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positiveGirl - May 7

Hi Jade,

I am so sorry :( for you I really feel very bad.... I'll pray for you.

We are all there for you. You take care. don't give up girl!



shan1234 - May 7


I'm soooo sorry. :(

I'll be praying for you.

Remember that we are here for you.



lili246 - May 7

I am so sorry my friend that you are going throught this. I know how bad it feels and the way you are feeling right now. My most sincer condolenses.
As a matter of fact I just send you a card by mail about your pregnancy I feel so bad now that you are going through this and hope that I don't make you feel bad.
Please forgive me sister.
Please keep the faith and be positive :)
WE love you so much and if you need anything you know that youc an count on me.

Love you



Hope33 - May 7


I'm so sorry. I will pray for you.

Take Care,



Ange - May 7

Jade~ I am so sorry for you to go through this again. There is no greater pain. We have become such a family unit here and when your down I am down. I wish you strength and love and support for you and your dh. I am always here if you ever need to talk either on the forum or email. We will fight this together ALL OF US!

Love Ange


destinybaby - May 8

Hi Ladies,

Been off the site for about a week.

Jade, I am soo sorry about your m/c, don't give up it will happen for you. My heart goes out to you and your DH.

Angie, You only need one lupron shot ! wow. I have to be on it for at least 10 or more day i think I am start taking it tonight. I hope it won't hurt for me either. Needles are just not my thing. I am so nervous and excited at the same time today I begin my cycle.

Lili happy to see things are going good with you.



Tiffany F - May 8

Hey Ladies,

I had to break from everything. I found out last month I had a chemical pregnancy. My Dh will be leaving Florida friday starting a new job in California, I will be here until I am able to rent this place out.

Jade~I am so so sorry, last we spoke I was going through my ordeal, that's why I have'nt been around for a while. You and Dh are in my prayers, you have my e-mail if you need to talk. Please no everything is going to be okay and work out, I have to tell myself this everyday. Take care...Love Tiffany


lili246 - May 8

Hi Tiffany,
I am sorry aswell to hear about your chemical pregnancy. Thise news are always very sad and can't understand why they happen. But we have to keep the faith and keep on trying. Don't give up and please keep your chin up. You will be bless very soon. :)
SO where in california you guys are moving? I live in California in orange County we might be neighbors. ;)

How are you doing sister. I am praying for you and for your lil angel up in heaven. I know there are no words of comfort but here we are we are all into this and together we will help you through the correct road and keep the faith. God knows how bad you want a lil miracle and he will bless you very soon. Have faith!
If you ever need to talk to anyone here I am!

I am glad to hear from you, How are you doing?

You are finally back!! How was your vacation? We miss you lots. Hope you get everything done at work so that we can chat :)
Praying for you girl!! :)

I called the insurance and they should have an answer for me on friday I know that I will be ppraoved since I had this insurance before, but hope that I hear from them soon because I can't wait to go to my first doctors appointment. ;)

Have a great day!!

Love you all


shan1234 - May 8


Sorry for your lose. Keep your head up. I know how you feel, but our time will come when we are all blessed with a baby. I'll be praying for you.



BlessME - May 9

Tiffany and Jade Im so sorry for the news....I know in a time like this one can only wonder why? Why me? God doesnt give us a challenge he knows we cant handle. God knows exactly why everything happens, sometimes these obstecales are put there in order to get us closer to him. This journery has brought me and some girls in here closer to him, Which is what we need "him by ourside" he will lift our spirts up when we are down. With a little faith and him by our side everything is possible. Take care......


positiveGirl - May 9

Tiffany - I am very sorry for your loss... I know it's hard in such time to stay positive but don't give up... as these girls have mentioned God knows the best and he knows when the time is right.... It's all going to be fine....

Jade - how are and your DH?

I am praying for both of you and also all the TTC girls and new PG girls.... that all goes fine with each one of us..... :)

Baby dust to all...


RNORST - May 9

Hi girls, It's been a while, I have been busy at work since we got back from vacation. We had a great time. I just got af today, so I'm on cd 1 which, thats ok, because I'm looking forward to this month. We seem the re on Monday and we are going to do IUI this month with 100 mg of clomid. I start taking the med on Sunday- thursday and then I go to the doc on May 21st, cd 13 for blood work and u/s to see how many eggs I made, I just hope and pray that there will be 2, the more eggs the more chances of a BFP. I think the chrio is really helping me out, I'm having a good af so far and today I have bad cramps, which I havn't had those since high school, so I think my af maybe more normal like before. I know chiro can help there was a story about a lady that stopped having her af since she was 18, she had a bad fall, she was 65 and when to the chrio and a few days later started her af. Your spine has the nerves for everything in your body. I think every one should look into it. My pelvis bones were really out of line. .

Jess, congrats, on you bfp!

Jade, I'm so sorry, you are in my prayers girl. Is this the 2nd m/c you have had? Can they do any test to see why? So whats the next step for you ttc. I'm praying for you.

Tiffany, Also sorry about you chemical preg, is this your first m/c? I'm praying for you.

Ange, so you only have to take 1 shot and your surgey is soon right?? Good luck with that.

Lili, Are you still feeling good? Any word from the ins??

Leslieann, hey girl it was good to hear from you.

I'm sorry if I missed any one, I have a ton of work to do.
Welcome every one that is new, this is a great family to be in.
I missed you girls, you are all in my prayers.
Oh, by the way could you please all pray for my son Will, he goes back to the eye doc tommow, to see if the first surgey was good, or if he needs a 2nd one.

Love ya Renee


Ange - May 9

Renee~ Glad your back I hope you had a great time on vacation. Sorry to hear about AF! Goodluck with your IUI this month. My sugery is less than 4 weeks! Yuppie! I am so getting closer to that bfp! We all are! I will pray for Will. I am still wanting to try the chiro but still nervous about the cracking thing.

take care


RNORST - May 9

Ange, The chrio is not bad at all, he has never cracked my back, it's a little machine that adjust your back, It does not hurt at all, trust me.
So after your surgey, do you need to wait a few months before IVF? I should come to canda to get my fertility treatments done, you said 8000 for 3 ivf, thats a good price here in Nebraska it is 10,000 just for one. This IUI will cost about 1000, but there is only a 25% that it will work, I just pray that I'm doing this in God perfect timing.

Love Renee


BlessME - May 9

renee welcome back! hope you had a great vacation. Sorry to hear AF is here.

For me CD46 not pregnant waiting on AF.

Ange 4 weeks to go and counting!


RNORST - May 10

Blessme, Are you usually this late? Have you been to the doc?
I'm really exceited about this cycle, I love this re, I just hope I'm doing all this in God perfect timing.

Love Renee



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