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lili246 - April 25

Have you tested for pregnancy. You are actually at the right time to test and find out if you are pregnant. When are you testing? Good Luck!!

They said that they haven't recieved the appli. yet or maybe they did but it's not been approved or posted in their computer so I will call tomorrow and see what they say. It's been more than a week already and they have not been able to tell me anything. I hope that tomorrow when I call they can let me know if it has been approved. I am so anxious to have my first doc. appointment. When do you have yours?
You should change you ticker Jade ;)

Have a great night!!

Love Lili


BlessME - April 25

Sorry girls wont be testing soon, cuz i have that feeling that as soon as i test AF is going to come around. Im just going to wait it out till monday. This weekend should be pretty busy for me schools about to end for the semester and I got projects to finish so hopefully that will make time fly by. Also im under some stress so that can play a factor into AF showing up or not.

I find myself wanting to chat with yall all the time. Im in college so all of my friends are not wanting babies now. I sometimes want to talk to friends but i think this whole situation is still a personal matter for me and DH, especially for DH.

I asked this question some time ago. Has anyone ever had a vaginal infection?

JADE CHANGE THE TICKER!!!! you need to scream it out!!!

Lili246 Its nice to see your ticker, now i get to see what exactly is going on with your baby....did you see that YOUR BABY!!! Wow those are some wonderful words. Good luck girls take care of yourselves and the babies.

You know what would be cool...if anyone of yall was having twins. hehehe. I always wanted to have twins. I'll settle for one now. I also said I wanted a big family [size=4]5[/size] kids.


Ange - April 25

Ok I agree with everyone JADE change your ticker. We want to see your bfp. Be proud and show it off.

Ok the day has passed and I didn't get much work done due to the fact AF didn't start like normal. I have brown spotting alll day. Yup I got my hopes up and down and all around. I am just exhausted it is the end of the day and I want to know is she here or not. LOL! MY bbs are like melons Sorry TMI but they normally adjust as soon as she starts and they haven't. I have this heightened smell and it is driving me crazy. I hate symptoms. I saw my hpt that i took and now it is a + but of course it is a false postive cause I think I stared at it on and off for about a half hour. But then I find out today brown spotting and that might indicate implantation so of course i wouldn't have got a positive before it would only be in 2 days at least. Oh by the way I am venting on this board today sorry. lol!

So I am feeling back to normal now and have some cramps so I think maybe she is coming but slowly. I am just mad to be teased. lol I sound pms don't I? Well thanks for listening I am going to take a long bath tonight and try to forget the SYMPTOMS.

Love Ange


lili246 - April 25

OMG girl what about if it is implantation. It sounds for sure!! I am praying for you girl hope that it is implantation and not af. Let us know what happens by tomorrow. When did you took that hpt the test line might be very fainted almost like if you are dreaming that seconf line but you might be right maybe it is very fainted that if you test within a few more days it can become darker . :)
I am praying for you!!

I know what you mean about testing and then af showing up because it did happen to be before everytime I tested af would show up the next day. but have faith I am sure you will be getting good news :)
No I haven't seen my baby yet I am trying to hurry up this insurance so that I can have my first doctor's visit. I am so excited :) Can't wait to hear my baby's heartbeat!

Have a great night!!! The weekend is almost here and I am so happy because that means that I can rest and be lazy. It is getting so hard for me staying awake after lunch I feel so tired that can barely open my

Love Lili


BlessME - April 25

AAAANNGE who knows it could be something!!

Lili funny how you mention you are so tired, I also find myself very tired. its seems that after every 4 to 5 hours I want to take a nap. at first i thought it might be ovulex, then school work, but now i think its plain lazzyness...


lili246 - April 25

That is a great pregnancy sign. I am praying for you girl it sounds very promising. Keep us posted ok.
Best wishes, good luck!!

Love Lili


Jade - April 25

OKAY Ladies---Calm down about the ticker. I decided that I want to wait until Friday after my final beta to change my ticker. I know it may sound stupid- but I just can't help it. I think I am still in shock.

Ange~ I hope it is implantation. Let us know as soon as you find something out tomorrow.....I am praying for you.

Liili~ I hope that they have your papers and they didnt get lost in the mail. But you said it could take 10 days right? So a few more days until 10 days so hopefully soon.

Blessme~ It could be a BFP for you. I still keep thinking AF is going to come for me. I have af cramping on and off, so stay positive.....


Jess - April 26

Thanks for all of the support girls! I'm trying to keep the faith, and leaving it all in Gods hands. The only other symptoms I've had are headache and a little bit of nausea. I won't test until I have missed my af. I hate that disapointment:( Today is cd22 and I usually get af around day 24-26. Pray for me girls!!! As I will for all of you.

Lots of baby dust!!!!


Ange - April 26

hi girls!

Well she showed her ugly face! So no good news for me. AF is for sure here this morning.

Jade~ It makes sense. We are all just so excited for you. I can't wait to see it.


God never fails - April 26

I am new here and in South Africa, hoping to get support since I am also trying to fall pregnant, someone indicated that when people ask when they can expect a baby, just say" we are practicing" I am gonna use that.

Stay blessed


shan1234 - April 26

Ange – Sorry af showed her ugly face. >:(

Blessme – I’ll be praying for you. It does sound like you having pg symptoms. This may be your month – BFP!! :)

God never fails – Welcome to the forum!!! ;D

Jess – I’ll be praying for you as well. Hope you get that BFP. :)

As for me, I’m waiting for af to show her ugly face, so I can start my journey.



BlessME - April 26

Ange - Why does she have to come when she knows perfectly well she is not welcomed? :( Sorry to hear the news. Keep up the faith, we have an awesome God!

Jade - Everything is going to go well on tomorrows RE visit. It will be exciting to see a new baby ticker on the forum. ;D

Jess - You and I are in the waiting game...waiting to see whats going to happen. Jess stay strong, timing is everthing.

God Never Fails - You said it alright "HE never fails." Welcome on board! All the way from South Africa. wow :o thats far.

Shan - It funny how sometimes you cant wait to get AF then there is those other times you wish she wouldnt show up. Hang in there she's coming soon.

As for me no AF yet its now CD 33, like I said before by now my boobs would have been tender, an occassional break out also lets me know she is coming soon, and some minor cramping. Except for the minor cramping, so minor I dont even know if it should be lable cramps there is no sign she is coming. Dont really want to look to much into it. I do find myself more tired but I blame that on lazziness.

OH...I almost forgot to tell yall this. Last night I had a dream in which I was looking at a pregnacy test, there were 2 lines on it, meaning PREGNANT, but the line that actully tells you that you are pregnant was so [b]bold[/b] and [b]thick[/b] it was like it was [glow=lime green,1,300]screaming[/glow] it out at me. And for some reason the line was [color=blue]blue[/color], this could be because I want a boy first.


Jess - April 26

Welcome all newbies!!! Glad to have you.

As far as everyone in the 2ww with me....I'll be praying for you!!! As for everyone else, keep the faith of the Lord strong within yourself. God will bless all of us, when he is ready. We all desirve to be parents, it's just a matter of when.

Lots of BABY DUST!!!!


RNORST - April 26

Blessme, you are strong girl not to test until monday. I always say that but I give in. I 'm just like you, this last time I was so scared to test, didn't want to see that BFN. You have alot of good signs. I'm praying for you.

Jess, good luck, I hope this is your month.

God never fails, I like that saying, Welcome to our group, we are all here for you.

Well my temps today was 98.6 I'm 3 dpo. I went to the chrio. again today and he thought my pelvis bones looked more alined. I will go to him for 2 more weeks after vacation.

Love Renee
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Jade - April 26

HI everyone.

Renee~ I just wanted to wish you the best vacation ever. Have fun and relax. How many days are you gone for?

Ange~ Sorry about AF. What a pain. Dont you hate how she gets your hopes up?

Lili~ Any news from insurance?

Blessme~ I think that is a sign that you should test.......


lili246 - April 26

Well I did called the insurance and they said they haven't recieved the application which that is not making any sense it is almost going to be 2 weeks and don't know whats going on I will call again on saturday.
This is just making me

I agree with Jade you should test maybe that is a good sign and it is telling you to test because you will be seeing that BFP. Good Luck and keep us posted.

Well girls I am feeling better good just some nauseas kicking in and wanting to eat more than usual, so that is good also my boobs don't hurt that much but they are getting heavier so that is a good sign. I just can't wait to go to the doctor this insurance is taking forever and hope to get good news from them soon.

Have a great night!!

Love Lili



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