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butterflywishes1 - April 2

Hi Renee and Jade ~
Thank you both for the encouraging words. I had a few cycles with symptoms but BFNs so you are right... maybe no signs is a good thing... ?? I am going to stay positive :)

Jade ~ I hope the increased dosage of femara works well for you. I am sorry that you had so many days with negative side effects. I know you have had some difficult days b/c of meds but through it all you have kept fighting and I am proud of you!!! Keep us posted on your progress. I am praying for you, Jade. :)

Renee ~ The 10th is right around the corner!!! How do you feel? Any symptoms? You know you are always in my thoughts and prayers, girl! How is Will??

Lots of love,


Tiffany F - April 2

Hello ladies,

Hey Jade~I no your glad to be done with that femara, sorry you had those side affects. I pray that you O so you can get the show on the road and get that BFP :)
I went in today to have my bloodwork done (progesterone) hopefully I get the results tomorrow, the nurse said for me to come in April 9th for a p/g test so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I don't have a problem getting p/g, it's just the implanting part! So I will keep praying and believing for all of us :)...Tiffany~~~


Ange - April 2

Hi Girls,
how is everybody? I was reading a few posts and noticed alot of you girls are very stressed. I really can relate to that cause I have been IF for 14 years. There are reasons that you are not conceiving right now. It is not because you've done something wrong. Number one find out why your IF! (my dr told me at first it was my tubes) that was 14 years ago now I have a new RE and this past year I found out I have had Hypothyroidism and a biocornate uterus. Both of these conditions I had 14 yrs ago.
SO my advise is to get tested then go somewhere else and get tested if you have not conceived after a yr with your RE. My chances are not as good now because I am older life has changed so much since finding out I am IF. I never would have adopted my daughter (who is my life).
I also left my ex who I was commom law with for 5 yrs and engaged to be married. He was a bad person and I am so blessed not to have a baby with him. Since then I met my husband my life is all coming together. He is my destiny and I know that now. He is amazing.
I was thinking of medication to make me happy too but....I chose not to in the end and made it through my self. Mh comes on and send us super natural babydust and she tried for 14 yrs and conceived. She needed to make a journal and trully try different appoarches but in the end she got her bfp naturally.
I will be having a hysteroscopy on wednesday and then we are going to do IVF MAy-JUne. we are confident that we will get pregnant and if we don't our journey will be over. But at least we will know we tried everything.

I hope you girls get all your tests needed and do what MH says to do (A journal) that way you can look month by month and see what pattern you have or don't have.

Love to you all



lili246 - April 2

hey girl well you are almost there but we are 2 days apart, can't believe it well I test on april 12, from what my chart says that is my test date. Hope that we can get that bfp.

Good Luck hope that you do O very soon, I hope that you get good news at the RE this friday we are praying for you girl and remember we are all here for one reason and together we will get that bfp :)

Hey nice to hear from you girl, I send you an e-mail. Hope that you are feeling better today. I know how you feel right now that everyone is getting pregnant or have thier own family and it just seem that it;s not happening to you, have faith and sooner than you think it will happen girl. Have faith in god he knows when it will be the right time and he will bless you soon, you'll see.
This weekend it seemed that everyone kept telling me when I was going to try to my #2 baby which if they only knew thats my dream and it's not that easy as like saying it. All I said to them was that I was in the process of that and when god thinks it is the time he will bless me. I feel so much better that I just so much hope that I will be getting good results this month.

Yesturday I had some small cramps right in the middle of my abdomen I just have a big feeling that it was a good sign, praying that it will. :)

How is everyone else doing?

Have a great night!

Love Lili


carmy_right - April 3

I am not sure if the Dr is going to do an ultra sound he said probably every other cycle so I don't know if he is planning for that to be the first or the second cycle. I am only taking 50mg to start. That is kind of the normal starting point. Right? I really wish I could better predict when I was going to O. I have taken tons of urine and saliva tests and I seem to never ovulate which of course is accurate because that is why I am on clomid but I am not sure how to know. Today was my last pill and I feel very light pinching in my right side. I see no c/m and my temps are still all over the place. I bought pre-seed because I am never sure and I figure it cannot hurt but I also do not want to use it and disguise any future signs of c/m. don’t want to try everyday and deplete his counts so we are trying for every other day unless I sense we should through in an extra day or two. Either way I guess I have to just hope for the best but try not to get to over excited about it so I am not let down if it is not successful.




butterflywishes1 - April 3

Ange ~ Very well said. Thank you.


butterflywishes1 - April 3

Lili ~ I love you, girl! Thank you so much for the support!


Mahogany Heart - April 3


Not to much longer. I'm hanging but the pain is something else. I know you all will be joining me soon.


Thank you for listening to me and understanding I'm am here to help. I been there and it was so hard for me seeing and hearing people around me getting pregnant and I felt like I wasn't normal.

My first marriage was crazy and we tried for along time but my doctor at the time told me he wasn't the one for me. Then it was a big pill to take but now I see it all so clear. At one time I thought I would never be pregnant but I had to change the way I saw things and I had to see myself with my child. I was on ovulex and nothing happened. I did a lot of studying and I pass alot of it on to Shared Journey. Some thought I was trying to be the mother of everyone and some thought other ways but I took it as if we are here for the same thing and lets get there. When I started the Sisterhood and alot dropped out but the ones that hung in got their BFP. We all shared information and we kept our journeys. I wrote down everything and it help alot. I knew when my cycle was due and what time. I knew when I got that strange pain while on Clomid I was ovulating. I did a lot of cross referencing my notes and what I didn't do one cycle I would do another. My main thing was my cycles. There where so crazy. I knew what to take for them. I also had cm problems so I took what I need to take for that. With all the meds the lining of the uterus gets thin so I knew what to take for that. Just in case I didn't ovulate I took the clomid for that. The meds for the lining of the uterus helped out implantation.

It never dawn on me in a million years I would be pregnant and that is the truth but I kept positive and I worked on it. I changed my entire attitude and with the help of the others I came out on top. To God Be The Glory!!!

I really wanted a girl and that was my goal and when I founded out I was pregnant I just knew it would be one. IT'S A BOY!!! I was very disappointed at first but now I'm at peace and thankful. I love Chance even though he has me in alot of pain.


My advice is do what you have to do to conquer this ugly thing called infertility. Don't give up!!! Keep the fight of Faith!!! Learn everything you can about your situation and what you can do to make it right or aid it to get your Blessing. Note everything and watch out for it all. Take the next three months and study your body like a college student studying for their finals. Like Ange said get a second or third opinions. Don't let no one tell you anything negative. Most of all Pray over your body. Ask the Lord to heal you and just believe.

Rather you know me or not I love you all because we all share a journey and we are in this together.

Hugs and Kisses
Supernatural Baby Dust!!!
Keep The Faith!!!

I'm here for you all.


Jade - April 3

Hi Ladies. Hope everyone is doing okay. I think we need some BFP's because it seems we are all down about ttc. Stay positive ladies.

Renee~ I dropped off DH sperm today and I think they perform the test tomorrow. Hopefully I will hear something about it by the end of the week. I go in Friday morning to check for O. They will see if I have any follicles. I hope to O this weekend. It will be cd 14 then. I have never Od around cd 14 so that will be a new experience for me...lOl I am anxious to see if the higher dose worked for me..... HOw are you temps?

Lili~ How are you today? Temps still up?

Ange~ I will be praying for you tomorrow. Will you get to come home tomorrow? How long is the recovery process?

Tiffany~ Let me know how your appt. goes. I hope you get some good news.

Butterfly~ I see you are cd 22. How long is your cycles normally and when can you test?

MH~ Thanks for your encouragement. Good thing that you only have a few weeks left or that pain may be too much to handle....LOL. It will be worth it in the end.


lili246 - April 3

I am doing great thank you, what about you? how are you nice vacations?
well yes my temps are still high today they were 98.6. So that is good.
So how are you feeling, hope that you are feeling better today! :)

How is everyone else doing, sorry I have to catch on some reading there are alot of new posts.

Have a great and safe day!

Love Lili


RNORST - April 3

Butterfly, I know I will test a week from today. My boobs are very sore and heavy. I have been having pains, which both of these thing happen before and a BFN. I was very weriod today at about 9:30 I got so tried I could stay awake, very weriod to feel so tried to early in the work day?? I hope thats a good sign.
Will is having some pain at night with his eyes, called the eye doc today all was ok and normal. Thanks for the prayers, you are always in mine also. Still no preg signs, maybe thats the best sign off all.

Tiffany, good luck, girl.

Ange, Isnt it amazing how God works, he knows why things happen and he has perfect timing. Is your surgrey this Wed. ? I'm praying for you.

Lili, We are almost half way though the 2ww. Hope you get that BFP!

Carmen, I think 50mg is normal to start on, thats what I was on the first time, next time it will be 100 mg. Keep relaxed that will help the most.

Jade, let me know what you find out. I'm praying ever thing works out. My temps are ave. not high since I switch therm. Today was 98.3, hope its lower, for a implantaion dip?? How are you feeling since your done with the meds.

Praying for all you ladies, thanks for all your support
We will do this!!
Love Renee


Ange - April 4

Hi Girls,

I am home...Guess what! I need one more surgery it will be JUne 4th I need to get a lupron shot first then 4weeks after that is the surgery. There has to be a thin linning for the dr to remove the septum. Today he really just looked around and took a biospy. It was painful and still is. The dr took 4 biospys around the uterus. I could have watched it in screen but I was in too much pain to do so. I was really glad when it was over. So my ivf will be pushed again. He said everything else looked good so I should be good to go after the surgery on june 4 so which means july-august now for the ivf.

I am happy with my care and there must be a reason for this delay. I hope you all are well and we are going to have some bfp's soon.....

Take care


RNORST - April 4

MH, Thank you for all of your advice and support. Good luck with you blessing :0).

Ange, God has a reason for everything. His timing is perfect. June will be here before you know it. I also had that biospy done and it is very very very painful. Thank God you got that part done.

Well girls, The 2ww is starting to get long, It was going by fast, then I think I got almost a week left. I'm staying relaxed. This therm. ( the one I used when I got preg before ) seems to be running low compared to last months therm. My temps today was 98.4. I guess as long as I'm above 98.0 I'm ok. All the other 34 months that I got a BFN, my temps went up way high and then started to drop a few days before af. Maybe since they are lower now they will get higher before test day?? I hope so. We have all had a long journey, it will come to a end very soon, lets all keep postive and have FAITH that it WILL HAPPEN!!!!

Love you girls Renee


minamedina - April 4

Hello Ladies. Im new to this forum, I did some post on the Ovulex but it just seems that i dont get any responses. I need some buddies that will guide and support me through this TTC process. I was reading this forum and there seems to be a lot of support, which is great because that is what I need.

Im 25, DH 29 we have been trying to conceive for more than a year now. Im taking Ovulex and he is taking Amberoz for 18 days now. Im finishing school this year and he does construction work so we dont really have much money to afford on doctors, so thats why we are trying it with natural supplements.

This is my first marriage, he was married for 5 years prior to me and in that time frame they didnt have any children. I've recently learned that his ex wife is now pregnant from another man. It hurts me to see the way he gets when he sees couples with children, especially when he finds out his ex wife is pregnant because that is something he has wanted for so long.

Yesterday I found myself crying at the dinner table while talking to my sister about the situation. I want us to have a baby but Im more acceptable of the fact that if it doesnt happen then it wasnt meant for us.

Only God will know what will happen, Im not much of a church person but lately I find myself wanting to talk to him more often.

Wish you the best.


lili246 - April 4

I am sorry it was a painful. Please relax and take goodcare of yourself. Hope that you get well soon. And remember God only knows why he does this things, so have faith that he is looking for the perfect moment to bless you.
You'll see that time will go very fast and before you know it you'll be having that second surgery. Have faith!

Have a great night!

Love Lili


Ange - April 4

Renee and Lili! Thanks for you support. I means alot to me to have you girls to talk too. I know It will work eventually and I am fine if it doesn't. I never stopped living my dreams so life will go on for me. thanks for your prayers and hope you both get that bfp this cycle. and Renee your journey won't end it will just begin :)

Blessme~Welcome to our little group we are all going through different IF here but we always listen and if any of us can give helpful advise we do. As for your If you have just begun ovulex and amberoz so give it a few cycles first before you move on. There are a fews things that will help with male infertility I know cause my dh is trying to boost his count, 1. cut the sodas 2. exercise at least 3times a week. 3. no sauna or bath 4. amberoz twice a day.
for you....1. prenatal vitamins 2. green tea 3. preseed during ovualtion 4. make sure you ovulate either with OPK and temperature. Or get your self a fertitlity monitor. goodluck
We are all always her to help....take care



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