Lila How are you?
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gavinsmommy - October 5

Hi Lila,

I forgot to tell you that the other bfp for today was twinky. You already know about Mahogany, right. Boy O Boy the bfp are flying in right now. How wonderful. Oh yeah I don't know what I would do about going to dh's ex for your baby's care. HMMMMMMMMMM maybe she can see that your dh did better!!! LOL. Let us know what you decide.. HEHE



Aimee37 - October 5

Hi Liz & Helen :D I just got back from my lunch hour. I went home and let the dogs out and napped for 30 minutes. I am so tired now, it is unbelievable!! I am sleepy here at my desk.

Today I scheduled my first OB appt. at 8 weeks (Oct. 25th. Normally OB's do not do scans till about 20 weeks.
I will ask my clinic to do a scan at 8 weeks as well.

Liz- that must have been devestating that baby B stopped growing. But a positive note, there was probably something chromosonally wrong with the embryo and it was natures way of letting it go. I am happy to hear baby A ia strong and kickin!! :D 29 is your lucky number!! That is the day my sis was born.

Helen- Right on!! I will not get stepped on and will stand up. I do feel very much in pain and I dunno why but I feel like I am bothering my Dr. She has no idea how I feel and she is somewhat not too personable. I will stand my ground from now on. It is my health and I am paying the clinic top dollar.

I am sure your turn for a BFP is next Helen!! ;) Keep the positive thinking and don't look back!!


liz - October 6

Hello Ladies -

Aimee -
Welcome to pregnancy. I spent the past 11 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy sooooooooooooooooooooo tired. I nap a couple of times a day when I am off of work. They may not be a couple hour long naps but they are often. :) The best thing I can suggest is nap, nap and nap. I get to the point where I feel like I am going to pass out from exhaustion and I didn't even doing anything to make me that way.

I read your post to the Dr. I am glad he helped to relief some of your stress. Everything that I have read as well says that the heart begins to beat at 6 weeks and visible through u/s. I have feeling that if I would have went in earlier then 6 /1/2 weeks I would have heard it but my appt was when it was. Are you still thinking about moving your appt?

Glad to hear you have your first ob appt set up. I don't blame you for asking for an earlier scan. I know alot of obs do not do scan till 20 weeks. We are fortunate in that way having the re we get them frequently however if I were you I would also requst one. From experience I know how stressful the first trimester is (I am still in it) and any reassurance you can get helps and in turn the calmer you are the better off your little one is too.

Losing baby b was very hard for me. I don't think I have fully mourned the loss. One women had told me maybe baby b was given to us just long enough to show baby a the way to go. This made me smile. I have u/s pic with both little sacs and I intend on putting them in the babies scrapbook. I will never forget the little one we lost eventhough it was so early. I told Frank last night while we were discussing it that this babies soul had to go to heaven and now we have another angel watching over us. It is hard but I try to focus on the postive. Ok, enough about this for now, the tears are coming.

Have you told you Dad yet? I know he has been such a strong support system for you.

Well I must run, I am off work today (I work Mon-Thurs) so I am headed off to do some shopping with my Nana.

I hope you are having a good day and feeling ok.
Have a great day.


Aimee37 - October 6

;D Hi Liz!! TGIF!! Woo Hoo!! It a a very wet day here and will be tomorrow as well. Good napping weather. yea I am very tired but at night I have a hard time sleeping more than 6 hours. I will wake up at 3 hours and than have trouble going back to sleep. I think because I have so much going on in my head. ::) Somany things to think abou tnow that I am prego!! LOL!!

Well, regardless to what Dr. Jacobs said I have heard that many gals have not been able to get a heart beat till 4-5 days after 6 weeks. My nurse told me not to worry if a heart beat has not been detected. She told me there is a 50/50 chance. Sometimes it is hart to spot on the US.

I am not asking my OB for an earler scan, I am asking my fertility clinic to give me a 2nd scan at 8 weeks. Than my next one will be at 20 weeks with the OB. When did you start seeing your OB?? I called yesterday and they told me that 8 weeks is when they first like to see patients.

When is the start of your first trimester??

Yes I agree with you, baby B was a blessing in disguise. ;) Looking out for baby A.

I have only told me dad. i will not inform the rest of my fmaily until after my my 8 wek US are at the start of my 2nd trimester. Probably earlier. I am not sure I can wait that long. I will probably send out a mass email. ;D I can just hear my phone ringing off the hook now!! LOL!!

I am still hangin' in there with the OHSS. It is difficult to move around. I am glad the weekend is nearby!! R7R time!!

I hope you have fun with nana!! ;D

Talk to you laters!! :)


Lila - October 7

I was going to start off with an an apology that this will be brief because i am exhausted but after reading about all the naps I know you guys get it about the exhaustion and I had to laugh.

Anyway the U/S went well today. We have a little singleton in there and the heartbeat was 112 so that made me smile. Seeing and hearing that amazing little flutter is truly one of the best things ever. To be able to see how much that little bean has been up to in such a short time really makes you believe in miracles and magic!

I have to go lie down but I will chat with everyone later - hope all are well and have fun this weekend!!


Lila - October 7

Aimee I forgot - I agree with your nurse - many see something at 6 weeks and many see something by 7 weeks either way is good and means the baby is doing well. Try not to worry whichever way it happens because you are going to see it and it will be a great day for you, week 6 or7!


gavinsmommy - October 7

Hi Lila,

God Bless you!!!!! I am so happy everything went well and you got to see your sprout growing!!!! How far are you right now? I am so glad to hear that you are adding nap time to your agenda!!!!! Welcome to the world of mommy hood. Take advantage of those naps because you need them. Once the sprout is here you will be looking forward to them. LOL You take care of the sprout and have a nice and relaxed weekend.

Megs hugs and healthy sprout prayers to you!!!!



gavinsmommy - October 7

Hi Aimee,

Please try not to stress to much over the heart beat. I went through the same thing with my daughter. I was 6 weeks and they said that they did not see a heart beat but they saw the yolk sac, I was like HUH!!! The technician reassured me that it was quite normal. I of course did not believe her and could not breath easy until the next u/s at 8weeks were I saw her bouncing around happily.

You take care of your lil one.

Mega hugs and healthy baby prayers!!!!



Aimee37 - October 7

Lila- :D Yah!! A healthy strong singleton!! Wonderful news!! I hope you can reat and relax that everything is looking wonderfully!! Congrats!!

Helen- Thanx!! Nope I will not stress if there is no HB by 6 weeks. ;) I will worry a little but not alot. LOL!! How old is your daughter?? What is her name?? Who is Gavin? Is that your son?? I was thinking if I had a son that I would name him Gavin. Great name!! ;D

Well I am off to the bank and than to get some pants with bigger waists. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend. :D


liz - October 7

Hello Ladies -

Aimee -
The weater is crappy here as well. Very damp and wet, although we haven't got a whole lot of rain.

I agree with everyone else. Please do not stress if you don't get to see the hb at 6 weeks. Every little bean is different. When you feel yourself stressing just log on and we will help calm you down. For me when I went through my roughest weeks the site was down. I was a wreck finally I got Helen's email and she was a rock for me through those couple of weeks, and still is. Helen, you always have the best advice and always keep me focused on the postive. I think it is important for us to have this place to come and share.

I had the same problem as you with the sleeping at night for the first several weeks. I think my mind was just going, going, going. I would wake up to pee and that was it I laid there and thought about everything and never got back to sleep for hours. or atleast it seemed. Take what you can and sleep when you can that is my biggest suggestion. I have this thing where I am cleaning and I clean for an hour nap or just lay down for 15 min to 1/2 hour. I tell you it never took me so long to clean my house before but it is the only way I can do it.

How is your Dad? Excited and I am sure very supportive for you. I know what you mean about not being able to wait. I swore this time I was waiting till the end of my first trimester. Well, that didn't work so well everyone knew at 8 weeks. I have trouble with secrets ;) Not to mention my whole family thought I was getting fat, even my 75 year old Popop told my Nana I look like I am getting heavier. My Nana, God love her knew about the preg (she is like my Mom) and covered for my by saying I have been a few pounds heavier since my last m/c he just didn't notice before. I had to laugh! Oh and my Dad could not figure out why I was not helping work on the house and my Step Mom thought I got a boob job. Very comical!

Lila -
Rest, rest and more rest. You are completly normal my dear.
Congrats on seeing your little ones heartbeat! That is the most awesome feeling. I am so happy to hear everything is going well.

Well I must go and get some work done around here! I think I need a cleaning lady. lol

Have a great day.


Lila - October 7

Aimee - I am so sorry about crazy work guy. Things at work still sound very stressful for you and I hope these issues resolve themselves soon as I am sure you do not need the added stress. I am glad to hear you being relaxed about the hb thing - it is the only way to go since it just does not happen at the same moment for every baby. And the upside if you need another appt a coule days later is more chances for you to see your little bean(s). I think you asked if I was going to do amnio and the answer is yes. I understand the risks but for my age with a 1 in 80 chance of there being some chromosone problem the risk for me will be justified. I know everyone feels different about amnio but I am one of those that has to know what we are dealing with. Have you decided what you will do? Did you consider doing PGD when you had so many great eggs? I would have really loved to have done it but we were told we just did not have enough to test. Oh well

I have to admit I am a little bummed about there only being a singleton. I know that makes me seem very ungrateful but it is just that it puts so much pressure on this pregnancy. Since we do not have anything frozen and if I lose this one and it would be a while before I could cycle again the chances for another success seem so remote along with such increased chances for chromosone problems that I just feel so overwhelmed and depressed today. I actually had my first break down/crying anxiety attack this morning and like I said am just so fearful. On top of that I of course feel guilty that I would want anything more than a singleton so that has me even more messed up.

Liz I am glad things are going well for you now and you really made me laugh with the family thinking you had gotten a boob job - that is definitely a good one! I really should clean the house today just do not think it is going to happen. I went out this morning and bought What to Expect When you Are Expecting (just could not bring myself to get it before the U/S) so my rainy day afternnon I think is going to be spent curled back in bed with the book - hopefully I will be able to read a few chapters before I fall asleep again!

Helen - I could not agree with Liz more about how great you have been and are beeing to all of us in terms of moral support - you are the best! Thanks for everything. Hope you, DH and the kids are having some fun this weekend.


liz - October 7

Hello Ladies -

I guess you are probably having the same dreary weather we are. Boy do I need some sunshine.

Lila -
When I read you post I just wanted to be able to reach out and hug you. I am so sorry you are having a rough day. If it makes you feel any better it will get better. Frank said to me a few weeks after I got pregant "why are you so depressed, all you wanted was to be pregnant, we worked so hard to get here and now you are just as depressed if not worse then you were while ttc." He is right it is stupid he and anyone who has not gone through it will not know how it feels. We have worked so hard to get where we are and get those BFP but that is not the end of the worry for us. You name it we are worried about it and you know what it is just going to be that way until the day we hold out little ones in our arm and then we will have a whole new set of worries. I just don't think it ends for us Mommies to be and Mommies, right Helen?

I can understand how you would be a little depressed and concerned that you only have a singleton. Take it for what it. I wanted twins so badly and then when I got them I was so excited, then I lost one and was depressed again but I will tell you that having a healthy little bean growing inside of you will make you feel so thankful. I always say everything happens for a reason. Please try no to put to much pressure on this pregnany, I know it is hard, but you need to try to keep yourself calm. Listen to me, I am the queen of worrying. I find a new issue to worry about every other min. in a day. :) I do know that all the worrying in the world will never make the outcome change. What is meant to be will be, you have done and are doing everything your can for your little one and I am sure that everything is going to be just fine. I know you are reading this thinking how does she know. Well, I don't but I know that it will get easier for you. Hang in there!

I have "What to Expect". I also have another one called "Your Pregnancy Week By Week." I like the week by week one alot, every week I get to read all about what is happening and there is a picture each week.

I hope you are enjoying your afternoon reading and getting some rest.

Take care,


gavinsmommy - October 8

Hi buddies,

Lila my lil nester, you mad me cry. I am sending you a big cyber squeeze. What you are going through is all normal. They are called hormones. You have a very strong lil fighter in there who will not give up the fight because his mommy taught him not to. I have a feeling you are have a lil boy bouncing around in there. These are the scary weeks for you and I know you are under a lot of pressure and you are being overcome by fear. It is all normal for what you have been through. I know I did not relax until I actually got to see them and hold them. Liz is right then it is another set of worries that you will be facing. Please ask God to not have you cast your fruit before its time. He will watch over you. Keep your chin up my lil buk-a-roo. I know when I get like this, feeling like I am loosing it, I take several deep breaths to try and get a grip on myself. I am just as bad as you guys with the worrying. Take care and we are all praying for you and your sprout. I will ask my special lil angel in heaven to watch over your lil one. Take care and try and relax.

Aimee, my daughter is 5 soon to be 6 on the 21st. Her name is Holly. My son is Gavin, he is an extra special lil boy because I almost lost him at birth. Then there is his twin sister Emily. They both just turned 3 in July. I to this day cannot believe I have the 2 of them. How is your poor tummy doing? I hope you are getting at least some relief by now. If not you better get a move on it. No one should have to be in pain. You did the right thing by getting the looser pants, you are going to need them.

I want you guys to know that you have helped me through some bumpy rides to. You guys are really amazing and I am so thankful that I found you.

Oh and Please whatever you guys do don't start out your post with I Am Sorry. You guys scared the breath out of me!!!!I am not kidding. My heart started pounding in my chest and I felt like I was running in place. Please go easy on me with that one.

Take care all of you guys!!!

Mega healthy Bouncing Baby prayers to all of you!!!!

Big Hugs to!!!!!



Aimee37 - October 8

Hi all- Well I have been dreaming my head off lately!! Last night I had some freaky dreams, one that I was in a bad car accident. Oh, I had another orgasm in my sleep which woke me up with cramps. ugh.. Looks like no rain today so I try to walk with my huge gut. I feel like such a slacker later, sitting on my arse, etc. It is driving me stir crazy!!

Liz- I will try not to stress if a HB is hard to detect. I have heard from other women that they could not get a HB till week 7. Dr. Jacobs said if it's a healthy pregnancy you will see a HB at 6 weeks. I do not agree to that whatsoever!! You know he responds to many womens posts and makes them worry when they really have no worries!! I much rather prefer to ask Dr. Smith questions. He is much more down to earth with a sense of humor.

My dad is very happy and for me. He told me when I am happy he is happy. :) Your nana is a trip!! I like her!! :) LOL!! I got a couple comments about my boobs already. One from my sister. She thinks I got a boob job as well!! LOL!! This morning I woke up to let the dogs out and ouch!! You can feel them more in the mornings, esp. oon the sides!! LOL!!!

Lila- That is great you will be doing an amnio. I porbably will too. If there is a serious abnormaly I will probably abort. Than I can try again with my clinic since I have the Shared Risk Plan. The goal is to have a healthy happy baby in your arms, than my clinic has earned thier money. No I did not do PGD. My RE did not feel it was necessary. I have great genes and no fertility problems. PGD sometimes hurts the embryos as well.

I can understand that you would have likes twins, this way you do not have to TTC again. On a positive note, you have a healthy baby inside of you. There is a sac with a yolk and a strong heartbeat. :) Personally, I think I have a singleton and I would be so blessed for a happy/healthy baby! ;) I do understand your disappointed Lila. *hugs* I hope you are getting plenty of sleep this weekend.

Helen- WOW you have 3 kiddies!! :) You sure got our hands full!! My tummy is still AT LARGE. LOL!! I am glad I got some baggier clothes to help diguise it!! :) Where do you live Helen?? I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

I am going to bake some BOOberry muffins now. I am craving them!! Compliments of Duncan Hines!! LOL!!

Talk to you all soon!!
*hopeful hugs*


liz - October 9

Good morning Ladies -

How was your weekend? Yesterday was an absolutly beautiful day here. Sunny and 75 degrees. Feels wierd for Oct. in PA. I better not complain by Friday the temp is sopossed to go down 30 degrees. Wow.

I got a little depressed last night. I feel so helpless at times. I went away with my Nana and Popop to a PA German Festival it was nice but I was soooooooooo tired the whole time we were there. It took all I could to drive home and then once there I had t nap. I had to do grocrey shopping so after my nap I headed out again. I was just plain out exhausted. I found myself feeling depressed thinking I am just not able to do what I want to do. I want to be able to go over the house and help dh, even if it is just cleaning up and I can't. Then to top it off him Mom comes over and cleans up after the workers, this gets under my skin. Helen you know what I am talking about. I will be listening to what she did to help till the day I die. I just feel, no matter how stupid it is that I am not living up to the wife I want to be.

Oh, well thank you for allow me to vent. I guess my pregnancy hormones are out of control again. lol

Lila -
Are you feeling any better?

Aimee -
How the OHSS going? Any better?
I know what you mean about Dr. Jacobs, sometimes I read his answers and just think oh gosh why would he say it like that. I just hope he has better bedside manner with his patients.

I hope everyone is doing well, for me I am off to get some work done.

Have a great day.


Lila - October 9

Hey everyone - thanks so much for all the kind words this weekend you all are great!!

I am feeling a little better today. I was spotting the tinniest bit yesterday so of course that sent my blood pressure soaring but it was so small I am sure it was meaningless.

Liz - Are you still on progesterone (prometrium or PIO)? If so in addition to the hormones your body is making that causes you to be so drowsy the added progesterone is what really sends us over the edge literally to nap in LaLa land! If anyone (yourself included) gives you a hard time about being so tuckered out (especially if they say they were not that way for their pregnancy) just tell them that you are on meds and it is not your fault or their business! Go ahead and enjoy those naps - besides once the little one is here you do not get to sleep again for a couple years so you might as well enjoy it while you can get it.

Helen I am so sorry about my sorries - LOL! I will try hard to not start off that way - you are so cute! I hope everything is going well. Can you please remind me where you are in your cycle - I think you said you had an early AF and you are now before O - is that correct? Are you still taking ovulex? Any other supplements?
Most important how is Pumpkin?! Is she still in the throes of puppy hood and trying to figure out what she can destroy next?

Aimee - Hope work is better for you this week - how is your new office? Are you in for your U/S this Friday or next week? I completely agree with you about Dr Jacobs - I think it is so nice that he spends time helping women on this site but I have to admit I have a little bit of a trust issue with him - too frequently he posts how he is ALWAYS able to grow at least 2 embryos to blast, he ALWAYS know what the DX is and has never had to say the problem is unexplained, or he ALWAYS hears a H/B at 6 weeks - it is just not credible that he can ALWAYS do what he wants! His CDC stats would be perfect if that were true so I do not feel he is being completely honest with us in his responses which sometimes leads us to be more worried that we should. Just seems a little irresponsible to me. But this is just my humble opinion.

With regard to PGD it is my understanding that it can rarely hurt the embryo, it can slightly delay things so that they would be at blast at 6 days not 5 but I have not heard that it can cause damage. I wanted to do it just because of age - once past 37 those rates of having eggs with bad chromosomes really goes up - so I just would have preferred to have had some cushion that some of those chromosomes were normal. If I remember correctly Dr. Smith quoted for a 37 yr old that 65-75% of embryos will be abnormal just due to age regardless of patient’s individual health history and of course I am older so it is even worse for me! I have never heard that there is any correlation between infertility and doing PGD unless you know your infertility is due to damaged DNA. I am same as you that DH and I have no family history markers for problems so it really boiled down to the age thing, especially the trisomy stats. Since the main disadvantage of PGD is that you need to do IVF and I was already doing IVF it seemed like it would have been a good idea, but it was not meant to be and I guess time will tell if it would have made a difference or not.

Liz are you thinking of doing any testing beyond U/S and blood work? You are such a young-in that those would probably be enough, but I was wondering what your plan was. You are getting close to 11 weeks right? So you are coming up on some of the first indicators of all this.

Helen - I do not mean to pry but can you share any personal experience about all this? Did you do any invasive testing? Any advice one way or another?

Sorry to babble on about all the genetic testing I have just been doing a bit of research this weekend on testing and Drs - trying to decide how to move forward and with whom so it is on the brain so to speak!



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