Lila How are you?
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gavinsmommy - October 17

Hi Liz,

You finally put your bean ticker up!!!!!! Yiphee, now I can see what the lil one is up to!!!!!!!!

Take care,



liz - October 17


Yeah I was holding off on the ticker, you know how scared I was. I think it is ok now! Still praying and crossing my fingers.

I have been busy but I promise I am still taking it easy! I rest plenty trust me! ;)


Lila - October 17

Hey all;

Liz, you certainly have been a busy bee - I agree with Helen take it easy! Glad you are feeling well and it sounds like maybe the worst of MS has past for you! I hope things even out for you with the OB - I know after we get spoiled with our RE care it is hard to be normal again. How is the house coming along?

Helen - I am so sorry about all the patients. I could not agree with you more about what a giant babies DHs turn into when they are sick - it is truly pathetic. Mine always says if it were up to men to carry babies the human population would have died out eons ago!

Aimee - glad to hear the OHSS is at least not getting worse - sorry it is still such a painful bother for you. Keep thinking about all those wonderful frosties you have though and that you will nevver have to go through stims again. Not to get too far ahead of where I am now but I already had to ask my RE this morning when I could cycle again assuming all goes well and baby is born in the end of May - I would like a 2nd child (God willing) and thus would need to cycle asap when it is permitted after the baby is born. I will probably only breast feed for about 2 months - enough to get most of the benefits so that I can start stims again and see whwere things stand 1 year later. Hopefully it will not be too late.

Anyway the apppointment went well today - baby measured exactly at 8 weeks (I am at 7 weeks 6 days) so that sounded great and the heartbeat was 162 - nice and strong! I did finially get evicted from my RE and am now being sent to an OB. I wanted to switch from my old OB so went over some refferals from him and hopefully things will be good with the new DR - the new practice is very well respected here so I feel good about that. I called and got an appointment for Oct 31 - so hopefully it will be full of treats and no tricks that day! My RE gave me more pictures from todays U/S as well as a set for my OB which I thought was a great idea. The nurse even made a point of saying that if for any reason I could not get an appointment with the new OB for 2 weeks to come back to them so that I would not go more than 2 weeks without seeing that everything was doing OK - that made me feel good about things.

Anyway Chicago was wonderful - cold and windy but I guess that is to be expected. We ate at great restaurants and had a tone of fun. I had mild MS most days but not too bad - eating actually helped so now I have found a new justification to turn myself into a pig! I am trying to eat 5 small meals a day to keep things balanced.

Hope everyone is doing well and will chat with you later


Aimee37 - October 18

Hi all- I am extremely tired. I have to drag my arse out of bed. I feel like crap. I have to work be a responisble member of society. OK, now my gums hurt today. have anyone had this happen to them during pregnancy? One particular area hurts more.

Lila- Welcome back from the Chicago. ;D Yes, I am very happy I will never have to stim again!! ;D I have 8 frozen babes in storage. I hope to find Mr. Right within a year or two and maybe I can have a baby naturally, since my family has a history of great fertiilty. My mother had a baby at age 40. I will still use my frozen babes at one period in my life though. WOW so you are already talking about giong thru another IVF? I see why you wanted twins so badly now! ;) You know a twin pregnancy is very risky and can be harmful to you and the babies. I am so happy I do not have 2. I am 7 weeks tomorrow. I go in for my 8 week scan a week from tomorrow.

I am gald your 8 week scan went well!! AWESOME Lila!! I am glad that everything is looking wonderfully!! ;D Wow yuor first OB appt. is on Halloween!! ;) Very cool! Mine is Nov. 1st.

Glad you had a good time in Chicago and got to have some good eats! I too am tryin gto eat 5 small meals a day. My nurse told me to eat every 4 hours or so.

Liz- Sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy with chores, etc. I am glad most of yuor symptoms have past. I can't wait to get to that stage!

Yea, I hear different things from different Dr.'s ect on what is safe to take and what isn't. Ugh! I find it very frustrating, which is why I am questioning myself by taking Benadryl. lol

I am moving this Friday!! yes!! I can't wait to get out of the stalker's face!! ;)

My OHSS is about the same, sometimes I feel it is worse than other times. Buying pants with bigger waists helped alot. I really look like a snake that swallowed a mouse. LOL!

I hope all is going well with you and DH. Hope you have a happy Humpday!! ;)

Helen- Wow Oak Park is close to you? ;) My Uncle just retired from being Dean of Medicine and the Univ. of Illinois. My dad and he went there to get the college degree years ago. I love Chicago, just hate it when it gets real cold!

I can imagine you had nausea with the twins due to your higher levels of HCG in your system. I hope I do not get the nausea. I only get it if I don't eat. I had a little nauea yesterday after eating. Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks. I hear most gals get it around th 7 week mark or so.

Well, I have to get to work. I hope everyone has a happy Humpday. talk to you all momma's laters. ;)


liz - October 18

Hello Aimee, Lila an Helen,

Boy is it warm here today! Low 70's hard to believe when just the other days it was in the 50's! Oh well it feels good.

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just awesome news. I am so happy you had a great appointment. I love listening to the little heartbeat, it is so comforting.

I was so sad when I left the re and went to the ob. It is just not the same. I hope you found a good one, I am sure you did. Halloween, how fun is that going to be. Will they do another u/s at your ob appointment?

Welcome to pregnancy my dear! ;D It can be so full of nausea, tiredness and moodiness. I am strange because I welcome all of it. With everything I have been through with the miscarriages when I feel sick now I feel calmer knowing that is the way is sopossed to be. Strange, I know!
All I can suggest is rest, rest and more rest! I swear up until a couple of days ago, literally, I would nap a couple of times a day when I was off work. I finally see a little increase in energy but still not what I would normally be. They keep telling me one day I will wake up and have all this energy, I am not so sure. I also eat small means, it is the only way I can eat. If I eat too much at a sitting I feel like I am going to explode. I think the smaller means help with the nausea too.

I am hoping your find your mr right too! I believe you will. You are a wonderful women an sooner or later mr right is going to pop out of nowhere! You will be pleasantly surprised. ;)

My bb's are huge!!!!! I swear I have to go shopping again for bras! In the past 1/2 week I swear they have grown another cup size., but not quite so sore. Dh keeps asking me if they will keep getting bigger or will it stop. He is too funny. I think he is just hoping they keep growing. Men, what can you do with them. ;)

I must go, my little one is calling for some food. :)
Take care


gavinsmommy - October 18

Hi buddies,

Gosh everyone sounds like they are doing great!!!!!!

Lila, I am now going to say a girl for you. I am so gald everything went well for you today. There is nothing like a good visit to the docs to make your day go great!!! I am glad you liked it here in Chicago, we do have some yummy places to dine. You are doing the best thing by eating the several small meals a day because everything in your body slows down when you are pg. I am giving you 2 snaps for already planning on your next sprout. A goal oriented girl!!!! I breast fed my brew and I loved it. The first 2 months are the most important I heard for giving the munchkin the antibodies they need for their lil immune systems. Halloween is a perfect day for an appoinment for you because you said you loved that day, how neat. Maybe you will get to see your lil goblin again. 8). You sound wonderful and I am so happy. Do you have any cravings going on yet? I know with Holly it was spicy foods. The one night dh made the mistake of frying a habenero and almost killed himself because the smoke coming from that lil hand grenade. I laughed so hard at him running and choking that I almost wet myself. He learned after that!! Give your sprout a tummy rub from me and enjoy the naps!!!!

Aimee, you are such a character! The comment about the snake swallowing the mouse put me into a fit of giggles. I know you are going to land yourself the right man. I don't see your eggs going to waste!!!! I am still giggling about that one every time I think about it. What a clown!!! I hope you have a mild bout of ms because I can only imagine the sories you will have for us if you don't. Your lil buddy is going to be a character if he takes after his mommy. Wow your uncle was the Dean at the University!!!! That is fantastic. I hope your tummy pains ease up on you soon. You probably feel real lopsided. You give your buddy a belly rub from me to!! Take care and don't ever change that attitude!!!

Liz, aren't the bb's the best side affects from the pg? Dh never complained about them either. It would be great if our waist stayed nice and small to have those hot bodies our dh's love!! Give the bean a belly hug from me.

Mega hugs and healthy baby prayers!!!!!


Aimee37 - October 19

Ok I have been having some serious bizarre dreams lately! Last nite I dreamt that someone stole my 3 tomatoes!! LOL!! ;) I was determined to find out who stole them. It my was neighbor who lives upstairs from me. I went off on her because I knew she took them. I somehow found them in her condo and told her she was busted. LOL Weirdness eh?? I feel asleep at 7pm last nite after eating dinner. I was out..

Liz- I am very tired. I could not sleep on my lunch hour today but had to run my dog to the very for shots instead. I am very cranky and irritable. I finally said something to this coworker who has ben bossying me around for way too long!! I finally put my foot down!! :) She knows I am way too nice to say anything back to her so she continues to boss me around. NOT ANYMORE!! My coworkers are proud of me, becaue they do not take her crap.

My boobs are gettnig bigger each morning when I look in the mirror. Not that they were big from the get go, I am a runner. ;) But damn they are really bustin' loose lately! LOL! I will continue to let my sister think I got a boob job. ;)

Helen- :) Yea my babe will definitely have a good sense of humor and still laugh at me even when I am not saying anything funny. lol! I will give my child so much love and care. I will teach my child to love and respect others and it is not what you have (materialistic things) it is what's in your heart that matters most. ;)

Yes, my Uncle held a very powerful position. He almost turned pro in golf too. He was ranked in the masters divison for awhile. I come from a very athletic family. My dad was military tennis champ for years. I come from a good healthy line of genes, knock on wood.

As far as my cravings are concerned, it is all about carbs!! That really has not changed much. I am eating more fruits, guess my body is craving them. I can't eat chocolate. Blech, I lost my taste for it.

Well, I have to start pack, I am moving to the new bldg tomorrow. Away from stalker freak!! :)

Talk to you all laters!!
{{{{{{hopeful hugs}}}}}} for all!!


liz - October 19

Hi Aimee, Helen and Lila,

You have a distaste for chocolate! Boy I wish that would happen to me. I crave chocolate like you can not imagine. I am usually not at all this bad. I don't really have any other cravings but I can't stand chicken. I knwo that is strange, I usually eat chicken. Since I am pregnant I can't stand and it has gotten to the point I can't even stand the smell of it. I made some on Sunday night since it was in the freezer, I put it on my plate and that was it, I thought I would be sick. Needless to say chicken is off my shopping list. lol

Good for you for standing up for yourself! I am happy to hear you are not going to tolerate it anymore. You sure don't deserve it. ;)

Big move tomorrow. Hope you are all packed.

I know what you mean about the not so much bb's before. I did alot of walking and interval jogging as soon as I started that I lost my bb's. Went from a b to an a. I was sad when I lost them because I was looking good otherwise and getting fit. As soon as I got pregnant they took off, I went to a b rather quickly now I think I may need a c! Holy bb's! DH of course loves them but since they are still sore they are off limits, he dosen't like that. Poor baby. :(

As for wierd dreams. I have them all the time! So strange. I also seem to be dreaming more about people that I have had problems with ie My Mom and also dh's sisters. It is strange, can't figure that one out. It is like I am having dreams about unresolved issues.

I am off to rest. I have a busy day tomorrow. Nana and I are going to the bath place so I can finalize my colors for the master bath. This should be exciting since I am having trouble making up my mind these days. Thats why I am taking Nana, I am hoping she can keep me focused. lol Then I think I am going to join the local aqua center for some exercise. Since it is getting colder I will be limited to my outside activities. I feel like it has been so long since I was able to exercise due to my restrictions with the pregnancy. I was finally cleared last week so I am ready to start again, of course not as intense. ;)

I am going to run, time to hit the couch for some r&r. I hope you are getting much rest!

Take care,


gavinsmommy - October 20

Hi buddies,

How are all you lil nesters doing?

Aimee I have a feeling you are caring the next Olympic Gold Medalist!!! What an amazing athletic background. The dreams are natural. I went through the same thing but not over my tomatoes. I think it is the babies way of preparing you for the many sleepless nights. Thats great that you are finally getting away from the stalker!!! Hopefully you will be able to settle in and get the chance to relax now. How is the ms going? You are so right about being able to love your child all by yourself. Thats all that they need. Take care of the buddy and give'em a tummy squeeze.

Lila how are you? Are you going through the big bb phase to? Give the sprout a belly hug.

Liz, how are you today? I hope you are feeling better today. Poor baby with the big bb syndrome!!!! Give the bean a tummy hug to!!!!

I myself am thinking of stopping the ovulex because I am not sure if this is what is messing my cycle up right now. I am wondering if my body has adjusted to it now and that I am no longer getting the benefits of it. We shall see.

Well TGIF ladies!!!! I must go finish preparing for Holly's big B-day tomorrow!!!!!

Mega hugs and healthy baby prayers!!!!!!



Aimee37 - October 21

Hi all- Well it is a beautiful Fall day here in Northern Va. My furry Shelties are lovin' it, they sure are frisky! ;D

About dreams. I have been having reoccurent dreams that I find blood when I go to the bathroom! :o These are very scary dreams to have!!

I went over to my dad's place this morning feeling very large. I knew I gained weight from the OHSS and sure enogh I did. Since over 5 weeks ago, I put on about 10 pounds. It is all in the gut too!! I still have the slender butt/legs, etc. ugh.. My neighbor is 20 weeks prego and I look alot more prego that she does!! This scares me! :-\

Lila- I hope I have quite an athletic babe. I will not push my child into athletics. It will all be his/her decision. Hey Happy Birthday to Holly!! ;) How old is she today?

Liz- So you lost your taste for chicken? Not me. I can do without chocolate, never been a been fan anyway. I am all about carbs (bagels, muffins, biscuits, etc.) I am a runner/athlete, can't so without them!

I hope you have a good day with nana the other day. I bet your bathroom is looking great! I bought an underwater sea creature theme for my bathroom. I have all new appliances now so I figured I would buy new bathroom stuff as well. ;D

I had a very busy day at work on Friday. I was unpacking and getting settled in to my new office. I have 2 huge windows now!! ;) I came home and slept after I ate dinner.

Well my 8 week scan is this Thursday. I am very nervous and hoping that everything looks OK? If all looks OK than I will be kicked out of the fertility clinic. ;D

I am off to walk my doggies before I make dinner for myself. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! :D Talk to you momma's laters..


liz - October 22

Hello Ladies

Sorry I have been mia for a couple of days. Life has seemed to keep me running around in circles. Seems like no matter how hard I try I NEVER get caught up.

How is the morning sickness going? Any?
Your dreams about the blood. I had the same ones, they lasted about a week and then I moved on to some other crazy ones. The craziest one I had was I had the baby (very early) but the baby was wonderful, healthy and happy but we didn't have any bottles and for some reason I was unable to breastfeed (had not milk). It was bizarre to say the least.

Nana and I had a good time shopping. I picked out the color for the tub, shower and counter top. It is nice an off white with while in it. Very pretty and neutral, just what I like. ;) I thought the decision would be harder but I did good. I brought 2 samples home to show Frank, he picked the one I did and no he did not know that was the one I picked. :)

Glad you are in your new office! 2 windows that is great. I love natrual light, especially when it is nice and sunny.

I am sure all is well and your scan on Thursday will help but your mind to ease. I go on Friday for my u/s. I haven't had one in 4 weeks. It feels like a lifetime when you are used to gettign them every 2 weeks.

How was Holly's big day?

How are you doing? We miss you.

I must run, Walmart and the grocrey store are calling my name. Lucky me. ::)

I hope you all have a great day.
Talk to you soon,


Lila - October 22

Hey everyone - sorry to be mia for a little, I went to NY on Thurs to help my sister move into her new apartment - although since I can not do heavy lifting I just stood there and bossed everyone around. Worked for me! DH and I decided to stay the weekend and have some fun up there which was great but no computer. The Xmas decorations were starting to go up on a few streets!!! - which seemed a little absurd but did get DH all excited as he loves NY at Xmas time.

Aimee - I am glad you move went well and your new office sounds great. Good for you for laying down the law to slacker girl - high time she learns to do her own work. I know the dreams can be weird - I think I told you a few of mine - but hang in there just another PG sign. Mine are not so troubling anymore just sort of esoteric and hard to figure out what my subconsious is trying to tell me!

Liz - Glad to hear the bathroom is progressing well, your choices sound excellent! Are you working on nursery plans now? Can't wait to hear what your plans are for that! Remind me when is your move in date? Are you on traget so far for that date? Hope it is going well and DH is not working himself too ragged.

Helen - What was Holly's big day? How did it go? Are the kids getting very excited for Halloween? It really is such a fun holiday. How is Pumpkin?

Sorry to hear the ovulex is not doing the trick but as you said maybe it is time for a change and see what happens for a little if you go off it. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Well I better go unpack, do some laundry and get dinner on - hope everyone is well and had a nice weekend.


liz - October 23

Hello ladies,

Sounds like you had a very nice weekend, glad to hear it. How are you feeling? Any ms?

DH is running himself ragged, he is alreayd worn out. Progress is coming along, it is alot slower now that they are working inside. We are not moving in till next summer. I think as for the nursery I am going to wait until the baby is born. I was thinking of getting a feel for his/her personality and then deciding from there. Who knows I may change my mind again. I am known to do that. lol

I must get back to work, just wanted to pop in and say hi!

Have a great day


gavinsmommy - October 23

Hi buddies,

How is everyone doing today? I hope all of the munchkins are cooperating with you guys.

Aimee your u/s will go just fine. This time see what the heart rate is so we can have fun guessing. How is the relocation going without your lil stalker bugging you. Any signs of m/s yet. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who can just breeze right through it. Your poor tummy you have to feel so lopsided. Hopefully by the time you are really huge you will have perfect balance. How is the OHSS going? You still sound so uncomfortable. Did they decide if they were going to try and help you when you go back this time? Give the buddy a big belly hugs from me. Oh I forgot to tell you that Holly turned 6. She is blossoming into a lil lady. The funny thing is she kind of has your personality, which I think is totally awesome. She won't have any gray hairs on her head, just give them. LOL

Lila, Christmas already? Boy they are moving things so fast. I know the stores here are already putting up the Christmas things. Crazy!! Whatever happened to Thanksgiving! Now I know why things seem like they are shooting by. I feel like I am in a rat race everyday anymore. We humans need to slow down!!! Holly had the best birthday party ever she told me and dh. We all had a ton of fun together. The day seemed like it just flew by. The kids are totallt pumped with Halloween right around the corner. Dh and I are having a special Halloween dinner for them on Saturday. The menu and snacks consist all of spooky eats. I am excited and so is dh. Pumpkin is doing great. I thinks she is under the misunderstanding that she is human now. Dh said he is going to start calling her punkin if she doesn't change her ways. How is the sprout coming along? You have to still be on cloud nine with the other ladies. I stopped the ovulex Friday. I am praying that this was the problem. I have had af for 15 days so far. It is insane. I alomost had dh take me to the ER room last night because the past 3 days I had a lot of clots coming out.(TMI sorry). Today has been much better so far. I hope it stays that way and gets better. It is really interfering with my bd moves. This happen a couple of months back when I first started taking the ovulex. I hope that is what the problem was. Give the sprout a belly hug from me and rest up.

Liz, I was the same way with the kids as far as the nursery. I waited to set the theme until they were born. It worked out just great. We had the room all prepped and then did the theme shopping afterwards. Isn't funny how when you want things to move a lil quicker they don't seem to? Then when you want things to slow down they don't? We are never happy creatures are we!! Give the peanut a big tummy squeeze from me.

Talk to all of you later!!
Take care of my cyber nieces and nephews!!!

Mega healthy baby and mom prayers,


Aimee37 - October 24

Hi my budettes- How are you all doing? It sure was cold this morning at 42 degrees. Should be atleat 70 today. I wish it would stay at 80 degrees and that would make be very happy. ;)

Liz- I still have OHSS pretty badly. I think when the HCG stops rising at 10 weeks my OHSS should subside? I hope so! No morning sickness yet, knock on wood! :) I hope everything is going OK with my pregnancy!

I am glad I am not alone with my crazy dreams! I take it they are quite normal to have. Having a baby early eh? Might be a dream to come when I get further along?

Good luck on your U/S on Friday. You will be 15 weeks along right? I will be 8 weeks on my U/S this Thursday. I am praying all looks OK!!

I like my new office, very bright nad lively except it is freezing in this place! My hands and feet are very cold. I have my jacket on right now, it is that cold!! I will not get sick while I am pregnant!!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday liz! :)

Lila- Welcome back from NY. That was sure nice of you to go and help her out with her move. ;) I cannot believe Xmas decor is already up there in some places!! Crazy I tell you! They have snow right? That might be what welcomed it. ;)

Well slacker lady is taking 7 work days off!! I am stuck with all her work when she is gone once again! This must be the 9th work week she has taken off! She has all the leave she wants because she does not record it! nice eh!? Piss me the hell off. I have to pick up all her slack for her cheating the system. Sorry to vent..

I hope you have a great Tuesday & your work day is not as stressful as mine!

Helen! Your little gal Holly sounds like a very spunky go getter type gal! I like!! I bet she is a real joy to be with! ;)

Yes, it feels good to be out of stalker's face! He is probably letting everyone in that I am using a donor. Oh well. I cannot control what he does. I find it upsetting. I hope he just keeps his mouth shut!

I hope you have a great day in Chicago. I bet it is pretty darn nippy there right now?

Have an enjoyable Tuesday! :)


gavinsmommy - October 24

Hi buddies,

How are all of you today? I hope all is well.

Aimee, Holly is one unique individual. She truly is a character. It seems like anywhere we go with her people are drawn to her. Things she says and does sometimes make me blush but others find her hysterical. She would take over the show with Bill Cosby Kids say the darndest things. I could actually see her hosting it.LOL I love her spirit though. It is kind of like an old soul trapped in a 6 year old body. She talks as if she has been there done that type of attitude. I just know no grass will ever grow under her feet. Your u/s will go just fine. You will finally get to see your lil buddy bouncing around. You'll see. It is nobody's business but yours about your child. I know I would see red and that stalker would be sorry he crosses my path. I don't like people like that at all. I feel you are doing a truly amazing thing by living your dream regardless of being in a relationship or not. Sometimes relationships complicate things. I would have done the same thing in order to have a child of my own. It is not a matter of having 2 parents but the love that comes from the 1 parent. Sometimes having both parents is not the best in certain situations. You love this child so tell the stalker to back off. I know all to well that you can keep him at bay even if you didn't relocate. Maybe he is jealous because he wasn't the dodnor.LOL It is freezing here in Chicago. It is insane. I think some how we skipped past fall. Maybe come January it will be spring. 8). Give the buddy a tummy hug and take care of yourself.

I will talk to all of you later.
Mega healthy moms and babies.



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