Lila How are you?
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liz - October 3


Oh, those large ovaries! Thats what I had boy was it uncomfortable. I know how much you love to go running but if you don't mind me saying you really need to take it easy. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a mother hen. I know that when my ovaries were so swollen and I had the large luetal phase cysts they told me to take it easy, no lifing, no activity. I was basically ordered to do nothing. lol It was tough for me but I did it, I knew it was for the best!

That is too funny about your re. My re can be the same way at times. He is great at what he does but he is on the stern side of life, does not smile too much and pretty much it is all about business. He did smile when he told me I was having twins and even joked that I need to line up help. Maybe it is to early for your re, you need to catch her later in the day. I am sure you numbers are nothing to worry about, but yes I do understand that you will worry, we all do. 100% natural.

I had told dh the other week when he said to me why are you not happy. He said you spent all those months worrying you were not going to get pregnant and now you are pregnant and still worrying. I told him you have no idea how stressful it is now that I am pegnant. It is the truth, you stress about getting pregnant and then when you get there you stress something will go wrong. It is quite the double edged sword.

Hang in there, I am (and everyone else) here if you need a shoulder to lean on!

Have a great day, Mommy :)


Aimee37 - October 3

Liz your posts are making me feel better & better!! ;) thanks a bunch. My ovaries were like 65 mm's. Pretty damn big. Will I had 21 eggs retireves and my E2 was near 5000 at the time of my trigger. I was a prime candidate. I have no cysts, knock on wood.

Yes, My Dr. can be defensive, esp. when you question things!! ugh.. I just like to have some assurity, that is all. :-\ I am a worrier!! She did not smile at all and was all about business. Maybe she just dislikes her patients being hyperstimmed, it was not like I was causing blame or anything. I cannot help how my body reacts.

I know what you mean about not feeling happy but happy that you finally got pregnant. I got the good news and was elated but the day of my 2nd BETA I was a nervous wreck!! Not too happy but just preparing myself for the worst. I tell you guys do not get it. They are not the one carring the baby and focusing on every litle thing they should or should not be doing. LOL!!

Ok now onto worrying about BETA #3!, which is tomorrow. LOL!!

I have to get back to work. Hope you have an enjoyable day!!



gavinsmommy - October 3

Hi Aimee,

You have every right to ask and question any concerns you have. It is your doctors duty to answer any concerns no matter how big or small they are. They need to set aside the fact that you are not just another patient and that you are a very unique individual. You have every right to be scared and concerned. You have been through hell and back on this journey and I think the internet and other people's experiences are the magnificent knowledge to obtain. Human experience is one of the greatest gifts that you can learn from because you meet people that have gone through almost exactly what you have gone through. They're knowledge is power. Sure she is a doctor and she went to school but I know that she has probably not covered every aspect of infertility that is out there. So you ask your lil heart and butt off and do not settle for nothing less. You remind her that these are your fears and her concerns and that you would appreciate some of her medical knowledge that she has aquired to at least relieve some of your concerns.

Keep a stiff uper lip and you do everything possible to keep your munchkin safe even if it is ticking off your dr. by being overly concerned.

God bless you and your lil munchkin!!!

Mega healthy munchkin prayers!!!


liz - October 4

Good morning ladies -

Lila and Aimee -
How are you feeling today?

I am ok, yesterday was rough one for me. I was sick on and off all day. Although it can be a real pain being not feeling well I actually in a wierd way enjoy it, I know if I get the morning sickness things are going well. So far today I am feeling ok, we shall see. It really does come and go for me. You guys will find out soon enough. ;)

Aimee -
I find myself getting nervous before every appointment. I get myself all worked up and think something is wrong and then the appointment goes well and I am ok again. Then before you know it the 2 weeks are almost up and I am wreck again. I know it will get better. Hang in there.

Have a great day


Aimee37 - October 4

Hi Helen ;D

you are so right!! I am paying to get expertise advise and help so I do not need no TUDE. heck I have forked out nearly 60K already!! Geez!! I am not covered by my insurance becaus I am a single mother by choice. I have TTC 5 times and the 5th time worked!! It is so costly!! :o I do deserve the utmost respect, time & attention!! :D Thank you for your support & encouragement Helen!! I hope all is going well with you!! ;)

Hi Liz! ;D
Sorry you are feeling sick!! :( But it is a good sign!! I hope you start to feel better soon. How far along are you now?

I hear ya on the WORRY part!! I am a nervous wreck now as I await my 3rd BETA. I fear the worst!! I even kept my IVF consultation appt. just in case it fails. ugh!! I am praying for a great BEAT today, atleast 1100 would make me happy. Than my US which is on Oct. 12th.

Thanks Liz for your support & kind words!!


gavinsmommy - October 4

Hi Ladies,

Aimee, You are very welcome, thats what we are all here for to pick the other one back up. We need to dust the other one off and send them on their way. You are going to be fine. I totally understand the worry of if everything is alright. You have been through to much not to worry. I on the other hand am having the weirdest cycle this month. I have been kind of out of whack since my last cycle and haven't felt the same yet. I have no clue why but this cycle I did not O and af showed back up on cd 19. I am just hoping it was a one time thing and that I go back to normal. If I don't I think dh is going to hang me up. LOL The poor dear has been through some hell with me these past couple of weeks.
Try and sit back and enjoy your bfp, I know it won't be easy but try. You take care of your lil munchkin and I will talk to you later. Oh by the way we have another bfp on the other thread, isn't it great. Now all I need is mine so I can catch up with you guys. :)

Lila how are you?? You know I get nervous when I don't hear from you guys, just ask Liz. I hope all is well.

Well Mega healthy baby blessings your way!!!!!!!


Aimee37 - October 4

Quick update!! ;D

My nurse just called me & my 3rd BETA (20dpo) is 1351!! It more than doubled!! The doubling rate was 44.8 I am one VERY HAPPY right gal now!! My US appt. is Oct. 12th. She told me that 50% of the time they do not see a heart beat at 6 weeks. If not I than come back. What they look for is a sac with a yolk on the 6
week scan.

I am so damn happy now!! Whew!! :D

Helen- I hope your cycle gets back on track. It might take some time. Mine gets out of whack the more stressed out I am and the more miles I run. I used to never get my period (for years!!) because I am a competitive long distance runner, muscular with little body fat. This is my website.

hope you are having a great day!! I have to get back to work now! Talk to you laters!!


Lila - October 4

Hey Liz - sorry yesterday was a tough one - hope you are feeling better today - those raging hormones can be such a pain in the neck.

Sorry if I am repeating myself since I do not remember if I reccomended this or not since it was during all the lock out stuff but I read a great book that had amazing pictures showing all the stages of development called "In the Womb". It is by National Geographic and is amazing. Anyway the book was done in connection to a video also done by Nat'l Geographic, and recently they have been showing the video on the Nat'l Geographic Channel. If you happen to get that channel on cable I highly reccommend it.

Aimee - congrats on your 3rd beta that must be a huge relief! Hope the OHSS symptoms aren't treating you too badly.

Helen - Well October is finally here! Are the kids getting excited for Halloween - carving pumpkins and such? I love Halloween. I know you mentioned what everyone was going to be but do you actually have all the costumes ready? I was helping my Mom clean her attic the other day and came across many of my old costumes - my Mom sewed all of them herself! I actually am so sad she never really passed that on to her kids but she was part of that 1960's feminist movement and did not want to teach her girls to type or sew - too old school! I did not learn how to type till I had to learn a computer for a job and while I am speedy at it now I have to admit I am a bit of a hunt and peck girl with the old keyboard.

You have not mentioned anything for a while so I am hoping everything with Emily has calmed down and she has not had any more "visits" lately. She sounds like such a sweet child and that must have been such a scary ordeal for her (and of course you and DH). I hope all is well. As for Holly is everthing at school calming down? Did DH's talk do the trick? And last but certainly not least how is Gavin doing? Still the apple of his momma's eye?

Sorry this month's cycle has been so difficult. I really hope next one is the one for you! BTW you said there was another BFP - who? I could not find which thread you were talking about - I know Weazie was gearing up for a cycle with her new RE when we had all those SJ site problems so I did not know how things went for her - have you heard?

Better get back to work - hope all stay well and I will try to check in later.


liz - October 4

Aimee - ;D

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! Your numbers are wonderful. You have every right to be happy, enjoy it.

I had my first u/s at 5 weeks and 1 day they saw the gestation sacs and both yolk sacs. They had told me that was extra special, usually they just like to see the sacs at 5 weeks. I went back at 6 weeks and 5 days and got to hear both the little heartbeats. I know everything that I have read said that the babies heartbeat begins to beat right around 6 weeks. Of course every little bean is different so if they don't get on that the first try please try to stay calm. Anyway, I am sure that you are going to have a very positive appointment! :)

The 12th is also my next appointment! :) I go every 2 weeks because of my excessive worrying! lol

Did you figure out your edd yet? I am 11 weeks and 3 days. My edd is 4/22/07. My re had given me that date and then the ob said 4/23/07. Since 4/23/07 is an ex boyfriends b-day I told them I want to stick with the first date. Yeah, I am alittle nuts. ;) I guess it depends on which wheel they use! I had did it online and I got 4/22 so that is what we are sticking with.

I am so happy for you! Please keep in touch, I am anxious to hear how you are doing.

Helen -
It is your turn my dear, I know 100% with all my heart!

Have a good rest of the day.


liz - October 4

Lila -

I just saw your post after I posted.

I love "In The Womb" My friend had recommended it so since I don't get National Geographic Channel I bought it. Frank and and I sat here and watched it one night, he loved it as much as I did!

How are you feeling? Do you have another beta test?

Do you have an edd yet?

Sorry for all the questions, I am just so darn excited for everyone right now! :)


Lila - October 4

Isn't that video great?! I love the book I wnt down to Nat'l Geographic since they are located here in DC and got the book - the images are just amazing.

No more betas for me just waiting on the U/S which is Friday. I swear this 2WW has been so much harder that the last one. I never would have predicted that butFriday can just not get here soon enough!

My EDD is May 30th - since with IVF they know the exact conception day, hour, minute LOL they can tell you quickly. Of course it could get adjusted after first U/S so we will wait and see. I am so nervous for Friday!

Hope you are well. You are lucky and smart to get checked so frequently. I have a feeling if all is good on Friday I am going to be turned back to my OB and I actually need to find a new OB (insurance reasons) so I am doing tons of research on OBs, Peris, NICUs basically everything trying to decide wher to go. On a funny Ex note (your last post reminded me) one of the Drs that came highly reccomended, is in our network, and is at the hospital I think we want is the sister of DH's old girlfriend! On an even funnier note DH googled her after he realized he knew her and we found out she lives about 2 blocks from us! very small world. Not sure if how I feel about going to her though but it is kind of funny!


Lila - October 4

Aimee I keep forgetting your ER date - have you figured out your EDD yet?


Aimee37 - October 4

Lila- Thanks!! Actually the OHSS is getting WORSE!! My nurse has sympathy for me and told me to come back if I am in alot of discomfort. I am!! I told her that I do not think my Dr. understands how much discomfort I am in and she agreed. I wish my Dr. would be more sympathetic. You should see my gut!! I cannot button any of my pants!! My entire stomach/torse area is so thick and enlarged it is not funny!

Good Luck on your US Friday!! I am sure everything will look wonderfully!! :)

Liz- I hope at exactly 6 weeks it is not too early because I would rather have a later appt. if it is too early so I can avoid worrying if there is no heart beat. I know it is cutting it close.

WOW at 4 weeks 5 days my Dr. did an US and was just checking for OHSS and did not mention and sacs/yolks to me. LOL!! Maybe she was not looking for that?? Or she did but did not say anything to me?? You go in every 2 weeks? My clinic only does one scan when they see the heart beat and than turn me over to my OB. I do not even think they do scans that much according to my nurse? hmm?? Can you request scans?? Your insurance will cover requested scans?

I am 5 weeks tomorrow. My ER was 9/14 so my due date is June 7th. I was born April 7th and my doggie trapper was born Oct. 7th. My licence plate is Aimee7. I hope this is a good omen!! :)

Good luck on your appt. the 12th!! I hope we both get great news!! :D

Well I have to scoot. Time to walk the doggies. I will chat with you all laters!! :) ;)


liz - October 4

Hi Aimee, Lila and Helen -

Lila -
I love the movie.... I think I am going to have to watch it again. All this postive pregnancy talk has got me psyhed again. :) I try not to get myself get to excited but I am getting to the point where I think I might be able to relax a bit.

My b-day is May 29th! Maybe you will have a Memorial Day baby! ;D

That is too funny about dh's exes sister! It's funny how these things stick in our heads.

Aimee -
Sorry to hear your OHSS is geting worse. I would definatly give your doc a call. She should be able to relieve some of your discomfort. I bet you look a couple of months preg. ha, ha In all serious I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get it straighted out soon.

I was seeing the re up until the 6 weeks 5 days. That was the appt they saw both heartbeats however at that appt was when they found the blood filled sac near baby b. The re wanted to see me again in 2 weeks, it was also the same day as my first appt. with the ob. When I went in I was 8 weeks and 4 days. That was when they told me that baby b did not develope. It was a rough day and a rough ob appt. At the ob appt they told me they would see me back in 2 weeks. I went in last Thursday and they had trouble getting the hb using the doopler. She told me she heard it but my hb was so strong and the baby seemed to be right under the plencenta so we only got the plecenta noise. The pa was so understanding of my fears and told me we would do an u/s. They did and the little one was in there wiggling all around. The hb was 157 and I even got a little wave. :) I was just so thrilled, relieved, happy and excited. Just thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

I think 7 is your lucky number ;D I have a story for you speaking of numbers. Frank and I was married on Oct 29, 2005, I ovulated on July 28 or July 29. On July 29 I said to Frank today we are married 9 months, maybe we will have a baby in 9 months. We joked about it then I got a check in the mail and the number was 1429. Oh, and I was born 5/29! I don't know but I think 29 is my lucky number! :) Are these all signs?

I must run, I will chat with you all later.
Have a good night.


gavinsmommy - October 5

Hi Buddies!!!!!

Oh my gosh everyone is popping back in!!! That is awesome, the best part is everyone has great news. You guys have no idea how excited I am for all of you.

Lila, you sound wonderful. I saw the in the womb series when I was pg, I couldn't walk away from it. How truly amazing it is. I do have all their costumes and when I put them on them they all started giggling uncontrollably. I had to laugh right along with them because they all have this contagious laugh. Pumpkin on the other hand is without a costume at this point. The ones I wanted for her are either to big or out of stock. So I guess we will see with her. Holly said to make her a garbage back because she is always pulling it out. I had to laugh. Holly is doing better so far, the teacher told me today that she is getting a lot better with her social issue. Gavin is doing wonderful right now. I was telling Liz the other day he is still having some slight problems with his speech, but other than that he is all boy. Emily my small wonder has not had a visit from the lady since my priest told me to recit the St. Michael the Archangel prayer daily. She still sees the baby but the baby brings her joy. The funny part of all of this is that I told Liz when I met her on here that it really bothered me because I did not know the sex of the baby we lost. Emily never heard us speak about the baby but she says the baby is a girl. Some how I can't help but think that this is my way of finding out what the baby was. I know this 2 ww wait is a waaaayyyy worse for you. I have been there and it seems like it takes years. You will be just fine. We are here for you so please let us know how everything goes. I have a feeling that there is more than one bouncing in you. We shall see.

Aimee, tell that doctor that you are in pain. Please don't sit back and say nothing. It is her job to see that you get the best care that she can give you. Remember her services are not free. There is no reason that you should be so uncomforable. I can't imagine you having a bloated belly, I looked at your site and you are no bigger than a bug! My gosh you are as cute as a button and built like a brick. I know you didn't get that way by sitting back, so speak up. Please let us know how it all goes for you. Your blood results look great. I think I might have been a lil messed up this cycle because I was under some tremendous stress. I know you said that messes you up. Hope that is all it is.

Liz, I hope you are right about my turn coming. I am still standing in line waiting. LOL

I just want you guys to know that I am very excited for each and everyone of you. It is truly amazing to hear the blessings being handed out.

You guys take care of all of those lil bouncing beans!!!

Mega healthy baby prayers to all of you!!!!!



gavinsmommy - October 5

Hi Lila,

I forgot to tell you that the other bfp for today was twinky. You already know about Mahogany, right. Boy O Boy the bfp are flying in right now. How wonderful. Oh yeah I don't know what I would do about going to dh's ex for your baby's care. HMMMMMMMMMM maybe she can see that your dh did better!!! LOL. Let us know what you decide.. HEHE




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