Late Period/Negative test. Confused..HELP!
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brennaGF - October 14

Long story made short.. we've been ttc now for one year after an ectopoic pregnancy. I've always had regular periods. Always on time, or before my AF is due. It was due the 10th of this month and its late. I keep feeling like AF is coming but its not. I work nights so last night around 4am i was really dizzy and nauseas, and it went away. I've taken a test ever since the 10th everyday and they've all came back negative. I've also been taking my OPK, which, oddly is a LH surge one day and the next its not. I'm not sure whats going on here. but this is ALL i can think about. I wasnt stressed up until yesterday, so i doubt that could be the reason why its late. I made a pact with myself not to test again until the 18th. Do you think now could just be to early to test. If i don't get it by the 20th I'm going to get a blood test. I just don't want to get all worked up [which i already am :'(] and then get let down..again. I'm getting all the pregnancy symptoms (which some i usually get with AF, anyways) and i cry to almost about anything. Heck, yesterday i was watching a cheerleading show and i started tearing up.

ANY advice would be GREAT, i'm sorry to make it so long; but i'm really worried. I'm partly worried to be let down, and partly that it could be another ectopic and the HCG levels arent showing yet, until its to late, and lose another tube.

I'm so confused, please help! ???


brennaGF - October 17

Now i'm a week late.
i have increased sence of smell and very mood.
still BFN


brennaGF - October 21

nobody's seems to want to help...

i'm now 11 days late.

im now worried sick to my stomach


Shara - October 21


Calm down, step away from the test and take a breath. It is normal to be this anxious but it is not going to help you. Once you have had any changes to your body such as ectopic pregnancy, cycle getting thrown off, etc. can make ttc to conceive that much harder. I know that it can be frustrating but do not test anymore. If you can hold out until you are at 14 dpo and blood test then you will get a for sure answer as to whether you are pregnant or not. Stressing, having anxiety or changes in diet can throw your cycle off from what you are use to. Take your prenatal vitamins, iron pills, green tea (decaffeinated tea bags are best and the cheapest) and start to chart your cycles so you can if your ovulation is irregular. Try to chart for three months and if you can not find a BFP or any relief you may need to seek a doctor's help. I hope I gave you a little something that you can use - Good Luck I am sending BabyDust your way!!!


lili246 - October 22

hey girl how is it going with you, have you gotten af yet?
Well I notice that you are so stress to get pregnant and that is one of the worse enemy in this situation. Try to relax and calm down and everything will come on it's own.
I know that I always been late on my periods but ofcourse I was so irregular that sometimes af wouldn't come for 1 month because I notice that I was stressing myself way to much and that wasn't helping.
Also those OPK's I always had problems with them aswell one day I got a almost positive and then the next day nothing so that would confuse me alot. I highly recommend buying whihc I know it is around $150.00 one of those fertility monitors it worked for me the first month I used it and it is worth paying that much.

I wish you the best and hope that you either get that BFP or get af so that you can start a fresh new month.
Keep us posted.



brennaGF - October 24

thanks so much lili and shara for your replys! its means SO much to me! well on the 22nd i got my AF. I'm usualy not so stressed out but i just started school full time and working full time it became a stress. I'm going to use my last of fertilia tea and drink my green tea and if i don't get that BFP we're going to relax a little bit for a few months. I only have a year left of school, so if i get PG in Jan, i'll be done with schooling. (not to mention not as stressed!) I see that you both (lili and shara) are expecting! CONGRATS! if you wouldnt mind.. did you do anything different, or could you tell me a little bit about your story? Again.. thanks so much!



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