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Ange - April 4

Renee and Lili! Thanks for you support. I means alot to me to have you girls to talk too. I know It will work eventually and I am fine if it doesn't. I never stopped living my dreams so life will go on for me. thanks for your prayers and hope you both get that bfp this cycle. and Renee your journey won't end it will just begin :)

Blessme~Welcome to our little group we are all going through different IF here but we always listen and if any of us can give helpful advise we do. As for your If you have just begun ovulex and amberoz so give it a few cycles first before you move on. There are a fews things that will help with male infertility I know cause my dh is trying to boost his count, 1. cut the sodas 2. exercise at least 3times a week. 3. no sauna or bath 4. amberoz twice a day.
for you....1. prenatal vitamins 2. green tea 3. preseed during ovualtion 4. make sure you ovulate either with OPK and temperature. Or get your self a fertitlity monitor. goodluck
We are all always her to help....take care


Mahogany Heart - April 5

Ladies, has anyone talked to their Doctor about Prometrium if not do so? Also ask about Ovidrel? Lets make this thing work. I thinkning about trying Ovidrel after Chance is born. I don't have much time to wait before getting pregnant again. One of the Sisters took Ovidrel and got twins a Girl and Boy. Ovidrel is an injection.

Watch your BD patterns that is very important as well.


Jade - April 5

Hi Ladies. Hope all is doing well. I go in tomorrow to check for follicle growth. I am anxious to see if I will O.....

Ange~ I am excited for you IVF. August will be here before you know it.

Lili~ How are you? Temps still high?

Renee~ You are on the downhill part of the 2ww. I know it seems to take forever. Any signs? HOw are you temps?

Blessme~ Welcome. We are here for you....

MH~ I took prometrium to induce AF before. I am thinking I need it for a progesterone supplement after O though. I have had some spotting and the prog. would stop that. I am also going to do injectables after I have a lap. It will be next cycle probably. Bad news is that my insurance doesnt cover meds, only procedures so the RE said it would be at least $1000 per month for injectables. It will be worth it though if it works....


minamedina - April 5

Good Afternoon Ladies! How are we doing today?

ANGE thanks for the support and info. I've started taking prenatal vitamins, I've heard about drinking green tea but other than that I dont know how exactly it goes. I've also read the forum on geritol tonic so I decided to try that out this weekend. Preseed is that a lubricant?

As for the DH well I dont really want to push him to try many things because he blames himself for not being able to conceive. We dont know exactly what the problem might be or if there is a serious problem. When he says things like "My sh#$ dont work" well it makes me feel bad. I dont know if any of the ladies' husbands have taken Amberoz but lately his sexual drive is not as strong. He thinks it might be Amberoz but I tell him that it might be because he is no longer exercising. (he got injured at the job). Thank you for the advise.

thanks for the support.

Much respect for you all.


RNORST - April 5

BlessMe, Honey, the first thing you need to get though this is FAITH!! That has helped me alot. Have you seen the movie, "facing the gaints" If not you need to see it, it will help you. Maybe your dh needs to get checked, that would be a good place to start, I know you said you dont have alot of extra money, but when my dh got a s/a it was 165.00 thats not too much to get that worry off of your chest. I'm praying for you girl.

M.H., Did you use any of these drugs? What is the Prometrium? I'm going back to the RE May 7th, to get set up for a IUI, I will ask for these.

Ange, sounds like you have a wonderful attiude, this will happen for you, you just need to believe.

Jade, let me know right away what you find out tommorow, I'm praying for you girl!! My temps are a little lower, but this therm runs low, compared to the high therm last month, they are ave. They were 98.5 today. My only signs are sore boobs, got very tried a couple days ago very ealry in the work day, took a nap today on my lunch hour, pains on lower left then right side, today a pulling streching feeling very low in the middle, BUT this all has happen before with a BFN. I will test in tuesday. Do you have any signs of being close to O? Did you dh test come back yet?

Prayers and baby dust to all
Love ya Renee


Tiffany F - April 5

Hello to all :),

Your right Renee, we all need to have faith and just believe for the best!

I go in Monday for a p/g test, usually by now my boobs are very sore, this time there not ???, I don't know if it's because this is my first time taking progesterone? I have had over 10 m/cs and I always no when I'm p/g because my boobs are very sore. I'm just praying and believing for the best, this is my first time ttc since my last m/c in 08/06, I did use 100mg of clomid days 3-7, I just knew I would have had symptoms by now ???.

I will continue to pray for us all as I do everyday.

Jade~Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow, I no you will have great news for us ;)

BlessMe~You are at right place for tons of love and support, as Renee told you I also had my Dh to have a s/a so we could start ruling things out, and that was a major thing to be able to rule out, his count was'nt very high, but it was'nt too too low either. :)

lili~how are the temps? ;)

Ange~I'm so happy for you, just a few more months to go, we can share in this beautiful journey together sharing our stories and hopefully getting alot of BFP :).

Renee~You are so positive I love reading your post, they put a smile on my face ;).

MH~Thanks for all your kind words of support :D.


Jess - April 5

Hey girls!! I just wanted to thank all of you for the love and support you have given me. I'm really glad we're all here for eachother. I'm trying to keep my head up and trying to keep my faith to God, strong. We all know that some days are worse than others..... And I had one of those days... I saw someone write about the pearly fertiliy monitor and decided to check it out. I ended up buying the babycomp fertility monitor. I just recieved it on Tuesday, but I'm out of town and my husband said it arrived. I'll be home on Friday to get it started. The monitor is a little expensive, but it's the same price for 1 treatment of an IUI. It does a lot of stuff. It tells you your most fertile 6 days and wheather to have sex or not, checks your temp within 30sec, what days to do it on to increase your chances of boy or girl (if you even care about that...),built in pregnancy test, your due date,etc. You never have to buy sticks again!!!! You all should check it out. I told my dh that if this doesn't work and we're not pregnant in 6mos, we'll see a specialist about IVF.

I'm now on cd2 and can't wait to give that monitor a good try!!! I'll let you know how it works out. I sure hope this thing works for us. I'm all out of Ovulex and I think I'm just going to stick with Prenatals, baby asprin, and my green tea.

Good luck to all of you this month and I hope to see some BFP's real soon from you girls.

Lots of baby dust to all!!!!


RNORST - April 5

Tiffany, Dont get down, Preg signs can be different for every preg. I will be praying for you. Do you have any children? I'm sorry about your m/c, how far along were you? I had a m/c at 6 weeks, before getting preg with my son, who is now 5. Did you use clomid alone or did you do a IUI. I'm going in may 7th to set up my secomd IUI, I think it will be with clomid 100 mg.
Good luck girl, will they do a blood test or a urine test?

Jess, That f.m. sound awsome, where did you buy it at?

Lili, Keep me posted on your temps and preg signs. We will get though this.

Love you guys


Tiffany F - April 5

Hey Renee~I always m/c between 5-6 weeks, I have also lost 2 babies at 5 and 5 1/2 months. One thing that is good I forgot to mention, I first got my progesterone checked in January it was 1.4, so low I could'nt even have the biopsy done, I was put on Clomid in Febuary and my progesterone was 22, In March I was put on proges again and today I found out my proges is 31.2
I believe I'm having all these m/cs because I suffered from low proges. I have never done an IUI, I don't have a problem getting p/g, just holding on once I am, that is why I will be shocked if I'm not because I no the clomid helps to release more eggs, so I just knew I would be. But like you said every p/g is different, so I will just sit on pins and needles until next week! Oh they will be doing a blood test on Monday, I hope to get the results Tuesday, I'll keep you posted....Love Tiffany~~~


lili246 - April 5

Hey girls,
Renee, Jade, Ange & Tiffany,
Hey girls lets keep our heads up and have more faith than anything else. We are all here for the same reason and I thank you all for the great support and advice that you have giving us.

Well my temps are still high they are 98.8 they are pretty high actually and I am happy about them, hope that we get that bfp, it's about time we all deserve it :)

Let us know what happens tomorrow hope that everything goes well. Love ya girl.

Have a great night and !!YAY!!! tomorrow is friday!!!

hey one question to all I have been hainvg some lower cramps like where my ovarians are is that a bad sign for me to be pregnant, what do you think?

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Love ya all

Lili :)


Mahogany Heart - April 5


Beware that Prometrium will delay your cycle.


Yes I use Provera, Clomid, Prometrium, Preseed, Prenatal with an extra folic acid and Green Tea.

Drug Information For: PROMETRIUM 200MG CAPSULES
Ingredient Name: PROGESTERONE (proe-JESS-te-rone) MICRONIZED

Drug Manufacturer: SOLVAY

Common Uses: This medicine is a female hormone used to protect the lining of the uterus in women on estrogen replacement therapy. Progesterone may lower the risk of estrogen-related cancer of the uterus. This medicine is also used to treat women who have had menstrual periods in the past but have stopped having them because of a lack of progesterone hormone. This medicine may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor.


You are welcome any time.

Ladies check out my story one day. I pray it gives you insight and hope.

Supernatural Baby Dust.


RNORST - April 6

Tiffany, I will be thinking about you this weekend, maybe the weekend will go by faster since it's Easter weekend. Yes, please let me know right away what you find out. If you ever need to talk to some one e-mail me any time [email protected].

Lili, what was your temps today? I think when you have cramps and pain in the 2ww thats could be a good sign.

Jade, what did you find out?

M.h., Thank you for the info and thanks for sharing your story.

Well girls, I dont think this is my month, I have pulling feeling down low, I have had that for 2 days now, wish I knew what it was?? My boobs were really sore, they are still sore, but I dont think as bad now :(. My temps was only 98.2, I even took my temps with the old high therm and it said 98.3. :'0( I'm on cd 29, I'm 10 or 11 dpo. The only good thing would be if my temps would go way up tommorow morning. If I'm not preg this month thats OK, this way I can have more fun on vacation, I wont be sick and I can ride rides with my son. I would much rather watch him ride and be running for the trash can :0). Morning sickness on a cruise boat probably wont be much fun. I still have faith and keeping my head high, I have one more month to try on our own then we are head to the re for treatment and we are going full force with the re. God will help me get though his, I was reading the verse that I wrote you guys a few days ago, and I have a study Bible that helps explian thing, and it said we need to make sure we want GOD'S WILL FIRST, BEFORE OUR DESIRES!!!

Love you all


Jade - April 6

HI Ladies. Happy GOOD FRIDAY!

Good news- I am going to O. he said I should see a surge within the next few days. If not I will go in on Mon. for the trigger shot. I had 1 follicle. I am doing another post coital test. I set my lap for May 16th. I hope I wont need it. No news from dh test yet.

Lili, Renee, Tiffany~
I hope this is your month. You are all so close to testing. I have a good feeling. Stay positive. Happy Easter.


RNORST - April 6

Jade, I'm so happy for you!!! :). Whats a post coital test? When are you going to have that surgrey, this next month? Hope you have good luck and dont have to have it.

Love ya Renee


Jade - April 6

Renee~ The post coital test will test for hostile cm. So I have to bd when I get my surge and go in the next morning to see if there are any "alive swimmers". I had it done the first month of femara but I guess since I am on a larger dose, he wants to do it again to make sure everything is good. I am having the lap on May 16th. She said I would need a good 4-5 days off of work for that. GREAT! Not looking forward to it, but I do need a reason that I can't conceive. Hopefully this will be my month and I wont need it, but we will see.


RNORST - April 6

Jade, I hope the same thing, I hope you can conceive this month and wont have to go though the surgery. So the post coital test will be this month after you get the surge? Have you heard any thing about dh test yet? I'm praying for you. I know, its hard not knowing a reason for infertility, I just found out that mine was the retain placenta in my utuerus in Sept., I went with out knowing for 3 years. But I kind of feel like I'm back in the same spot again, I dont know why, I'm not getting preg??

Love ya Renee



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