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carmy_right - March 29

Hello Ladies, I am new to this but today I am on CD5 and I am starting Clomid today for my first time. I have been not preventing preg for about 5 years and have been trying for about 2 years. I am anxious about clomid. Anybody who has taken clomid that can give me a real life experience as far as what to expect and what I can do to help it I would love some input. I also have pcos so my bbt’s are all over the bored and my opk has never said I was going to “o” so I am not sure what to look for. I figure I am going to pretty much wear out my dh before the month is over! :-)

Thank Ladies!


lili246 - March 29

Hey girl I am also excited and will find out tomorrowor the next day if I did O for sure. My cm is drying up so maybe I did O. I just get that youknow when you bd maybe some sperm or don't know but that is all and I hope that I did O. I am praying for all of us!!

Love Lili


RNORST - March 30

Hi, I was on clomid when I did a IUI last June, I had no problem with the med, they say that some times it can effect the cm, it didn't effect mine. I only made one egg, I was only on 50mg. And by the way the IUI didn't work, I found out after from my new re that I had retained plcenta in my uterus from my son (5 years ago), so the IUI would not have worked. My dh and I are trying on our own until May then we are going to do a IUI again. Are you going to a re or just a regular doc?

Lili, good luck this month, I have a feeling its not going to take you long to get preg again. :0).

Love and prayers for all


lili246 - March 30

I sure hope so that is why I am trying to take it easy and didn't bd last night. I think that with 2 times bd'ing was enough and I will wait and see what happens, hope that I have good luck if not I will always try next month. I am so happy that Ihave the f.m. it sure helped me if it wasn't because of that I would of missed O day.
I am staying calm and no stress!!

Today my temps were up high 98.6 so for sure I did O and am dpo3. Should test on 4-12-07.
It seems a long time but I am satying calm. :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Love Lili


lili246 - March 30

Sorry girls actually today I am 2 dpo. :)


Jess - March 30

Hey guys. I am having a down day today.... My sister called me today to tell me she is pregnant AGAIN. Her first daughter isn't even 8 mos. yet:( I really don't know how much more I can take of this. I've never felt so down and out before. I want to burst out crying so bad, but have things to do and people to see yet today... I don't want anyone to see my sadness:( I love my sister to death, and she knows how hard I've been trying to have a baby. She even said, "I'm going to tell you something you probably don't want to hear...But because we're such great friends, I want you to be the first person I tell." I was shocked! I just paused for a while and wanted to start crying imediately. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm scared and sad and happy for her all at the same time. My heart is aching so bad for a baby and I just can't concieve. I feel this month was a total waste. I never did see anything higher than a high fertility on my monitor and my temp hasn't been over 98.6 and nothing lower than 98.4. So in that case, I know nothing has happened this month. I'm feeling very uneasy and wondering why I was put on this earth in the first place.... I thought we were to make our own families, but now I don't know. I can't think of anything I may have done growing up that would be bad enough for God not to allow me to have children:( If something new doesn't happen soon, I'll probably need to see a shrink or get on anti depressants.

Lord, please let me get through this rough time and allow me to concieve the children I so desire....

Baby dust to all!!!


RNORST - March 30

you need to keep your head up. When we get down and start to doubt that we can have children, we are not putting our full trust in God and satan loves that, when you get those things in your head about not being a Mom, tell satan to get out, he will keep telling you those things. Have you watched the movie "Facing the Gaints", if not you need to rent it, it will help you. God says that we will have our quiver full of children, we just need to believe in His words. I love this verse out of the Bible, Mark 11:22 "HAVE FAITH IN GOD. I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, YOU CAN SAY TO THIS MOUNTIAN, MAY YOU BE LIFTED UP AND THROWN INTO THE SEA, AND IT WILL HAPPEN. BUT YOU MUST REALLY BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN AND HAVE NO DOUBT IN YOUR HEART. I TELL YOU, YOU CAN PRAY FOR ANYTHING, AND IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU'VE RECEIVED IT, IT WILL BE YOURS. BUT WHEN YOU ARE PRAYING, FIRST FORGIVE ANYONE YOU ARE HOLDING A GRUDE AGAINST, SO THAT YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL FORGIVE YOUR SINS, TOO.

There is nothing that you did bad enough to get punished. I love that verse, usual I stop reading it after the part where you believe you shall recieve, but the next part about holding a grude, reminded me of you and your sister. I know its hard, my cousin has endo and she has been preg 5 times!! She preg all the time and every time she tells me it hurts.

I'm praying for you, keep your head up and keep positve.

Lili, I e-mail you, e-mail me back before 5, please

Everyone have a good weekend.
Love ya Renee


lili246 - March 30

Thank you for everything sister! Hope that this is our month! :)

Listen to Renee she has a good point and hope that what she wrote helps you alot.
I knowhow you are feeling girl I felt the same way one day and look I now have a 2-1/2 year old son which is the most wonderful thing that has happen. I thank god for this lil boy that is my happiness and pray that I can be bless once again. :)
Pleas try to hang in their and have faith it will happen for you. Be positive God will bless you sooner than you think. Don't get down you are not along here. :)

Have a great weekend girls I will miss you alot talk to you all on monday!

Love Lili


carmy_right - March 31


Thanks for your story. I am seeing my regular Ob/Gyn. He was great with my first son and since this is my first step in the world of fertility drugs, I figure I will stick with him for now but if at anytime I fell it is not going well I will look for someone else. I am not sure what all of the abbreviations are on these boards are so just for clarifications is a RE a reproductive endocrinologist? My insurance is somewhat wacky so I do not even know if they would cover that. They will not pay for clomid but they will pay for the ultra sounds and the blood draws? I don’t know what is normally covered in this field by most insurance.

Anyway, I have PCOS so they tell me that my first child was a miracle since he happened by accident and now that we are trying of course we can’t seem to make it happen.

I have been living in fear of starting these pills because I have heard so much about them being like an emotional roller coaster and I tend to be a very calm person. I was afraid that I was going to just control. So far, I am feeling nothing. Ironically I think I may even be a little calmer than usual.

Best Baby Wishes to You and Everyone!



Brittneyln - March 31


I am so sorry you have had a rough day. It is always hard to hear that a close friend or family member is pregnant. My sister in-law got pregnant a few months ago and i took it really hard. I don’t think i stopped crying for months. I was devastated. She had only been married a couple of months and got pregnant without even trying, when I have been trying for over a year and a half.

It still bothers me a little bit because i feel like i deserved it more than she did, but i am doing my best to stay positive. Just they other day it finally donned on me that I was going to be an aunt! I think we all have bad days but don't give up hope!! You will be Mom!



Mahogany Heart - March 31


How is everyone? I'm waiting for some Great news from you all. I can't wait.

Talk to me what is going on. How are the notebooks coming.

You know you have a cheerleader here.

Supernatural BabyDust!!!

Keep the Faith!!!


butterflywishes1 - April 2

Jess ~
Those same thoughts come in to my head all the time. It is so hard to understand why God chose us, especially when there are SO many "mothers" and "fathers" who do not deserve to be parents. My sister has two daughters and can get pregnant at the drop of a hat and while I love my nieces to death, I often find myself sad, depressed, and even envious. The only way that I get through these thoughts is by placing my faith in God. I believe that God has a plan for me and when the time is right, he will bless me with the gift of His child. I pray daily that He will give me the strength to keep positive and to keep trying. Please don't give up. I believe that you have the strength to keep fighting for what you want so badly. I am praying for you, Jess. <<HUGS>>

Ladies, I am in the 2ww and no signs of pregnancy. So, I am sure that it didn't happen for me this month, but it is o.k. I am going to keep trying with a lot of prayer and hope.

So.... I've been thinking.....
One of my major life goals is to get my Masters degree and I've decided that I will begin this journey in February 2008. So, I am going to try my hardest to get pregnant until then and if it doesn't happen, then I know that God plans for me to get my degree first. And, I am o.k. with this...... God has a plan for me and I need to listen....

I am praying for each and every one of you.

Love and Hugs,


RNORST - April 2

Carmy_right, Yes, thats what re stands for. My insurance will not cover a IUI or the drugs, but they will cover office calls and utrlasounds. Emotional I feel no different then before. Will the doc do a utrlasound to see how many eggs you made? How many mg of clomid are you on?

Butterfly, sound like you have a good plan, God will work out all the details for you! When are you going to test? Just think all those months that you had signs and a BFN, so think, a month without signs might be good!

Lili, how's the 2ww going? When are you going to test? I will april 10th.

Prayers and baby dust to all
Love ya Renee


Jade - April 2

Hi Ladies. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Sounds like a lot of people are in the 2ww. Hopefully we will get a bunch of BFP soon. Yesterday I finished my round of femara with the increased dosage. It wasnt great and this time I had more side effects. I was very tired- practically slept my whole weekend away :) and very nauseous. But it is over now and I will see on Friday IF and When I will o.

Renee~ How many DPO are you. I see you will test on the 10th. That will be here soon. I hope you get some good news.....

Butterfly~ When will you test? It is not a bad sign that you have no symptoms yet. Some people say that dont have any until after they get BFP.....Stay positive.

Ange~ When is your surgery. What is the name of it again. I am praying for you.

MH~ I see you are on the countdown. Not much longer....hang in there. Hopefully we will be joining you soon......


RNORST - April 2

Jade, I'm 7 dpo. April 10th seems like a long time away, but will be here before I know it. The only signs I have is of course like every 2ww pains and pulling?? My boobs are sore, but some months they are sore at the begining of the cycle and then other months at the end of the cycle. My boobs are very heavy already, that is weriod beacuse they usual dont get that way till the end of 2ww and they have been that way for 5 days or so??
I'm glad your done taking that med, So will your test be friday to see if you are going to O? Did you dh get that test done yet? Are you feeling better since you stopped taking that?

Love ya Renee


butterflywishes1 - April 2

Hi Renee and Jade ~
Thank you both for the encouraging words. I had a few cycles with symptoms but BFNs so you are right... maybe no signs is a good thing... ?? I am going to stay positive :)

Jade ~ I hope the increased dosage of femara works well for you. I am sorry that you had so many days with negative side effects. I know you have had some difficult days b/c of meds but through it all you have kept fighting and I am proud of you!!! Keep us posted on your progress. I am praying for you, Jade. :)

Renee ~ The 10th is right around the corner!!! How do you feel? Any symptoms? You know you are always in my thoughts and prayers, girl! How is Will??

Lots of love,



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