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RNORST - April 6

Jade, I hope the same thing, I hope you can conceive this month and wont have to go though the surgery. So the post coital test will be this month after you get the surge? Have you heard any thing about dh test yet? I'm praying for you. I know, its hard not knowing a reason for infertility, I just found out that mine was the retain placenta in my utuerus in Sept., I went with out knowing for 3 years. But I kind of feel like I'm back in the same spot again, I dont know why, I'm not getting preg??

Love ya Renee


minamedina - April 6

Good Afternoon ladies!!!

wow reading this made me get teary eyes.

How are we doing today in this beautiful sunny day? (at least in texas it is) I'm feeling happy this easter weekend.

JADE: thanks for the welcome. You sound so excited today I hope all goes well.

RNORST: thanks for the motivation. that is all we need sometimes for someone to motivate us and reading the forum again motivates me to keep trying. I havent seen the movie YET cause im not much into movies, but now its going to be on my top list next time i visit netflix.

TIFFANY F: I'll give the Ovulex a few months and if that doesnt work then I might have to look into the s/a.
Im sorry to hear of the m/c. I cant say I know how you feel but i know it must be devistating. Good luck on Mondays test im excited for you!!

take care, have a safe and happy easter.


minamedina - April 6


This is a great place for support for women but i wanted to know if any of the ladies had run across support groups for men. They are probably not as open up about the subject as women are but i wanted to know their perspective. Maybe that way i can motivate my DH.



RNORST - April 6

BlessMe, I felt the same way when I read that, God's will first before our desires, in my study Bible, really made me think. I dont know of any groups for men, but I bet there are some out there.
Good luck girl, keep that head up.
Love Renee


lili246 - April 6

I am so happy for you girl, so are you going to use your watch? I wish you the best of luck! Let us know what happens by monday! I am preaying for you.

Keep the faith I sure hope that this is our month. Love ya girl and best wishes!

Have a great weekend and God bless all of us with a lil one!! :)

Happy Easter!!

Love always Lili


Ange - April 6

Hi Girls!

Jade~ Glad to hear you are going to ovulate. That is a great start. I hope you find your answers soon. Even if you have a LAP it is not so bad. You will get answers no matter what and I think that is the worst of not knowing.

Blessme~ Green tea you take till you ovulation to make your cm more egg white. You should drink about 2 a day cold or hot. Preseed is sperm friendly lubricant if your cm is not ideal.

Renee~ please post this easter weekend if you have some news to share.

Lili~ I hope you and you family have a beautiful easter weekend.

To all the ladies Happy Easter enjoy your weekend

Love Ange


lili246 - April 6

hey girls,
well guess what I just did a hpt and don't know if it is my imagination or what but I am seeing a very fainted line you can barely see it but I know that it is there. I am just praying that it is a bfp. I will test within a few more days and see if it gets any darker. I will keep you posted on monday! I am very excited and hope that it is a bfp!! It's about time don't you think?
I am praying, I decided to test today since it's good friday something told me to test and for some reason I know that i was going to be happy and get bless so hope that this is a bfp well see tomorrow and see what it looks like.
I am 9dpo and thought I would know my now, or could it be a false reading since I am to early?
My chart says to test on 4-12-07 what do you girls think?

have a great weekend and happy easter!!

Love Lili


destinybaby - April 6


WOW :D Congrats! TWINS. What a great Easter Gift, I am soo happy for you.

Keep smiling. You have been such a support for so many women on this board including myself, you deserve this BFP.

Tia :) :)


lili246 - April 6

Thanks, I am not so sure if i am pregnant though. I showed the test strip to dh and he did see a fainted second line so I don't think it's my imagination, well see for sure what it says tomorrow. I am so happy and I have been looking for this bfp since my m/c. I have faith that I am pregnant.

I will keep you all posted on monday!!

Love Lili


destinybaby - April 6


I remeber one of the other ladies had a faint line and a few days later it was darker. So stay positive this might be it. :)

Its so wonderful to see so many women on this forum getting the BFP. Can't wait when it time for me.



lili246 - April 6

Thanks Tia for your support. I will keep you posted on monday. I know this happen to me aswell on my last pregnancy so I have faith that I am but well see for sure.

Have a great easter!!
Have faith I am sure you will be getting that bfp very soon! :)

Love Lili


Jade - April 7

Lili~ YAAY I am so excited for you. I sent you an email.


Ange - April 7

Lili~ That is a blessing from god! Congrats! I am truly happy for you. We need some bfp in this group. Sending you my luv


minamedina - April 7

Lili reading that made me smile. Lets hope its the BFP!!!
Its a message from God. What could be better this Holy Weekend.

I just took a OPT its negative. I really didnt think I would be ovulating this early but since I dont really know when I do I took my chances and tested. I tried doing the temp. thing but my early temperature is always so low in the 96 almost to the 95 sometimes or its just crazy. I have a brand new thermo. so I doubt it its that.

Ange thanks for the info. Just something funny: Twice after the BD I started sneezing told the DH that I was allergic to his "little men." Good to know tea helps just in case i am allergic to his "little men." LOL

One more thing leading up to ovulation you being to see or feel CM? Right? thats one of the reasons I tested because it kind of got wet down there. Sorry if to much info.

Much Love!!!


Jade - April 9

Hi everyone. Hope all of you had a happy Easter. I am still waiting to O. I am going back to RE today for another ultrasound and maybe a trigger to help my egg along :)

Renee, Lili, Tiffany~ Anyone with any news?

Lili~ Did you retest?


minamedina - April 9

Jade - good luck with the ultrasound.

Lili - So what happened?

As for me still have not O.



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