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shan1234 - June 8

Renee – I’m glad your af is here. I’m hoping my af will be here tomorrow. I’m ready to try again. This cycle I plan on using preseed, taking prenatal and drinking green tea. I’m going to leave the Ovulex out this cycle. I feel like I need to give my body a break from taking pills.

Lili – How was your dr. appt? Did you hear your baby’s heartbeat? Let us know.

Tia & Heather – Good Luck on your 2ww.

Shara – How are you feeling? Do you have any pregnancy signs yet?



lili246 - June 8

well guess what Ladies
I had my appointment at 3:30 and didn't get in until 4:30 and after the nurse finish with drawing some blood I heard that they doctor was leaving to the hopital because some lady was getting ready to give birth. So she left and they were scheduling the appointments. They gave me an option to wait because she was going to be back so I decided to wait. Then the doctor called again and she said she wasn't going to be back because the lady was going to have a c-section so they were going to take longer. So I had to reschedule for monday late afternoon at 5:15p.m. But before I left I told the nurse that I wanted to hear my baby's heartbeat so they did it. I could hear it.... :)!!!YAY! I know now for sure that my baby is doing well and is staying inside me with no problem. :)
I got excited and will go back to the doctor on monday and have a pap smear done and talk to the doctor. It is a small place I kinda don't like it but the girls there are nice. And the hospital I want to have my baby is very close to her office so she won't take long.

So that is all I have to say the good thing is that my baby is doing well :) So now I am more relief.

guess what happen this morning... I woke up at 4a.m. to the bathroom and then couldn't go back to sleep because I was hungry. I didn't want to want anything but I couldn't sleep either so I woke up and had a glass of milk and a banana and woke up my dh and my son. They were all awake with then we went back to sleep. It was cute.

But then this morning at work I am straving again. I guess my baby is getting bigger :)

So for now I am happy and looking forward to see what the doctor saus about an early u/s


Shara - June 8


I am glad that you are in good spirits!!! Now you have another chance to go for it. I was ovulating perfectly all year and then the first cycle I tried to get pg - NO FOLLICLES for some reason. THen the next month everything went well - so maybe it was not your time to have a baby in February because God wants to do something else and you need to be ready for it. Maybe March is your month ;D ;) ;D I am praying for you.


actually I am starting to have that whole nausea thing wave in and out on me but nothing to serious. I just try to keep snacking when I can. I get tired a lot now and the cramps are letting up but they are not gone yet. Other than that I am peachy LOL!

For the ladies in the 2ww I am holding you in my prayers for good news!!!


lili246 - June 8

Happy Birthday Ange!!!!

Hope that you have fun and best wishes!!

Love Lili


wantafamily - June 8

Hi ladies,

Renee, I am on Cd 20. I actually try not to keep track because I start reading too much into things. This month I am actually feeling OK if it doesn't happen this month since I just booked a cruise with my DH for November. Of course, I would rejoice so much if it does happen this time. Renee, I read Luke 10 and its at the very end of the chapter where Jesus address Martha and essentially tells her she worries too much about too many things. He says Mary has chosen to sit at the feet of the Lord and that will not be taken from her. Which I actually think is neat because I feel that passage tells us just to rest in the Lord and not worry.

Lili, how exciting for you!

Well, tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for one of my friends. I am happy to do it for her, but I sure hope I get to have one soon.

Love, prayers, and baby dust to all of you!!!



RNORST - June 8

Well girls, the u/s went well, I have a few small cyst, but they were so small they are not worried about them. I dont know if they just go away or get bigger over time, does anyone know? The nurse also said that my lining was very thin for only cd 1, but see asked what my af are like and I told her usual only 1-2 days and she said well you are almost finished with af already. I asked her if this was ok and she told me there was nothing wrong, all women are different. I start taking clomid on June 12th (our anniv.) thur June 16th, then I go back on June 18th for u/s and b/w. They will check my lining again to make sure everything is ok, I hope so since last time my lining was better then normal.

Shan, so you except af tommorow. Do you have any preg signs. Good luck I hope she doesn't show up, but if she does I will be here for you and we can try another cycle together.

Shara, Thank you so much for all your support. Thats right Feb wasnt the month God wanted my baby born, I hope and pray that March is perfect. This is all in God's perfect timing, I just wish if His timing wasn't for another year or so that He would tell me. I cant keep spending money like this. Take care and get alot of rest. Thank you for the prayers, I'm also praying for you and your baby.:)

Lili, I'm so happy you got to hear the heartbeat. Yeah!!!

Heather, Thank you so much for that, WOW, I read that but didn't think of it like that, but thats perfect for us ttc'ers. We need to wait on the Lord and not worry, He has everything under control. When we worry we are not trusting in God!! I need to kept reminding myself of that. We need to trust Him. He wants us all to have children, He is a God who wants life, and alot of the time satan tells us, It's not in God's will, but it is, He wants us to have life. So when I hear that in my head I cast down that thought. I was also having a problem with, I must have done something wrong, or I'm crused not to have anymore children, thats also satan trying to come in and steal from us. Thats old testment stuff, we live in the new testment since Jesus came and died to take away those sin for us.....Ok I had to get that out. Please keep reminding me of these things, Thats the only way we are going to make it though this. So your going on a criuse, thats awsome, where are you going? Good luck this cycle, your in my prayers.

Ange, how are you feeling?

Tia, I cant believe you get to test wed already, good for you. Are they doing a blood test that day?

I'm praying for all you ladies.
Love Renee
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Jess - June 8

Renee-I would still take green tea while trying to conceive along with your clomid. It's not going to hurt anything, but make things flow better:) I would drink the green tea twice a day up until a week AFTER your next IUI. That way the tea has a chance to put everything into place:) I really believe green tea helped me conceive my baby and I was taking it twice a day until I found out I was pregnant. So I was four weeks prego when I finally stopped the green tea. I don't know if that is why I got pregnant or that I am still pregnant, but it worked:) I'm still thanking the lord every chance I get for answering my prayers and will continue to do so.

I'm still feeling sick day and night, but I think it is starting to let up a little. I wake up every morning around 3am starving and always make sure I have something to eat and drink at my headboard. I wasn't that tired in the beginning and now I'm tired all the time... And another thing, my skin is drying out like crazy. All I drink is water all day and my skin is flaking off:( The baby is taking every ounce of moisture that I have!!! LOL!! That's fine by me, as long as my baby comes out healthy.

For those of you still in the 2ww, I'm praying for you.

The answer is within GOD.



RNORST - June 8

Jess, thanks for your advice, I'm cd 1 today and I started to drink green tea. I have had 3 cups today so far. I just have a hard time, drinking it on the weekends, I forget, so I'm going to make some and put in the ref. so that I will remember.
I'm glad you are starting to feel a little better. I was sick with my son until week 12, then all of a sudden it was gone, so you probably have 3 weeks left. Make sure you rest as much as possiable.
Have a good weekend.
Love Renee


acbieri - June 9

I'm taking the ovulex but what otc fertility pill would work the best

I started yesterday on the ovulex and taking prenatal vitamins as well as folic acid

thanks for ur help


destinybaby - June 9

Hi Ladies,

I can't believe I test on wednesday. :o :D. I have been having some cramping, but not spotting. I noticed that most of the women with the BFP had some kind of spotting before testing. So far no spotting for me, just mild cramping. Did anyone ever get a BFP without spotting before the test.?


Mahogany Heart - June 9


I knew it was something I was forgetting. I put in there

No I didn't get pregnant off of ovulex. I use Prayer, Provera, CLOMID, Prometrium, Prenatal with and extra folic acid, Preseed and green tea. I only BD twice in my fertile window and I also did Talk therapy.


Shara - June 9

MH -

Girl we have been on this road for so long taking so many different drugs we are bound to forget one pill or another LOL!!


I am praying for you girl. In addition, last time I was pg I had cramping with no spotting like this time. So I am pulling for you and your baby ;)


I was told that cysts usually atrophy (burst or go away) on their own if given time. But if they are getting in the way you may want to discuss removal with your doctor. And thank you for your prayers and support I need it.

Thank you all for your prayers and support and i am sending it right back at cha - we will all be preggers in no time. The fertile bug is in the air!!!


destinybaby - June 9

Hi Shara,

Thanks for easing my mind, because still no spotting as yet, a little tired, but just cramping still. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.




Shara - June 9

Thanks Tia!!


shan1234 - June 11

Hello Ladies!!! ;D

Oh my gosh!!! Oh my gosh!!! I have to calm myself down. I can’t even type at this moment. God has answered my prayers. THANK YOU GOD!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! I JUST CAN’T STOP THINKING HIM ENOUGH. THANK YOU GOD!!!! I finally got a BFP. I can’t believe it. I keep looking at the pregnancy test to make sure that I do see two lines….YEP there’s two line. I’m shock! I tested on Monday, and it was negative, so I can’t believe it’s +. I guess the af cramps I was having all last week weren’t af cramps. My bbs are a little sore today, but not that bad. That’s all the signs that I am having, but I usually have these signs right before af shows up, that’s why I’m shock that I’m pregnant. I just knew that my af was about to show her ugly face. I just want to thank GOD again, again, and again. Also, I want to thank all of you ladies for all of your support and prayers. THANK YOU!!! ;D

It’s getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow, so I will talk to you guys tomorrow.




Mahogany Heart - June 11

Congratulations Shan1234,

I'm so happy for you. God is Good all the time. Now you can change your ticker.

Keep The Faith!!!



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