Irregular Periods after Ovulex
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StephMalkowski - September 19

Hello Ladies,

I was on Ovulex for about 3 month, but stopped because it made me really irregular. The first month I was 24 days late, then had bleeding for other 24. About two weeks later I started bleeding a little again and have not stopped since! It's been about 6 weeks now...the first week I had brown spotting, the second was like a full period, then I spotted for about three weeks (only when i wiped, sorry tmi). Then on Friday I started very heavy again, I passed a very large clot that scared me! I "soaked" through a tampon in a couple of hours then passed the clot and then it lightened through the weekend. Today I'm back to a very light "spotting".

I was very regular prior to taking the ovulex and had never had spotting. I know I am still "O'ing" though because I use a fertility microscope and I had a "positive" for "O" about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I called my doctor for an appt., but she won't be able to see me until the 2nd of October. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, if so how was it dealt with?

DH and I have been TTC for 10 months now, and the past few have made us miserable with all these "issues". Any information or suggestions anyone might have in the mean time would be greatly appreciated.


sammy71 - September 20

Hey Steph.
I haven't had any issues accept the first month where I was one week late. I stopped taking Ovulex for one cycle to see what happened and this month my AF has been heavier and clots. Seems the Ovulex took away the clots and heavy bleeding so I've started back on it for that reason alone.

I don't think it's going to make me get a BFP but just the reduction in PMS symptoms will keep me on it. I'll probably just take the vitex though when this bottles through. It's only $7.99 at the health food store.

Good luck. Sammy71


Jade - September 28

I had some abnormal bleeding when stopping ovulex. It was spotting everyday for 6 weeks or so. It just Finally stopped last week. I had to see my Dr. about it because I was worried. She couldn't find anything wrong though. She took blood and was running some tests so I will have to wait on the results.


StephMalkowski - September 30

Thanks for the info...i'll have to ask my dr. about that on monday....

Please keep me up to date with your test results. i go to my dr. on monday. I know what you mean about being makes you wonder what's going on. i just hope it's nothing major, if anything at all......I'll keep you posted.




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