Lila How are you?
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Aimee37 - October 12

Just a quick update before I head back to work...

WE HAVE ONE HEALTHY HEART BEAT!! :) It was detected so early so I have a strong one according to my Dr. I commented that my child will be a runner/athlete like me & my donor. :) The little bean measured exactly where it should be too. I am so very happy that I am blessed with one healthy babe!! That is what I really wanted, esp. for a first time SINGLE mother. It really is a sigh of relief!! I think it is a true blessing. Someone was looking out for me. My Dr. was very relieved there was only one because you know they frown upon multiples. LOL!! That is the first thing she said to me! "Yes, we have one, that is what we wanted!!" LOL!! A twin pregancy can be very high risk as you know.

Now 2-3 years from now I will try for a 2nd with my 8 frozen embies. I got an U/S pic of the little one with YIPPEE typed right next to it. LOL!! My Dr. is too funny. I will scan it as soon as I can get to a scanner. I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I feel right now that everything is just going wonderfully with my little one. Whatever sex, I will be happy with, even though I am hoping for a boy. :) The strongest embryo made it and it was meant to be.

Thank you all for your sweet words of support/encourgement. I can't tell you howm much itmeans to me!! :) *hugs*


gavinsmommy - October 12

Hi Aimee,

God bless you!!!! That is who is watching over you. I am so happy for you!!!! I can feel the excitement coming from your post!!! That is truly amazing!!!! You have to put your lil buddy's first pic on here so all of his cyber aunts can fuss over him. He is going to be as cute as a button if he looks anything like you. Oh my gosh for some reason I am referring to your bean as a boy. We shall see. Congratulations again!!!!!

Mega hugs and healthy baby prayers for you!!!!

Oh what did they say about your OHSS?


liz - October 12

I am heading to my appt. but I had to pop in and check in you Aimee.

Woo Hoo! I am sooooooooooooooo happy you got to hear the heartbeat, that is just awesome news. I bet you are on cloud nine! I will write more later, after my appt.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Take care


Lila - October 12

Aimee congratulations!! I am so happy for you and the lil belly bean. Getting the picture of both the little one and the graph of the heartbeat is the best!! I am so glad things are going well now you can relax a little and enjoy (if you figure out how to do that let us know!)

liz - hope your appointment went well

helen - so you are guessing girl for liz and boy for aimee - what are your thoughts for me?


liz - October 13

Good morning ladies -

Aimee -
Have you come down off the celing yet? :) What wonderful news you had. You know I just had this feeling that you would hear the hearbeat. I have no idea why, just had a feeling. You must be very excited! Did they tell you what the hb was per min?

My appt went well, I didn't get my u/s I wanted so I am a bit bummed. I have to wait till 10/27, 2 more weeks. We did listen to the hb, which was very strong (163) and very consistant. Everthing looks good.

I get so confused with when the end of your first trimester is. It seems to be different with every doctor and everything you read, imagine that. Anyway I asked the pa yesterday when is the official end of your first trimester she says, well it is different everyone you ask (no kidding) but for us we always go by 12 weeks. Ok, so I am out of my first trimester, or am I? Who knows, all I know is if I am not there I am close!!

I am officially allowed to start exercising again and I am once again allowed in the bedroom with dh! I feel like crap from not exercising and it feels like forever since I was permitted to be intimate with my husband. I am a fond believer of "good things come to those who wait." although I do get tired of waiting sometimes. lol

Lila -
I hope you are having a good time in Chiago, watch out for the snow!

Helen -
My email is still wacky, did you get my email last night? I just want to make sure, I know you worry about me and I give you gray hair. lol

Take care Mommies to be and my special Mommy and soon to be Mommy again! ;)



Aimee37 - October 13

Happy Friday the 13th!! I hope no one is susperstitious??

Helen- Thanks!! I am sure I will have a cute babe. :) I would be happy with either sex, whatever was meant to be you know. Somehow I think it might be a girl because my donor's dad had 4 girls and he is the youngest. Also, I saw some gal post on line and she was saying that higher BETA's are girls?? Is that true?? It can't be..

Lila- I did not get a graph of the heart beat. I do not think my clinic does that on a 6 week appt.? I assume your fertility clinic does this?? I ask my nurse why I did not get a heartbeat count and they told me that is not necessary as long as we can see one loud and clear. I will ask on the 26th when I go in for my 8 week scan.

I can't tell you how relieved I am to have one and not two. It will be very hard for me to handle two!! I am a working single mother. I am very happy to have 8 forzen embryos for 2 FET's in the future. :) I hope to have a man by my side in the near furture. ;) A father figure would be nice for my children.

Liz- I am above hitting the ceiling right now!! Definitely on cloud nine!! ;) Sounds like your U/S went well!! That is wonderful!! I am so happy for you!!

I was forced to tell 3 of my directs here at work that I was pregant because we are in the midst of moving and I am not getting all stressd out. The first trimester is crucial.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I need to get back to work!! TGIF!! ;)

*hopeful hugs* for all!! :)


liz - October 13

Hi Aimee -

Happy Friday! Since it is Friday the 13th I decided to just stay home (I don't work on Friday's) and clean. I don't know my luck has been going so good lately I hate to jeopordize it. lol Dh called today, he is having a really rough day at work he told me that everything that could possibly go wrong has. I told him to make sure he leaves it there! lol I am usually not superstitious, but you never know right?

Cloud nine is a good place to be! ;D I love it up there in the clouds. ;D

I would not worry about not getting a count or the graph. Like you said each clinic is different. I got my first graph with the heartbeat at my 8 week appt, although I did get the count at the 6 week 5 day appt. It all depends on the office. The good news is the heartbeat is strong and you got to hear it! Yeah! I remember when I first heard the heartbeat, I think I was in shock I just layed there, dh said are you ok. I of course was, I think I was just trying to keep myself from crying like a baby in front of the tech. As soon as I got in the bathroom to change it came flowing. :)

I can understand you being thankful for just one. You are an amazing women to be doing this alone. Your little one is very lucky to have a Mommy like you. I admire you for everything you have done to get where you are. You are an inspiration Aimee :)

I hope your directs are being understanding at work. I can understand your need to tell them. I told the women in my office (only 3) because I knew they would wonder what the heck was going on with me, not to mention all the appts. They have been great. I guess maybe it is time to just make the announcement for me or maybe I should just let the men keep guessing. ;)

Well I am going to go, I think it is time to curl up and read my book!

Have a great rest of the day.


gavinsmommy - October 13

Hi buddies,

Lila, I have a feeling that you are going to have a lil boy sprout also. How do you like the weather here in Chicago? I hope you bundled up because we have snow!!!!! Ugh!!! How have you and the sprout been? I you are taking it easy. I forgot when you next appointment was. My mind has been mush with all of us being sick here. Give your sprout a belly rub from me.

Aimee, I have heard the same thing about the girls heart rate being faster. I know from my pregnancies that we did the heart rate prediction and it was right each time. My doc told me that when I was having Holly.
I guess we shall see. Did they give you an answer with your OhSS? How have you been doing on cloud nine. I like Liz love it there also, such a wonderful place!!! 8). I hope to be visiting there soon, I could really use it right now. I hope your co-workers back off now and give you some room to grow!!! LOL They should give you a break now. I don't think they realize how deadly a hormonal pg women is. Take care of you lil buddy and give him a tummy rub from me.

Liz, I hope you are enjoying your book and your down time. You have to feel like a grade school kid with your 3 day weekend now. I know I look forward to CHristmas break more then Holly does. I can't tell you the last time I sat down and read a book, hmmmm I think it was before the kids. Yep it was, so enjoy. Heck I don't think I can complete a whole sentence or a thought anymore. You shall see. I think I need to go back to school to be retrained. LOL.

Mega hugs and healthy baby prayers to all!!!!

P.S. Liz you are now officially in your second trimester!!!!! Yiphee!!! Now the fun begins!!!!!



Aimee37 - October 15

Hi Helen, Lila & Liz :)

Well, I am suffering from bad head congestion and allergies at the same time. ugh.. Feel like crapola!! I will definitely take it with easy today.

Helen- You know my hometown is Illinois. The Champaign Urbana area. My Aunt, Uncle & cousins live in Oak Park which is near Chicago. I lived at Scott Air Force Base for a few years as well. It can get very cold in the Winter time!! I remember going running when it was below zero and my lungs hurt so bad for days!! It was horrible!!

My OHSS has to be dealt with according to my RE. She told me my ovaries are still the same massive size. I have to wait it out a little longer, like another month. ugh.. That is fine, my OHSS seems to be evening out and not getting any worse thank god.

Liz- Thanx so much for your sweet supportive words. Yes, it will be hard to be a single working mom but it is really worth it to me!! ;) I am ready to face the difficulties & challenges that may arise.

Yes, my directs are quite understanding and supportive with my pregnancy. I am very thankful for that. I am sure the word will get around soon. Oh well, no worries. lol

Well, I am going to have some hot cream of wheat and lie down. Than take the doggies for a walk. I hope you all have a super Sunday.

Talk to you all laters!!
*hopeful hugs*
Aimee ;)


liz - October 15

Hello Ladies -

Aimee -
I am sorry to hear about your allergies. When I read your post my heart sank for the simple fact I know some women do better with their allergies when they are pregnant. I unfortunatly am not one of them, they are 100% worse while pregnant. I was hoping you were going to be a lucky one! Are you taking anything?

Did your re give you any explanation as to why they can not do something to relieve your OHSS now instead of waiting it out? I know with me my ovaries were enlarged (not to the extent of yours) but it was uncomfortable for me and it was at the 10 week u/s that they told me they were looking normal again.

Did you tell your Sis yet about your wonderful news?

I am doing well today is 13 weeks. Every Sunday we celebrate a bit since I have another week under my belt. ;D If I could have one thing right now that would be for my allergies to get better! I am suffering pretty bad especially at night. I have trouble sleeping when it is this bad!

Lila -
I hope you had a nice weekend in Chicago and kept warm.
How are you feeling? When is your next appt? I think it might be this week?!

Now your girls have to help me, I seem to forget how far along you both are. Can you remind me, please! :-[

Well, I must run and get dinner started. Not that I am really in the mood, but we must eat. ;)

Take care, hugs


Aimee37 - October 15

HI Liz :) I am sorry you are dealing with allergies too. :( Mine are pretty bad right now with severe head congestion. I have to sleep with my head propped up. It helps a tad. I am taking alot of Benadryl. According to my nurse I am allowed to take it. I am taking it like every 4 hours. I hope that is ok and there is no harm done with the fetus.

When you told me that allergies get better when you are pregnant, I started to think something is wrong with my pregnancy.

My RE tells me it is better to wait out my OHSS than to have fluid drained. Having fluid drained can be more harmful than good, you have to find the proper balance.

I have 3 sisters. 2 full sister's, we are all a year apart and I am the middle child. I have a have sister from my mothers 2nd marriage, she was 40 when she had Ashley, who is now 18. You can see my sisters on my site.

will tell my family after my 8 week scan. :) Oh my, I can just imagine thier mouths opening! LOL!! Now that I was forced to delete my blog (due to nosey stalker coworker dude) I am sure my family has alot of questions for me.

Congrats on making it to 13 weeks!! Yes!! That is a big step!! I hear after you get past the first trimester the less chance of m/c. Some say 8 weeks though. Today I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Thursday marks 7 weeks. A week from Thursday on the 26th I go in for my 8 week scan.

I wish I cold come over to your house for dinner. I am still using the microwave. The contractors still have my place in a war zone. I wish they would pick up the pace and start working!! It has been over a month now!!

Well, time to nuke a TV dinner. LOL I hope you have a great nite and I will chat witcha laters..

Aimee :)


liz - October 16

Good morning, Happy Monday yeah right. Wish it was the weekend already. ;)

Aimee -
I checked out your site, that is awesome! Where did you get your beautiful red hair? It seems like you have a wonderful, supportive family. That is really wonderful.

I am sorry to have scared you by starting my email that women sometimes get better with their allergies during pregnancy. I should have started with the oposite in not to scare you. Sorry. I had asked my ob about it and they told me it depends on them women, some women claim their allergies nearly disappear others (apparently us!) the allergies get worse.

My problem with medicine is I get too used to it. After several days my body just stops reaacting to it and nothing helps. I found myself rotating between medicines in order to get some relief. On my list of ok sinus meds are Tylenol Sinus, Cloratrimiten (sp?), Sudefed and Benedryl. I seem to be a little better with the Benedryl but the Cloratrimiten does work for me.

6 weeks and 4 days today! That is great news. You are moving right along! Yeah ;D

I am not real happy with my ob office but I also don't think I am up for switching. The office I go to is gyn, ob and also re. Since I have been through so much with them especially my re I hate to switch. I don't know what to do, it is a tough decision.

The house is coming along. Yesterday I was filling the cracks around th windows with insulation. Boy is that a longgggggggggggggggggggg tedious job. I stood their with a butter knife poking insulation in to a 6' deep crack, well not crack it is just the space between the window and the wall if you know what I mean. I was also trying to match our stained front door stain to paint the tonge and grove for the celing on covered porches. That is not fun either, very hard to match.

Well, I must run and get some work done.
Have a great day.


Aimee37 - October 16

HI Liz- ;D

Thanx for the compliments on my site. I have no idea where my redhead came from. My sisters had me believing for the longest time that I was adopted. :-\

My pregnant coworker in the office next to me has not had nausea and she is due in a couple months. So not all women will have nausea. I will not freak out if I do not have any and think something is wrong with my pregnancy. LOL!!

So you take Sudafed? My nurse told me not to. SHe told me that these were ok to take for sinus congestion: Benadryl, Claratin, Chlor-Trimeton, Robitussin. It says definitely no Sudafed or Tavist D. But I have heard from other women that Sudafed is ok to take?? ??? I too am getting tolerant to Benadryl and it gets worse if I stop taking it. ugh!! I do not want to get dependant on meds!! Not during this time!!

I was going to go to my gyn/ob office but I wasnted a change even though I have been goin gthere for years. I am nto too happy with them. I am going to an all women OB office and from what I heard they are very good with what they do. Even my RE has heard of my OB. :) I guess I picked a good one.

Sounds like yuo had fun filling cracks yesterday!! Good Job Liz!! Yesterday I was busy doing chores and boy I got worn out fast. I hung out with the dogs in the park for awhile while they chased squirrels up trees. LOL!!

Speaking of dogs, I need to go. It's lunch time & I need to go them them out. :) I hope you have a great rest of the day!!

Talk to you soon,
-Aimee :)


liz - October 17

Good morning Ladies

Aimee -
Sounds like you had a nice Sunday. The weather was beautiful here as well. I washed my car and dh's truck I still have his daily car to go but I got to tired. The truck was unbelievably dirty because of the house, it needed a bath bad and my car.. well I could't see out the windows anymore. Ok, so it wasen't quite that bad, it was pretty bad.

I don't take Sudefed often, I tried it but it just didn't work so well for me. It is really amazing how you get different answers with different doctors. How are we sopossed to really know what is ok? I find it quite anoying.

Thats great you found an office you really like. I think I am just a little to particular but after what I have been through I think I am entitiled. I doubt if I will change just because I am so established but if it dosen't get any better I may have to re-evaulate the situation.

I had nausea but not the vomitting. I actaully vomitted twice and both times I had no idea it was coming. It came and went very quickly. I think I started feeling the nausea on and off all day beginning around 5 weeks and still have it at times although it is a great deal better. I would not worry about it if you do not feel nausea, you just might be one of the lucky ones. I have numerous friends who never had a day of nausea so again its one of those things that can go either way.

When is your big move at work? This week, I think. I hope you are taking it easy and letting the others do the carrying.

Hows the OHSS?

I must run, time to go to work. yeah
Have a great day! It is sopossed to rain here all day sounds soggy. :(


gavinsmommy - October 17

Hi buddies,

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been a full time nurse here. I think I have more patients now then when I used to work at the hospital. LOL Dh is the biggest patient. The kids sick or not are still bouncing off the walls but not dh he is dragging himself everywhere. I have to laugh. If it is me sick or damaged I have to pick up my worn body and go but not him. I would love to see a man carry a baby and give birth. I am sure that would be an awesome t.v. series.

Aimee, Oak Park is a stone throw away from me. Oh my gosh what a small world!!! I know all to well about the wonderful (ugh) winters here. My dad said that we were named the Windy City because of the politicians but I don't think so. I stood outside Holly's school the other day and watched this tree that had to be about 100 years old been like it was wire. Amazing how powerful God is. I am glad to here your OhSS is not getting any worse but I know you are still uncomfortable. I don't blame you for wanting to wait to have something done I wouldn't take the risk either. I would suffer and make everyone miserable around me. I only had morning sickness with the twins not with Holly. In fact with Holly it was like I wasn't even pg. The twins on the other hand just made me nauseated all day long. I guess they couldn't figure out what they liked. They are the total opposite of each other so I know why I was so sick. I never threw up though which made me happy. I just never liked anything the first 12 weeks. Even when my appetite picked up I craved both spicy and sweet at the same time. I told dh that I was possessed for the next 9 months and he agreed. LOL You take care of buddy and throw in many naps if you can.

Liz, what do you think you are doing????? Slow down!!! You seem like you are on a cleaning frenzy. It will get done. You sound like you have the same weather that I have here. Isn't it just lovely, yuck. You take care of the bean and I will talk to you later.

Lila, how are you?? Did you like lovely Chicago? I wish I could relocate to another predictable warm state. I hope you are feeling well and that your sprout has been easy on you. Take care and rest up.

Mega healthy baby prayers to all!!!!!!!



gavinsmommy - October 17

Hi Liz,

You finally put your bean ticker up!!!!!! Yiphee, now I can see what the lil one is up to!!!!!!!!

Take care,




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