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minamedina - April 9

Jade - good luck with the ultrasound.

Lili - So what happened?

As for me still have not O.


lili246 - April 9

Thank you for all your support!! :) I am very happy because yes I did get the BFP!!! YAY!!
I tested on friday and saw a very fainted second line and then on saturday and sunday and yes it is coming darker now. So I better start doing my application for insurance again. :)
I am very happy but we are taking it easy this time we want everything to turn out just perfect so we are staying positive. :)

Thank you for all your support!! I will be praying for all of you! ;)

Love Lili

p.s. ofcourse this was a big bless on this past holly weekend! I ad faith and look! : ) I am as happy as I can be, please stay positive!


minamedina - April 9


WOW!!! WOW!!!

Im so happy for you!!!!


RNORST - April 9

Lili, Congrats, I'm so happy for you. Take it easy and rest.

Jade, so you go back to the re today, good luck, if they give you the trigger shot you sould o within about 12 hours, I think?

Blessme, if you feel cm, then you are getting close to O, keep taking your temps and test with opk.

Well my temps on Sat was 98.2 and af started on Sat.
:'0(. This is my last month to try on our own. We have a appt with the re on may 7th, the day after we get back from vacation, I'm really looking forward to that. I just hope and pray that I'm doing this in God timing and God's will, I dont want to waste any more money. I bought a new therm and some fertili-tea, I hope to have it tomorrow. This month I plan to relax not stress and prayer all the more, I have such a peace inside, and I thank God for that. I dont think I'm going to worry about ttc any more, of cousre I will try my hardest, but it is all up to God, it's His will and it wont happen until He is ready for it to, so it's no use worrying about it and stressing. I have faith that this will happen, I just have no idea if it will be next month or 5 years from now?? It's all up to my mighty God!!

Good luck to all, your all in my prayers
Love ya Renee


RNORST - April 9

Tiffany, What did you find out? I'm praying for you girl!!

Love Renee


destinybaby - April 9

Hi Lilli, :D

Congrats! I just knew you would get the BFP. I am sooo happy for you, and what a blessed weekend to get this great news. This is such wonderful news, you must be on cloud 9, 10 and 11.

Enjoy :D and take it easy.



Jade - April 9

Hi everyone.

Lili~ Congrats. You need to update your ticker. Were you having any symptoms of a BFP? I am sooo excited for you.

Renee~ I am glad you are staying so positive. It sucks that AF started for you. But you are right- it is all up to God and when he is ready he will bless us. It sure would be alot easier though if we knew when- it would be a whole lot less stressful:)

On my way to the Re- I will let you guys know what he says.....


RNORST - April 9

Jade, good luck girl, let us know right away.

Love ya Renee


lili246 - April 9

Hey girls, thank you all for all your support I have decided that I will try and rest this time so that everything will turn great. I may not stop by everyday but I promise that I will check on you all once in a while. I just don't want to get stressed and want to relax now that god has bless me with the most wonderful gift this easter. I am so happy and have so much faith that god will protect my baby and he will bless me with a healthy pregnancy and everything will be alright.

I wish the all the best of luck and please have faith! it will happen for you all very soon.!
I know that god has good plans for all of you!

Love you all and thank you for all the support you have given me all this months.

No symptoms actually only some pulling like when I was laying down and if I would move to switch positions I would feel some pulling and kinda hurted but besides that is all no sore boobs just very little but not bad.

I will keep you posted on how everything goes, I am getting ready to get insurance once again.

and yes I will update my ticker :)

God bless you all!

Lvoe Lili


Jade - April 9

Hi Renee~ Just letting you know I did get the trigger. My butt is a little sore He said my follicle and lining looked perfect so I am hoping this will be my cycle. I really am not looking forward to the lap next cycle so it would be great if it worked this time. I go in tomorrow for a p.c. to check for a hostile environment.

Lili~ We will miss you around here. Keep in touch and the best of luck to you and your family.


Tiffany F - April 9

Hello Ladies~I pray you all had a safe and blessed weekend ;)

Well I just left from the RE's and they took a blood test, I hope to get the results back after 3pm. I don't feel p/g my boobs are'nt sore ???, by now they are usually killen me. I'm trying to think positive, I will let you all no the results tomorrow before I call Dh at work to tell him!

lili~Oh my goodness, CONGRATS, YEAH! I will keep you and the baby in my prayers :)

Renee~I try to think of you and your encouraging words when I get down, like you said all p/g are different, I'm praying that is the case now. I no we will all be blessed with the desires of our hearts, I no we will all have BFP this year...or should I say within next couple months, I pray! I no all will go well with your apt next month, it will be here before you no it :).

Jade~Can't wait to hear back from you today, I no you will have good news! :D

Bless Me~I will continue to pray that you O soon, God is good it will happen ;).


RNORST - April 9

Well ladies, I got my new therm and the fertili tea, has any one ever taken this before?? I think I will try it up to O, the ing. are chasteberry (vitex), red rapberry leaf, green tea, ladies mantle, nettle leaf, peppermint leaf.

Jade, did they say you would O tommorrow? BD, BD, BD.
Relax and let it happen :0) Let me know what you find out tommorrow with the other test. I'm praying that it will happen this month.

Tiffany, Good luck girl, I'm praying for you, every preg can be different. Lili, boobs aren't the sore and she got a BFP. Keep your head up. I'm praying for you girl.

Love Renee


Ange - April 9

Jade~ Goodluck this month. Glad you got the trigger shot at least you know you will ovulate right?

Renee~ Sorry to hear about AF! When is your vacation? Goodluck with the new tea. I haven't tried that one but i would try anything once.

Lili~ How are you doing today? Did you do your papers for your insurance? I hope you still visit us from time to time to say hello and let us know how you and baby are doing.

Tiffany~ your in my prayers I hope you get some good news today. keep me posted


lili246 - April 9

No i haven't done thos insurance papers yet. I will go to the doctor and have a pregnancy test done and a certificate proof of pregnancy which is something that they request. So I will be doing that maybe by friday or saturday.
Ofcourse I will stop by once in a while I just want to relax and stay calm I know that everything will be ok, it;s just that I want to keep my mond in the baby's healthy.

I wish you all the best and good Luck, I have a feeling that we will be hearing some great news from other girls in this forum, have faith and keep on trying.
Remember nothing is impossible for God!

Love you all and thanks for all your supoprt and advice.

I love that e-card you send me thanks alot! :)

Your friend forever, Lili


minamedina - April 10

RNOSRT ~ im sorry to hear this will be your last month trying on your own. i know it can feel like it will never happen but like you say you're looking forward to something new. I hope you have a wonderful vacation, relax, dont stress and when you come back it will be a fresh start.

It helps me to read everything you say about God being an Almighty God and that everything is possible with him by your side.

take care. much love and respect for you.


minamedina - April 10

Im on day 16 after AF, dont know when i will ovulate but im hoping is within the next couple of days. Im really excited and looking forward to it.

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