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minamedina - April 10

Im on day 16 after AF, dont know when i will ovulate but im hoping is within the next couple of days. Im really excited and looking forward to it.

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BlessME - April 10

Hey ladies i deleted my profile which was dumb but its still me BlessME.


RNORST - April 10

Well girls af was done a few days ago. Af only lasted 1 1/2 days?? Before I had my son af would last 4-5 days, after my son af lasted 1 1/2 days, then the re thought that was because of the retain placenta, after my sugrey my af was back to 4 days, I though, oh yeah that might have been it, now this month af is back to 1 1/2 days. So I called the re this morning to ask them about it, and if there was any test to do, beacuse of af, to get it done this month before May, beacuse in May we want to go full force with the IUI. I talk to a nruse and she said af can change, and she didnt think that would be any reason to why I cant get preg, she was going to talk to the re and see if she wants to do any other test and call me back if she does, I hope they call me back either way.

Ange, The tea is not to bad, I will drink it until O, then stop. I go on vacation in 19 day :) Then the day after we get back I go see the re, so coming back from vac. wont be that bad, because we have something to look forward to.

BlessMe, I will still be ttc, of course, but we have tried on our own for 3 1/2 years, we need to get some help. I have faith in God that this WILL happen. We just might need a boost from a re. I just hope I'm doing this in God Will and the right timing for Him, Because I know if it"s not the right timing it will not happen, I dont want to waste any more money. I pray for God guidence in all we do.
Sounds like you are getting close to O, Are you taking your temps and using opk?

Love all you ladies and I'm praying for you all


RNORST - April 10

Hey ladies, I was reading M.H. story, if you havn't read it it's awsome. M.H. thanks for sharing. At the very beggining she talks about some verse from the Bible Matthew 18:18-20. It talks about 2 or more gather in God name, I was looking the verse up in my study Bible, and it says, :Two or more believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, will pray according to GOD'S WILL, NOT THEIR OWN; thus, their requests will be granted.

Wow, I just read a few days ago, GOD WILL FIRST THEN OUR DISIRES.
Ladies, it all about God's Will, we need to remember that, every thing happens for a reason, I will just wait for God Will to happen, believe and have faith.

Love Renee


BlessME - April 10

I just got a set back on the O. I though I would be ovulating soon or by the end of the week so by now I would be producing CM so I checked: "cottage cheese" substance. I've read women get this when they have an infection. I called the Gyno to set up an appointment.

So who knows but i doubt i will be ovulating. Also I feel bloated with gas. My temp did drop but my temp is always crazy, i know im checking in the right spot.


RNORST - April 10

Blessme, Talk to the obgyn, about your fertility, they may be able to help you. Maybe you already O?? After O it gets creamy- tacky. Do you have any other signs of a infection?



Jade - April 10

Well NO GOOD NEWS for me. My P.C. test was not good. Looks like Dh swimmers didn't make it and I have already released my egg. So not much hope for this cycle. UGGG! So he wants to do IUI next cycle and push my lap up to 2 1/2 weeks from now if he can fit it in. JUst when I think things are going well, something else bad happens...........:(


Ange - April 10

Jade~ Sorry to hear about the P.C. test Was is bad last time too? Well maybe all you need is a IUI so look at it that way. Then you won't need a LAP. Trust me I know how you feel

Renee~ Glad to hear you like the tea. That is always a plus. I am so jealous of you getting to go on vacation. It will do you good and when you get back you will conquer this once and for all.

Lili~ Take it easy. Your baby will be just fine. Thanks so much for the e-card I am lucky to have a freind like you.

Blessme ~ I normally am bloated with gas when ovulating so don't through this months trying away yet. If you feel other symptoms then maybe you do have an infection. Still see you DR

Mina~ Welcome to our little group are you using OPK or temping to see when you Ovulate?

Well I am ovulating for sure. I feel it. I will try to bd tonight

Love Ange


Tiffany F - April 10

I don't no where to start ???, I no I had to come here with my sisters for support! This is my first time TTC while seeing an RE, it's so weird because everytime I was p/g in the past I would go to my High Risk obgyn and they would just your p/g! Well I just got of the phone with the nurse and I thought I was going to get "You are or your not p/g" but what I got was, "Let's not get excited your beta is only 7 ???, and that is very low! I have no clue what this means, does it mine I'm p/g but I'm on the path to ANOTHER M/C? I can't deal with this anymore. If I am p/g that means I conceived between March24,25,26 or 27th, that was like 2 weeks ago, I'm so damn confussed, I have to go back in Thursday to see if the numbers go up! I love you all...Tiffany~~~


Jade - April 10

Tiffany~ Maybe you ovulated later than you thought and you are really early in pregnancy. Remember how you said the opk wasnt as dark as the control? Maybe that is it. I think above 5 is considered pregnant. It should double by Thursday. If you are at 14 Thursday then that is a good sign. I am thinking you Od later than you thought. I will pray for you.

Ange~ I still have to get the lap before the IUI. Hopefully that will turn out alright. I am glad you are Oing. I hope this will be your month and then you wont need your surgery in JUne.


Tiffany F - April 10

Ladies~ I am so sorry to be so rude!

Jade~I'm so sorry you did'nt get the news you wanted to hear, please continue to have faith and don't get down. I no what you mean by if it's not one thing it's another, you will continue to be in my prayers.

Renee~Enjoy your vacation, I no every thing will work out for you, what ever path you decide to go down, You will have success with your IUI.

BlessMe,lili,Ange~You all are in my prayers and thoughts as well, I just have so much on my mind right now!

I don't think I'm going to tell Dh, I will wait until I go in Thursday and hopefully get the results back Friday.


RNORST - April 10

Jade, I'm sorry, dont get down, to me it sounds like this re is really trying to help you. The sooner you get the surgrey done the sooner you will be preg. So if they do the lap in 2 weeks, then you will do a IUI that next cycle? or will you have to wait a few months to heal up? Is there any thing they can do for you dh sprem?
I know thats bad news, but at least you have a reason to why your not get preg. I'm praying for you girl, every thing will turn out fine. I had a hystocopy done in Oct, it kind of the same thing, but mine was a little easier, my cousin had a lap done and said it wasn't that bad.

Ange, So what is your next step, surgrey in June? Good luck tonight, relax and take it easy.

Tiffany, Thats weriod they just told you your beta, I dont know much about that, if I was you I would call them back and ask question, so you go back on thurs to see if they chg? I'm praying for you. Keep your head up, it's not over yet.

Love Renee


BlessME - April 11

So last night i took a OPT and to my suprise there was 1 dark line and 1 faint line. I got so excited thinking I was ovulating but then i read the instructions and it said it was a negaitve result. For this test both lines have to be dark. So then i was thinking does this mean my LH is not as high as its suppose to be. I took another one and again 1 dark line and 1 faint line.

I'll test again later.


Ange - April 11

Tiffany~ I sure hope it sticks for you. I wouldn't tell dh yet either just in case. I will pray for you and dh. I am praying it doubled!!!

Jade~ Sorry I misunderstood. The LAP is not so bad it is will give you answers. I remember my doctor telling me years back that some women fight their dh sperm and he told me there was a medicine to take. I will do some research to see if I can find out what it is called.

Renee~ my next step is the lupron shot in may then the surgery in june. 6 weeks after that I get checked by the dr and then start the ivf process I hope.


RNORST - April 11

BlessMe, you are getting a small lh surge, just keep testing, the line should get darker and darker, until after O. Keep testing. What is your cm like?

Ange, What is that shot for? Can you try on your own up until then? Good luck girl, sounds like you have great plans.



BlessME - April 11

????Could i not be producing CM because I'm stressing to much?

The OPT that I tested on "one will probably ovulate in the next 24-48 hours. If one wants to be pregnant, the best time to have intercourse is after 24 hours but before 48 hours. "

Wish me luck.



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