Lila How are you?
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gavinsmommy - November 7

Hi mommies and babies,

How are all today??

Aimee, I am going to need depends when I read your post. LOL You need to put a warning up so that we know to run to the bathroom first. Oh my God what is up with the moose? Where in the world did that come from? One of these times I am going to wet myself reading your post. After all I have carried twins on this bladder. :) You are seriously to funny. I wished I was that blessed with the O's during my pregnancy. I hope the moose had nothing to do with it. LOL The hot bath was amazing and it did good for these bones. I told dh I need to have at least 3 more to make sure. He kind of looked at me like I was bsing him. I managed to convince him that it was all for medicinal reasons. LOL. You are going to have the amnio done, it worries me because I know things can happen from this. I will pray that all goes well for you and the lil one. When will you be getting it done do you know yet? Please keep us posted. You poor thing you are going to end up suffering from insomnia from these crazy dreams or you will have narcolepsy looking forward to the O's. At least you didn't get the cramping. Take care of you lil one and thanks for the free smile you gave me today.

Lila, how are you dear? remember what I said about giving me gray hair. I hope all is well and that you are just busy like the rest of us.

Liz, just wait until the kicks are harder and they are stuck in your ribs. Its crazy to say but it is a wonderful feeling getting your butt kicked from the inside out. How are you today? I hope your day is being good to you.

I will talk to all of you later.

Give all the babies a belly hug from me.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



liz - November 8

Hello Mommies,

I am with Helen, you crack me up also! What the heck is up with the moose? I must admit my dreams are not near as interesting as yours. lol

Those false postive scare me. I don't blame you for not wanting to do it and do the amnio although the amnio does scare me. You have to do what is best for you and if doing an amnio is then you need to go for it. My Mom had an amnio with my brother (he is 19) back then they were not common like they are today. Everything was fine and of course so was my little bro when he popped out months later. :)

I had real bad problems with consiptation in the beginning of my pregnancy, still have it but it is a lot better these days. I think it is all the fruit I eat. My ob had recommened that I take Metamucil. I did and it helped although it was disgusting in water so I mixed it is cool aide and that helped a lot!!! It was atleast tolorable.

As for me I am doing pretty good, sinuses are still bugging me but I have a feeling they are going to stay that way till after little peanut is born.

Yesterday I was feeling crappy everytime I ate. I told the women at work that I must be carrying a girl because she is picky, boys on the other hand could care less as long as it is food. I got a good laugh out of everyone. Still can't eat chicken too well. I roasted a chicken the other night since it was in the freezer and needed to get made. I ate a little but then the yucky feeling over came me an I had to stop and just eat my mashed potatoes. Oh well, I tried.

I hope you are having a great day, its raining here :(
Talk to you soon


Aimee37 - November 8

Helen- Don't you know I have a thang for Mooses? Esp. Big ones! ;) LOL!

I am glad you took a nice warm soakie. It's good for you, physically and mentally. I think I might take one this evening. Need to shave my legs.

Yes, I plan on having the amnio done Dec. 15th. Yes it worries me to but I am willing to take the risk. It is the most accurate test out there. I have to go for it. I do not want any unpleasant suprises.

I hope you and the kiddies are dune wonderfully!!

Liz- Yea...I feel it is best to go with the amnio. If I don't I think I will regret not doing it. If does not make sense to have the NT screening when the amnio is the ultimate most accurate test.

Yuck on the metamucil! Blech! I refuse to drink that crud even if it helps thing to move. My grandmother used to drink that and just watching her drink it made me nauseated.

Too funny about what your coworker said! LOL!! A girl eh? I have ben feeling nauseasted too every time I eat too. I guess I am having a girl also? ;)

Oh, all my bloodwork came back great but the nurse did mention my iron was on the low end but still in the norm. I think the normal levels are 35%-47% and mine was 38%. I have started to eat iron rich foods now. :)

It has been raining here for 2 days, getting some serious floods!

I hope you all voted republican! Looks like the Democrats might rule the white house, still waiting on my state (VA) and Montana. Fingers crossed!!

Gotsta boogie. The boss needs me! Talk atcha all laters! ;)


gavinsmommy - November 8

Hi mommies and babies,

Aimee, I will mark that date on my calendar so I can add a few extra prayers in for you and your lil one. I am sure everything will be fine. You did it again with your soak in the tub, you made me giggle. Shave your legs huh!!! You crack me up. How many of you ladies let the hair get a lil longer in the colder months? LOL It tends to become less important when our skin is not hanging out.LOL The kids and I are doing great. Today Holly is off school because we have to go pick up her report card. The teacher says she is doing great academic wise we shall see. I know she is going to have checks in the behavorial section because she loves to talk. UGH!! Judgement day. Give the wee one a hug from me and I hope you have slowed down some. That lil one is going to come out running.LOL

Liz, I hope things have calmed down for you. I think the sinus are going to stick with you too. How are the cravings going? Any new ones? I think I would keep chicken off the menu for awhile. Do you make turkey at Thanksgiving? I wonder how that will go if you do. You might look at it as being a giant chicken!LOL.

It has been really nice here weather wise the past couple of days. I wish it could stick around for another 12 months. The worse part of all is that it goes from 30-70 within 2 days. Everybody just keeps getting sick. I had a really nice lilcake last night for Aiden. It was really special to me. I could of swore at one point during the day that someone was tugging on my pants leg. I had to keep turning and looking. We went out after the cake and got a really big turkey for Thanksgiving. I am going to finally have our own after all these years. I am really excited. The kids are just as pumped. Well I am going to be heading out in a lil bit to go get the news on dear Holly ( Aimess clone some how,LOL) I will let you know how it goes!!

Lila, HOW ARE YOU!!!!!! please pop in and let us know. I pray all is well for you and your sprout.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



Lila - November 10

Sorry for the absence - very busy at work and I also still do a little work for the DNC so election time is quite hectic. Finally all worth it this year, though! Sorry Aimee - sounds like you were routing for the GOP, but personally I think it was critical that we get a change right now. I am also a fan of Webb - I think I reccommended the book he wrote on the Scot Irish history and effect on America earlier to you and Liz (or it miogt have been Slatka) - anyway it really is a facinating read.

Nothing much new going on with me right now. Just waiting for the 12 week check next week. Still hungry all the time! Still tired all the time - I really can not wait till I am totally off the Prometrium - 2 more week to go.

Sounds like everyone is doing well. Helen I am sorry for the crazy shopping trip, hope you have recovered. Liz I am with you on the chicken but the crazy thing is sometimes I am OK and others I can not even be at the table if others are eating it - weird. I seem to be better with all the meats the more processed they are - like I can do ground beef but not a steak and I had chinese last night with chicken but when DH made a roasted chicken or even grilled chicken breast - I had to leave the table and just eat salad. OH well I guess PG really does make you a little crazy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We finally have the time to go down to the Eastern Shore and get the boats out of the water. Thanks goodness it is supposed to be mild weather wise since we actually have to get in the water to get the jet skis up on the trailors. At least the boat has an electric winch! Anyway I won't have a computer so hope you all have a good one and I will check in on mon.


weazie - November 10

Hey Ladies!!!!

It has been so long and I am so happy to hear everyone is doing so well!!!! Liz sorry to hear about baby B but I am glad to hear baby A is doing great!! Lila congrats on your pregnancy, I am so happy for you. Helen oh your post still make me chuckle, good to hear you and the family are doing well and even little pumpkin. Aimee nice to meet you, congrats on your pregnancy as well.

I thought I would update you all. I had a crazy time at work for a while and very stressful due to a lot of unfairness. Well I had enough and quit my job and was finished mid October. I took a job with a temp agency for the meantime so I could keep looking for another job and collect a pay cheque every week. I couldn’t believe the relief and happiness I felt immediately when I quit even though I was wondering what the hell I was going to do.

I was also very stressed out with TTC and waiting to hear back from the RE from our appointment in August. Well I waited and waited and can’t believe I waited so long but called them the end of September. Well ends up just our luck they didn’t have dh SA or some of my blood work results and were waiting on us. They finally tracked down our results booked us an appointment for October 23rd. Our results came in unexplained infertility, all my test came back normal and dh SA was excellent. We spoke to the RE and all agreed on IUI without fertility drugs since we had been trying so long. We were both sent off for more blood work and are waiting for the results for further treatment.

I ovulated the day before our RE appointment and let me tell you we have been so exhausted, stressed with TTC we didn’t put much of an effort into BDing figuring that help was finally on the way. Well don’t you know it help is finally on the way and GUESS WHAT……..we don’t need it!! That’s right I got a BFP and another one and another. I can’t even believe it I had my usually AF cramps that started 5 days before she was due to show and my temp was starting to drop I didn’t even test right away. I am almost 5 weeks pregnant and have an appointment with my doctor next week. I am praying this time I have a sticky bean.

Sorry I haven’t been on, I was unable to log in for awhile and I was also really letting this TTC control me and had to step back. It is funny when I got pregnant last Dec we tried once during ovulation. Ever since having the d&c last Jan we have been going like mad every cycle. Well last month we did the bd once during ovulation and bang we got it. Everyone has been telling me relax it will happen and I have been barking back saying “relaxing has nothing to do with it”……oops maybe I was wrong.

So timing probably isn't the best since I don't have a permanent job and when it comes to collecting paid maternity leave for a year I might run into some problems......but it will be worth it and we will manage...not gonna stress about it.

Anyways just wanted to share my news, still can’t believe it and once again I am so glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Denise :P


gavinsmommy - November 10

Hello mommies,

DENISE< OH MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Well what do you know!!! I guess every change you have made was for the best. Oh my gosh I am crying. GOD BLESS!!!! There hasn't been a day that I haven't prayed for you!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! We will all pray that this one is a sticky lil bugger!!! I know it will be!!! I am shocked and so excited for you!!!! You have know idea how happy you have made me!!!!GOD is good. You give that lil munchkin a squeeze from me!!!! Congratulations and please just take it easy!!!!

I can't even think straight!!!!

How is everyone else doing on this miracle baby board?

Lila, I am glad all is well with you. We just have to remember some how even if it is brief to let everyone on here know how we are doing. We are a bunch of worry warts!!! Take care and give the sprout a hug from me.

Denise , I am totally blank!!! LOL YOu have erased my mind with joy!!!!!

Aimee, how are you and the buddy/buddette? Have you gave the lil one a break yet? I hope you are slowing down a lil. Give the buddy/buddette a hug from me.

Liz, our lil Denise got a bfp!!!!! I know you have read it but can you even think straight like me right now!!!! I hope you are doing great and enjoying your day off. Take care and give peanut a hug from me!!!



Take care all.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers to all!!!!!



liz - November 10


It is so good to hear from you! I think about you often and hoped you were doing well!

Congrats on your BFP. It is truly amazing how things sometimes work out. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with ttc. I, like you was so overwhelmed and ready to take a break after the month we ended up conceiving. It was amazing how we had made the decision that that would be out last month before a break till the new year. Low and behold it was our month!

Please keep up updated on how you and your little bean are doing. You are in my thoughts!

How are you doing today? Happy Friday!
Do you have planned for this weekend? Not much here, same old same old.

Good to hear from you. I am glad to hear you are doing so good.
Sounds like you are having the same kind of cravings and adverisions. Do you crave fruit? I am interested to see what each of us are having. I wonder sometimes how the cravings and adverisions have to do with the sex. I guess we shall see.

Well I must get back to my cleaning, unfortunatly.

I hope you all have a great Friday.
Talk to you soon


liz - November 14

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to check in and see how you are all doing. I know you are all busy just wanted to make sure everyone is doing well.

Take care, hope all is well


weazie - November 14

Hey Girls

Thank you for the congrats and the thoughts. Helen, thank you so much for the prayers. Your post made me cry with your excitement …….I’m sure it is my hormones kicking in….lol.

I go to the doctors on Thursday and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. I am sure I will get set up right away for an ultra sound. My follow up appointment after the d&c back in feb my ob/gyn told me when I got pregnant again he wanted an ultra sound done right way.

I’m feeling well the occasional flash of nausea and my boobs have been starting to get sore. Other than that I don’t feel much different yet and it is still early. My last pregnancy I had no symptoms at all so I am glad I am starting to feel a few things this time. It is strange but I guess it makes it feel more reassuring having some symptoms.
I do have a good feeling this time but we are both holding off on letting ourselves get too excited yet.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that all is well with everyone of you.



liz - November 14


You sound like you are doing quite well. I am so happy to hear that. I know what you mean about the symptoms this time around. I was so nervous in the first weeks that I would be praying for symptoms or signs. Everytime I had nausea I would be so happy because I didn't have any before with my 3 miscarraiges. It was a welcoming symptom. I only got sick twice this time that I actually vomitted but the first time it happened I had to call my dh just to tell him because I was so excited to have such a postive pregnancy sign. He just laughed at me! I guess that was pretty stupid of me. lol I had a lot of nausea and the sore bb's but the vomitting was under control luckily. I am not a big fan of that part.

I bet you are very excited for your appointment on Thursday. That is aweseome, only 2 days to go! Yeah. Please let us know how you make out. We will be thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers. :)

Talk to you soon,


gavinsmommy - November 14

Hi Mommies and Babies,

Denise, I know what you mean about wanting the symptoms too. I know I just embraced them after I lost my lil one. There were days that I knew everything was going good still because I was so nauseated. I use to be so happy being sick. LOL I will be waiting and praying until you get back to us on how everything goes on Thursday. The funny part about all of this is I was just thinking about you, wondering how everything was going for you and then Whammo you went and got yourself pregnant.LOL I wouldn't stress about having the new job right now. You have bigger and better things to think about. These things all work out in the end. God always comes through for us. Its funny how lil miracles happen when we think we are taking our lives into another direction. I think that is Gods way of saying I am in control not you, you are just a co-pilot. You will be fine. Give the lil miracle a hug from me and try not to stress to much.

Liz, I thought it was cute about you calling dh not silly. I did the same thing with my dh. He use to laugh everytime too. Give the peanut a hug from me and take care.

Aimee and Lila, how are all of you doing? I hope all is well. Aimee did you slow down or something that we haven't heard from you?? LOL I hope so.

Well take care everyone.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



Lila - November 16

hey all just wanted to check in and say hi and lo and behold there is amazing news!! Denise I am so happy for you - I am sure you are so excited and happy. Hope everything is going well and you feel good. Best of luck tomorrow at the ultrasound I am sure it will be a great one and so wonderful to get a chance to peek in and see how the lil one is doing and growing.

I have my NT scan tomorrow. I am actually quite relaxed about it - knowing the high false positive odds I am really just looking at this as another opportunity to see the baby (otherwise I would have to wait forever!), and a chance to get more info even though it will not be anything definite. I still plan to do amnio (unless this test just gives me great odds against there being anything wrong) so even if it comes back with higher risk I will just be better mentally prepared to face the amnio and whatever future that holds. Sorry to ramble - I hope that makes sense.

Helen - You have not mentioned anything with Holly and school lately - has everything calmed down and worked out? I hope so. How are the twins. And of course inquiring minds must know how Pumkin is doing and what kind of hell she has striired up lately?

Liz - Hope you are well and the sinus problems have gone away. How is 2nd tri treating you? Is it much better than 1st? What differences have you noticed if any?

Aimee - no posts in a while hope you are doing OK and all is well with baby. Hope stalker guy is giving you less trouble after the move, hope slacker girl is finially doing her fair share and not dumping on you, and hope the crazy neighbors have been calm and in control so you are getting your beauty sleep.

Has anyone heard from Trina? I hope she is doing OK and the clomide is treating her well. If anyone is chatting with her say Hi for me and I hope this cycle is a good one.


gavinsmommy - November 16

Hi mommies and babies,

Lila, I am glad to hear everything is good with you. I know your u/s will be just fine. How have you been feeling? Oh my gosh how far are you now?? I lose track without the tickers. I was just telling Liz the other day when I picked up Holly's report card that the teacher told me that she loves Holly's spirit and drive. That made me feel so much better. The two of them still have their moments but everything seems to have settled. Her report card was excellent. The teacher says she is very intelligent and well adjusted. I was so happy to hear that because you always worry whether you are doing everything you can for them. I worry about everything as it is.LOL Pumpkin, Pumpkin ,Pumpkin, whew she is a real riot. I swear she is another child in dogs clothing. This lil girl has a teenage take over attitude. She makes me laugh though because she has dh wrapped around her lil paw. He doesn't even do the things for me that he does for her. She just has that face though when she looks at you that will melt you. I got a lil green eyed the other day when dh was sitting there getting giving her a puppy massage. I was like you have to be kidding me!!!! I don't even get that anymore. LOL What ya gonna do though! It was love at first sight. I haven't heard from Trina either since her last post. I pray for her everyday that all goes well. Lord knows she can use it by now. She is our lil trooper though she will be back. Give the sprout a hug from me and let us know how the u/s goes today.

Aimee, HOW ARE YOU???? you really have me worried my dear. I hope all is well with you and the munchkin. Please drop in and let us know how you are.

Liz, how are you and the peanut doing?? You have to have a cute belly going on by now. Any kicking that you can feel??Give the peanut a hug from me.

Denise, how is everything going with you and the lil miracle?? I hope everything went well at your appointment. Give the lil bundle a hug from me.

Well today we are blowing around the Windy City. Yuck I don't like the cold weather. The worse part of all is that today is shopping day so this should be fun. I hope all the predators stay home so I can have a pleasant shopping experience. LOL

Take care all.

Mega healthy moms and baby prayers.

Please if you can send me some of your special baby dust this month. (((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))



Lila - November 16

Hey Helen - that is great news about Holly's report card. I am sure you are bursting with pride. Pumkin sounds like she is doing very well indeed - I love the spirit on the French Bulldogs, that is why we have considered getting one for so long but since it the exact same with our 70lb Ridgeback I am not sure how many prima donas one house can take LOL!

The test today went great. I won't get the bloodwork back till next week and with the holidays that probably will mean 2 weeks UGH, but the important part of the test was the U/S measurement and we measured exactly normal on that WHEW! I think we will still go ahead with the amnio but I have 5 weeks till that bridge needs to be crossed so I made the appointment but can always change my mind later. It was just great to get another chance to see the baby and confirm that everything is still measuring on target and that the heartbeat is still strong. The baby was very quiet so I did not get a chance to see him/her move around and wave (bummer) but the U/S tech did give him/her the best baby of the day award because it was so easy to get the proper view and measurements without any hassle. I think it only ended up taking about 20 minutes to get all the images needed, and my appointment was over an hour late because the tech said so many of the other babies getting measured today had not been as cooperative and their images took 50 -90 minutes!

So all in all a good day despite the fact that the weather here is HORRIBLE - we keep getting tornado advisories, it has rained over 2 inches in the last 2 hours and the wind is blowing something feirce.

Hope all else are well and I hope everyone has a great weekend - I know it is only Thursday but we are leaving tomorrow and I do not think I will be able to check in again till we get back early next week.


Lila - November 16

ARRGH!!!! I just wrote such a long post and hit the "post" button and it did not post it and now it is gone ----sooo FRUSTRATING!!

Anyway I will try to recap

Helen I am so happy for you about Holly's report card - that is awesome and I am sure you are bursting with pride. Pumkin sound like she is doing great - I love her spirit!!

My test today went great - I won't get the bloodwork part back till next week and with the holidays I am sure that means 2 weeks which sucks but oh well. The important part was the U/S and that was great and everything measured exactly normal - YEA! I think we will still do the amnio just to be sure but I have 5 weeks to decide that so I made the appointment but can always change my mind later - what else do pregnant women do but change their mind!

Anyway it was great just to get a chance to see the baby and everthing measured perfect to the day and the heartbeat was strong so like I said just getting another chance to see the baby was worth it!

Hope all are well and will chat with you later



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