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RNORST - May 10

Blessme, Are you usually this late? Have you been to the doc?
I'm really exceited about this cycle, I love this re, I just hope I'm doing all this in God perfect timing.

Love Renee


lili246 - May 10

Good Morning girls!! :)
How is everyone doing? I hope you all are doing great.

Well I have great news!! :) I just called the insurance and they already approved me. But will be effective until May 19, 2007. So that means that after that day i can go to any doctor and have my first doctors appointment,
So for sure I will be seeing a doctor the week of May 21 or thereabouts.
I am so happy to have that accomplished :)

After I finish talking to the girl on the phone I was writing her name and all of a sudden I felt very dizzy and it was weired this is the first time that happens to me. Hope all is a good sign.

wow you sure are very late, it happen to me back in february when I was under to much stress. So that might be your problem. My cycle lasted for more than 60 days until I got af.
You need to relax!! :)

How are you doing? I hope that you are doing good. When do you go to the doctor? I am praying for you girl.

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


RNORST - May 10

Jade, how are you doing girl, your in my prayers.

Lili, I'm happy that they got your papers. Cant wait till you go to the doc.:)

Well af is very light, it's only spotting, hope it last a few more days. When I go back to the re on may 21st they will check my lining and make sure every thing looks good. They did a u/s on Monday and every thing looked good for the IUI.

Love ya Renee


positiveGirl - May 10

Hey Girls!! :) I GOT A BFP++++!!!!!!! :)

CAN'T BELIEVE IT i AM IN TOTAL SHOCK. I feel like shouting at the top of the roof that Yes, I am finally PREGNANT!!! like monica does in "Friends" when she is engaged. :)

The Nurse just called me to say that my HCg level is 103 (I am on 13dpo). On the 7th May I had my first beta blood test and it came out 13.5 so RE asked me to come back this morning to see if they are increasing :)

This is what I did:

1. back to back IUI with injectables
2. baby asprin and folic acid tabs
3. Green tea
4. lot of relaxation/deep breathing/positive affirmations

thanks a lot all you girls for your moral support and wisdom.... this site is really very helpful and you don't feel that u r al alone fighting this challenge in your life. Please pray for my healthy PG.

Lili - I am very happy for you that you don't have to worry abt. your insurance anymore. :)

Jade/tiffany - have not heard for you girls. how ar you both doing??

Love to all,
PositiveGirl :)


Jess - May 10

Hey girls!!! How is everyone?? I am now 5weeks pregnant and my BB are HUGE!!! I already went up a full cup size. I've been having light cramping and I feel hungry all the time.... I'm so affraid of getting HUGE during this pregnancy because of the way I'm already eating. I go to my first Doc appt on the 17th. Wish me luck.

PositiveGirl-I was on Ovulex for 3mos, but kind of on and off the third month. Did you get your results back yet?? I'll pray for you.

Jade and Tiffany-So sorry for your loss. You're both in my prayers and I know God will make you mommies real soon.

Renee-Welcome back girl!!! Glad to hear you had a good time. Sorry about af. I'll pray for your 1st IUI to work and pray that your son Will doesn't have to go through another surgery. Good luck with everything.



lili246 - May 10

I am so happy for you girl you did it!! :)
Hey we told you that never lose faith and keep on trying. God has a reward for all of us and he is going to bless all us womens in this forum with a healthy pregnancy and the ones waiting for that BFP!!
Stay positive and have faith you know that nothing is impossible for God!
Praying for a healthy pregnancy!!! Keep us posted onm how it goes!! :)

About my insurance I need to choose a primary doctor and then get a referrel to go see a OB/GYN so that is a process that will take longer because I called and the referrel takes about 1 week. My insurance will be effective may 19 so that means that I won't be seeing a doctor until the end of may I think.
When my day is effective I will call to change my primary care physician because they shoose me one and then wait for my card to arrive then make an appointment to go see he doctor and then get the referrel which will take 1 more week and by that time it will be the end of May or begining of June. So here I am trying to get everything organize and ready so that I won't lose anymore time.
All this process really stinks and don't know why it takes for ever but I am feeling great and that is all it matters as long as everything is going well it is ok. ;)

Have a great night and ladies please catch some of the special baby dust we have because it is baby fever. I am positive that we will be getting more BFP this month!! have faith and believe in god :)

Love you all

Lili :)


lili246 - May 10

I am glad that everything is going well with you. I know what you mean about eating alot. It is one of my problems right now aswell I am afraid that I will gain alot of weight but all it matters right now is that my baby is ok and healthy. it is hard because I eat and I never get full it seems like

Nice to hear from you :)


Jess - May 10

PositiveGirl- Congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! How long have you been trying to get that BFP?? I felt the same way when I took my hpt at home. I wanted to shout out in excitment. I imediately thanked GOD for letting me become pregnant on my own. My RE didn't think it was possible:( But now look at me!!! Congrats again and remember to take it easy and increase your calories by 300.



Ange - May 11

HEY HEY HEY POSITIVE GIRL! CONGRATS!!!!!! That is awesome news. I am so happy for you. I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

JESS~ WOW CONGRATS TO YOU TOO! I guess it might be contagious after all. I am truly happy for you.

Lili~ Great news about the insurance. I hope you are doing well.

Renee~Are you taking clomid? It is coming very soon your IUI. Keep me posted!

Jade~ How are you girl? I am worried about you.


Shara - May 11

Hello Ladies,

Looks like I have missed a lot since last time I have been on. Well as promised ladies a month ago (for those that remember) I had to get through finals and I would be back so here I am with honors grades to boot.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! To all the BFP's and may God bless your pregnancy with bliss and happiness!!! I wish health to you all - take care of yourselves.

I am on cloud nine right now so let me catch you all up.
I had a bad cycle last month with no follicles which was crazy because I have had 27 day cycles with ovulation LOL! I just said this must not be the right month for it. I am not depressed about it at all. I had my sonohystogram Wednesday and was scared to death but everything went excellent. I had a polyp last year but ended up getting pregnant with my twins so we couldn't address it then. During the sono the polyp I had vanished, my tubes are open and ovaries are looking great!! I have follicles growing on the left and right side this time but it is too early in my cycle to appropriately measure them. The doctor would like to see them around 19 and 20. I am so ecstatic about everything and to make life that much more special for me - my dh finally left his job and changed his career. He ventured into truck driving where the earning potential is phenomenal. I know that he will be gone more but it will work out for the best. I am willing to sacrifice because by the time he hits his serious income I will be graduating with my degree. I am so excited I can taste it!!

Well ttc buddies I will be on more now at least until next semeater starts LOL!! I look forward to getting to know you all more-everyone is so new to me since the last time I was on!!!


shan1234 - May 11

PositiveGirl – Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you. You said you were drinking green tea, were you drinking the green tea that’s in the bottle (I think it’s Lipton)? I would like to start drinking green tea, but I can only find the Green tea with citrus, do you think that will be ok to drink? Once again, Congratulations!!!

Jess – Congratulations to you too!!! Good Luck at your dr. appt.

Lili – I’m glad to hear you will have insurance soon. I bet you can’t wait for that first dr. appt. How are you feeling? Are you still having m/s?

Renee – Welcome back!!! I’ll be praying for your son; hopefully he want need to have surgery.

Af is light, so I’m hoping she will be gone either tomorrow on Sunday. I'll keep you guys posted.

Baby dust to all!!



lili246 - May 11

That is good that af is almost gone. That means that you are getting ready to start a fresh new cycle. I hope you get that BFP. It's getting contagious hope you can be the next one.
My insurance will be effective until may 19 but atleast I know that I am very close to see a doctor and check on my baby. I have faith that everything is going well.
I am getting very little nauseas still. So that is not that bad. I am still getting very
I think I am getting

Well Ladies to all of you that are mommies.

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy this special day with your love ones :)

Love Lili


positiveGirl - May 11

hello girls!

Thanks a lot for your best wishes. Yes, God knows the best and he knows when the time is right. :) I got this news while I was in office I thanksed god immediately and just kept laughing with joy and was feeling so much realeved. I wanted to tell my DH right away but also wanted to see his reaction. When he came home from work I told him that I was PG and he shouted with joy.... :)

We told our family everyone were very happy.

shan1234 - I was taking Green tea in packets that u get from trader joe decaff.

Thanks again !! :)



lili246 - May 11

I know what you mean. When I got the news aswell I told dh right away and I could see his happines in his eyes. I wanted to tell the whole world but we have decided that we will wait until I go to my first doctor's appointment. Which will be in 2 weeks I hope. The only persons that know is my family, mom, dad, brother and sister and 3 of my closes friends and all of you here in the forum ofcourse but we having told anyone else it's just that from what has happen in the past I just want to make sure that everything is going well with the baby. Which I know it is because I trust in god and have faith that he is blessing me with a healthy pregnancy.
So after my doctor's appointment I will have to let my boss know about it. And the rest of the world :)

Please take care and rest alot that really helps!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Love Lili :)


RNORST - May 11

Positive girl, Congrats, I'm happy for you. I'm doing my 2nd IUI this month the first IUI was a year ago, I was on 50 mg of clomid and this month it will be 100 mg of clomid. I hope my IUI turns out like yours. How many eggs did you make?

Jess, Thank you for your prayers and Will had a good report at the eye doc, no 2nd surgrey, Thank GOD.
Is this your first child?

Ange, I start taking clomid on Sunday. I go back to the re may 21st for bloodwork and u/s and will do IUI this month!!! So when is you surgrey?

Shara, sound like you got good news, you have alot to look forward to. Are you doing any fertility treatments?

shan1234, My son eye doc appt went great, no 2nd surgrey. How long have you been ttc? Good luck this month.

Well girls I'm on cd 3, I had a pretty good af on cd 1 and spotting cd 2 and 3. This af is longer, which I think that is good. I think the chiro. is helping! I start clomid on sunday cd 5-9. The last re (the bad one) I took clomid cd 3-7?? I cant wait to go to the re on May 21st, I'm prayer for 2 eggs!!
Have a good weekend.
Love ya Renee


Shara - May 12

Good Morning Ladies,

For all those mothers and mom's to be Happy Mother's Day!!


I am doing clomid and waiting to take ovidrel after day 14 ultrasound. Pray for me!!!



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