Lila How are you?
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Aimee37 - November 1

Hi all! I hope you all had a happy halloween. I had quite a fe tricker treaters. You know what is funny, the boys grabbed handfuls of candy while the girls picked on or two pieces. I had to tell them to take more! LOL! Are mean really pigs? LOL Just joking!! I had to put my dogs in thier bedroom because they were barking every time the doorbell rang and it scared these 2 Idian gals as they turboed down the stairs! I ran after them with my huge bowl of candy. LOL I still have alot of candy left. I am going to take it to work with me. Maybe I will save a butterfinger and milkway for me. ;)

Well today is my day off. I have alot of errnads and chores to do plus I have my first OB appt. I think I just meet with the nurse practioner and get my vitals, blood, other things done. I have alot of questions for her! I hope I do not irk her. LOL!

Lila- That is great that you got samples of prenatals from your OB's office. Anything to save the fundage! I am sure your bloodwork turned out fine. ;) Sorry your eye appt. was cancelled! :( Yea Yea I know I have to slow my butt down! It is sooooo hard!!

Liz- I did not take any Benadryl last nite even thought my allergies were really bad! I need to cut back on the Benny! ;) LOL!! I hope I can get some more assurance from my OB office today regarding the dumb arse stunt I pulled with the prenatals!! LOL!! I hope all is going well with you and that you had a Happy Halloween! I was also thinking of the name Noah for a boy but I keep thinking of Noah's Arc, etc. I am not religious either. I like the name Connor (with an O after the N is the Socttish version) I also like the name Chloe (Scottish) or Hannah.

Helen- Momititis eh? LOL That is a new one! I am sure I will suffer from it or more! ;) But it is all worth it. I am going to be a momma! One proud momma! Hey, what did your little ones dress up for Halloween? ;) I know a few years as a kid I went as Pippi Longstocking. I wrapped a hanger around my head and braided my hair into them. I had the entire Pippi outfit. I tell ya I was a real hit. LOL! I won the best costume those 3 years. I mean I had it going on! Gotta have SPUNK! LOL!! ;D I remember my dad driving us to the party and I have to roll the window down because my braid stuck out so badly! LOL!!

Well, I have to get going. I have alot to do today!! Talk atcha all laters!! ;)


gavinsmommy - November 1

Hi mommies and babies,

How is everyone doing today? I hope all are getting along while sharing space.

I am feeling a little down right now after reading Lili246's post this morning. Her baby has died inside of her and she has to go and have surgery tomorrow. It is always such an eye opener to how precious life is. She always had such a bubble personality. My heart and prayers go out to her.

Aimee, once again your post made me smile and laugh. I love your persoanlity. Your post are so descriptive that I actually feel like I can see the situation. Thank you for brightening my day. The part about the braid really got me. How are you feeling today? I know you are probably very nervous. You better ask your butt off isf you have any concerns. You need to know what is best for you and your child. I resent the person that you ask a question to and they act like you are bothering them. UM excuse me it is their job. If they can't handle it then they should look elsewhere. So you ask away. I am praying that all goes well for you today. Give the buddy/buddette a squeeze from me. Have a nice day. Oh I forgot to tell you what the kids wore. Holly was a witch, Emily a vampiress and Gavin was the werewolf. We had the monster theme going on this year. LOL

Lila, I will see what I can do about getting the pictures of the house at Christmas. We had such a nice time trick or treating. Once Emily realized that you go up and ring the door bell and say trick or treat, that you get candy she wanted to roam the neighborhood. She wore me out. I think I am still frozen. They didn't complain once about being cold. Oh to be young again. I tried to get pumpkin to wear her costume but everytime dh put it on her she would flip on her back and start screaming. I thought dh was going to wet himself. We had a really cute piglet out fit for her, but no she wouldn't cooperate. I think the piglet head piece scared her. I thought she was being murdered from the way she acted. LOL How are you feeling today? Did you say your eyes were bothering You? If so this is also a natural thing that happens when you are pregnant. I thought I was going blind. My dr. said this was also something that happens. We shall see. Did you get any trick or treaters? I hope you are feeling well today and having a nice day. Give the sprout a hug from me.

Liz, How are you doing today? I hope you and the peanut are doing fine.

Well I must run I have to get the Thanksgiving decorations out. Here we go again!!! LOL

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



liz - November 1

Hello Mommies,

I read Lili's post. That is very sad. You are right her upbeat personality is wonderfu, she really does not deserve to have to go through this.
Once again reminded of how very precious and fragile life is!

There is no cartoon character named Noah. That is what is so funny. He was referring to Noah's Ark as a cartoon but in reality it was sopossed to be from the bible. You have to understand dh is wacky. lol I never really understood the Catholic religion but I often questioned why he didn't seem to know to much about the bible. I never really looked at it that they do not study the bible and get their lessons from the sermons, that really does make sense. I think you gave me an eye opener on many fronts with that and some of the Catholic religion. I am Luthern so it is quite different but yet it really is not since the founder of the Luthern religion was a Catholic.
Ok, enough on that.
I am so glad to hear you had a good appointment yesterday and are happy with your office. I tell you that really makes a difference. You are so lucky a belly u/s! I only had my first belly u/s last Friday and I was 14 weeks and 5 days. Did you find out how often you will be getting u/s's?

How did you appointment go today? I was thinking about you all day but unfortunatly I was bogged down here at work and this is my first chance to write. I hope all is well!
By the way you need to slowwwwwwwwwwww down girl! Where do you get your energy? I am only now able to go the whole day without napping! I do however still go to bed between 8-8:30. Pretty sad I know.
I love the names you have picked so far. Connor was a choice I had but dh said no! He is so darn picky. lol Hannah is another one of my favorites but it is my cousins daughters name so that was off the list before it got on. Cloe is very nice as well, very unique. So tell me do you have trouble with boy names and girls names come easier? I know I do. I can think of a 100 girls names and then only a couple boys names. I know the last time I was preg I would not even look at boys names, only girls an I have no idea why but after my m/c and they told me it was a girl I felt like I finally knew my answer. I think I had the instinct that it was a girl and that is why I never could think of boys names. See I am just as wacky as my dh! lol

I must run, break time for me is sadly over I guess.
I hope you are all having a great day!
Talk to you soon


gavinsmommy - November 1

Hi mommies,

I just wanted to let you know that another one of our buddies got a bfp yesterday. Its June_First_2006. I read it on a post she has left for Lili246. I pray that God blesses her with a healthy child this time. Congratulations to her!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!



Aimee37 - November 1

Hi all- My appt. went well. The nurse practioner kind of annoyed me. Everytime I asked a question, she acted like I was slowing her down! I had questions!! Anyway, she told me that the 4 extra pranatals I took had no effect on me or the fetus. Whew! They did a PAP smear as well. I had my vitals done, BP (95/70) and my ht/wt. I only saw the nurse today. Did did a breast exam and felt my abdomen and made a comment that my abdomen was really distended from the OHSS. I told her that is where all my weight went.

I made 4 more appt.'s for the next 4 months. I will not have my next sonograms until 18 or 20 weeks and that is the only one they do.

They gave me a choice to have the NT (Nuchal Translucency) done at 12 weeks. I went ahead and made an appt. My insurance covers a slight bit of it, which upset me. I have not met my deductable yet so I will probably have to pay alot for it. I heard there are no risks involved, as far as micarrying? Is this true? I need to do more research. If my test results come back good and a slight chance for medical problems, I might not have an amnio. What about you all? What do you think? What is the risk with an amnio?

Liz- So you liked the names I picked out? Well Connor is Scottish (donor is Scottish) and plus I like it. ;o) Yes, girls names seem to be ALOT easier for me! Boy names are much more difiicult. I will not pick a unisex name, it will cause confusion growing up nor will I choose a name that is hard to spell. So I wonder what kind of boy names your DH likes? My dad said something like, why not pick a one syllable name? LOL My dad's name is Tom and his bro's name is Mike. I dunno.. Know a days, it is a 2 syllable name.

Helen- I am way too energy than I know what to do with! You are talking to a gal who used to run 13-15 miles a day, plus biking and swimmin gon the side! ;) I am goign stir crazy being sedentary with just walking! LOL! Yes please call me Ms. Spazette! LOL! SO your kids had the Moster theme going on? I love it!! I bet the picture of all 3 was great!! ;)

Oh no! :( What happened to Lili246 baby? how far along was she? That is just devestating? How did they find out? The HB just stopped? So sad.... I pray this kind of thing does not happen to me. ;( I worry so much that it will. I kilee myself with my worries! It really is self destructive.

Well, I need to go let the dogs out now. I hope you all have a wondrful evening. I will talk atcha laters!!



liz - November 2

Good morning Mommies,

I am glad to hear you appointment went well.

I don't know too much about the NT however what I have read it is a safe procedure. The amnio as I am sure you know carries a risk. Are you having a level II ultrasound?

I really do like you names. Connor is my favorite if you have a boy and Hannah is my favorite if you have a girl. ;) My dh has the same idea as your Dad and that is probably why we can not agree on any boys names.

Oh, I am happy to hear the prenata incident is ok. That is a relief I am sure. Did you get to talk to them about your allergies and meds? I was just curious their stand point on the issue.

I have been so hungry the past couple of days. I feel like I can't stop eating. This morning I had to have a sausage, egg and cheese bagel sandwich. Notice I HAD to have it! So I ended up at the local bagel shop on my way to work and waited 10-15 min just to satisify my craving. I hope I don't get that one every morning or I will need to get up earlier in order to not be late for work. lol

Last night I was listening to the baby and I swear he/she was swimming laps and doing summersults in there. You can here the different sounds. I said to dh we sure do have one active little one in there tonight. It was 8:15 and normally at that time he/she is pretty quiet. Well not last night, going a mile a min. lol I just love my doopler, it is so relaxing to just lay there and listen.

Work is calling. Have a great day.


Aimee37 - November 2

HI Liz ;)

Well the more I think about it, the more I will go for the NT and amnio. I will see what my Dr. thinks and how my NT test comes out. I am sure it will come out great because I have great family genetics. I just to not want to risk taking home a sick baby and want to be assured that all is ok. Since I am with the shared risk program, I will get another shot at it I abort due to a very sick child inside of me. Makes sense? I am a single mother and cannot risk having a sick child.

So we have the same tastes on girl/boy names! ;D Sweet!! Yea, I do not like too many one sylable male names!

I too, am glad the prenatal incident is behind me. I asked her when she was rushing the paperwork and just said not to worry real fast, so I wonder if she really listened to me!! :-\

Oh golly, a suasage egg and cheese bagel sounds sooooooooooo good right now! The other day, I HAD to drive to McD's and get a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle! A few days later, I HAD to had a ham egg and cheese biscuit! LOL! I do not crave sugar at all but bready things and cheese alot!

So your little one was quite active last nite eh? ;) Probably doing alot of growing and is on a different schedule now. ;)

I hope your day at work went wonderfully. It is a beautiful Fall day here in Northern VA! :)


liz - November 3

Hello Mommies,

Happy Friday to all of you!
I have been busy cleaning all day so far. I got up at 7, mainly because the mason got here and the driveway alarm woke me up, since I was up I figured I would start cleaning. I told dh last night it is Nov. and I still didn't do my spring cleaning. Pretty pathetic huh? I cleaned my carpets and now I am on to dusting and all the other fun stuff. What a way to spend a day off. Oh well it must be done.

I can understand your need to do the the tests and confirm everything is a ok. I can also understand your feelings. You are a single Mother and your choices are what is best for you. I personally feel that you and baby are just fine. Just call it gut instinct but it is honestly what I am feeling.

I hear ya on the carbs. For about 2 weeks I craved McDonalds breakfast (and I normally don't even eat McDonalds at all). I know how bad it is for you so I would compromise, once a week I would hit the drive thu for breakfast and the rest of the time I tried to block out the cravings. That craving soon went away, thank goodness or I would have weighed 200 lbs before this pregnancy was over. lol Then I had a break then all of a sudden one day I was craving Wendy's, great another bad one for you. I am pretty lucky because I also crave a lot of fruit and that is constant. I love fruit always have and now it is even worse since I am pregnant.

How are you doing? I hope your week is going well with dh out of town.

Hope all is well! I didn't hear from you yesterday, I am thinking about you.

I must run, cleaning is calling again. ughhhh
Have a great day


gavinsmommy - November 3

Hi mommies and babies,

I am still here thank God. I am just a lil banged up right now. Pumpkin set me up yesterday after I got home from grocery shopping!! UGH. I think she intentionally put her bone in the path I was walking because I was upset with her eating Gavins Power Ranger. I slipped and went down and sprained my left foot and left hand. Which is my typing hand. OOOOh it is a bummer trying to type to you guys. Please forgive me if anything is misspelled. On top of all that dh took Holly and Emily with him into our Sams Club while I went into our Walmart. Gavin was being very uncooperative for some reason and was totally distracting me. Well out of know where this about 11 year old boy comes running up and scanning my items and then hitting cancel on the self check out register. The head cashier grabbed a hold of him and gave him to security. She helps me start taking care of my order and then all of the sudden as I am getting my change the cashier started yelling I didn't even realize that this other lil 11 year old took 25 dollars of my change from the automatic cash dispenser. Security grabbed him and I heard my cell phone ringing he had that to. What a shopping trip. I totally had it yesterday.

I hope all of you are doing good today. I am going to go rest me hand.
Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



liz - November 5

Hi Mommies,

Helen, Helen, Helen, what are we going to do with you? My goodness you had quite a rough day. I didn't realize shopping could be so adventerous. lol I hope you are recoving and taking it easy the best you can.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. It is very cold here! brrrrrr I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already, gosh where does the time go.

Take care everyone


gavinsmommy - November 5

Hi mommies and babies,

How is everyone doing today? I hope all are getting along.

Liz, You make me smile. I am doing better just bruised and stiff right now. I agree with you that the weekend has shot by. UGH! back to the drawing board tomorrow. I love when Holly is off of school it is so much better. Oh my gosh I just looked at your ticker, pretty soon peanut is going to be kicking the heck out of you.

Big Hugs to all.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers to all,



Aimee37 - November 5

Hi all- Just popping in for a breif post. I have been so damn busy that I hardly have time to pick my nose. JK!! LOL! Seriously, I have been runnning errands, doing chores and taking no naps. I am now just going to wind down for the rest of the weekend before MOANday starts.

Have you guys every had bad cramps? Like gas cramps? I had them a couple times today. I think they were gas cramps? I have been so constipated it is not funny.

My boobs were also seriously itching today and my nips hurt. Ok, the getting explosively bigger!! :o

I really miss my slender sleek running figure. But I know all these physical changes are temporary and that I will be back to my runner's figure by the end of next year. ;D

Liz- I crave McD's breakfast sandwiches maybe once a week to 2 weeks. I get one on my way to work if I am running late. I have not craved much sweet stuff, just corn muffins from time to time.

Sounds like you had a productive weekend cleaning as well. I feel really guilty or bad if I do not do something productive on my days off. I like to feel like I accomplished something. ;)

Helen- Sounds like you had quite an interesting weekend. Oh my, your shopping ship with the 11 yr old boy going wild!? I hope I never had a misbehaved child like that. I will teach my child some good manners and morals so that never happens. I am sorry you tripping on pumpkins bone. :( I hope your foot and hand feel better real soon! Take a nice long hot soakie, that should help you feel better.

Well, I am going to fix dinner. Hungry again so soon! LOL! I feel like pizza! ;)

Tomorrow is MOANday and back to work! Argh!!! Came so damn quickly eh? Why does life have to be so short?

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the rest of your weekend! ;)


gavinsmommy - November 6

Hi Mommies and babies,

How is everyone? I hope everyone is great today.

Aimee, do you like fruit juices? If so they help with the constipation. This is another normal sign of pregnancy. Your whole digestive system slows down when you have a munchkin living in you. Do you drink a lot of water because that helps also. You can also try some bran cereals and fruit. I think the prenatals also cause this. I know a friend of mine was able to get prenatals with stool softners in them. See what your doc says. Maybe give them a call if it gets to be to much. You my girl friend need to slow down. As hyper as I am I had to tell myself over and over to slow. Things can wait and they will get done and if not they will still be there. You don't have to worry about having a child that acts like those 11 year old boys did. You love your child to much already. In a way I felt sorry for them because they found out a lil while later that the mother sent them in to do it. They know these kids will not be charged as adults thats why they have them do their dirty work. Try to enjoy your blossoming body, it is not really that bad. You get to let it all hang out for a good cause. LOL Once your lil one shows up you will definitely shed it all and then some. Enjoy the bb's they are only temporary. LOL They also shed. Thanks for the advice about the warm soak, I think I will take advantage of it and tell dh I need a long warm body soak to heal my hand and foot. LOL I will let you know how it goes. I love the ticker it gives me a chance to see what the budding stars are up to in there. Take care of yourself and the buddy/buddette and SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!! Give em a big belly hug from me.

Lila, how are you doing dear? I hope the two of you are getting along well while sharing space. Give the sprout a hug from me.

Liz, how is your poor head doing today? I swear if it isn't the sinus it is a head ache. Is it just me or did the weekend shoot by? I think when we are not in a hurry things fly by and then when we are in a hurry things slow down! UGH! Well I am off to finish putting up the rest of my Thanksgiving decorations it is not easy with one hand and one foot. LOL Give the peanut a belly hug from me and take care.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,



liz - November 6

Good morning Mommies,

The itching bb's, I got it too! I thought I was nuts when it started happening. For me it just got real bad last week. I would be sitting there trying to scratch and of course dh had the comment that he could help with it. Oh men, they can be something else sometimes. I am not sure of the medical reason for this but I tend to think it might have to do with drier skin and the milk glades hard at work already.

As for you body, I hear ya. I feel like crap these days. I look in mirror and love my little belly but I had the pounds on my legs and butt and also the whole feeling of being out of shape. I was never as physical as you but I did walk a lot and did interval jogging within my workouts. I was not allowed to do anything till a month ago and I am having a hell of a time getting back into it. I keep telling myself if I do not start exercising now it is going to be all the harder to lose the weight after the baby is born. I did walk on Sat. and I am going to try to get back in my routine. Ok, not try, I am going to! ;)

I saw you got your ticker up. Yeah, now I can remember where you are! By the way how is the baby blog coming along? I would love it if you would share when you get it down. I think it is a wonderful idea that you are doing it.

My sinuses are a pain in the butt! Fortunatly I have been able to go without so much medication so that makes me happy.
Peanut is doing just fine, kicking away. I think but am not sure yet that I felt a few flutters the past few days. I know it is so hard to tell so we will see. Listening to the hearbeat I hear the movment which makes me laugh, peanut is a mover and a shaker that is for sure. I think he/she is going to keep me very busy! :) Maybe peanut will be like your little Emily. I better rest up. lol
I hope you are feeling better today.

I must get back to work.
Have a great day.


Aimee37 - November 7

Hi guys! :) Hope you are all having a terrific 2's-d!

Ok, I had a real bizzarre dream last nite. I can only expect them to get more bizarre!! I was with my fmaily had a wave pool and we were all sitting on the side of the pool. Well somehow this massive moose comes into the pool area and starts hanging all over me!! I get up and jump in the pool and the moose jumps in after me! Than I wake up! LOL!! Weirdness eh?

Oh and I have yet another noctural O last nite as well. But, this time I was not cramping afterwards, thank goodness!! LOL!! I guess I can enjoy them more. ;)

I spoke with my insurance company yesterday and I think I will get charged for the amnio if the NT test comes out normal. This test can bring out false positives/negatives (esp. in women over 35) so I will not have it done. I am choosing to just go with the amnio since it is 99.5% accurate. Sure it is more invasive but I am willing to take the risk.

I hope you all voted! I voted right when the polls opened at 6am. It was crosed and when I left 40 min. later it slowed down.

Helen- I do not really drink fruit juices but should start to help my constipation. Do not even mention prune juice! Blech!! I do drink alot of water. I have added bran muffins, oatmeal to my diet too.

I hope your bod is feeling better and that a nice long warm bath helped with yuor soreness.

Liz- My boobs have not itched since this weekend but I am sure it will happen again. Your DH is funny asking if he can help! lol!! ;)

Yea I tell ya I feel gross being this out of shape. lol! But I am dealing with it and accepting my body now because I am pregnant so I am allowing myself to slack and let loose now!! LOL! But I will be right back on track postpartum! ;) I will probably go thru 4-5 baby joggers in a year. ;)

OK lately, my head and sinuses are badly congested!! I had a ruff time sleeping last nite. ugh. Than my pooch Trapper jumps on my at 3am (OUCH!!) and could not go back to sleep. I am glad you are dealin gwith it withuot much meds.

So your bean is kicking you and is an active lil one? You will find out the sex in a couple weeks right? ;)

Well, I need to get back to work. Gotta gidder done! LOL! Just thought I would pop in and say HI to my prego buddettes!



gavinsmommy - November 7

Hi mommies and babies,

How are all today??

Aimee, I am going to need depends when I read your post. LOL You need to put a warning up so that we know to run to the bathroom first. Oh my God what is up with the moose? Where in the world did that come from? One of these times I am going to wet myself reading your post. After all I have carried twins on this bladder. :) You are seriously to funny. I wished I was that blessed with the O's during my pregnancy. I hope the moose had nothing to do with it. LOL The hot bath was amazing and it did good for these bones. I told dh I need to have at least 3 more to make sure. He kind of looked at me like I was bsing him. I managed to convince him that it was all for medicinal reasons. LOL. You are going to have the amnio done, it worries me because I know things can happen from this. I will pray that all goes well for you and the lil one. When will you be getting it done do you know yet? Please keep us posted. You poor thing you are going to end up suffering from insomnia from these crazy dreams or you will have narcolepsy looking forward to the O's. At least you didn't get the cramping. Take care of you lil one and thanks for the free smile you gave me today.

Lila, how are you dear? remember what I said about giving me gray hair. I hope all is well and that you are just busy like the rest of us.

Liz, just wait until the kicks are harder and they are stuck in your ribs. Its crazy to say but it is a wonderful feeling getting your butt kicked from the inside out. How are you today? I hope your day is being good to you.

I will talk to all of you later.

Give all the babies a belly hug from me.

Mega healthy mom and baby prayers,




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