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RNORST - May 14

Jade, let us know right away what the doc says. Make sure get plenty of rest, have dh treat you like a queen.

Love Renee


positiveGirl - May 15

Hi girls!

thanks for your best wishes!! No major symptoms except for waves of light headedness,hunger pranks, fatigue ,bbs hurting not regularly though and sometimes mild cramping.

Jade - Congrats! :) hey!! I am very happy for you and your DH. Yep, God is great!! You take care girl...:)

Red - On the 7th May (10dpo) it was 13.5 and then on the 13th May it was 103. Now my RE has called me on the 31st for the first U/S to chk no. of babies,heartbeat and also blood test for progrestron.

I still sometimes don't believe it. As I don't have vomiting or any major symptoms. If I count after IUI (27th April) today i am 18 days pregnant. Just praying that all goes well.



Jade - May 15

Okay so the dr. called with my numbers. They are putting me on a progesterone supplement bc my prog. was low........Also my beta had only increased by 1000 points in a week. It was 4500. She calculated where it should have been based on my 1st number and it should have been 76,000. SO WAY OFF!! She said it wasn't very encouraging. And we would just have to wait and see if there was still a heartbeat next week......GREAT!!!! This is such a rollercoaster!


RNORST - May 15

Jade, I'm praying for you, please keep us posted.

If there is any one out there that need to get a loan for fertility treatments, captiol one, has a great program, my interest rate was 1.99%!!! We have enough saved up for this cycle, but if this dont work we wanted to try IUI for 3 months.

Love Renee


lili246 - May 15

Keeping yourself positive and trusting God will help you alot. I know your baby is doing all the best to keep it in there and I know that he/she will make it. I hope that the medicine helps and that everything goes well for you. I am praying for you and remember we are here if you need anything.
God bless you and your baby :)

Positive girl,
Hey you are lucky that you are not getting those nauseas but you still have some weeks to go and they might kick in but maybe not and be one of those lucky girls. Like I am I only had nauseas and tiredness and that is all so I am lucky. I know some women suffer all the way through pregnancy. So hope that you are one of us.
Hey so you are not having sore bbs? because I am not either I only felt them heavy and then nothing that is weired because with my first pregnancy they would hurt by only my bra touching them but I guess that every pregnancy is different.

I have a big feeling that you will be getting that BFP this month!! Kepe that faith I am praying for you!! :)

Have a great day....

Love Lili


shan1234 - May 15


Remember that we're praying for you. Stay positive and keep your head up.



BlessME - May 15

Hi ladies. havent posted on the board lately because this weekend was very busy.

Jade read the news, Hopefully everything will work out fine. GOD will look over your baby. What a roller coaster for you it has been. Take care and relax.

Renee thanks for the helpful tip maybe near in the future I might have to look into loans.

Lilie your baby is an inch today wow thats so tiny. Take care of yourself and the baby.

AF hasnt shown up yet so today would be cycle day 52 my boobs are still sore and tender to the touch so i was for sure that Af was coming soon, but no not yet. I dont know what could be wrong i've never been this late before. NO IM NOT PREGNANT. Took 3 test already and they all say negative. I think im giving up, I stopped taking Ovulex, I just wished my period would show up.

Im not losing faith in having a baby but I find myself tired of taking Ovulex, prenatal, and drinking green tea. Ever since the concept of having a baby about 4 months ago my period has been extremelly irregular. I know I've been wanting to have a baby for a year now, but it wasnt untill 4 months ago that I really got serious about it. Now I cant even get a period. I just dont know what could be wrong. I think Im going to read into PCOS to see it that is what could be wrong.

Ladie good luck on the journey


Shara - May 16

Hello Ladies,

I am praying for you to pull through with your baby with you. Anytime you conceive it is a long road so don't feel like the doctor gave you something new to think about. You are blessed to have so many pulling for you so keep your hopes high!!

I took ovulex for a while along with some other ladies that used to be on the ovulex board with me and it only helped about three out of 12 of us. The other nine just had their cycles botched up and were even more irregular and more later than we were when we intially started. The ovulex only works when you ride it out for a few months and some it took up to six before throwing in the towel or if you are not that irregular to start with.


shan1234 - May 16

Hello Ladies,

I’m going to start testing with my OPK tomorrow. I know it’s early, but I want to make sure I don’t miss O. Wish me Luck.

Baby Dust to all!!!!



RNORST - May 16

Blessme, Maybe you are stressing out to much, that might be why you are late. Maybe you should not think about ttc for a few months and relax, I have heard of a ton of people that concieve when they took a break from trying, (well of course you will be still trying, but not as hard).

shara, did you do the u/s yet? Do you know how many eggs you made from the clomid?

Shan1234, If you are on cd 10 thats a good time to start, you might want to test late morning and then again in the evening, I always tested twice a day, so you can see when you first get the surge. I have been using a clearblue easy fertility monitor, they are awsome, you should look into one. Lili, got preg the first month with hers!!

Well girls I only have one more day of clomid, no reactions, except for feeling a little down, it comes and goes usually only lasts for a hour or so.
Love Renee


lili246 - May 16

Renee, is right I think you all girls should start testing right after af is gone. If I didn't test early that month that i got pregnant I should of miss my O day because I O very early in my cycle which I would never imagine that I would O this early. So I suggest that everyone test right after af goes away. Maybe you might be O early and not noticing. You never know!!
I did use the clear blue fertility monitor that first month and got luck with a BFP I highly recommend the monitor to anyone it is about $149.00 in some places but it is all worth it ;)

How are you feeling? How are things with you please keep us posted. I am praying for you and the baby :)

I am praying for you and hope that you have 2 egss there so when do you go for the u/s?

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


positiveGirl - May 16

Hi all,

Jade - how are you doing? We are praying for you and your baby good health... :)

lili- Yes, hopefully I do not have to go thru heavy symptoms...:) so far so good. yes, my bbs do hurt atleast once a day most of time I feel them heavy and I think they have increased.... :) when I tough them it hurts/sore.

I am having cold since few days, fell tired in mid afternoon. It may sound silly but just for my satisfication I went today for 3rd beta just to make sure my levels are going up since I almost have no major symptoms... :) the nurse said that "some times the patience do come in for their mental relief if one is not having heavy symp." I am feeling releaved that my HCG levels are 1520 between 10th May(hcg 103) and today.
It's not that I do not trust god but since this is my first PG sometimes you don't know what to expect.

Good luck to all TTC girls out there.... :)

BlessMe - as one of the girls mentioned try to relax and don't get abssessed over TTC coz that could delay your AF and O. My initial 6 months I was just nuts as if I could control it. Later as the months passed by I just told god I kow it's in your hands and you will surely bless me. Do Positive Affirmations, meditation and please don't try too hard. this is soemthing which you can nither postpone it nor prepone it . It's just the matter of right time. This is what my MIL used to say... :)

Thanks you all,


Ange - May 17

Hello girls!

well it is still two weeks and a bit till my surgery. I am starting to feel some side affects from the lupron shot now (moodiness, vaginal dryness, cramps in my uterus, headaches) nothing that I can't handle. I have been very busy at work lately and just been stopping by to read the posts. I hope all of you are well. Renee my surgery is June 4th. I wish you all lots of babydust this month.


lili246 - May 17

hey girls,
Well I will be going to the doctor to get my referel for my OB on tuesday a.m. So for sure I will be going and hope that the referel doesn't take long. Theys aid it takes a week for it to be approved so hope that I can go and see the OB soon. Atleast I am going to my primary doctor and hope that she can let me hear the heartbeat :)
Praying God so that everything goes well :)

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


BlessME - May 17

I GOT MY PERIOD!!!!!! 54 day cycle


lili246 - May 17

YAY!!!! I am so happy for you finally she showed up. That is great you can now start a fresh new month and praying for that BFP. Good Luck!!




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