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positiveGirl - May 22

thanks lili! I'll suerly keep this in mind.. my DH too was worried....

Will taking PG test again help to ensure that things are fine?



lili246 - May 22

Just try to relax and take it easy now. I am sure that everything is alright. Just keep that in mind and try to wait until past the trimester. :)
I am sure that there was nothing harmful to the baby. Any bad symptoms are vaginal bleeding if nothing like that happens don't worry. Not for one time doing it will be bad. So relax and trust in god :)

Love ya



destinybaby - May 22



I know it is such a blessing that our insurance covers IVF. At least you have IUI as an option. IVF is my only option. (I had tubal issues, had them removed). I am not so much into clinics that makes you sign up for three I it makes me think they might try to milk you for the cash. But I guess it can be good just in case you need 2 more cycles. Tell me something, if you pay for 3 and it works the first time do you have 2 more times in the bag waiting?


Hey love, I have been on Lupron for the last 15 days and started my IVF drug 3 days ago cd 7. will miss you, take it easy and we will chat on thursday.

Lots of Baby Dust to you.



positiveGirl - May 23


Sorry,I am not sure on that. RE said that u can freeze the emborys for later use. 3 times is just one way to lock the amount so that u don't have to pay each time if one fails for some reason.

Things will go fine with you... :)



positiveGirl - May 23

Lili - thanks again!! I just freaked out for sometime......

I'll pray to god, stay calm and relaxed... :)



Shara - May 23


Yes we will be in 2ww together and testing right behind each other. I am praying that we are pg buddies - that would be such a blessing!!


shan1234 - May 23

Hey Ladies! I got a + OPK this morning. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go home tonight, to bd with my DH. Ladies wish me luck.

Baby Dust to everyone!!! :)



Shara - May 23

Good Luck Shan,

You will be in the 2 ww and pulling your hair out with the rest of us!LOL

How did everything go today- are you in the 2 ww or do they have to do something else at the doctor.


shan1234 - May 23


That would be nice if we all get a BFP around the same time. :)

I’ll be praying for us all.



lili246 - May 23

if you got a + Opk today I recomend that you bd tonight and then tomorrow morning just to make sure you have it covered.
That is what I did once I got a + opk and had very good Luck :)

Good Luck to you!!



lili246 - May 23

Hey that is nice that you went to meet your daugthers borth parents. How did see react when she saw them. Has she told you anything after visiting them?
You are getting so close to your surgery, praying for you girl :)

How are you doing? How is everything? Praying for you and your baby :)

Hey girl I know you had the day off from work today. Hope that the IUI is a big success good luck girl and have faith!!

Have a great day :)

Love Lili


destinybaby - May 23

Hi ladies,

I had b/w today. my first day back at the clinic since the insurance drama. It turned out just fine. :) The nurse just called and told me to increase the dosage of my follistim and then back to the dr tomorrow for b/w and u/s.

I am getting closer, I am sooo excited. Soon I will be pulling my hair out with you ladies in the 2ww. LOL.



wantafamily - May 23

Hi Ladies,

I'm new to the board, but some of you may know me from the Ovulex board. I took Ovulex for a while, but it didn't work for me.

My DH and I have been TTC for nearly a year now and I am actually feeling pretty down about things right now. I don't know what the problem is with me, but clearly it's not in God's plan for me to be pg right now. I promise that I am usually a lot more upbeat and positive than I am right now. It just seems this AF hit me particularily hard.

But congrats to all the bfps! It's encouraging to hear that there are couples having success out there!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Talk to you all soon.



Jade - May 23

Hi Ladies. Just trying to catch up. I havent posted in a while. I have been too busy

Just an update...... Had ultrasound Monday. I was expecting the worst seeing as I starting spotting Sunday. Went in and there is still a heartbeat that increased from 103 last week to 163 this week. The sac and fetal pole are now measuring to size (8 weeks yesterday) where it was 2 days behind last week. They took more blood to check prog. and beta and this time I just asked not to tell me the info bc I know it will just be upsetting. I had lost 5 pounds since last week. I am eating healthy- so I have no idea why...... I am still going in every week for an ultrasound to check my progress. Re is still concerned about what my outcome will be. I have made it much farther than I thought I would and I know I will be devastated if something happens now- so please continue to pray for me and my little blueberry.......I need all the prayers I can get.....

Lili~ Hope all is well with you. I hope you get into that dr soon. I know you are getting impatient. I cant believe you are already 10 weeks.

Renee~ I hope that your IUI went well today. I think with 3 follies this will definitely be your month.....

Ange~ Hope you are doing well and the side effects from the shot are decreasing. Will you be ready for IVF in July? or will you start in June?

Positive~ I have always heard that it is okay for bding UNLESS you are prone to miscarriages or have an imcompetent cervix. My RE said it was fine- but it could cause spotting (I had some Sun night) from things not being where they normally I think you will be fine. ENJOY while you can.

Shara, Shan, Tia~ Good luck with the 2ww. I hope it passes quickly for you and you get the BFP you have been waiting for.

Wantafamily~ It may be time to seek an RE. I tried Ovulex for 1 cycle and it did nothing but cause 45 long days of non-stop bleeding. Some women need an additional boost to get things going in the right direction. They will be able to help you get on track. Do you O normally?

Hope you are all doing great! I miss talking to you guys and thanks for all your support!


carmy_right - May 24

Hi Ladies,

So I have not been on here for a month or so and I was last asking questions about what to expect when taking Clomid. I never expected for it to work so quickly I jusrt finish my second round and this was the first time I ovulated and what do you know! I am pregnant! I never expected this to be the month my honey has been working many extra hours and we only tried 4 time in the entire month and only once ended up being in the ovulation window! Crazy!

4+ years of trying naturally and two cycles of clomid and suprise I am 4 weeks and 2 day Approx pregnant.

Just want to say thanks to those who helped out with a few reassuring words and tell you all that I hope you all get your little angles soon too!



Shara - May 24

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I was also on the ovulex board a while ago but the ovulex did nothing for me and some of the ladies but botch our cycles up and make our lives very depressing so you are not in that boat alone. Just know that after a few months of being off of the ovulex and seeking the help of the RE we all got pregnant back to back and now everyone is having their babies this year. Mine were premies and did not make it but I am on the boat again-so keep your head up and know we are here for you!!

Congratulations on the BFP!! Now take care of yourself and get as much pampering as you can for the next 36 weeks ;D!!



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