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Shara - May 24

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I was also on the ovulex board a while ago but the ovulex did nothing for me and some of the ladies but botch our cycles up and make our lives very depressing so you are not in that boat alone. Just know that after a few months of being off of the ovulex and seeking the help of the RE we all got pregnant back to back and now everyone is having their babies this year. Mine were premies and did not make it but I am on the boat again-so keep your head up and know we are here for you!!

Congratulations on the BFP!! Now take care of yourself and get as much pampering as you can for the next 36 weeks ;D!!


RNORST - May 24

Postive girl, I would not worry about bd, I bd during my first trimster and my son is just fine. The worst thing for you to do is worry.

Tia, your cycle sounds like it is going great, let me know what you find out with the b/w and u/s.

Shara, that would be awsome to be pg buddies!! Yes, I'm now in the 2ww! What day do you test? Is it by a hpt or blood? How early did you have your angels? I'm so sorry about that, God has a plan for all the babies.

Shan1234, Yeah a + opk, thats awsome, now just stay realxed and take it easy. Welcome to the 2ww club.

Heather, stay postive, your time will come. I think we all go thought that month that we get really depressed. Have you seem a re?

Jade, I'm praying for you girl, I hope and pray that every thing will be fine. You are still in this, dont give up and be strong.

Carmen, Congrats, thats awsome. My dh and I have been trying for almost 4 years now also. This is my 2nd time on clomid with IUI. How many mg were you on?

Well everything went very well yesterday with the IUI, This month seems like every thing is happening for the right reason, every thing is going better than planed. I prayed for 2 eggs and God gave me 3!! We thought the cost of the IUI would be 1000.00, before yesterday be had paid 353.00 so I thought that the IUI would be 600.00 or so, we were charged 335.00, so after I got the progestion it cost us about 710.00!!! Thank God!!!! This re seem to care about you alot more than the other old re. After the IUI they put a sponge thing in plasic up against my uterus so hold sprem in, I kept that in for 4 hours, I think it kind like the conception cap that you see on the internet. So I felt like I got double treatment. I trust in God so much more this time, then last IUI. I will relax and try not to think about it, because it all up to God there's no use me worrying about it. We are suppost to bd tonight to make sure we had it covered, but I wanted to last night, but Will was crying and wanted to sleep with us and I thought, well there goes that chance, well then things worked perfect again and the electricity went out we put Will into his bed and then bd, it feel like this was all meant to be. I dont get to test until June 6th, I hope the time goes by fast. I had a peak on my fertility monitor on tues. and wed. I'm wondering if the HCG shot makes your temps go up, I took the shot monday night. Temps on Monday 97.6, tues 98.5, wed 98.4, today 98.7?? My temps usual go up after O?? Does anyone know if the HCG make temps go up??

Prayers and baby dust to all
Love Renee


wantafamily - May 24

Hi ladies,

Thanks already for the support and warm welcome.

Jade - I believe I O regularily. My cycle is pretty normal and I get a surge every month. My concern is that I am not actually releasing an egg. I have not been to an RE, but I am going to make an appointment soon. It has not been a year quite yet, so I will make an appt next month, because it takes a month to get in.

RNORST - The Ovulex didn't do much for me except really nail down my cycle. I would be 29 days every month. Since I have been off it I have one 31 day and one 27 day. Seems like it didn't do much either way. As I told Jade, I am going to make an appt to see an RE soon. The problem is that if she suggests an IUI, my hubby's schedule is going to make that difficult. But I will have to have all the tests done first I guess.

I don't know exactly why I am so down and discouraged this month, but I really appreciate all the encourgement from all of you. I know God has a plan and I'm trying to take comfort in that, but it sure would be nice if my dreams and His plan met sometime soon.

Carmen, congrats! That is wonderful news!!

Take care ladies, and much baby dust to all.



RNORST - May 24

Heather, I know how you feel, we have all been there. Just keep praying and never give up. Have you seen the movie facing the gaints, if not you need to watch it, it will help you alot.

Well girls, for some reason I feel really postive about the IUI, I dont want to get my hopes up but I have a good feeling, but thats scaring me, because I dont want to get let down. The last IUI, my Mom didn't have a good feeling and told me not to get my hopes up, well she told me today that this time will work she has a good feeling about it... I hope so, I think this time I have a better frame of mind.... It's all up to God, and I hope that this is His timing. If I get that BFP I will praise Him, and if I dont get it I will praise Him, for taking care of me and knowing whats best for me. Thanks for your prayers, please keep praying. God is good, I know I will get the BFP soon!!
I'm praying for you all!
Love Renee
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BlessME - May 24

Hey ladies miss you all. My internet connection has been down for a while.

Renee everything seems so positive for you right now im sure it will continue till the BFP.

I had a question for you all ladies. Im not sure if im doing this right or not.

When checking for cervical fluid does one just check in the opening of the vagina or does one need to insert the finger in there?

Since cycle started ive been checking my temps (all above 97 last cycle there were all below 97) Checking for CM and today I tried to check my cervix but it seemed that i couldnt reach it. At last I was able to feel it. I did stop taking Ovulex for this cycle and if nothing happens I'll start again next time around. Got me also a Fertility monitor.

Good Luck Ladies.


Ange - May 24

Hello Ladies~

Boy I am so behind. I have been so busy at work no time to play. Our meeting with my daughters birth mom went great. Kaitlyn knows that she was in her tummy and I am her mommy. I have seasonal allergies right now and I am nervous about the surgery. I am so happy for all the bfp you girls got I know by the end of this year I will be one of them. Good things come to those who wait. Renee I wish you goodluck in your two week wait and also for the rest of you girls in the 2ww.

Love to you all!



shan1234 - May 24

Ladies it’s official, I’m in the 2ww. My DH and I bd this morning, we didn’t bd last night because both of us were tired from work, so we promise each other we would bd before DH goes to work. Now’s the fun part….waiting….

I wish all the ladies that's in the 2ww good luck!!

Baby Dust to all!!!



RNORST - May 24

Blessme, you will love your f.m. I love mine. I have never been able to check my cervix. If you want to check your cm you can do it either way. When you get close to O I can always tell just by wiping when I go to the bathroom, if not you can use your finger, after you have done that put finger together to see if it streches or if tacky, sticky or watery. Good luck. Is this the first month in the f.m.?

Ange, Your surgey is right around the conner, try not to be nerouvs, when you feel that way just think of what the out come will be!! Is it June 4th? I'm praying for you.

Shan, well we are in the together. I just pray that it goes by fast. Lets be due date buddies...that would be nice. Together we will get though this.

Love Renee


Shara - May 25

I am praying for you - I get to test as early as the 30th but my cycle has been cooky so I might try to hold out until the first of june but I want to cheat so bad. I have to go in before hand on the 29th to be sure my eggs released and then I have a f/u appointment on the 1st anyways with the RE. If all is positive with urine test then they do a beta to be sure hcg is doubling. I had my twins on the 21st and 22nd of december in my 21st week. It was a rough ride but I was there with them until the last breath and held them as much as I could. I had family there with me through it all so that made it better to deal.

Well I have been waking up everyday trying to see if something is going to hint me to a pg symptom. I have never felt myself up this much my dh is really missing out LOL :D

Babydust to everyone I am praying for happy endings!!!


destinybaby - May 25

Hey Renee,

the b/w and u/s went great nurse said I made a lot eggs and they lowered my dosage from 225 to 150 on the follistim. I go back on saturday to see the progress. I am soo happy and excited ER should be verey soon. :D



RNORST - May 25

Shara, You are one brave lady if you hold off past the 30th, I cant wait for June 6th to get here. Did you have the hcg shot, if so are you taking your temps? My temps went up the next morning after the shot. When you go in on the 29th, how do the tell if your eggs released? and Whats a f/u appt?? So have you found any pg sign yet? Girl, I'm praying for you. Also thanks for sharing your story with me... You are a very strong women.

Tia, Thats great news. So if every thing looks good on Sat, will they do ER a couple days later? I'm so happy for you, you should get postive results very soon!!! Keep me posted on what they tell you on Sat. I'm praying for good results.

Love and Prayers to all


Shara - May 25

Thank you RNORST

I did take the ovidrel shot on the 18th and I were taking temps but I suck at it because as soon as it gets closer to O I start concentrating on bding. I have to have b/w on the 29th for my progesterone level and if it reaching a certain point that lets them know I ovulated and how long it's been. f/u (follow up) appointment with the RE because on day 7 I had a sonohystogram to view my uterus and my tubes (when they take a bollon and insert into the cervis and then fill with saline solution and then blow air into the tubes to check for blockage - fun huh) so I have to make a new plan of action if all doesn't go well this month! But I am experienceing some bloating and cramping but no soreness in the bb's - I typically have that anyways after that shot and O would have happened last weekend so it is still early I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Tia - What is it meant by ER?


RNORST - May 25

Shara, Are you taking any progesterone? I started it today, I take it once in the morning and then again at night. Well good luck on the 29th, I know every thing will be fine. So what will be your next plan? I know you will suscessed this month, though. :) I had that sonohystrgram and a bunch of other test with my new re. The worst one was when they take a sample of the uterine lining...ouch thats bad. Have you have that done?
So how many dpo are you?

Love Renee


jesswantsafamily - May 25

hello ladies
so i used my opt and it was positive yesterday we bd mon tues thurs and we will again tonight i hope that was good enough i stopped takin ovulex too
good luck to everyone


Shara - May 25

We are in that boat together. I had that one also and I think I had a minor stroke. I took catalfram to make it through and it did absolutely nothing. My RE never introduced the option of the progesterone I just read about it on the boards. One of the other ladies I was on the board with took prometrium and you know just as good when she took it because she was high from it LOL!!! My progesterone levels never tested low before. My next plan of action that I would introduce to her would be taking stronger medications or trying something other than the clomid even though it worked well-this would be my first cycle with clomid and shot since ttc again.


shan1234 - May 25


Welcome to the 2ww club!! :)

To all the other ladies, Good Luck!!

Baby Dust!!




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