Lila How are you?
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Lila - November 16

ARRGH!!!! I just wrote such a long post and hit the "post" button and it did not post it and now it is gone ----sooo FRUSTRATING!!

Anyway I will try to recap

Helen I am so happy for you about Holly's report card - that is awesome and I am sure you are bursting with pride. Pumkin sound like she is doing great - I love her spirit!!

My test today went great - I won't get the bloodwork part back till next week and with the holidays I am sure that means 2 weeks which sucks but oh well. The important part was the U/S and that was great and everything measured exactly normal - YEA! I think we will still do the amnio just to be sure but I have 5 weeks to decide that so I made the appointment but can always change my mind later - what else do pregnant women do but change their mind!

Anyway it was great just to get a chance to see the baby and everthing measured perfect to the day and the heartbeat was strong so like I said just getting another chance to see the baby was worth it!

Hope all are well and will chat with you later


liz - November 17

Hello Mommies,

How did your appointment go? We are thinking about you.

Congrats on the aweseome news. That is just wonderful. How far along are you? 12 weeks? End of the first trimester?!

The second trimester is going well. I really don't notice to many changes from the first trimester except alittle more energy and a lot less nausea. (although I still do get it if I try to eat meat) I also notice that the second trimester brings on a whole new set of changes. I find myself having trouble sleeping at night because I just can't get comfortable. I have always been a belly sleeper and that just dosen't work so well these days. On top of that they tell you not to sleep flat on your back so it is just the sides which I do fine with but I get tired of just the sides and want my belly. I also get leg cramps which are not so fun. I am carrying the baby low and he/she is adding a lot of pressure down on my pubic bone so that causes some uncomfortable times. Don't get me wrong the second trimester is so much more fun than the first but it sure does bring on lots of changes.

I hope you are still standing with all the wind you had yesterday. Our weather here was horrible as well. Very windy, rainy and warm. We actually had tornato watches all day. Luckly we didn't get any but it is still scarey. Tornato's are not something we see much here in PA.

Well I am off to do my running around! I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.

Talk to you soon,


gavinsmommy - November 17

Hi mommies and babies,

Lila, I am so happy that everything went well with the test. That is always good news. Sounds like you have a lil couch potato in there!LOL Did you get the heart rate?? My understanding is that boys are lazy and they are happy just sitting around, kind of like a man huh! LOL Sorry to hear about the weather you are having. It sounds like our crazy weather here. We are very cold here today only 35 degrees.BBBBBRRRRRR! I don't like the cold weather!! I wonder what is going on with it lately. I know you will probably drive yourself crazy waiting for the blood work. It will all be good. Like you said the worse part is that the Holiday is going to delay it. Well pumpkin is not going to be happy with me, she has a vet appointment tonight for some more shots. The last time she had to get them I swear she stopped breathing for a second and her eyes were huge. She looked at me like why are you doing this to me. I had to laugh because of her face. Of course she had to be pampered by dh because her lil tooshy hurt. I better watch my step after today because I have a feeling she will set me up for another fall.LOL I am very proud of Holly. She is a hard worker and she aims to please. The only thing she needs to work on is being to social. I knew this before she started school. I was telling Liz the day we went to pick up her report card she was walking down the corridor saying hello beautiful to all the teachers there. I was hysterical. The best part of all is that she put a smile on their faces. Well you take care of the sprout and give em a hug from me. Have a great weekend.

Liz, I made it through the wind thank God!! I was not happy but I survived. It seem like the longest walk to school even though it is only 5 minutes from where we live. I am sorry that you are having the nasty weather also. It is such a bummer when you have things to do and places to go. Give the peanut a hug from me and I hope you have a great day off. Go slow ok.

mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



Lila - November 17

That is so odd - my post both went through but not when I wrote them! After I thought the first one was erased I did the second one and posted that - and same thing the screen went blank and when I looked if it had posted there was nothing. When it happened the second time I gave up in frustration and looged off the computer - and then today when i check in both posts are there!! So strange - oh well.

Helen I am glad things are going well give Pumpkin's but a rub for me - poor little girl. I had my dog at the vet last week and she was just pathetic - all 70 lbs of her quivering and shaking in total fear. She HATES the vet.

Liz I know what you mean about the sleep issues - because of neck problems I had to retrain myself from a side sleeper to a back sleeper - it took months but now I am happy and can sleep no other way - but then after 4 months they say you should only sleep on your side. So not looking forward to that and retraining myself all over again.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


gavinsmommy - November 20

Hi mommies and babies,

How is everyone getting along??? I hope all is well.

Lila, I gave pumpkin a rub on her lil butt from you. How are you feeling? How is the sprout treating you? Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving yet? I am trying to get myself together to make sure I have everything I need for the big day. I know I always manage to forget something. Isn't funny how the dogs know they are at the vet. They seem to shed a lot more also. Who can blame them. I don't like going to the dr. either.LOL Give the sprout a hug from me and take care.

Liz, how are you doing my lil buck-a-roo? Big u/s day tomorrow!! Please let us know how it goes. Give the peanut a hug from me and take care.

Denise, how are you and the lil munchkin? I hope all is well.

Aimee, our lil MIA!! how are you 2 getting along? I hope all is well with you.

I am off to clean and wax some more so I will talk to all of you later.

Take care of my nieces and nephews!!!

(((((((( BIG HUGS)))))))))))

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers to all,


P.S. send some of that miracle baby dust my way this month. :)


Lila - November 22

Just wanted to drop a quick post and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!!!

Liz - I think you said your Level II is SOON! Have you had it? I hope everything was great, if not good luck and keep us posted.

Helen - I know you will be PG soon I keep positive thoughts for you often and know your time will be soon.

Denise - Hope you are feeling well and the lil one is growing away!!

Aimee - Hope all is well with you.

Enjoy the holidays everyone - have a good one!


gavinsmommy - November 22

Hi mommies and babies,

I just wanted to pop on and tell everyone that I wish them all a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember to stuff them lil ones with all kinds of goodies!!!! Give all my munchkins a great big squeeze and take care!!!!!!

Lila, thank you for the positive thoughts!!! I will do my best to catch up with you guys!!!!!!

Take care everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



weazie - November 24

Hi ladies

I hope everyone is well and enjoying your holiday weekend.

I been waiting to get on to let you know how my appointment went but my internet has been down at home. We just got it back up and yesterday...finally!!

I had to cancel my appointment last week but went in this past Monday. I almost 7 weeks pregnant. My doctor sent me for HCG bloodwork and I still have to call to get the results. My doctor booked me for an ultraound to be done on December 8th. I was kind of bummed because I thought he would get me in sooner.

On Tues the Infertlity clinic called me to book our treatment for IUI. I told then my good news and it didn't look like I would be needing to go for IUI after all. They asked me if I would be interested in coming in for a transvaginal ultrasound to check if it is a viable pregnancy. They had my hcg bloodwork faxed to them and booked me an appointment for this Monday and the RE will be doing it herself. They also told me to think about an OB or midwife I would like to see and the RE will refer me to them. I am so happy the RE is doing this for me since we never did have treatment. It is such a big relief not having to wait until Dec 8th.

Now that I am back up and running in cyberspace I will keep in better touch. This isn't Thanksgiving here for us in Canada but I hope you all have a Great Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Talk to you all soon.


liz - November 27

Good afternoon Ladies,

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for this year.

I am sorry I have been mia! I had been dealing with a very unexpected issue here and could not find myself to post.

I feel the need to share my experience with all of you in case you too will be faced with a similar situation. Last Tuesday I went for my level II ultra sound. As you may or may not recall I declined the Quad Screening test due to the seemingly high amount of false postive results. My u/s was with the Maternal Fetal Medicine department in our local hospital, the Neo Natal Specialist is highly recommended and well know here. The u/s tech did the u/s and he watched on the screen. After a bit he went out and came back near the end. The level II takes about 1/2 hour do to all the measurements they take and all the parts of the baby they ae looking at. The doctor came back at the end and the u/s tech showed him everything else on another screen. After they were finished he began telling us that u/s although has come along way it is still only 60%-70% accurate. He continued to tell us that they found a unilateral Choroid Plexus Cyst in our babies head. He told us that it can be a "normal varience" however it can also be a "soft marker" for Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome). He explained that everything else looked great with our baby and that this discovery would only raise our chance of having a baby with a chromosome defect to 2% from 1%! He kept telling us that everything else looked good, the heart, the hands were open, which is a big sign of a trisomy problem since those babies can not open their hands. He told me he wished he had the Quad screening but since I declined he could not rule out a chromosome problem. The only true way to know is by doing an amnio, he also did not recommend one since I only had one soft marker.

Frank and I left the office and I was devestated! I immedialy went to work researching the Choroid Plexus Cyst and had a call in to my ob. I wanted to do the quad screening if it was not to late.

My biggest fear is Trisomy 18. Our friends had twins 1 1/2 years ago the one twin had Trisomy 18 and passed shortly after birth. It was the most horrible thing I could possibly imagine for a parent to go through and in a matter of 45 min it now became my biggest fear in the world.

I went on Wed. am for the Quad test. The results would take a week. Needless to say I have been a wreck for the past 6 days! I did my research and found it very postive in the fact that this is commonly found I was still not 100% sure it would be ok. I prayed a lot over the past days and did a lot of thinking both good and bad.

To make a long story short I went for my reg ob appointment this morning and to my surprise my test results are in! I tested NEGATIVE on my quad screening for Trisomy 18, Trisomy 21, Spinal Bifida and one other I can not remember! I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My doctor told me this morning this is very common. Doctors are beginning to feel that these type of cysts are a normal growing varience in a baby and they do no harm to a baby. Normally they are gone by 24-28 weeks of pregancy!

I am sorry for the long post but really thought anyone who is pregnant should be aware of this finding and how common it apparently is!

I hope you appointment went well. Please keep us updated!

Take care,


gavinsmommy - November 27

Hi mommies and babies,

How are all of you doing? I hope all are doing well.

Liz, my lil roller coaster rider!!! You poor thing!! I know you probably didn't breathe those 6 days either. I am so happy everything went well for you and the peanut. Hopefully now you can ride the Merry-Go-Round until the end of this journey.

Everybody give those babies a big squeeze from me and take care.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers to all,



Lila - November 29

Sorry to be MIA - holidays! - what can I say the time just gets a way from you.

Liz - I am so glad you got the quad screen and everything looks OK. I can not imagine what a week you must have had and the double whammy of doing it over a holiday must have been very difficult. I am so so happy everything has worked out and things look so good now. Like Helen I hope this was the worst of the rollercoaster and now you can ride out the rest of the pregnancy with no worries!

Helen - How are you? Hope you and the family are doing well. So the big question is just how much turkey did Pumpkin get her mits on?? We had a funny moment when we were putting everything on the buffet including the carved turkey and just as we announce dinner and that everybody should serve themselves...Abby (our dog) walked over to the buffet and very gently lifted her head and took one slice of turkey off the platter and proceeded to walk back to her dog bed (which we had brought into the DR) sit down and look at us as if to say - "what? you said to serve yourself!" It was so funny how quitely and politely she had taken it that we all just laughed! Anyway hope your holiday went well.

Denise - How are you feeling? That was so nice of the RE to step in and give you the US - I loved that story. Hope you are not to quasey and everything is going well.

Aimee - where are you??! Hope all is well and that you had a nice thanksgiving.


liz - November 29

Good morning Ladies,

It is so good to hear from you. Glad to hear you and your little one are doing good. When are your scheduled for your amnio? I know you told us, but I like usual forgot. I guess maybe I can blame my memory loss on the pregnancy. lol Did you have a quad screening done? I think you are around that time when they are done.
Your Thanksgiving story of Aby is too funny. I can just see it. How can you possibly think about yelling when I bet she looked so darn cute. Our 4 legged children are sure something else.

I hope you are right and my roller coaster ride is going to settle down. I can handle just a nice leasure ride on the monarail!

I heard from Aimee a couple of weeks ago. I emailed her and heard back. Her and baby are both well. Unfortunatly I haven't emiled her back again in a couple of weeks, with everything going on I am still trying to catch up. She was ending her 1st trimester on Thanksgiving! All is well as far as I know.

How did you appointment go? We are all thinking about you.

I must run, back to work.
Take care,


gavinsmommy - November 29

Hi Mommies and Babies,

How are we all co-habitating?? I hope we are all gettin along now.

Lila, I know what you mean about mia-ing form the holidays. Oh my gosh I feel like I am in a blurr!! Its like there is this secret race going on and you have to hurry up and get in it!! Yikes!! What hapened to the good ole days when things seemed slower! I remember when I use to say that I will do that tomorrow it was tomorrow now it is tomorrow but a week later. Crazy huh. Well your dear lil friend pumpkin looked like a pumpkin on Thanksgiving. She hit everybody up in the house for some turkey. We didn't know that the other one was giving her some goodies. She was as round as she is long. She almost looked like a ball with legs. I never saw her sleep so sound like she did that whole night. I don't think she could of moved if she wanted to.LOL She really enjoyed her first Thanksgiving. Abby is no fool that is for sure!!! She goes and gets what Abbey wants!! Just like a typical women.LOL Good for her!!! How have you been feeling?? I hope everything is going smoothly for you. When is your next appointment? My mind is mush also like Liz's. Please update us mushy minds. Give the sprout a huge hug from me.

Liz. I hope your ride on the roller coaster is over now. The only thing that might go wrong on the Merry-Go-Round is getting dizzy, bored and your belly turning!! Sounds good for a while don't it! Give the peanut a squeeze from me and take care.

Denise and Aimee, we are waiting on you ladies. We all know how busy you guys are so when you get a chance pop on and update us.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers.

Please pass some of that healthy, sticky baby dust my way!!:)



liz - December 6

Hello Ladies,

This thread has been very quiet lately. I hope all is well with everyone.

Lila and Denise I want you to know I was thinking about you, hoping all is well.

I have been enjoying my ride on the monarail the past week or so. Everything is going well just waiting for my next u/s on Dec. 22!

Take care,


gavinsmommy - December 6

Hi mommies and babies,

How are all of my MIA mommies and babies doing? I hope all is going well with you guys.

I agree with Liz this thread needs some CPR. :) Do Liz and I have body odor or are you women just busy? LOL

I hope everyone is just going insanely crazy like me with the holiday approaching.

Take care all and give those babies a hug from me.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



Lila - December 8

Sorry to be MIA - many computer problems - still unresolved so I am on a friend's computer and will have to keep this brief!

Everything is going fine (I hope - it has been so long since I have actually seen anybody in there!) I have an appointment on the 20th but will have to wait for the amnio results so will have nothing to report till after Xmas.

Hope evryone else is doing well and getting ready for the holidays. We have a tree but it is bare - will have to wait till the weekend till we have time to decorate. I have about 60% of the shopping done so still need to work on that a bit.

Will try to get back on when my computer is rebuilt but I am thinking about you guys even when I can not login and as always I hope all is well with everyone!



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