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Jade - May 4

Hi Ladies. Hope everyone had a great Friday......

Ange~ So you will have the shot next week and the surgery 4 weeks after that and then start on IVF....That is sooo exciting. I know you will get preggy with IVF. Do you pay for 1 IVF or multiple. I know at my RE they have a program where you pay for 6 times and if you are unsuccessful then it will be free. I didnt know if there was something like that in your state... Does you insurance cover it?

Lili~ I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. I know you will have fun at the zoo. Sounds like you really want a girl? I think it all depends on how close to O you were when you bd. The closer you were the higher your chances of a boy. I read it in my TCOYF book.


lili246 - May 4

well I would love a girl but what ever god wants to give us will take with Love as long as everything comes out ok this time that is all it matters :)

How are you feeling?

Have a great weekend!!


shan1234 - May 4

Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



positiveGirl - May 5

Hello Girls!! :)

How are you all doing??
Jess - A very Big Congrats!! I am very happy for you. For how long have you been taking Ovulex? You take good rest and relax.

Last month I had done IUI with injectables. Let's see what happens. I have to go for blood test on the 7th of May. Please pray for me. Yes, I thope as some one mentioned that BFP is contagious... :)

Lili- good to know that your insurance got thru.

I wish all new BFP girls have a healthy, positive and happy sweet baby..... :)

Baby dust to the rest of us..... :)



BlessME - May 5

Hello Ladies!
Havent really posted much I've been really busy with school. I get BA in Architecture in June...yay!

Well still no period CD 41 now? Still taking ovulex. I dont know if I O or not. I tested on CD 14 to 19 but never at the same time so I dont know how this would affect the outcome of the test. Each time it was negative. I do know some women O late in their cycles so i dont know if I ovulated late since I stopped testing or if i had an anovulation cycle. I havent given up on TTC but with school I had to have it in the back of my mind.

Sorry that I cant comment to the ladies that are IUI or having to get shots I dont really know much on the subject so I cant really comment on that but what I can do is offer my moral support and send tons and tons of baby dust your way. I'll soon get the hang of all the number and shot subjects.

Ladies I wish you a wonderful weekend. God bless you all.


Jade - May 5

Lili~ I am feeling good. JUst some sore bbs and still the full feeling from time to time.

Positive~ I will be praying for a bfp for you on the 7th. Are you feeling any symptoms or are you going to test at home first?

Blessme~ Congrats on the degree. Are you going job hunting after you graduate?

Renee~ How was your vacation? Any exciting news to share?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Hope33 - May 6

Hey Girls,
Congratulations to all of the BFP!

It's been a long and stressful week for me. Work has been busy. I can't go online at work because they monitor us.

This past week I thought maybe I was having some pregnancy symptoms, my BBs hurt which is unusual for me and I was really tired. Unforunatley, those are also symptoms for PMS. I got AF today. :( Sometimes I just feel like it's out of my hands, that it's going to happen when it's meant to happen. I hear so many stories about how it has taken some women years to concieve but they did and without fertility treatment. It's a mystery to me.

I go back to my doctor next week. We'll see what's next for me.

Good luck to everyone!


Ange - May 6

Hello Ladies!

Lili~ I still have faith after 14 years I have not lost it. how are you today?

Jade~ I am going for 3 ivf it is cheaper. It costs 8,900 for 3 and 1 costs 5,000. we don't have a free deal. I really don't want to go past 3. If nothing by then we will stop our journey. I am dealing with that very well. Better that I thought I would sooooo how are you?

Hope~ Sorry to hear about af! Let me know what the dr says.

Blessme~ Congrats on your BA! That is great.

Postivegirl~ goodluck with your beta on the 7th I pray it is contagious for you.

I am having my lupron shot tomorrow. I have it already in my purse. I can't wait till that is over with I hate needles. I will let you how it went when i get back.



LeslieAnn - May 7

Hey everyone!

I'm popping in quickly to say hello! Lili tracked me down on myspace and sent me a message! :) I hope everyone is doing well. I took a break from everything related to ttc for a few months, I thought it might help. I still haven't gotten my bfp, and we actually didn't even ttc this last month, but I am feeling MUCH better mentally, so I think I'm ready to go again once AF arrives. I hope everyone is doing well. Lili, it looks like you got your bfp! That's AWESOME! I'm sorry I wasn't here to share in the excitement when it happened. :( I really have missed everyone, I just needed to distance myself from ttc for a little while because it was really starting to get me down.

We have no bfp, but tons of stuff has been happening in my life and I'm totally overwhelmed right now. I'm graduating from law school on Friday, I have a new job, we bought a house, we got a dog, all in the last month. It will be pretty different for me because I've been in school for 6 years now and I've moved almost every year, and only worked full-time in the summer.

How has everybody been doing? Sorry I've been away for so long, I just needed to get stuff straightened out!




positiveGirl - May 7

Hi all,

I went for my beta blood test and the nurse will let me know by 3 PM.....I don't want to get my hopes too high but at the same I time I am trying to remain positive basically not trying to think abt. the result at all.

Jade - No, I did not test at home somehow could not get myself to do it.... :) no major symptoms except for occassionally bbs hurting.

Ange - thanks for your prayers..... :)

Whenever I find myself to think I start deep breathing and relax myself.... :)

Baby dust to all....


Ange - May 7

Leslie~ I am glad your back. I have taken many breaks over the years. We need too from time to time. But keep in mind we are all here for you.

Positive girl~ Let us know asap when you get your results.

Tia~ I went for my lupron shot and it was bad at all. It didn't even hurt. Mind you I have a little cushion on my butt. No symptoms so far but the nurse warned me that they would come.



Jade - May 7

Well Ladies.....bad news for me. Looks like I am having another miscarriage. My beta had only risen 1000 in a week- it was 3500 and should have been at 20000. So she said it didnt look good. My prog dropped to 9 so they gave me a progesterone shot. So I am feeling a little down- Please pray for me!


lili246 - May 7

Are you sure that is right. Did the doctor confirm that you were having another m/c? I am praying for you girl. Hope that it's something else and not a m/c Please let us know what happens. So when are you due to go to the doctor again. Has that been confirmed?

I am praying for you!!! Keep the faith!!

Love Lili


Ange - May 7

Jade~ I am so sorry! You must be devestated. I hope the progesterone shot helps. You are in my prayers. When are you going to find out for sure? If you need someone I am here.



Jade - May 7

Well the nurse called and wanted me to go in for an ultrasound. I had to go to some place else since my dr is out of town all week. The just called back to say it was a blighted ovum- which I guess means that a sac was there but no heartbeat or fetal pole. So I could expect to have a natural miscarriage in 2-3 weeks. I have to go in next Monday for a consultation with my RE and he will decide if it is small enough to do it naturally or if I need a D&E. So I guess that is that...........


positiveGirl - May 7

Hi Jade,

I am so sorry :( for you I really feel very bad.... I'll pray for you.

We are all there for you. You take care. don't give up girl!




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