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Ange - June 13

Congrats Tia and Shan!!!!!! You both are blessed


RNORST - June 13

Poocheroo, Welcome to our group, there is a ton of support here. Good luck with your IVF, you are a very strong women, that would be hard with dh in the service. Your on my prayer list!!

Ange, so you will be doing IVF in aug or sept!!!! How exceiting!! Are you feeling back to normal since you had your surgrey? I'm doing IUI with 100 mg of clomid again. I started taking clomid on tues and I stop on sat. Then I go in for b/w and u/s on monday the 18th. I'm praying for a least two eggs, your chances are better with 2 rather than 1. But my God, can bless me with one egg also. I hope it works this time, running out of money.

Shan, so how did it go at the doc?

Tia, CONGRATS!!!!! I'm so happy for you. When do you go back for a u/s to see how many babies there are?

Love Renee


BlessME - June 13

Hi I was thinking about you the other day. Wondering what happened to my big sister? This is because when I came to the forum you were there to answer my questions. Havent posted here been posting in the Ovulex (Im not on ovulex anymore but will again if AF starts)

Who are you?

Dumb of me its HOW are you?


Jess - June 13

Congrats on the new BFP's Tia and Shan!!! God is really blessing this forum!!! He is the answer:)

For all of those getting ready to start your next attempt, good luck, relax and bd like it's going out of style:) We'll all be praying for you!

Love ya girls,


Jess - June 13

Hey, has anyone heard from butterfly??? I sure hope she is ok...


Ange - June 13

Hello Renee,

I will see what the dr says July 20th but I think it will be september. That means summer baby. I am excited. I pray u get 2 eggs at least. Take it easy and try not to stress.

luv to you



destinybaby - June 13

Hi Ladies,

Thanks to Jess, Renee, Angie, and all the other ladies for their well wishes, I am still in shock. But very happy, God is sooo good.

Renee, I go back next wednesday to see how my levels are and then they will tell me when my u/s will be.

my beta at 10p5dt is 461 the clinic thinks there may be 2. :D



acbieri - June 13

what kind of insurance do you have Tia or what kind of insurance can I get for the doctor thanks


RNORST - June 13

Blessme, Good to hear from you. I'm doing really good, getting ready to do another round of IUI and 100 mg of clomid. I go back June 18th to take blood and a u/s, to see how many eggs I made. Pray and hope it works this time, we are running out of money. I have already been approved for a loan, just incase.
So you are on cd 28, have you O yet, your ticker says 12 days until O?

Jess, Butterfly e-mailed me last week, she is doing good, very busy with school and work. How is that m/s?

Ange, thats one thing, I'm changing this month, I'm going to relax and lay it at Jesus feet, theres nothing I can do about it, so theres no use worrying. Get ready beacuse sept will be here so fast:0) Are you going to buy the IVF package, three of them?? I'm sure the first one will work. Everyone that I know that did IVF got a BFP!!

Tia, keep us posted on your levels. Any m/s yet?

Acbieri, What cd are you on?

Love Renee


lili246 - June 14

Where are you? How are you doing? we are thinking of you...


Shara - June 14

Congratulations Tia -

One of the sisters are pregnant - I am so happy for you!!!


shan1234 - June 14

Hello Ladies, :)

I went to my doctor appt, yesterday, but I didn’t see my doctor. I was with the nurse for about two hours going over paperwork. She took my blood and that was it. I have my first u/s on Monday; we’re hoping to see a heartbeat. I can’t wait. I’m hoping if I see the heartbeat it will set in that I’m pregnant. I still don’t have any symptoms yet, so that’s why I’m thinking this is all a dream. My due date is Feb. 11, 2008.



wantafamily - June 14

Hi ladies,

Wow, there has been so much action on this board since I last checked in. Tia, congrats girl, I knew this would be your month! Shan, congrats to you also! Its so very exciting to see everyone getting preggers. Let's hope it is contageous.

Ange, how are you doing?

Renee, I think this month will be it for you. I feel like you have the right mental state. All we can do is put things in the hands of God and let him take care of things. Oh, btw, we are cruising in November to Kouzmel, Grand Caymen, Belize, and Costa Maya. It is our first cruise!!!

Lili, I'm so glad your Dr. visit went well.

Welcome to the newbies. The support here is great and I'm sure you will get the encouragement and answers you need.

Best to all that I have missed (sorry, I can't remember all of you and where you are at but give me time and I will get it straight.)

God Bless all of us with our little bundles of joy!


positiveGirl - June 14

tia and shan - Congrats to both of you!! u guys must be so happy.... just relax and have fun.... :)

Yesterday I went for 2nd U/S. It was fun and the baby is growing fine. the RE showed be the heart..."I couldn't see then he said "do see this point blinking?" I said yes but so small... he said" yes that's the heart" we were like" wow!! I felt like a small kid going to disney land and meeting their favourtite characters..... :) also we heard the hearbeats.

How are you lili,jess all doing?? lili am not sure but did u hear the heart beats?

Welcome to all the newbies.... you would get all of suuport from this forum... my entire jouney of TTC became lot smoother bcoz of these wonderful friends... :)

Good luck to all,


RNORST - June 14

wantafamily, WOW that cruise sound awsome!! So where are you at in your cycle? I hope that laying my IUI down to God will help me out.

Does any one know of blood work that is done in the 2ww? I have heard of girls getting blood levels check during the 2ww, but I didnt know what it was for? My re has not checked any thing during the 2ww, I thought I might ask them, if I knew what was being tested.

Love Renee


Shara - June 14

Hey Renee

I sent you an email but I basically said that during my 2ww I had b/w for my progesterone levels. When your progesterone levels drops or never rise high enough(above 20) it signals your body to shed its lining for your menstrual. So they were checking my levels to ensure that when implantation occured my body would not shed the lining afterwards or inhibit implantation from occuring in the first place.



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