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Yukon Queen - June 16

Yes i have pcos ,was put on met by ny specialist dr but i stopped taking it since a month ago and i quess that since then it has become worse
Will call my dr on monday to get anew prescription ,do you know any cheap site for buying metformin.


Shara - June 16

You can try


destinybaby - June 17

Hi Shara,

I am not sure if i am ready for twins :o, but i guess i gotta get ready. It sounds a bit scary as far feedings, changing diapers etc, but i think it will be fun when they can play together. I am getting use to the idea :).

That clinic souds really cool, but a water birth claming. :)



Shara - June 17

Hey tia

so when will u know for sure?


Yukon Queen - June 17

[quote author=Shara link=board=4;threadid=3601;start=1065#36923 date=1182023961]
You can try

Please Shara,
Do they require Prescription?


destinybaby - June 18


I will know if its really 2 some time in July when i do the u/s. next beta this wednesday, i hope numbers are progressing nicely, :)



Ange - June 18

Hello Ladies!

This is a message for all of you. When I created this board I did it for people who are struggling with ttc and needed a friend. I think the purpose is lost. Their are too many ladies talking about m/s and their due dates and not respecting the feelings of those who are still struggling to have a bfp. Don't get me wrong I love all of you. But I feel this has become more of a BFP board then a TTC board. Seeing the tickers and hearing about your betas is very hard for us woman still going through the process and we need a board to vent and help each other through. I have been ttc for 15 years now I am still hopful my prayers will be answered. I know you all mean well but I really think you should talk about your preganancy symptoms on the BFP board and leave this one for ttc. We all want to still talk to you and ask questions and I think we should go to the bfp board to do so.

Love to all



destinybaby - June 18

Hi Angie,

My heart goes out to you, I know from your posts you have been ttc for a long time. I was a little surprised about your post today. You see everyone who joined this post was ttc and now to tell them they are not welcome because they got the BFP is pretty surprising. In as much as I understand why that is still my thoughts. In my case for instance, yes I got my BFP, but I am not out of the wood, have not had a u/s and still counting betas don't you think that i may need support from women on this board anymore.


Jade - June 18

Ange and Ladies~
I completely agree with Ange. It is very depressing to be on the board lately for those of us still TTC. We LOVE all of you ladies and are SO happy for you all. But struggling with infertility is a very emotional nightmare and we all know how hard it is to hear about pregnancy symptoms, betas, ultrasounds, etc. when we arent the ones experiencing it. I haven't posted in a while because of that fact that I don't feel like I fit in on the board. You ladies are so supportive and caring, and I hope to be able to share with the BFP chat soon enough, but for now I am still on the TTC rollercoaster.
Good luck to you all!!


wantafamily - June 18

Hi ladies,

Well, some spotting this morning, so I expect AF to start in force today or tomorrow. I was a little surprised this morning as my bbs are still very tender and usually they stop hurting a day or two before AF arrives. I also had no headaches or backaches either, but that is kind of off and on anyway. I guess the positive thing is that in a couple more months I can go in and see an RE. Kind of a bummer though, but I know things will happen in God's time. I thanked him this morning that he knows what is best for me.

As far as Ange's post, I think what she is trying to say is that all of us still ttc are extremely happy for you ladies that got your bfps, but it is kind of difficult to hear about all the preg things you are experiencing when we have not had ours yet. However, I fully understand how wonderful and exciting things are when you get your bfp and you want to let everyone know. I'm sure when it happens for me, I will be the same way. So, I can see and understand where both of you ladies are coming from. Is there some way we can compromise? Maybe the bfps can discuss their progress and details on the bfp board, but not leave this board completely? I'm sure we must be able to reach a compromise?

Renee, how are you? When do you go in for you IUI?

Love to all,


destinybaby - June 18

Hi All,

now that i have heard the opinion 2 other women who are still trying (Jade, Heather). I am now going to remove myself from this board. I don't feel comfortable anymore discussing my fears that I may not make it through this 1st trimester or that I am happy that i have not seen any spotting for a few days now.

I will be posting the pregnancy after fertility board. I wish you all the very best.



RNORST - June 18

Well I went back to the re today, last time I went in it was cd 13 and today is only cd 11, I thought well maybe they want to be sure and do it a little early?? Well it was too early, I had b/w and u/s, I had alot of eggs, but of cousre they were small, too early to be ready yet. It cost me 263.00 today and now I have to go have it done in a few days again. I hope they dont charge me, it was there mistake making my appt early. The nurse even told me she would never make my appt that early. So I have to call back at 2:00 today to see when I go back in for a u/s and b/w. I'm thinking it will be Wed and IUI on Friday??? I just hope they dont charge me 263.00 again. We have enough money saved up for this time, but not a extra 263.00. I think the nurse seen 8 eggs, but of course they will not all be mature, so I'm hoping for 2 or 3.

Heather, Dont give up girl till af comes. I'm praying for you. Thats good you and dh have already had testing done. I will call the re back in a little while to see when I go back for b/w and u/s, I think maybe wed and IUI on friday?? Thanks for the prayers:)

Tia, I'm glad every thing is going good. I also spotted a little when I was preg with my son.

I love all of you ladies and I know we all need support, but we are at different levels. I will say, yes is is hard hearding about all the m/s, beta, u/s, etc. But I know you are all very exeicted and I would be too. I want to keep in contact with all the ladies, preg or not.

Love Ya Renee


RNORST - June 18

Well I go back in on Wed for b/w and u/s. I asked if I was going to get charged again and she checked and said the u/s, I would not have to pay for, but the b/w I will. I dont know how much b/w is, I shouldn't have to pay any, but oh well, it should be cheaper then 263.00 again, I'm thinking it will be about 100.00?? What a waste of money, from there mistake!!
Love Renee


lili246 - June 18

Well Ange and Jade,
I sure know how you are feeling at this moment and understand you aswell.
But you kinda made us not be part of this forum anymore just because we are pregnanct. We were with you here from the begining and felt welcome. But I guess we are not anymore.

Thanks for everything and it was nice talking to you all.

I will always be here for you girl. I am sending you all the special baby dust your way :) Hope you don't get kick out from this forum when you get pregnant.
Sorry but the broke my feelings and now that I am more sensitive.
I though we were all sisters in the good and bad times I guess we were wrong.

Take Care


RNORST - June 18

Lili, Hey girl, you know that I'm always here for you and all the other girls.

Love Renee


Mahogany Heart - June 18

Ange and TTC(s)

I read your post today and I would say that you have a point to a degree because like another person said we all are on different levels.

When I first came to your board I felt that I belong there more because I had been trying for so long and NO ONE understood that. I didn't feel comfortable on the BFP board and yes and I had a BFP. My loyalty was not there because all I know and knew at that and this time is TTC. I'm talking about me.

When you have been trying so hard and as many years as I have and you meet people for the first time who been trying for less than that amount of time and get a BFP, you right it makes you feel strange and other things. I remember at times crying when someone I knew got pregnant or when some crazy person went psycho and killed their child or children and I'm crying and asking God what about me and telling him he could have blessed me with that baby because I wouldn't have kill it but gave it all the love and care. I'm talking about me.

I been through it with all the fertiles telling me all I have to do is stop trying so hard and it will come. OR In God's time OR anything they would say to make me feel less than a woman then I already did at that time. I been through alot and those 14 years from the time I got my BFP was well worth the wait. I'm talking about me.

I learned something you have to rejoice when others rejoice and cry when others cry and that is what this ttc is all about. I'm talking about me.

I had to change my way of thinking and see my ttc as a learning experience for others. That is what I do. When we were getting negative feedback I took my Sisterhood those who were serious about our ttc and moved them to our very own board and by the grace of God everyone of us that did not drop out that left Shared Journey and stayed dedicated too the Sisterhood got a BFP. We all had to change our way of thinking and our thought pattern. When one Sister got a BFP it motive another and then another and then another and then another. We were there for each other and we never turned our backs because we had condition our minds to see our miracles.

I was the only one on the board at that time 14 year in the making and several of the sisters got BFP before me but it made me work a little hard and research a little more and spend a little more money. After I change my way of thinking from negative to positive it didn't bother me when a TTC got pregnant I looked at it as wow I'm next because when a TTC GET PREGNANT YOU KNOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I'm talking about me.

In closing I been where you all are at and if I wouldn't have got my BFP last year I would be at my 15 year mark. I wish you all the SuperNatural Babydust and Keep The Faith!!!

If I made anyone one of you all uncomfortable just Pray for me because TTC is not joke and when a TTC knocks the IN off INFERTILITY then she needs all the Praise she can get. YOU SEE I CAN'T LEARN NOTHING FROM A FERTILE BUT I CAN LEARN ALOT FROM SOMEONE WHO BEEN WHERE I GOT TO GO. IT'S NOTHING LIKE A TTC SUCCESS STORY. I'm talking about me.





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