is no bouncing around. LOL! I swear I can do some stupid things at times, out of carelessness.

Well, I have to get back to work. Just wanted to make a quick post. Talk to you later!


Lila - October 30

Liz - sounds like you had a great weekend! Happy anniversary - I did not realize it was just one year for you and Frank - you all sound so perfect together I guess I just think of you as having been married for a long time LOL! Your party sound like great fun - Halloween is always one of my favorites but we never get trick or treaters (this house or the last) so I get a little bummed out - I always have this strong desire to go totally overboard at Halloween and really decorate the hose with fun scary stuff but since no kids will see it it just seems pointless. Kinda funny as I never get the urge to do much exterior decorating for Xmas just Halloween.

I love the name Samantha dale that sounds like an excellent choice. I can not believe you and DH have this whole topic all worked out already (see you two are just too together!). I still have this super long list and that is just want I want LOL - not sure if my poor DH stands a chance in this naming thing I have tried to prepare him that he really is just a rubber stamp to approve what I want (but if he hates one I do tend to just cross it off as I have so many I like I know the hard part is going to choose just one. At the moment for a girl the names at the top of the list are Lila (by the way it is not my name - I could not think of a user name and that is a baby name we always liked so I just entered that when I registered) or Mirabella (this is the name of the town in Italy where DH's family originally came from). The boy choices are a little tougher and so far we do not seem to have a favorite. I was maybe thinking about Robert Edwards (Roberts and Edwards are the surnames from my Welsh relatives) but I am not crazy about any Robert nn and DH is a little unsure about such "English" type names as his last name is Italian. Oh well 30 more weeks to figure all this out and I am sure I will change my mind a zillion times during that time!

Aimee - you crazy girl you must slow down or you will run yourself ragged. I am glad your renovation is complete - you must be thrilled. Hope everything is exactly as you imagined. You certainly bit off an awful lot these last few months - renovate the house, move offices, start a family!!! I am glad everything is beginning to calm down for you so now you can relax and let baby get some R&R too!

Helen - Thanks for the good wishes tomorrow - I am a bit nervous but what will be will be so I am just hoping it is all good at the appointment. I am pretty similiar to Aimee if I eat the m's satys away (and I am so hungry it is just ridiculous) but then when I eat, especially anything after 3pm I just feel really icky and like Aimee said sort of a sour stomach - no way to win this just keep plugging along and try to wait out this trimester. My one new development that I am not to happy about is I also get a headache - it sarts about 4ish very slight and then just gets worse as the evening goes along till I eventually fall asleep. By 7 it is just a real big pain in the front of my head . Like I said I am not happy about this and will mention it tomorrow but I am just not willing to take any meds for it - I read that if at all possible you really should not take any type of pain meds the 1st Trimester because of brain related birth defects. The headaches are bad but I figure some discomfort for me is really not a bad thing compared to the alternative.

OK I have written a small book so I best run (dog seriuosly wants a walk and she wants it NOW!!). Talk to you later.

PS - did I miss a post from Trina?! Is she posting here? If you are talking to her elsewhere or on email please say hi for me and I hope she is doing OK. IS she cycling in Nov? I think I read a while ago that she was doing clomide and thinking about IUI - is that right? Anyway hope she is doing good and would love to here from her is possible.


Aimee37 - October 31

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you all! ;D

Nothing scares me except for myself! I just looked at the pack of vitamins I accidently took Sat. nite. I am really freaked out now. I realized I took 5 prenatals instead of 3 Saturday nite, thinking they were Benadryl. I took 4 more prenatals than I should have! I called the poison control center this morning and a lady answered and I told her the story and she told me that I do not have anything to worry about and that I did not take enough iron to cause harm. If I was a child under 6 than maybe. She told me that I did not harm the fetus at all. Whew! I was almost crying on the phone. I tell you I scare myself with the stuid shit I pull! Happy Halloween to me! ugh.. Still, I cannot help but WORRY!!! :-\

Lila- I hope your appt. goes well! Please keep us updated. So pain meds can cause the fetus brain defects? I wonder about Benadryl? I need to stop!! ugh.. I worry about taking Benadryl all the time! I have many questions to ask the nurse practioner tomorrow when I see her at my OB appt.

Also, the contstant use of microwaving my food! I read something over the internet that microwave use is not good for the baby? ???

Gotta love the joys of being pregnant, discomforting symptoms and pure worry over everything!!


liz - October 31

Good morning Mommies,

Happy Halloween

You crack me up! I know it is not funny that you took all those prenatals, I would be just as worried as you but the way you word it makes me laugh everytime. :) I am glad you got some answers and that no harm is done. Just a suggestion, maybe you should put your prentals in a place other then with your benedryl. ;)

You know what is so scary about being pregnant is that you read all this stuff you should not do, what causes this, what causes that it is enough to drive to the looney bin. I have really tried to curb my research because I think it was driving me insane. I was becoming way to obsessed with everything. I swear if you read enough you will put yourself in a bubble for your entire pregnancy!

Thanks for the compliment on Samantha Dale and also on dh and I. Sometimes I swear we have been married for 10 years. lol We have been together since June of 2003 but have known each other since 1999. He truly is the light of my life, he is my everything! ;D Of course we have our ups and downs like everyone but for the most part we have a perfect life! I feel very fortunate to have found someone like him. Actaully from the first time I met him back in 99 I knew someday he would be my husband someday. It was just a matter of issues that needed to be resolved.
DH and I have a lot of disagreements on boys names. For instance I love the name Noah and he says no way we are not naming our child after a cartoon charactor. I laugh because he was born and raised Catholic and dosen't know who Noah is. Anyway it is an ongoing joke with us. Christian was the only boys name we could actually agree on.
I love both Lila and Mirabella, they are both very beautiful names. What about the middle name? I know what you mean about changing your mind another zillion times till this baby is born, it is bond to happen.

I hope you appointment goes well. Please keep us updated. :)

I must run, work is calling unfortunatly! :(


gavinsmommy - October 31

Happy Halloween to my mommies and babies,

How are all doing? I hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Aimee,Aimee, Aimee, what are we going to do with you!!!! You are such a clown!! You make me smile everytime I read your post!!! What a character. I hope Holly is just like you when she is older. She sure has all of the signs. We need to get you a pill dispenser.LOL I am so happy poison control said no harm was done. I know you are still going to worry no matter what. That is called momitis!!! You think it is bad now wait until the wee one shows up. I remember when Holly was born we called the nurse into the room over everything she did. She finally said in a joking way you and dad need to go to mom and dad classes. I swear if she cringed or made what I thought was a strange face I had the nurse right there. It didn't stop after we left the hospital either. Our dr. was on speed dial. He is such a wonderful man and so very understanding , thank God. I am surprised Holly did turn out to be a hyperchondriac. LOL So my dear welcome to the world of mommy hood. You thought you were on a roller-coaster ttc , just wait. I think you should really switch careers, I think you would make an awesome Stand Up Comedian!!! Give the buddy/budette a belly hug and take a deep breath and get ready for the ride.

Lila, the head aches unfortunately are all natural. I suffered with each pg. I would not take anything for them either. I would use an ice pack on the area that was aching. They said I could take tylenol but I didn't want to take a chance. How can you believe them when one minute they say coffee is good for you and the next they say it is bad. LOL I guess you can make a judgement call on it. I hope your appointment goes good today for you. Trina put a post on here about a month ago saying she was taking some time off until November and then she would be back. I believe she said she was going to be starting clomid also. So hopefully she will be back with us real soon. I think you should decorate your house either way, I would do it for myself thats how much I love the holidays. It kind of brings the child back out in you. Its fun so go for it. Dh goes ballistic for the holidays. I swear our house should be on the news. LOL I let him knock himself out. LOL I love both of the names for the girls!! I think they are both adorable. Who knows if you can't decide between the 2 maybe you could make one a middle name. Give the sprout a hug and have a wonderful Halloween.

Liz, I love the names. They are so very unique. I like unique. I like names that you don't hear very often. Our children are all unique so their names should be also. How are you feeling today? Any sign of relief from the sinus? They can be a real day wrecker. That commercial on TV were the guy's head is a big giant nose says it all. I hope you are having a great day and give the peanut a belly hug.

I am so glad that you guys are going to find out the sex. It is driving me crazy wanting to know!!

Lila, let us know how to day goes.

Mega healthy moms and baby prayers,



gavinsmommy - October 31

OOOOps, I put down Holly was a hyperchondriac. She is far from that!! LOL She is a lil tom-boy like I was. Her leg could be hanging off and she would still try to run. LOL

Have a great Halloween all!!!!!


Lila - October 31

Helen you crack me up!! You are going to have to email us pictures of the house at Xmas it sounds like a must see! Hope you have fun tonight - do you TorT with the kids or stay at home and hand out the candy? Eith way have a blast.

Aimee glad you worked out the pre-natal issue and so happy there is nothing to worry about. I told my OB today that my pre-netals were the one dependable thing that made me naseaus so she gave me samples from 8 different perscription brands to try to see if they are any better - I now have like a 2 month suppy which will save me about 50 bucks - yea! Hopefully one of them will work.

Liz - I had to laugh at the DH catholic comment as mine was raised catholic as well, was an alter boy for years and knows NOTHING about the bible! I am not that religious - raised with a unitarian episcopal blend but then when to Episcopal high school with mandatory religious studies so have to say I've pretty much got all biblical stories down. I think it has to do with the fact that Catholics really do not study/read the bible themselves - it is more the domain of the priest and then the lessons are taught in the sermon. Anyway my DH could have just as easily made the Noah comment but I have to admit I must be ignorant on cultural things since I did not know the cartoon character reference - please tell me.

Will you guys get trick or treaters at your house? From prevous comments it sounded like you were off the beaten path in a wooded area so I was not sure. If you do hope you have fun with all the little goblins.

As for me my opthmalogist appointment got cancelled (uggh!) so I will have to wait till the end of the month to now find out about my vision issues. On a more positive note I did have my first OB appointment and have to say I really liked this prectice. The nurses and other staff were so nice, upbeat and sweet. (last office they were always a little grumpy). There are two OBs in the practice so you bounce appointments back and forth - the one I meet today was great so that was nice (the other is the one my RE reccomended so I am sure that will go well too). They took a ton of blood, cultures, etc - I forgot to ask if they call me on any of that or only if they find a problem - oops. I also had my first external sono - and got to see a blob! Boy was it fuzzy after what we are used too! But I could see the heart in the middle of said blob and the OB said everything else was good so that was reassuring. I was scheduled for the nuceal (sp?) fold US on the 16th which seems like an eternity but at least that will give enough time to see what needs to be seen! Next OB appointment is 2 weeks after that so I get two more viewings in the next month - yea.

Hope all else are well and chat with you later.


Aimee37 - November 1

Hi all! I hope you all had a happy halloween. I had quite a fe tricker treaters. You know what is funny, the boys grabbed handfuls of candy while the girls picked on or two pieces. I had to tell them to take more! LOL! Are mean really pigs? LOL Just joking!! I had to put my dogs in thier bedroom because they were barking every time the doorbell rang and it scared these 2 Idian gals as they turboed down the stairs! I ran after them with my huge bowl of candy. LOL I still have alot of candy left. I am going to take it to work with me. Maybe I will save a butterfinger and milkway for me. ;)

Well today is my day off. I have alot of errnads and chores to do plus I have my first OB appt. I think I just meet with the nurse practioner and get my vitals, blood, other things done. I have alot of questions for her! I hope I do not irk her. LOL!

Lila- That is great that you got samples of prenatals from your OB's office. Anything to save the fundage! I am sure your bloodwork turned out fine. ;) Sorry your eye appt. was cancelled! :( Yea Yea I know I have to slow my butt down! It is sooooo hard!!

Liz- I did not take any Benadryl last nite even thought my allergies were really bad! I need to cut back on the Benny! ;) LOL!! I hope I can get some more assurance from my OB office today regarding the dumb arse stunt I pulled with the prenatals!! LOL!! I hope all is going well with you and that you had a Happy Halloween! I was also thinking of the name Noah for a boy but I keep thinking of Noah's Arc, etc. I am not religious either. I like the name Connor (with an O after the N is the Socttish version) I also like the name Chloe (Scottish) or Hannah.

Helen- Momititis eh? LOL That is a new one! I am sure I will suffer from it or more! ;) But it is all worth it. I am going to be a momma! One proud momma! Hey, what did your little ones dress up for Halloween? ;) I know a few years as a kid I went as Pippi Longstocking. I wrapped a hanger around my head and braided my hair into them. I had the entire Pippi outfit. I tell ya I was a real hit. LOL! I won the best costume those 3 years. I mean I had it going on! Gotta have SPUNK! LOL!! ;D I remember my dad driving us to the party and I have to roll the window down because my braid stuck out so badly! LOL!!

Well, I have to get going. I have alot to do today!! Talk atcha all laters!! ;)



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