Lila How are you?
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Aimee37 - October 2





gavinsmommy - October 2

Hi Lila,

How is my lil nester doing? It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy dh without the ttc roller coaster. I know sometimes it gets to the point were they feel like donors.

Well on cd 19 I started spotting, which was yesterday. Today it is no better and it is even a lil heavier. I know I saw somewhere before that if you don't ovulate that your cycles will be shorter and that af shows up sooner. If thats the case then that is what is probably going on. I just knew all of last month I did not feel right. I hope it is only a one time thing. I felt like I was all out of whack. I am praying that everything goes back to normal for now on. It is not a nice or pretty feeling when your body seems all out of whack. Poor dh thought he did something wrong because I was not myself at all. I would go from o-60 over something that was really nothing. I know he hopes that part is over with.

I can't say I blame you for not wanting to try the food because like you said who knows how long it was setting out.

I sure hope this month goes a lot smoother and a lot less stressful. There was so many things happening all at once I actually became overwhelmed. I just did not feel like I had the energy to do anything. That is certainly not me.

I will talk to you later.

Take care of your lil munchkin.

Mega hugs and healthy munchkin prayers!!!


gavinsmommy - October 2

Hi Aimee,

I have been on here chatting with Liz since I believe sometime in July. She has mentioned you several times and I know you posted on here a couple of times after that. I know some of what you been through and I know it hasn't been easy. I also have picked up my other lil nester,Lila. I just know that all of you women are truly amazing and that you will all recieve the gift that you have fought so diligently to have. I am so very thankful that I have met you all because each one of your stories gives me the faith and hope to keep pushing on.

Many blessed healthy baby prayers for you!!!!


liz - October 2

Aimee -

Great to hear from you! I am so happy to hear of your BFP! Congrats my dear, that is awesome. I was thinking about you. I am glad I asked Lila and she knew how you were and sent your our way.

Well at 11 dpo my hcg was 98 at 13 dpo it was 354, however and this is a big however I was pregnant with twins so it is quite normal for your levels to be higher. Your numbers look great! What day are you at right now? Please let us know when you get your 2nd results in. I am sure you are doing just fine.

I am excited all these new Mommies to Be ;D Now all we need is our Helen and we are set.

Helen - It is going to happen I still feel it in my heart. Hang in there. I will email you a little later. I am at work now and limited for time.

Lila -
The house is going great! Frank went back to work today for the first time in a month. He needed to return for a vacation. lol Anyway it is completly under roof and 100% water proof, so we do sleep better at night. Frank is working on the framing of the rooms at this point and my Grandfather is working on the wiring. If you send me your email I can drop you a link to the pictures I have so far if you are interested. Or drop me an email at [email protected] and I will respond with the link.

Well I really must get back to work.

Aimee it is so great to hear from you and know you are doing so well. Please keep us updated on how things are going. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a healthy little bean and a happy pregnancy.



Aimee37 - October 2

Hi Helen :D Wow!! I used to talk with Liz awhile back frequently because the board was having technical issues. I have kept in touch with Lila though. I am so happy for her and that her dream finally came true. ;)

I am a single mother by choice. I got pregnant on my 5th time TTC. (3 IUI's, 1-chemical pregnancy (IVF) & this IVF BFP!! I am hoping this one stix. I am waiting for a call back from my nurse with my 2nd BETA. Everytime the phone rings I jump!!

I am glad our stories give you hope!! I am sure sooner rather than later your dream will come true!! Preserverence pays off!! :)


Aimee37 - October 2

Liz- we must have posted at the same time!! LOL!! My first BETA was 15dpo and it was 252. I am 18dpo today. My nurse still has not called me. I am sitting here at my desk in a nervous wreck!!

I had a great cycle. I had 21 eggs retrried and I have 8 frozen embryos. I had a 5 day transfer. I could not have asked for a better cycle.

But my OHSS is vvery bad. I am big time miserable.

WOW you are making alot of progress on your new home!! Congrats!!

Yes, it sure is nice to talk to you again!! :D


liz - October 2

Aimee -

Ok so I should be working, but it has been so long since I got to chat with you guys I can't help it. ;D

Sorry to hear about the ohss. I am sure I had nothing like you have. I did have several larger than normal leutal phase cysts that were causing me a lot of grief. They are finally going down, thank god. I was pretty restricted so far in my pregnancy because of it. No lifting, anything, not even a wash basket. Talk about helpless, I was going crazy. After my u/s last week they told met that the cysts have gone down quite a bit an I can relax a bit with the restrictions. Since I am still a nervous wreck I am still not doing much of anything.

Have you been talking to Slatka? I was wondering how she was doing. I had been in contact with her via email but the last time I emailed her back in the beginning of Spet. I got no response. I think about her and hope all is well.

Keep us updated. I am anxiously waiting to hear your results today.



gavinsmommy - October 2

Hi Aimee,

Regardless of your situation of being a single parent, you are going to be a wonderful mommy. You already love your lil sprout. You have gone through so much to get to were you are. I am sure after all the baby dust that has been passed out around here yours will be extra sticky this time.
I am sending extra healthy baby blessings your way!!!!

Take care,



Aimee37 - October 2

UPDATE- My beta #2 is 643. My RE told me that is a good rising number and like to see it go up by 60%. I just wish the numbers were higher. oh well...more worrying for me. I have an appt. to go back to the clinic tomorrow for OHSS. I might have to go get the fluid drained from my abdomen at the main hospital. Will find out tomorrow.

Do you think I have anythign to worry about regarding my BETA's??


Aimee37 - October 2

Thank you so much Helen!! My drea is to be a great momma, unlike my mother!! LOL!! Thank you so much for your encouragement and a healthy/happy pregnancy.

Liz- I have very bad OHSS. It hurts to stand up because my adbomen is so huge!! I can't take it!!

Meredith (Slatka) is doing great. She is all moved in to her new home. She is on progesterone suppositories now in her 2ww. All her scans and blood work turned out good. She is still trying naturally but with prometrium. Hope it helps her!!


liz - October 2

Aimee -

I am no re, but I think your numbers look good. I had found this website , maybe you can take a look at it.

Hang in there, I think you are doing just fine. I have been there and I know it is so hard not to worry, just try your hardest to relax. I found that if I just focused on today and tried not to think about yesterday or worry about tomorrow I did a lot better. Keeping busy also really helped me. I still have rough days, I think it is normal after what I have been through. We are all here for you if you need someone to lean on. :)

Please tell Meredith that I asked about her. I feel bad that she haden't responded on my last email. I sure hope I had not upset her in anyway. I am glad she is doing so well. I wish her the best of luck.

Take care


Lila - October 2

Helen - any chance you might be PG? That could be implantation spotting if it is on the 19th day. Just a thought but maybe you O'd ealier that you thought or maybe those little kits just malfunctioned and gave you a false negative. I do not mean to get your hopes up but it seems like it might be possible so I just wanted you to make sure you take care of yourself.

Liz - I will shoot you an email - I would love to see the pics. I can't believe how much you have gotten accomplished in such a short time. Frank must be exhausted!!

Aimee - congrats again - stop fretting about those HCG numbers they are perfect.


Aimee37 - October 2

Liz- I am trying not to obsess. LOL!! I saw that website. My doubling rate is 53 hours. I think if I had a BETA every 2 days it would be a better indicator.

I think I will have to have fluid drained from my abdomen tomorrow. I am in so much pain right now.


liz - October 3

Good morning...

I know how hard it is to relax and not worry so much. I can tell you to relax and to just keep the faith but I know it is a hard chore. I felt like I was going crazy for the first few weeks and still at 11 weeks I am a nervous wreck half the time, the other half I am more confident.

The hcg levels vary a lot from women to women. I really think you are doing just fine! Are you going in for another beta?

Good luck today, I will be thinking about you. I hope having the fluid drained will ease some of your dicomfort.

Lila -
How are you feeling today? I foget when is your doc appt?


Aimee37 - October 3

hi Liz-
Update- I just got back from the clinic. According to my Dr., she does not feel that I will need fluid drained. She said there is some fluid but not alot to the point that I need to be drained and what I am feeling is my very large ovaries and hormones that are raging thru my body. i tell you my abdomen is very large. I need to continue the gatorade. She also said to drink protein drinks, which I will pick up at the store today. I also asked her about my HCG number and asked her is she had any concerns over it because it did not exactly double in 48 hours. She told me that it was great and that I should not read into what the internet says and other people tell me and that she did not go to med school for nothing. LOL!! She can get a tad defensive from time to time. She was not in a good mood at all, just very stern in a way. hmm? Almost makes me feel like I am bothering her. ugh..

Thanks for your sweet supportive words Liz!! ;) i hope things are going well with you & you are feeling great.


liz - October 3


Oh, those large ovaries! Thats what I had boy was it uncomfortable. I know how much you love to go running but if you don't mind me saying you really need to take it easy. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a mother hen. I know that when my ovaries were so swollen and I had the large luetal phase cysts they told me to take it easy, no lifing, no activity. I was basically ordered to do nothing. lol It was tough for me but I did it, I knew it was for the best!

That is too funny about your re. My re can be the same way at times. He is great at what he does but he is on the stern side of life, does not smile too much and pretty much it is all about business. He did smile when he told me I was having twins and even joked that I need to line up help. Maybe it is to early for your re, you need to catch her later in the day. I am sure you numbers are nothing to worry about, but yes I do understand that you will worry, we all do. 100% natural.

I had told dh the other week when he said to me why are you not happy. He said you spent all those months worrying you were not going to get pregnant and now you are pregnant and still worrying. I told him you have no idea how stressful it is now that I am pegnant. It is the truth, you stress about getting pregnant and then when you get there you stress something will go wrong. It is quite the double edged sword.

Hang in there, I am (and everyone else) here if you need a shoulder to lean on!

Have a great day, Mommy :)



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