Insurance won't pay
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shelley31 - May 27

I was hoping someone in the forum could help me. I had a tubal ligation 11 years ago and I now regret it. So I have been looking into IVF procedures. Well when I called my insurance company they will not pay for it if the patient has had a tubal ligation. If anyone has had a similiar case please share and let me know what you did.


meridithhasfaith - May 27

Hi Shelley,
I am afraid I don't have any experience with this but I just wanted to say I am sorry it's happening to you now and I hope you can find a solution. Take care



HeatherMac - May 28


Though I haven't had the same experience as you, my experience is similar in that my insurance wouldn't pay for anything during my infertility treatment.


They would pay for ALL my infertility treatments had they been used to PREVENT pregnancy. HELLO??!!??!

We paid for EVERYTHING out of our pocket. I have to admit, things were a little tough financially for us, and we decided we could not go the IFV route...we just didn't have the resources.

I also had two major surgeries during my treatment that I thankfully didn't have to pay for because my doc said the surgeries were for endometriosis and not infertility.

So, I know my experience isn't the same as yours, but in a way it was similar...we paid for everything out of pocket and decided as we went just how much we could do. It made the pressure of all the treatments much more intense, but it was the only choice we had...and we did what we could with what we had.

A friend of mine chided me for spending all our money on fertility treatments. No one I know has ever had any infertility problems, so they have no idea the things they say are so incredibly rude. Anyway, when we were finally successful with our treatments she said to me that babies were expensive. I asked her if she had ANY CLUE what we were spending on doctor bills, blood draws, tests, drugs and treatments...that a baby would actually be a cost savings to us.

No one understands more than the women here how expensive it is to go through infertility...not only in money, but in the emotional costs, mental costs, physical costs...all of it. Just remember to come here often and get the support of the women here. Meridithhasfaith reached out to give you support and hope...the women here are incredible! And that is the one thing here that is truly invaluable.

Good luck to you, and know that you have support here!




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