Lila How are you?
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gavinsmommy - October 24

Hi buddies,

How are all of you today? I hope all is well.

Aimee, Holly is one unique individual. She truly is a character. It seems like anywhere we go with her people are drawn to her. Things she says and does sometimes make me blush but others find her hysterical. She would take over the show with Bill Cosby Kids say the darndest things. I could actually see her hosting it.LOL I love her spirit though. It is kind of like an old soul trapped in a 6 year old body. She talks as if she has been there done that type of attitude. I just know no grass will ever grow under her feet. Your u/s will go just fine. You will finally get to see your lil buddy bouncing around. You'll see. It is nobody's business but yours about your child. I know I would see red and that stalker would be sorry he crosses my path. I don't like people like that at all. I feel you are doing a truly amazing thing by living your dream regardless of being in a relationship or not. Sometimes relationships complicate things. I would have done the same thing in order to have a child of my own. It is not a matter of having 2 parents but the love that comes from the 1 parent. Sometimes having both parents is not the best in certain situations. You love this child so tell the stalker to back off. I know all to well that you can keep him at bay even if you didn't relocate. Maybe he is jealous because he wasn't the dodnor.LOL It is freezing here in Chicago. It is insane. I think some how we skipped past fall. Maybe come January it will be spring. 8). Give the buddy a tummy hug and take care of yourself.

I will talk to all of you later.
Mega healthy moms and babies.


liz - October 25

Hello Mommies,

I have been having quite a rough time of it with a sinus infection. It started just over 2 weeks ago and has progressivly gotten worse. Last Thurs. I was to the doc. in which he gave me an antibiotic. Well it isen't working so well. Yesterday morning my head closed up 100% no breathing in and out my nose. The pressure in my head was unbarable not to mention the pain in my ears. I went back to the doc and he gave me a couple of nasal sprays to use religiously for a week or 2. I am hesitant because they are class c meds but he assured me he believes they will be fine and that nasal sprays usually stay in the nasal passages and don't release to much in the blood stream. It is very frustrating not to mention scary. I hate taking the meds but like he said it is to the point that I probably don't have a choice with it getting worse. I am also to keep taking sudefed, use hot steam and a vicks vaporizer. I must tell you I did the steam every 1/2 hour or so yesterday and it did open up my nose. The pressure is still tremendous in my head but atleast I am able to take a breathe though my nose. I also took Helen's advice and had dh message my face. I think the combo of everything is giving me some relief. I am home from work now, going in around noon and working for 4 hours. I am kinda afraid to leave my house. I have an air purifier (had it for a year) along with my vaporizer and hot steam when I want it I am living in my own little paradise (yeah right). I am afraid the second I step outside my nose will close tight. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I am very confident that your appointment will go just fine tomorrow. Good luck and know we are all here pulling for you and cheering you on. I know all to well what it is like to be so nervous going to these appointments and you know each time I got myself all worked up, stressed out for no reason. I know it is only natural for us to feel this way it would just be nice if we could relax a bit more and not worry so much. Yeah right us not worry!!! lol ;) 8 weeks wow time is flying by! I don't think I had an 8 weeks appointment, it was 7 and change and then 9 and change. The 9 week was incredible because the baby had grown so much in those 2 weeks. It was amazing to see him/her moving all around.

I will be 14 weeks 5 days on Friday so yes very close to 15. I am anxious and of course nervous. See it dosen't go just stop one day. ;) It has been 4 weeks since I got to see him/her and it has been a longggggggggggggggg 4 weeks if I might say so. Going every 2 weeks for an u/s really does spoil you.

Oh, before I forget what time is your appointment tomorrow? Please let us know how you made out. We are thinking about you.

I guess I best be going, since I wrote you all a book. :)

Have a great day.


Lila - October 25

hey Helen, I am so glad Holly had a good b-day - oh to be young again when birthdays are fun and you actually look forward to them! Sounds like you throw a heck of a party and that she really enjoyes herself. As for Pumpkin I am sure she has nothing on my little girl - not only does hse have to do everything the humans do she often has opinion on how it should be done. And god forbid anybody sits in her place on the couch when we watch TV - she will become the drama queen extraordinaire and throw a hissy fit then finally get on the couch in another place but be in a full on pout about it (sad to say but actually is kind of funny and DH and I just roll with laughter when she does it!).

I think it was a good move to toss the ovulex - anything that prolongs AF like that seems to have become part of the problem and is no longer helping. Have you talked to your OB about all this? If stopping the ovulex does not get you regular pretty quickly I think I might make an appointment just to make sure there are no other issues. Seems crazy to me that an herbal supplement can do all that but I know you said there are lots of girls on the Ovulex board that have similiar reactions. I really hope this straightens itself out and soon for you.

Aimee - I do not understand that if someone in a position of authority can keep assigning slacker girl's work to you how they can not also be aware of how frequently she is taking time off, it just seems so unfair. At a minimum I would have a talk with HR not about her specifically but about the issue of self reporting your vacation time since it seems to be a system that does not work and causes undue stress to "good" employees who play by the rules. That way you can make them aware of the problem without making it personal and seem like you are singling her out (even though she does seem to deserve to be singled out). Glad the new office is a good one.

I know this is sort of a charade that may be more effort than it is worth but I used to know this girl that hated being hit on at work and always said she would never date anyone from work anyway so one day after a weekend she just started coming in with a wedding band on and said she had gotten married. She said it was great - she no longer was part of the whole office gossip mill that dissected everyone's lovelife and all the unwated bothersome attention went away. Like I said this may be more hassle that you want, and it is a bit of a charade but it might get stalker guy to give up and when you start showing no one would ask you about who is the father. Only down side is Murphy's Law says that as soon as you do this Mr. Amazingly Right would of course start to work at your office and you could not date him because of the ring!

Liz - Glad the house is coming along, next summer will be here before you know it. You have so much more patience that me about the nursery thing. Of course I have to usually do 1-2 nurseries for clients a year so it is hard not to look at all the fabrics and wallpapers and not think about want I would want to do for myself! We already have the crib as it is a family antique - DH is a little concerned about using it as it is clearly not up to today's Consumer Reports quidlines but it is a couple hundred years old so it must work! It also has been sitting in our spare room for several years mocking me so I will be darned if I actually do bring home a baby not to use the thing after so much time!

Have you decides what you are going to do after the babies get here? Are you taking maternity leave and then going back to work or are you thinking of being at SAHM?

Speaking of work I just realized it is 9am so I better run and get going myself - talk with you all later.



Lila - October 25

Liz you posted while I was writing - I am so sorry about the nasal infection. I really hope you get some relief as soon as possible. Thanks goodness you are out of the ffirst trimester so at least they have some options on meds to give you - I really hpe one of those things does the trick.


gavinsmommy - October 25

Hi my mommies,

How is the gang doing today? I hope your lil spies on board are cooperating with all of you.

Lila, I am going to keep my eyes on all of the signs with our furture drama queen(pumpkin). Gosh it souds like she has you guys wrapped around her paw. The same thing is budding right here with pumpkin. I can't beleive how they some how think they are human and the boss. I think she really thinks she is a child. She does the same thing with the couch thingy already. She will hop right up and just scoot dh right over. I had her in the bed for awhile when we first got her but dh did not like the fact that some how she would end up in between us. So it was off to the doggy bed right below me. She was devastated for several nights and kept me up the whole time. So I switched places with dh and then he was up all night. I knew what I was doing. I even caught him sleeping with her in his arms the one night. I had to laugh. How is the sprout sprouting? Have you 2 come to an agreement yet on meal time?
Oh for the days when the birthday numbers were lower and the energy I once had. Holly keeps saying I want to be older and I told her know you don't because you fall apart. She looked at me with a strange face and said then were did you put all your pieces? LOL. It was so funny. The way a child sees things is amazing.
I hope the ovulex was the problem and that things kick back in and on track. If it doesn't I am going to make an appointment. I dread those because they are usually the ones telling you are falling apart. UGH! So lets keep praying everything gets back on track. Rub the sprout for me and take care.

Aimee, I will keep you in my prayers as you see your lil buddy for the first time tomorrow. It will be amazing. I know you are going to cry because we all do. Give the buddy a belly hug and take it easy.

Liz, How is your poor noggin today. Keep up the massages they will really start to help. I hope you are getting some ease. Give the peanut a belly hug also.

Talk to you later I am off to get Holly in lil bit.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



Aimee37 - October 26

Hi all! Happy Thursday. Well I am 8 weeks pregant today, been 6 weeks since my ER. Wow how time flies!

Liz- Thanks for wishing me luck today at my U/S. Wow you are almost 15 weeks! Soon you will really be showing. I am soooo showing! Thanks to OHSS! My boss just asked me why I am keeping my jacket on in my office and I tell him it is cold and it is! Well..also to hide my gut. LOL! My appt. is at 2:30pm today. I am jealous that you are getting frequesnt U/S's!! My next one will be at 20 weeks. How are you able to get so many and do you have to pay extra for them?

Lila :) Hey was that your post above because you signes it Liz instead of Lila? I will assume it is yours because at the top left hand corner it says Lila.

No one of authority is assigning me Rose's (slacker coworkers) work, she is telling me that I am doing her work! Amazing eh!? I also find it amzing that other coworkers are aware of her constant time off from work and her leaving early! Why isn't she recording her time out!? Another gal that is above her in the company is working on this and will report her. I just hope it is sooner than later! I do not need this unneeded stress. This gal also went on to tell everyone I was pregnant!! Piss me off!! She is way out of control.

As far as stalker guy is concerened, I just pray he keeps his big mouth shut. If not, oh well. It is out of my control I will hust have to deal with the gossip.

How are you feeling lately? When is your next OB appt.?

Helen- Thanks for the good wishes on my U/s today. ;) I hope all is going well with you and the little ones.

Have to go now. Work awaits!


gavinsmommy - October 26

Hi mommies,

How are all of you doing? I hope all is well.

Aimee, don't these pathetic co-workers have a life? I rarely dislike people but I don't like nosy, prodding, no life individuals. I can't understand their concern about your life. It is so sad. It is not like you aksed for donations to get your lil buddy or to feed him. People really need to no their places. The world would be a much better place. I am so excited that you are going to get to see your new buddy. I know you have to be a nervous wreck but excited. Please let us know how everything goes. I am doing fine right now, af hopefully is getting her act together for me so I can join you guys real soon. The kids are doing great, they are really excited that Halloween is right around the corner. Dh and I are planning a Halloween party this weekend with spooky foods, a spooky movie and pumpkin carving. It will just be us throwing the party for them. Dh and I get to be kids again.LOL Give buddy a belly hug and try to remember the heart rate.

Lila, how is the sprout treating you? Pretty soon for your next appointment. I hope you are resting and enjoying yummy treats. Give the sprout a tummy hug from me and take it easy.

Liz, how is the noggin today? I hope your head feels like it is shrinking and your belly is growing.LOL Give peanut a tummy squeeze from me.

I will be heading out in a lil while to get trampled in the grocery stores. It is raining too!!!! Yuck!

Love you guys and have a good day!!!!

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



Lila - October 26

Hey Aimee that was my post I have no ides how that Liz got at the bottom cause I remember I realized I was late for work and needed to wrap up my post - very odd.

Good luck at your appointment today - is this with OB or RE? My next one is on Tuesday and it will have been 2 weeks so I am very eager to make sure all is well in there. This will be my first with the OB so I need to find out what their plan is for more U/S but I certainly plan on asking for a few more - I know I want the Nucleal Tranluency Fold test so that should be about Nov 15/week12 and then I am still trying to decide about CVS vs Amnio so the rest will need to be worked out.

Liz - hope you are taking it easy and getting lots of rest. How is the sinus situation today? I hope it is resolving itself.

Helen - Thanks for the well wishes. Good luck at the grocery store do not let the crazy masses trample you. I just unpacked a huge order that just arrived from Omaha Steak - they have all these great entrees and side dishes that are much better than frozen dinners and when DH and I are too tired to cook it is wonderful to just unpack a chicken cordon blue or something and toss it into the stove for 40 minutes and viola gourmet meal. Still have t o trek to the grocery for produce, dairy etc but I love the stuff we get from Omaha Steak and it does make life easy. Your Hallowen party sound excellent and so much fun - can I come?! As for Pumpkin tell DH that that ship has sailed - she already sounds like she loves being the center of attention and knows just what to do to wrap her humans around her cute little paw.

Well as usual I am starving so better run and get some lunch


Aimee37 - October 26

I was in tears when I saw the HEART BEAT!! Oh my!! :o It was nice and strong at 163 beats per minute. My Dr. told me that my baby will probably be a runner like me. ;D Everything is growing nicely and measuring right where it should be!! Mr Dr. gave me 3 U/S pictures to put in my baby book for my June bug babe. I thanked her for all she has done to help me achieve my dream and than she gave me a big hug. I told her that I would come back in a few years for an FET and she told me that she is not going anywhere.

After I got dressed, my nurse was waiting for me in the hallway to give me a big congrats hug. She wants me to come back so she gave see me when I am 7 months pregnant! Hmm? I told her I would. LOL A few other Dr.'s congratulated me on my way out. I hate to say it, but I will miss my clinic. There was so much care/concern and friendliness faces there.


I had a 6 week and 8 week scan at my fertillity clinic and that was it, they only do 2 scans. I am off to see my OB on Nov. 1st. ;)

I will write personals laters, I just wanted to post the good news. ;D

Luv ya guys!! ;)


liz - October 26

Hello ladies,

I am doing a bit better today. Thanks for asking. The sinus infection is of course still there but I do have relief in that I can breathe through my nose. The vicks vaporizer works wonders.

I hope you had an excellent appointment. I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

How are you sinuses? Still bothering you?

I am sorry about slacker girl. Gosh that is frustrating. I sure hope someone gets through to her or her boss! As for stalker guy............ It is none of his business what you do with you life, however if he wants to talk yeah well let him. Apparently his life is so damn boring he needs to worry about yours. Maybe you could feel special that he likes you life so much he feels the need to talk about it. :) I really can't stand people like that, unfortunatly the world is full of them.

The main reason I am getting the u/s so often now is becuase of the blood collection from the loss of baby b. They want to make sure it is gone or still going down. I am sure I will be seeing less of my peanut after this appointment. :( I know I have my level II sceduled for Nov. 21 so atleast I know it is not that far off. I think that even if it would't be for the blood collection and I requested the u/s they would be willing just because of my past 3 miscarriages, they know (atleast some are understanding) how hard it is for me. We shall see. The pa I really like made the comment that she thinks we will be seeing a lot of u/s with this one. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I just got an email that there is a new post so I am ending this to see if its you Aimee. :)


liz - October 26


I am so happy for you! ;D I am actually sitting here with tears in my eyes. You deserve it hon!

163! Sounds great! My peanuts heartrate is high as well! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful.

I know what you mean about leaving the clinic. I too cried. It is hard because you have been through so much with them. I know I wanted to take my nurses along with me. No practical I guess. :)

My office did 4 scans but thats because I was a problem. lol Usually they only do 2, just like your clinic.

I just can't tell you enough how happy I am for you.
You take care of yourself and your little olympic athlete.

Talk to you soon


liz - October 26


That is too funny about that crib. I don't think I can blame you know it tormented you for so long. lol

How are you feeling? Refresh my memory, again........ Are you about 9 weeks? Any cravings, ms or any other strange pregnancy issues?

I didn't have too many cravings or food adverisions in the first trimester but in the last 2 weeks I am having a heck of a time. I actaully developed an adverision to meat. I am usually a big meat eater, especially chicken. A couple of weeks ago I noticed I could not even stand the thought of chicken. I thought ok we can handle this and then all of a sudden I feel sick when I look at meat. This is probably not good so I am going to talk to them tomorrow at my appointment and see what they suggest. I was thinking maybe a protein drink of some sort.

Any trips scheduled for you and dh?

I must run, today is my brothers birtday and we are headed for a dinner!

Take care, talk to you soon


gavinsmommy - October 27

Hi Mommies,

Aimee, I knew in my heart everything would go good for you. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! Yiphee. I don't know what to think on the heart rate. Are we possibly having all girl babies? I know it doesn't matter to any of you eith way. It could be that you have a lil runner in there like you. 8). All you need to do now is focus on the love you have for your lil buddy/ buddette. Don't worry about what the loser stalker has to say or anyone else. I find you to be a truly amazing individual who seeks their goals no matter what. Two snaps for you. Tell them all to get a life. You go girl!!! You take care of the buddy/buddette. Give em a big belly squeeze from me.

Lila, how is my lil duo doing? I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Liz, how are the darn old sinus treating you today? I hope you are feeling better.

Must run and finish my wife chores,LOL!

Mega hugs and healthy mom and baby prayers,



Aimee37 - October 27

Hi all! It's a gross cold and wet day here in Northern Va. I have been so busy and stress out here at work. I am trying to breathe every once in awhile for the sake of the baby.:)

Ok I am very relieved right now after my 8 week scan! What a breath taking moment! 163 heart beats per minute. I think the average heartbeat is 120-160's (faster the younger the babe). Some gal told me that if the heart beat is on the high side than it will mmore likely be a girl. Also, because I had high HCG numbers, most chances I will have a girl. I think it is a wive's tale. I would really like a boy but you know the strongest embie made it and it all boils down to the "sirvival of the fittest" so whatever was meant to me, I will be thrilled!! :)

I am thinking I will blurt the wonderful news to my family either next week or the week after. It will be a weekend because I do not want to be at work and all stressed out when my phone rings off the hook. It will be either Nov. 4th or 11th. I am creating a June baby bug blog right now. This is going to explain my journey with TTC, etc. I know people will ask me a lot of questions and that would stress me out and exhaust me! What is an IUI? ER? ET? I will describe my rought journey, etc. So they will know what I went thru and how badly I wanted my dream babe!

I will feel alot more confident after I get past the 1st tri. I spent almost $40k on all my treatment to have a baby. It was well worth it thought!!! My time was went spent too. It was a rough road but I also well worth the ride! :)

Helen- How r ya girl? Thanx bunch! You are so funny & spunky! Helly takes after you for sure! ;D yes I am on to bigger and better things to worry about staker freak and other problmeatic people. I hope you and your fmaily have an enjoyable weekend!

Liz- Thank ya for your sweet words of support. ;) Yea I sure had mixed emotions leaving the clinic. I will really miss my RE and nurse, even though there were difficult from time to time. No one is perfect. I hope to have a great realtionship with my new OB. I am not feed aversions so far and nothing turns me off, like smells etc. LOL! perhaps it is way too early. Happy b-day to your bro!! Hope you and hubster have a wonderful weekend!

Lila- I am glad you are feeling a bit better! I hear pregnacy causes several head issues. I am right there with ya!! Yes, my sinuses are killing me! I am having terrible upper molar pain because my sinuses are close to my upper gums. It really aches from time to time! Good Luck at your appt. on Tuesday. Mine is Wed. I do not think they will do another scan until 20 weeks! Ugh! I hope they will do one sooner because of my OHSS. ;)

Well, I have to get going. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend! ;D

*huge hugs* for all!


liz - October 27

Hello Mommies,

Happy Friday! :)

I have heard that also about the higher the heartrate it is a girl however my ob offices swears that all babies heartbeats are high this young. I don't know we shall see. I had very high hcg numbers and the little peanut always has a high heartrate although the high hcg was probably due to the twins. Who knows only time will tell.

I had my appointment this morning. All is well. Baby is getting big. 3 1/2 inches crown to rump and about 4 oz. The heartrate was 149 during the ultra sound and then 152 or so when I had my appointment and the pa listened via doopler. I asked if the heartrate goes down at all the older the baby gets because normally this little ones heartrate is in the upper 150s low 160s. She told me that can happen but also the activity level of the baby makes a huge difference. The ultra sound was unbelievable I can't wait till you get to this stage. the baby looks 100% like a baby. We got a really good show. The baby was quite active for us. Showing off I sopose. Even the u/s tech said you are going to have one active little baby on your hands. She showed us the bladder, which was full, a very good sign. Shows that their is atleast one functioing kideny, we saw the heart and she told us she believes she saw all 4 chambers (because the baby is still so small it is hard to get to really see the organs but we did good today), we got to see the one foot with the little bones and the tiny, tiny toes, we got to see the brain (that was amazing), and we got to see the legs and arms going all around. It was by far the most amazing thing I have experienced in my life. Dh said to the tech so is it a girl or a boy. (he is too funny) she went on to tell us why she dosen't like to say for fear she is wrong and then the mommy and daddy get mad at her. She also explained what the difference is this early, very educational and then she went on to say if you held a gun to my head I would have to say you are having a little girl. :) I told her that was my mommy instinct and not to worry I would not hold her accountable. She said by my level II on Nov 21 they should be able to tell the sex a lot more clearer.

I am just so excited today. I feel so much relief and actually for the first time today thought about making baby purchases. My Nana and I were shopping and I said lets go to the baby department for fun, she laughed and said this is the real thing now I don't think we are doing it for fun anymore! LOL

Aimee, I think it is awesome that you are writing your journey out. That will probably really help you explain everything to everyone. I am sure they will be really confused, who wouldn't be unless you have been through it. Your family is going to be so surprised. They have no idea do they? Except for your Dad of course.

It is very cold here too. I guess winter is really going to come. Yuck!

Being busy is good. You have the right idea take some breaks for your little one along the way. ;)

How are you doing today?

I hope you are having a good day :)

I must run, cleaning to do! :(

Talk to you all later


Aimee37 - October 27

Liz! Oh my golly!! WOWSIE!! :D That was quite an appt. to see all that going on inside of you! I mean from the orgnas, toes, brain, heart with 4 chambers! How exciting!!! So your Dr. thinks it's a girl!? :) How sweet! I bet you would luv a lil girl Liz! Is hubby leaning towards a boy? Congratulations Liz! I am so very happy for ou & the hubster!!Have fun baby shopping with Nana! ;) Enjoy!!

Yes, I think writing a June Bug baby blog and explaining my journey process will help me with my stress level and explain things in detail to my family. I do not want to get sick and exhaust myself explaining things to them. :-\ I might share my blog with you all once I complete it. I will try to work on it this weekend.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. The contractors have left my condo and I can air out my place. I will be restocking shelves, etc. in my new cabinets, etc. I wil try to rest in between.

Anyway, CONGRATS again and have en enjoyable weekend!! I am sure you will!! ;D



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