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RNORST - June 5

Shan1234, Thank you so much for the prayers, I really need them. Dont give up till af comes, when are you excepting af? I'm praying that you will get that BFP soon.

I will let you ladies know right away in the morning. I'm starting to get very nervous and it only 4:00. I will probably test in about 12 hours, it said to use first morning urine, which I cant make it all night with out peeing, so I hope to make it until 4 or 5.
Love and prayers to all


shan1234 - June 5

Renee - My af should be here tomorrow. I can feel her coming. I've been having some af cramps on and off all day today. Once again, Good Luck!!!



destinybaby - June 6

Hey Ladies,

Renee, Good luck tomorrow I am sending you hugs and sticky baby dust. I test next wed 13th, tomorrow, i do progestrone test.

Shan1234, Happy to be in 2ww and nervous, yes its twins are a possibility, but i would be happy with one. I test next wed, 13th, not sure if i will do hpt yet. Keep the faith, it may not be a flow that you feel.



Ange - June 6

Hey girls! Sounds busy in here!

MH~ He is cute as a button. How do you feel how was the delivery? Are you still going to ttc in 6 weeks. If you do I will be with you. I think that is when I will being ttc again

Renee~ The surgery went excellent. My uterus now looks like a Beautiful uterus. My heart shaped was only the inside so they got rid of it no problem. The dr was very happy how well it went. I woke up during the surgery though they had to put me back under. I don't remember that good thing or else I think I would have freaked out. When they woke me up I was ready to go. I left the recovery room and went home. The power of wanting to heal fast :) I guess. SO today I have been relaxing they gave me 10 days off work but I will go back on Monday. They now put me on more hormones. ESTRACE for the next 21 days then Provera to get my period. I think I will be good for IVF then keeping my fingers crossed. I am praying for you tonight. I wish you a bfp tomorrow morning.

Tia~ Wow ttw already so how was the ER? was it painful? HOw long after did they put the good ones back in? Congrats on the grade A that is a plus! Enjoy your 2ww with things that don't stress you out. I just started scrapbooking wow that is relaxing!

2wwaiters I hope you get a BFP this month!!!!


Shara - June 6

Shan - I had absolutely no symptoms either except for af cramps and that bloating I have had since I did the shot - no sore bb's, no m/s, no temps, no tell tell signs - so don't give up until she's here staring you in the face. It is completely different now - lol!!!

Renee- I go in for b/w on monday and based on that I will schedule my ultrasound.

Tia - congrats on your 2ww - I am sending baby dust your way!!


jesswantsafamily - June 6

hey ladies~
yea im just not going to get my hopes up it could be af playing a trick on me i really hope not though. BF said his gut is telling him that we are though and he was right when i had the m/c he said he has a feeling but i dunno i guess we just wait till friday. im really scared because my luck hasnt been that great lately

good luck ladies baby dust to all


RNORST - June 6

Ange, I'm glad that surgrey went well.

Well girls it was a BFN! :( I just dont know what can be wrong with me. I thanked God this morning, because He knows whats best for me, It's all in His mighty hands. I wont give up, we will be off for another IUI this month. Now I just hope af hurrys up and gets here.

Love Renee


lili246 - June 6

I am sorry to hear baout that bfn. Please keep the faith and hang in there. Your time will come very soon you'll see. I am praying for you.

tomorrow is the day for me to see my OB for the first time and check on my baby. I am praying that everything goes well. I have faith it is.
I will let you all know what she says on friday.
Praying for good news :)

Have a great day

Love Lili


destinybaby - June 6

Hi Ladies,

A little cramping today, came out of no where ??? I had my b/w to check progestrone today so hopefully they don't call. If they call there is a problem.

Angie, It seemes like as soon as you start stimming the 2ww comes soo fast. The ER was ok, I had a lot of bloating and pain afterwards because i made a lot of eggs 23 :o. So ovaries were swollen, thank God that's over, but i took pain reliever. The put back 2 grade A embies and I did 5 day transfer and next wednesday i have my PG test. Glad the surgey went well :) , before you know it you will be in the 2ww. Take it easy.

Shara, I am feeling good so far in the 2ww, a little cramping today. Hope you have the u/s soon.

Renee, Sweetie I am soo sorry about your results, you deserve to get that BFP so much, you have been a source of comfort to us all. You have the right attitude to want to try agian right away. How much does the IUI cost if you don't mind. I did IVF $$$$$$ crazy.
Sending you hugs hugs.

Lili , Finally, you get to see your baby, I am sure you will be fine. How exciting.




Shara - June 6


I know that you were so hoping for a BFP as we all do when we look at that BFN on that evil stick but I will tell you like I have told myself and others - "It may be disappointing but it is not a failure it was just not my time - when af comes it will be not only another cycle to look forward to and be a little more perfect with but it is another opportunity." This is not your last chance - smile and wait for that af so you can start over!!!!!! ;) ;)
I am routing for your BFP as bad as you are girl!


I am glad that you finally get to see your doctor and you are 12 weeks so you get to hear the HEARTBEAT too!!! ;D I hope all goes well -

Babydust is in the air Ladies!!!!


Jess - June 6

Renee-sorry about the bfn:( The first IUI I tried didn't work either.... I heard there is better success on the 2nd or 3rd try rather than the first. So I'll be praying for you on this next cycle:) Keep your chin up girl. God will bless you with another child, just in his time though. You did the right thing by praising him when you got the bad news. He will bless you soon.



RNORST - June 6

Ladies, Thank you for all your suport. I really needed that. Today is hard, but tommorow will be better. I have had 42 BFN (3 1/2 years) those BFN were bad but it's worst when you waste 700.00. So far we have 600.00 saved for the IUI cycle this month. I'm not giving up, that what satan wants me to do. God will bless me I know, I need to be patience. I'm all ready for af to come. I stopped taking the prog today so I think I will get af on Friday, thats what happen last time I had a - IUI. I had a ton of great preg signs this time, some that I never even had before. I'm just dreading next IUI to have signs, I wont know what to think. I called the re to see if she is still planing another IUI with clomid or something different, I havn't heard back from the yet.

Good luck and prayer to all the ttc'ers and new babies along the way. Thanks girl for all your prayers, I will need them again this month.

Love Renee


Ange - June 6

Renee~ Sorry to hear about the bfn. Keep strong and you will prevail.

Tia~ Glad to hear you made so many eggs did you freeze them for next time?

Love Ange

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it's
called the present!


lili246 - June 6

Thank you girls for you support. I will let you know how everything goes tomorrow. I am praying that I get good news. I can't wait to hear my baby's heartbeat. I am so excited and looking forward for that.

Have a great night...

Love Lili


shan1234 - June 6

Renee -- Sorry to hear about your af. Our time will come. We just have to keep the faith. My af is not here yet, but looking at my calendar she should be showing her face on cd34. If she doesn't come by then, I will test again. I really do think she is coming because I'm starting to get real bloated. Well, it looks like we will be on this journey again for June. Hopefully, we will get a + this month.

Lili -- I hope all goes well tomorrow at your dr. appt.

Baby Dust



positiveGirl - June 6

Renee - Hey!! girl don't give up... u r positive and soon u will be PG. I had 2 failed IUI with Clomid. In my case I was ovulating fine and all my levels were good too still my RE said "Unexplained infertility" that was killing me. so I started with IUI and clomid(50mg) though I responded very well with clomid I couldn't get thru...

then my re said lets go for IUI with Injectables as it's no use to continue with clomid and wasting your time. With injectables its 6 weeks program with many U/S to keep chk of your follicles and cysts. during this time I developed cysts from clomid since we didn't want to waste this cycle and wait for the cysts to go by itself the RE removed my cysts. then I did 2 back to back IUI. I think doing back to back IUI is same as doing one IUI as far as the money is concerned... not sure coz my incurance had convered upto 6 IUIs....I know I have given too much inof I thought just incase if any of this might hellp you. Oh! I also took ababy asprin and 1mg of folic acid and Progrestron. Your time is just round the corner.... :)

Lili- I am happy for you that u will be seeing your baby and hearing the heart beats.. :) have fun and enjoy....

I'll be gong for my 2 U/s on the 14thof June (9th week)

Good luck to all the ladies out there.... :)



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