Lila How are you?
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gavinsmommy - September 25

I hope you get this and respond to me.



Lila - September 26

Hey HElen I have been locked out and just got a notice from Admin today ( I had sent them like ten emails complaining!!) that the problem was fixed and I could get back in. Sorry for the absence - I do have good news - BFP!!

It was tortue not being able to check in and chat with you guys during the 2WW but maybe you can keep me company during the 2WW for the U/S?!

As of today I am 4 weeks and 6 days so U/S is scheduled for the 6th - I can hardley wait. I know so much can go wrong before then but am trying to stay positive and hopeful. Anyway thanks for trying to find me - I just saw this post and jumped on as soon as I logged in I will check in on the old thread to see what is going on with you - see you there!


Lila - September 26

I just read about the whole teacher thing - how did DH's meeting go? I hope everything is resolved and Holly can relax and begin to enjoy school. Hope the twins are getting better - they are just no fun. Sorry about all the activity and lack of sleep - how is Pumpkin doing? Has she adjusted her sleep schedule? I saw you have your email listed I g=hav ethe cutest email I am going to forward you about dogs you will truly LOL.

Sorry for the BFN this month. I know it is discouraging. I do not mean to pry but what has your Dr said about all this? It seems like they might want to da some testing or something. I hope this month things turn around.

I did not see any psots from Liz - have you heard anything? I am assuming she got locked out too but I was hoping to come on and here lots of good stories about her little twins. Let me know if you have heard anything


gavinsmommy - September 26


I knew it I am so happy for you!!!! I knew it !!! I told you it would happen. Just so you know I am sending you big hugs and squeezes now!!! Ask God to have you not cast your fruit before its time and all will be fine.

I was going crazy not being able to find out how your testing went. I knew it was somewhere around the 21st.

I have been talking through Liz by e-mail I will let her know that you are back on.

Dh did speak with the teacher and she said that it is not a big issue over Holly, that she is very intelligent and basically to bored. I suggested giving her something else to do when she gets done. I am hoping this works. I can't even think straight because I am so happy for you. Dh let the teacher know that we also have expectations from her just as she does from Holly so I guess we will see.

Pumpkin is doing better now as far as sleeping. She is now getting into everything. You know the phase I am talking about.

I have talked to the Dr. and he says everything looks good right now so to give some more time. Hopefully God will intervene before the Dr. does.

I am on cd 14 and waiting to get a positive on the opk. Say some prayers that I get one soon. Did you ever not o in any month? I am still trying the ovulex and hoping for a bfp real soon to join you guys.

You take it easy and put your fears into Gods hands and just keep on sitting on that lil egg. I hope there are 2 eggs in there. I will be glad to sit with you on your 2ww for your ultrasound.

I am still having some trouble replying on here, it took me 3 attempts once I was on.

I will talk to you later.

Take care and rest easy!!!

Mega prayers for a healthy baby!!!!


gavinsmommy - September 26

Hi Lila,

I got your e-mail. I was giggling at the things we do to our poor dogs. I could only imagine what they would say if they could talk.

Take care of the lil miracle and rest!!!!



Lila - September 27

Thanks Helen - I am actually off to bed early but wanted to check in real quick. Isn't that email a riot?! Poor poor puppies! So have you started sewing Pumkin's pumpkin costume yet? Only 1 month to halloween!! If so I want a picture!! What about the kids?? - do they have costume plans yet? I am sure Holly has an idea or two!

I am glad you DR sound so positive that must be a relief to you. Also sounds like DH's school meeting went rather well - good for him to say you all have expectations too.

If you are on day 14 O time should be here any moment - good luck. I did not do so great wit those OPK kits - one of the reasons we had to move on to IVF, Drs were just not convinced I was really ovulating and when I did it was often quite late like day 16 -18 which is not good. Luckily the IVF seems to have been the right choice - finally!!

Get you B-D moves ready and tell DH it is time for another romantice date night!! I will think lots of positive OPK thoughts for you.

Off to bed chat with you later


gavinsmommy - September 27

Hi Lila,

I am still having trouble logging in on here, it takes several attempts before I get back on to reply.

I have been trying to think of a costume for pumpkin and could not think of a good one until you sent me that e-mail. I thought that was so funny and I really could use the laugh. Its nice to have someone make you smile. I have the kids costumes already, Holly wanted to be a witch,Emily a vampiress and Gavin the werewolf. It was all Holly's idea to pick these costumes this year, she wanted to have a scary theme. Emily has the perfect widows peak for a vampiress also. They look so cute in them. Everytime they looked at each other they would all start to giggle.

I agree with you about the opk's, sometimes they are just confusing. Why was it bad to get a positive on the days from 16-18? I am still learning from all of this. Did you ever not get a positive on the opk?

I am going to talk to dh and see if we can hook up again. I could really use a nice night out again. I hope I get a positive on the opk soon or else I will be out for this month.

You rest up and take care of the lil one.

Talk to you later.

Mega hugs and healthy baby prayers!!!!!


Lila - September 28

Those costume ideas sound great - I knew Miss Holy would have a thing or two to do with those ideas!

As far as the issue with late ovulation many REs/OBs believe that if an egg takes too long to mature that the cytoplasmic maturation can be a little off. Meaning that the egg is taking to long to develop and becomes a little degraded. Now the thinking goes that you can still get pregnant from a "degraded egg" but it is much more likely to be an egg with issues that then becomes an embryo with issues - ie higher chance of chem pregnancy, blighted ovum (pregnancy that results in an empty sac at frirt sono), etc. This does not mean you can not have a healthy pregnancy just that your odd for it are a little worse. My OB first put me on Clomide which did do the trick as far as correcting my period - became a nice regular 28 day cycle with OPK picking up a surge on day 13/14 unfortunately it did not work for me as far as a pregnancy and it has lots of side effects that caused me other problems so I am not a huge fan of Clomide. The other thing I am annoyed about in hindsight about my experience is that even though Clomide seemed to regulate things by OB did not also monitor with U/S to see what the ovaries were actually doing and just for me and my body I did not have a great track record with the OPK and would have liked a little more confirmation before the IUI that the ovary was doing something correctly. Sorry did not mean to digress into all this you just got me going and I figured if you ever sended up doing a little more with your Doc at least I would give you my 2 cents.

Good luck on scheduling date night - your DH certainly is great at that stuff - lucky girl!

I am just sitting around over analyzing everything waiting till next Friday for the U/S I never realized time could move so slowly!

BTW - did you see Trina posted on the old thread!! She sounded great.

Talk with you later and have a great day


liz - September 28

Lila -

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so very happy for you and your BFP! Like everyone else I could not post and everyday I would come here look around and see if you posted at all. I know some women were lucky enough to be able to post at times. I knew you had your beta last Thursday and I was anxiously awaiting your results. How are you feeling? When do you go for your u/s? Anymore bw?

As you know I was pregnant with twins. Unfortunatly we found out at 8 1/2 weeks that baby b did not develope and we lost him or her. We were both devestated, but it is very hard to grieve the loss of the baby when I am trying to be postive and happy for the other.

I had another u/s today 10 weeks 5 days and the baby looks great. Actually measuring 11 weeks and 4 days. The heartbeat is strong at 157 and I can finally breathe alittle easier. I can not even describle how awesome it was to see the baby moving all around in there. The little peanut actually was moving his/her arm all around, looked like he/she was waving to mommy. I felt a huge relief, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Now, I really must get some rest, it is nap time and I keep getting side tracked. lol

Talk to you soon,


Lila - September 28

HEY LIZ!! I am so excited we can all post again! I am so sorry for your loss of baby B but it sounds like baby A is doing great and taking full advantage of having your undivided attention. The U/S must have been the greatest thing ever to see that little arm moving around and looking so strong. I am glad things are progressing well for you. It is amazing to think you are almost done with the first trimester!! That is great and happy news.

As of right now I am just sitting around waiting for the U/S which is not till next week. We are hoping to hear a H/B then but will have to wait and see. U/S is scheduled for 10/6 and I will be 6 weeks and 2 days then. I am all done with B/W till then so I have no idea what is going on in there and as I am truly symptom free I am on pins and needles hoping everything is developing.

My first Beta was 250, the second came in at 484 so we decided to do a third to make sure everything was OK and the third was 1346 so that was a relief.

I am so glad you are doing well and the baby is really big and strong. I think that is a great sign. Thanks so much for checking in and asking about me - it really was a long 2WW without being able to gab with you guys.

Hope you had a great nap and that you are getting lots of rest.


Lila - September 29

Hey Helen and Liz - just wanted to say I would be gone for the weekend and without a computer so will not be able to check in. Hope you guys have a great weekend that is tons of fun.


liz - September 29

Lila -

I know you are out of town and will not get this but I wanted to post anyway. I hope you had a great weekend and got lots of rest.

Your bw numbers look good. They seem to be doing what they are sopossed to. I had my second u/s at 6 weeks and 6 days and we got to see and here the heartbeats. I can't tell you how amazing the feeling is. It is hard to describe what it looks like, you will know what I mean. It is however the most amazing thing in the world. You will see!

I can't imagine how bad the 2ww must have been for you not being able to post. I was going crazy not knowing how you were doing. I was able to talk to Helen (she had her email address public) so that helped me a bit but I missed chatting with you. I just could not wait to here your results. :) Have you heard from Amy at all? I was wondering how she made out, I believe she was right ahead of behind you.

I must run, take care and I will talk to you soon


gavinsmommy - September 29

Hi Lila,

I am sorry I didn't get back to you right away. Did you ever have what I call the domino effect day or the chain reaction type day? Well that was my day yesterday. I didn't get a chance to sit down until 1:00 this morning. I swear I was ready to pull my hair out.

I got the dreaded letter home from school yesterday about my child being exposed to head lice. I was furious.
Holly and Emily have hair way down to their butts and I did not want to use those kits they sell because they claim the can harm the children. I searched the internet and found several sites that state to use regular conditioner and a nit comb. I called my peditrician and he suggested that I do this method because it was safer.
Well by the time I went through the procedure on the kids it was that late. Much to my and dh's relief they were fine. I swear if they would of had some dh and I would of hit the floor.

Thank you for you 2 cents its worth a million to me. I am open to any suggestions or advice that someone has to offer. My gosh you have learned from experience. I feel that is the best information anyone can offer. I still haven't got a + on my opk and I am thinking I might not be getting one this month. I am wondering if it is from all the exra stress that has been put on me this month. I hope that is all it is and everything goes back into place.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and get some well deserved rest. Just sit back and try and relax and absorb everything around you.

Take care.

Mega hugs and healthy baby prayers and great u/s results.


Lila - October 2

hey Helen - sounds like Friday really was a stressful day, I am so sorry. I hop ethe weekend picked up and improved! Did you get an OPK+ this weekend? If so best of luck.

Sorry about the lice scare - I am sure that was no fun! I am happy neither of the girl's had a problem though.

My weekend was nice and relaxing - mostly just ate yummy meals and napped - although we did go to an art fair and a museum which was nice. We went to a great street fair in Manhattan and DH ate all sorts of yummy things - I decided to be overly caustious and abstain - just never know how long the meat has been sitting out at something like that!

Liz I hope you are feeling good. I am chatting with Aimee via email (I remembered she had psoted her wensite in an old psot so found her that way when this site went down). She just got a BFP on Friday!! She went back in today to confirm it has doubled, and should get the results back this afternoon, nut her numbers are really strong and excellent. Unfortunately, she says she is really bloated and has OHSS symptoms - which is quite painful for her. Her clinic is on top of it though so everything should be fine - hopefully sooner rather than later.

Drop a line when you have a chance and let me know how you are doing - and how the new house is getting along - I want details.


Aimee37 - October 2

Liz!!?? ;D

How are ya?? i am so sorry your lost baby B. :-[ How did you know you lost it? Did you find out on the US?? On the other hand, I am glad to hear baby A is looking great!!

Hey I found out that I was pregnant on Friday!! ;D My first BETA was 252 on 15dpo. What were your BETA's and on what days were they taken??

I am still in shock and quite numb!! I am hoping for a great 2nd beta this afternoon.

I have very bad OHSS. I will have to go get another scan to see what is going on.

Well, just wanted to make this quick since I am at work.
I hope all is going well with you!!
-Aimee ;D


gavinsmommy - October 2

Hi Aimee,

Way to go soon to be mommy!!!!!! I am so happy for you! I will add you to my list of prayers for all the new mommies to be.

Take care of your new miracle.

Tons of healthy baby prayers to you and your dh.



Aimee37 - October 2






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