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shan1234 - April 24

Hello Ladies, ;D
I’m new to this forum, I have been posting on the Ovulex forum, but it just seems that I don’t get any reponses – only from BlessMe (Hi BlessME) :). I need some buddies that will encourage and support me through this journey. I have been reading this forum for the last two days and there is a lot of support, which I need right about now.

I'm Shan, 28, happily married. :) I had a miscarriage in May, 06 when I was 10 weeks along. The baby stopped growing at 7.5 weeks but my body refused to let go, so I had to have a D&C. I have been ttc since Oct. 06 and nothing. Now I’m taking Ovulex and the only side effect that I have noticed is that I’m tired a lot.

RNORST & BlessMe – What is pre-seed? Is that something that my dh will enjoy?

Jade – Does it have to be 2 pillows? I have been using 1 pillow after we bd. I didn’t know you are suppose to use 2 pillows and before you bd. I have learned something new today. :)

God bless us all!!




Jade - April 24

Hi Ladies~ Hope everyone is doing well today.

Renee~ I think the preseed will do the trick for you this time. Try the 2 pillows too.

Shan~ I am not sure about the pillows- My Re told me 2 and BEFORE bd. Don't know why, but I have always used 1 and after but this time I tried 2. I dont know if that is what did the trick or not.

Ange~ How many Dpo are you? When do you expect AF? I think this will be your cycle. Stay positive....

Lili~ I think I will wait to tell everyone until I have official confirmation that something is going on in there. Right now I have no symptoms so it is hard to believe. I am still feeling the urge to take hpt just to make sure lol.....

Les~ It is good that your cycle is getting back to normal. Is your dr checking cm and doing ultrasounds to make sure that your lining is good. If not - you should definitely request that. My lining was too thin from the clomid so they put me on femara.

Blessme~ When do you expect AF?

Welcome Sarah~


RNORST - April 24

Blessme, I go to the "tounge lady" in a hour, I will let you know what she tells me. I know I think it's so weriod, but oh well it wont hurt any thing. I hope you dont get any O pains for 9 months also, that would be nice, but if you get it again make sure to make a note of it, that could help you concieve. I'm praying for you girl.
(thanks for the tip on the pillow while bd). So if you wait to test on Monday, how many days will you be late? Do you have any preg signs?

Shan, Pre-seed, is a lubricant, It is safe for sprem and it helps them survive, it make a good enviroment for them. I'm sure you dh will like it. I always have alot of good cm, so I cant really feel a different, but if it helps them live up there longer, it's worth a try. Just look up pre-seed on the web. Sorry about your m/c, I had a m/c before my son, I was only 6 weeks along. Have faith it will happen soon. Welcome to you ttc family.

Love ya Renee


positiveGirl - April 24

Hello Girls,

Good to read abt. everyone's progress.

Jade - Congratualtion on BFP!! :) How are things with you??

This week I'll be going for IUI with injectables. No major side effects on injectables other than headaches.

Does anyone know if Pre-seed is available in any store?b/c it's late to order online and I was wondering if I could get it from anystore(drug/pharmacy)

Baby dust to all out there!! :)


lili246 - April 24

Positive girl,
What cd are you in your cycle. If you order them through the website they are usually very good about sending it right away. Mine took like 2 days I think. I don't know if the stores might sell them :)

You are right I feel the same way as you girl. I think I will wait aswell and not say anything to anybody else until I get to see the doctor and she tells me that everything is good with the baby :) can't wait this insurance is taking forever and I can't wait for my first doctors appointment.
Hey I also was the same I keep testing every day because I couldn't believe it. I actually tested last friday again because I still can't believe it but I wanted to have my positive hpt for my memories aswell.
It should not be long before you get those pregnancy symptoms.. :) Good Luck!!

Have a great night!!!

Love Lili


Jess - April 24

Hey girls!! I'm so glad to see the past two bfp!!! Congrats girls! I am now on cd21 and waiting to see if af comes or not... My cycles are usually 24-26days. I didn't have a monitor this month to see if I O or not. I've just been watching my cm. The weirdest thing happened to me today. I was walking and all of the sudden I had this painful stretching feeling from my pelvis area to above my belly button.??? What could that be? I hope nothing to serious.... I've also been having pain in my breast. Not all the time, but occasionally. It's probably just af telling me she's on her way:( Anyways, I hope all is well with everyone else and I hope you have a good vacation, Renee.

Lots of baby dust for all!!!!


lili246 - April 24

Well that weired feeling might be a good sign. I am praying for you girl. Hope that it is a good sign and that you get good news. Lets be positive and have faith!! Let us know what you find out :)


Baby dust!! ;)


Mahogany Heart - April 24

Jade and Ange,

Yes I got a lot of beautiful things. I'm so excited.


I'm in a lot of pain. It really hurts in my groin area and lower back and some other places. DH has to help me with my legs when getting out of the bed in the morning.


DH is going out of town to work. He really didn't want to go but I told him to go on. I know God will allow him to be here for the birth of his son. I'm sure he will be home before June 5, 2007.

It is good to read about the BFPs coming from this thread and there will be many more. Keep on top of your infertility. Keep all records and everything will be fine.


RNORST - April 25

Postivegirl, if you look on the pre-seed website, there is a place where you can, but in your state and they will tell you if there is any stores that carry them. I ordered mine off of and it was to me, in 2-3 days, it didn't take very long. Do you know when you are doing the IUI, are you all done with the shots? How many days did you do the shot? I'm going to do IUI with clomid in May, this next cycle. Good luck.

Jess, Thanks I'm sure we will have a awsome vacation, I will miss you guys. Hey, those sound like good preg signs to me. When are you going to test?

Love Renee


shan1234 - April 25

RNORST - Thanks for the info. Have fun on your vacation.

Jess -- I'll be praying for you. This might be your time -- BFP!!!


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Ange - April 25

Renee~ you are going to a holistic dr. That is what I did for 3 months. She checked my tongue and took my pulse. No worries it does not hurt. She told me my yang was out of wack. That is when I got those herbs: yuck.....they were bad. goodluck

Jade~no good news to share Af showed up today. I took a test when I woke up and it was bfn then by the time i got to work she was here. no that confirms it. SO now i get my lupron shot on May 7 and then the sugery june 4. How are you feeling today?

Welcome Shan~ I used preseed this month and even if it didn't work for me I loved it. Your dh will love it too. It will help with the stress of bd on demand plus with your cm. We are getting more they also have external for the rest of your cycle too.

Blessme~ Well I got Af so it is for sure bfn. I send you all the babydust for you to get the bfp. my average length is 28 days but this month I had a hysteoscopy so it delayed my cycle.

Lili~ 6 weeks wow! i love seeing your ticker.

postive girl~ goodluck with the IUI

Jess~ symptoms drive me crazy. I had so many inluding heighten sense of smell. I wish lots of babydust.

MH~ sorry to here about the pain. That must make your days and nights very long. i hope you feeling better quickly after chance is born. you are going to ttc soon after again right?



lili246 - April 25

wow girl I am sorry to hear that you are in alot of pain. I know it gets hard those last weeks of pregnancy and everything seem to hurt and can't even sleep, but within a few more weeks you will have your lil one with you. So Good Luck and also don't worry I am sure that dh will be there for you when you give birth. He can't miss that special day :)
You sure are strong if you want to ttc again right after Chance is born wow you sure do have the
Hey I read a post in some other forum where this lady had her daughter this January 2, 2007 and now she is pregnant again and is due december, 2007 so she will have two babies in one year that is something very odd.
I prefer to enjoy my son to the fullest thats why I waited 2 years to ttc again. ;)

I love seeing my ticker to. I hope time goes by fast so that I can see my lil bundle of joy and hold it on my arms.
I am sorry to hear that af is here for you :/ don't worry I am sure you are very close and you will be getting that bfp very soon, have faith!!

so you are in the 2ww girl. I am praying for you and hope that you have that bfp. Keep yourself relax and don't stress, try to take everything as normal and don't think about testing until that day.

Any other symptoms? I think you might be getting that bfp your symptoms sound promising girl. :)
Good Luck!!

Love Lili

Have a great day!!


RNORST - April 25

Ange, When I went to that lady last night, she asked me some questions and then looked at my tounge and said , ok and that was it?? I guess every thing was ok??
I might go to her to do accupuctur. Sorry about af, but you have alot to look forward to! So after the surgey it will be IVF, in July?

Lili, I think this is the best way to spend the 2ww is on vacation, I hope to not think of it very much, I hope that I will be having so much fun that I wont be looking for preg sign. If this is not my month, I'm very excited to see the re the day after we get back.

Love Renee


BlessME - April 25

Good Afternoon Ladies

Ange sorry to hear AF came around. "that means we get to keep on trying" quote from the DH.
I never heard of a holistic doctor, im guna have to look it up. What does it mean when your yang is wack? I hope everything goes well with the shot and surgery.

Jess keep up the faith it might be suprising you soon!!

No AF for me and no signs of it, buy now my breast would have been tender but not yet.

Got to go schools about to finshing and I have a lot of work to do.


Jade - April 25

Hi Ladies.

Ange~ I am sorry to hear about AF. SHe sucks. At least you have your lupron shot and getting ready for IVF to look forward to. You time is right around the corner.....

Renee~ Vacation will be a relaxing way to spend your 2ww. You better start packing- SUnday is right around the corner.

Lili~ Any news from the insurance people?

MH~ Sorry about the pain and discomfort. THere is an end in sight and it will be worth it all.

Blessme~ How many days til testing?

jess~ hope you will have good news this cycle.


lili246 - April 25

Have you tested for pregnancy. You are actually at the right time to test and find out if you are pregnant. When are you testing? Good Luck!!

They said that they haven't recieved the appli. yet or maybe they did but it's not been approved or posted in their computer so I will call tomorrow and see what they say. It's been more than a week already and they have not been able to tell me anything. I hope that tomorrow when I call they can let me know if it has been approved. I am so anxious to have my first doc. appointment. When do you have yours?
You should change you ticker Jade ;)

Have a great night!!

Love Lili



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