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Shara - May 12

Good Morning Ladies,

For all those mothers and mom's to be Happy Mother's Day!!


I am doing clomid and waiting to take ovidrel after day 14 ultrasound. Pray for me!!!


Jess - May 12

Renee-Glad to hear your son is doing well. This is my first pregnancy. My dh and I have been trying to get pregnant since Feb 04'. We've been waiting and praying and of course having a lot of practice since then....:) I don't know if you remember when I got on this forum.... But I have had a lot of problems with my women stuff. I've had four or five surgeries for endometriosis. (Too many to keep track of...) And I was told that my only chance to have a baby of my own was to do IVF. I'm so glad I didn't have to do that. I honestly didn't have the money to do it:( So we just took one day at a time and left it all in Gods hands. Especially after watching that movie, Facing the Giants. I knew it wasn't up to me at that point, so I had a good long talk with him and told him I will wait for him to give me a child, weather it be my own or I end up adopting. And he answered my prayers and I am forever greatful. Ever since I saw those two lines, I keep thanking him for such a wonderful gift and I couldn't be any happier.

So on that note...GOOD luck with your second IUI. I will be praying for you that soon your prayers will be answered.

Lot of love and baby dust to all!!!



LeslieAnn - May 12

Hey girls!

I am finally done with school…for good! Now I just have to get moved and life will be back on track. How is everybody doing? This is my first cycle off clomid, my RE kept upping my doses and I finally decided that I was just done with it. I just couldn’t take another round, plus I read online that if you take more than 3 months in a row the medication breaks down your uterine lining to the point that your body can’t implant properly and you won’t get pregnant. It kind of makes me mad that my doctor didn’t know or consider that. In any case, I think my body is adjusting from the clomid still, because I’m now on CD 37, 95% sure I’m not pregnant, and there’s no sign of AF. *sigh* I haven’t tested, I just really don’t think we BD’ed at the right times this month.

Jade, I’m so sorry to hear about your m/c. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong and remember that God loves you and your baby, even if sometimes he works in strange ways.

Tiffany~ Sorry to hear about your chemical pg. I have been there and it just plain sucks when that happens. Just keep your head up and have faith, and take comfort in the fact that it’s at least a sign that your body is able to get pregnant. Chemical pg’s are natural and happen to everyone, it is still hard to deal with, though.

Renee~ Hey! I hope you had a great vacation. That’s good that the chiro treatment is going well, I have heard good things about the chiro and ttc.

Lili~ That’s good that the insurance thing is going well.

positiveGirl~ CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you! The one good thing about being gone for so long is that I get good news from a whole bunch of people all at once. :) I hope you have a happy and healthy nine months.

Jess~ Congrats on your pg. I haven’t been on the board for awhile so I didn’t get to congratulate you yet. :)

Well, I’ll end my post because I am not feeling so good right now. Hopefully everything is going well for you guys. Is anybody doing anything special for mother’s day? I don’t have kids yet but I’m going to go visit my mom, no big exciting plans, though.

Baby dust,



shan1234 - May 14

Renee –

That’s great your son doesn’t need that 2nd surgery. I had a m/c May 06, the baby was 7.5 weeks. We decided to take a break from trying to get pregnant since I took the m/c hard. Now we’re trying again, we’ve been ttc since Oct. 06. I pray that this will be my month. 9 days before O.



Red - May 14

Good afternoon PositiveGirl! I am just arriving at my 2ww and had discouraging hcg numbers but they say they are still positive. I see you had a 13 and wondered how yours progressed and where you are at now? I started at 7, then to 12.5, then to 53 (officially 2ww). When did they give you an official thumbs up? I would appreciate any input as it is great to hear about positive situations! Have a great day and congratulations on your results!


RNORST - May 14

Shara, Girl, I'm praying for you, we are in the same boat. I'm on my 2nd day of clomid, I get a u/s on cd 13, then waiting for the shot, then IUI for me. Are you doing IUI or bd??

Jess, Thats such a awsome story, Keep sharing it God want every one to know how great He is!!! Thanks for your prayers, we have enough money saved up for this IUI, then I dont know what we will do?? Of course just keep praying and trusting in God! I'm also praying for you, a heathly preg!

Leslieann, Test any ways, I know you hate to see that BFN, but test any ways!! My mom had trouble getting preg with me, she was on fertility drugs for a long time, they kept uping her doses. The month after she was off the fertility drugs, she got preg with me.

Shan, We are really close this cycle, I'm on cd 6. Lets get that bfp this month. I'm sorry about that m/c, I also had a m/c at 6 weeks, before I had Will, but I knew that God was doing the best thing there was for me and that baby. It also was kind of like a test to see how much I really trusted him, and I passed, I was preg the first month after the ok to start ttc again. You will come thought this and have a precious baby!

Well girls, I'm on my 2nd day of clomid, no reactions, thank God. I'm on cd 6 and I had my af though cd 4, which is good since they are usually 1 1/2 days.
Love Renee


Shara - May 14

Good Afternoon Ladies,
Happy Belated Mother's Day for all the mothers and mommy's to be.


I am doing bding, I have yet to try IUI but I have a friend that got a positive on the second month, but I am praying that yours will come the first time.

This will be our month ladies - prayers are coming from me for everyone - We deserve it!!


Jade - May 14

Hi ladies. Hope all is well. I got some good news today that I wanted to share. I went to my re for a consultation about my blighted ovum. He was out of town last week and wanted to do an ultrasound to see the size and if I would need a d and c or what. MUCH to both of our surprise- I had a BABY in there with a HEARTBEAT!! It is truely a miracle and am so thankful to God. He said it is going to be a long road ahead and not to be too optimistic! I am soo excited though. I go in next week for another ultrasound to check again. The heartbeat was 108 and I was measuring 6 week 4 day-- I am 6 week 6 days- so it was only a couple of days off. Keep praying for me that my lil bean will be okay. I will try to scan a picture- if I can figure out how to do it...


Ange - May 14

Jade~ I am so happy for you. That is wonderful news. Are you going to have another beta? Take it easy! Are you on bed rest? OHHHHH I am so happy for you. A heartbeat awesome!



RNORST - May 14

Shara, I'm praying for you. I know this will happen soon for you.

Jade, Oh my, GOD is GOOD!!! I'm so happy for you. So is your blood work count ok? What did the doc mean when he said it will be a long road ahead?
I'm praying for you!

Love ya Renee


Jess - May 14

JADE!!!! That is awsome news!!! I sure hope you're thanking God up and down right now for this little miracle...... I know I am:) Was dh with you at the time?? Try to get a lot of rest and don't over due it. We'll all be praying for you. What a GREAT mothers day gift God gave you.....




shan1234 - May 14

Jade – CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for you. I'm speechless right now -- that is awesome news – I agree with Renee,"GOD is good"!! Oh my gosh!!! ;D I'll be praying for you, hope everything goes well keep us inform.



lili246 - May 14

I am so happy for you girl. Keep the faith and nevery give up because god is big and I know that he is blessing everyone of us somehow. Keep the faith and I am sure that everything will be ok and you will be having a healthy pregnancy. Please take good care of yourself and do alot of resting. I know it helps
best wishes girl!!!

I am doing great. I am 2 months pregnant and feeling great. The nauseas are going away and also the tireness. I do feel some tired but not like a couple weeks ago.
I had a great mothers day!!!

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Jade - May 14

Oh Ladies- you better believe I am thanking God today for this miracle. And that is truely what it is a miracle......

Ange~ I had a beta today. I don't know the results and honestly I dont think I want to know. It does do anything but put added stress on me.....I am sure they will call tomorrow with the results. Maybe I will plug my ears lol.....

Renee~ I havent gotten my results from bloodwork today. Since my numbers were so off I think that is why the RE said it will be a long road. I think he doesnt want to get my hopes up bc he is concerned that it may not be viable.......Who knows!!

Jess~ I am totally thanking God for this miracle!! Dh was not with me. I went on my own bc I just knew what he would say- I wasnt even sure he was going to do another ultrasound. It was just a consultation to decide where to go from here. Thank God he did!!

Shan~ Thanks for the prayers. It has totally been one heck of a week. It went from the worst week to the best week......

Lili~ Glad to hear you are feeling better. That is good news. I cant wait until you can go to the dr. It will be such a relief. Thanks for the prayers.


lili246 - May 14

That is nice that you had another u/s. done imagine if you didn't and had that d&c done and that would of been bad never noticing that your baby was actually alive. That is how I felt when I had my d&c done I couldn't believe it and I was thinking that my baby was alive but who knows. It is best to do a u/s before doing anything else to confirm for sure.

I am so happy for you and rest alot it will help you. Be positive I am sure that you will have a healthy baby :)

Love Lili

I can't wait to go to the doctor either :) I want to hear my baby :)


RNORST - May 14

Jade, let us know right away what the doc says. Make sure get plenty of rest, have dh treat you like a queen.

Love Renee



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