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Mahogany Heart - June 18

Ange and TTC(s)

I read your post today and I would say that you have a point to a degree because like another person said we all are on different levels.

When I first came to your board I felt that I belong there more because I had been trying for so long and NO ONE understood that. I didn't feel comfortable on the BFP board and yes and I had a BFP. My loyalty was not there because all I know and knew at that and this time is TTC. I'm talking about me.

When you have been trying so hard and as many years as I have and you meet people for the first time who been trying for less than that amount of time and get a BFP, you right it makes you feel strange and other things. I remember at times crying when someone I knew got pregnant or when some crazy person went psycho and killed their child or children and I'm crying and asking God what about me and telling him he could have blessed me with that baby because I wouldn't have kill it but gave it all the love and care. I'm talking about me.

I been through it with all the fertiles telling me all I have to do is stop trying so hard and it will come. OR In God's time OR anything they would say to make me feel less than a woman then I already did at that time. I been through alot and those 14 years from the time I got my BFP was well worth the wait. I'm talking about me.

I learned something you have to rejoice when others rejoice and cry when others cry and that is what this ttc is all about. I'm talking about me.

I had to change my way of thinking and see my ttc as a learning experience for others. That is what I do. When we were getting negative feedback I took my Sisterhood those who were serious about our ttc and moved them to our very own board and by the grace of God everyone of us that did not drop out that left Shared Journey and stayed dedicated too the Sisterhood got a BFP. We all had to change our way of thinking and our thought pattern. When one Sister got a BFP it motive another and then another and then another and then another. We were there for each other and we never turned our backs because we had condition our minds to see our miracles.

I was the only one on the board at that time 14 year in the making and several of the sisters got BFP before me but it made me work a little hard and research a little more and spend a little more money. After I change my way of thinking from negative to positive it didn't bother me when a TTC got pregnant I looked at it as wow I'm next because when a TTC GET PREGNANT YOU KNOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I'm talking about me.

In closing I been where you all are at and if I wouldn't have got my BFP last year I would be at my 15 year mark. I wish you all the SuperNatural Babydust and Keep The Faith!!!

If I made anyone one of you all uncomfortable just Pray for me because TTC is not joke and when a TTC knocks the IN off INFERTILITY then she needs all the Praise she can get. YOU SEE I CAN'T LEARN NOTHING FROM A FERTILE BUT I CAN LEARN ALOT FROM SOMEONE WHO BEEN WHERE I GOT TO GO. IT'S NOTHING LIKE A TTC SUCCESS STORY. I'm talking about me.




Ange - June 18

Hello Ladies,

I am sorry to upset anyone it wasn't my intention. I love all of you as if we are family. I am very happy for all of you and you bfp but I don't think you understand what I am trying to say. Yes we are at all different levels. For example me I am 15 years with PRIMARY infertility that is something none of you have gone through and trust me you never want to go through.

I wish you all the best I am leaving this board. I will keep my sisters in my heart and wish you all the most beautifull pregancies and babies and any of you still ttc I wish you a short journey

I love you all



Jess - June 19

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I can't believe what I'm seeing on this board??? What happened to some of these girls??? I thought we were all family and to be there for one another through the good AND the bad? I just wanted to let the one's who want to hear it, that I will be on the recent bfp board for now on and if you ever want to drop in and say hello, or ask some questions, or just need to vent, I'll be there for you:) You girls have been there for me soooo many times when I needed you and now it's my turn to be there for you:) Now that I've overcome my ttc problem, that means we're still going to work on YOU overcoming your ttc.

ALL of you girls in the TTC area.... We're still here for you even though we're not on this board:) Just visit us on our new board and we'll be glad to try and help you out anyway we can:) You're all in my prayers and I know in my heart, that God WILL answer your prayers like he did ours!!!!

GOD bless and lot's of baby dust to all of you!!!!:)


Shara - June 19

Good Evening Ladies,

I guess I have been gone one day too long. I will say that I have left this board once and will do so again. The last thing I want to feel is that after all the support that have been given that I now make people uncomfortable. TTC is a very hard journey and not only that but I just buried my son and daughter January while everyone was happily awaiting their new additions. So I will be on the BFP board and I will still be waiting for more ladies to take the pledge and join the sisterhood. I am pulling for you but never under these circumstances. I am not out of the woods and I can not be concerned with the selfish feelings of others. I can not understand how you can be ttc and put on the biggest smile in the world for your friends that are pg but you can't be happy for the ladies that are walking this journey with you. I wish you all the best of luck and those that wish to email me you can still do so!!!! ;)


RNORST - June 19

Ok, Ladies. Lets just start over. I'm here for all of you rather you are preg or ttc. I also need all of your support. We have all went though hard times and at very different levels. I will post here and the still ttc board and on the BFP board and hope that very soon, I can have a story to share there:) I just want to keep in contact with all of you. You ladies are my family, I dont want to loss contact with anyone.

Well if anyone is still out there?? I go to the re tommorrow again for b/w and u/s, I went yesterday and it was too early only cd 11. Tommorrow will be cd 13. I hope to have 2-3 egs!! I think the IUI will probably be on Friday??
Love and prayers to all, if you have been bless or your bless is right around the coner.


shan1234 - June 19

Renee -- I know I'm not suppose to post on this forum, but I wanted to wish you luck tomorrow. I'll be praying for you to get 3 eggs....more if possible. I want this month to be it for you, so you can come to the Recent BFP forum. I'm still here for you and prayer for you.



wantafamily - June 19

Hello ladies

OK, seriously, I think Ange's intentions got blown out of proportion. In the short time i have been part of this board I have felt like I have been welcomed as part of a wonderful family. And even though I haven't been part of all of your journey, I still prayed for you and rejoiced with you BFPers when you got it. Let's take a step back here. This is a support forum, for everyone. I agree with Shara in that this jouney should not necessarily end with us once you get the bfp. All of you have made friendships here and some are bfp and some are not. I think those of us still trying need all the support we can get. I know AF is here for me AGAIN, and I'm bummed about it, AGAIN, and frankly, I could use a bit of support.

I do understand Ange's point of view also though. It seems all the chatter from the bfps was outweighing everything else. And again, let me restate that I am sooooo happy for all of you ladies that got your bfps and I do want to know how you are doing. But there were times I was wondering who on this board was still ttc, especially as a newbie that didn't know everyone's history. Of course our journeys together should not end just because some of us have bfps and some of us don't. You bfps have such a great opportunity to be a major blessing to the ttcers. You have had success!!! You can be a source of support and encouragement to your ttc sisters!!

Here is what I suggest: For those bfpers, we would love to hear updates about how things are going for you. We are here to share your joys and your concerns. But maybe more specific and detailed conversations about your pregnancies can be posted on the bfp board and those who want to visit and be more involved can go there. For us ttcers, let's try to share in the joy and amazing miracle the bfpers are experiencing. Remember, when we get our bfps, we will want to share with every one as well. However, this board was designed for us to lean on each other and vent and do whatever we need to do to get by until we get our bfps. And we should use this board as much as we need to for that.

Ladies, all of us, bfps or ttcs, we are all in this together one way or another. I don't want Lili and Shara and Jess to feel that they can't talk to us just because they got a bfp. Let's just all try to be a little more thoughtful about how what we say might affect others. I don't think anyone should leave the board.

That is my suggestion. I hope that I didn't upset anyone with it.

Renee, I'm praying hard for you girl!! I know it will be your turn. Jade, Ange, you are in my prayers also!!



RNORST - June 19

Shan, Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I will let you know right away tommorrow. How are you feeling?

Heather, I'm so sorry about af. I hate it when she comes. Thanks for writing all that. I want all of us to help each other rather or not if you got a bfp. I want all the BFP girls to wrtie and check on us and tell us how they are doing also, but some times its harder when they talk about all the m/s when we cant compare yet. I cant wait to get m/s!!! Thanks for your prayers, us ttc'ers will get though this, but we need all the ladies support. Like I said before I'm here for all the ttc'ers and the BFP girl, even when there babies grow up.

Love Renee


wantafamily - June 19


It can be hard, but as you say, we are here for everyone.

OK, stupid question - what is m/s??


wantafamily - June 20


How did it go? I'm anxious to hear......



RNORST - June 20

Heather, m/s morning sickness.

Well my appt was this morning at 8:15. They did b/w and u/s. I have not heard back about the b/w yet, thats what I'm waiting on to see when the IUI will be. Well I have maybe 4 eggs that will be ready!!! Today is cd 13, last month on cd 13 that when I had the same u/s done and I had 3 eggs, the size of the eggs last time was 22, 18, 16. Anything over 18 mm?? is mature. But the eggs grow 1-2 mm per day. This time the eggs were smaller, like it wasnt quiet time yet, this time they were 18, 15, 14, 13. My lining last time was 9mm (I'm not for sure if it's mm??) But they want your lining to be at least 8. This time it was 8.1, so the lining was good. So I think instead of IUI on Friday it might be on Sat instead, because when I was in on monday 2 days ago my lining was 5.4, so it went from 5.4 to 8.1 in two days. Also my eggs on monday the biggest one was 14.5 and today it was 18. So even if I do IUI on Friday my eggs should be around 22, 19, 18, 17 ?? I will let you know after I hear from them.

Love Renee


wantafamily - June 21

Hey Renee,

Looks like its just the two of us for now. I hope you continue to post as I am learning so much from you!

I so hope everything goes well for you this time!!! I'm sure this will be the month for you! Of course, if it is, I will be all by myself. :( But if another one of my sisters gets a bfp, that is a great reason for the board to be empty!!! I continue to pray for you and Jade and Ange every day.

So you are taking Clomid as well, right? What will you do if you have more than one going on in there?

Well, nothing to report on my end of things, just cramps from AF. Hope this weekend goes really well for you!



Ange - June 22

Heather~ We have moved to the Sounding board if you would like to come. I am sorry you are left alone it wasn't my intention. I sent you an instant message a few days ago but I guess you didn't get it? We would love to continue to share our days with you.



Freshstart - July 1

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories. It's very inspiring as I just learned of how trying it will be for me and my significant other...I hope everyone has a good month!


littlemoma07 - November 2

hellp every1 i have been trying to post for two weeks am i getting thru ??? ??? ??? ???


nickynik - May 9

Thanks for starting this board. I just turned 31 been married for 4 years and I am sitting here in tears because I am having such a hard time TTC.

I have PCOS and my husband and I wanted to try IVF. Well I just finished my second cycle. For some reason I am not responding to the Bravelle. I really don't know what to do.

I really would like to just have some one to talk to. I am so discourged right now and I feel it just wont happen for me.




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