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Jade - March 19

Renee~ Sounds like you may o soon judging from all your symptoms. Are you still using the outdated strips or did you use new ones today? I have preseed. I have used it for 3 cycles and like it. I obviously havent had much luck with it yet, but hopefully soon.


lili246 - March 19

Hey girls, give me more info on preseed. What is is exactly for?


Jade - March 20

Lili~ Preseed is a lubricant that is sperm friendly. So it could help the sperm swim if you don't normally have good cm.... are you thinking about getting some. I ordered it off of


Ange - March 20

Hi Girls!
Well cd37 for me! This is the longest cycle I have since I was a teen. I have been 28 day for soo long. I went to the dr it seems my tsh (Thyroid) is out of wack again. I will do another blood test to check my level the dr who does the test was not there. In a sense it sucks having so many dr cause each one only specializes in one field. So I will send an email to my dr who takes care of my thyroid to get a paper to check my levels .....sigh! DH results were not so great but it will be fine for IVF. He is worring too much about it! poor him

Sorry haven't had a chance to read all your posts. I hope you are all well. Jade how is that watch?



lili246 - March 20

We are on the same boat and together we will get through this. Lets pray for one another so that we can get af very soon.!
I hate going through this it's so frustrated, at least we were pregnant. Have you tested yet?

I will think about it and might order it my last month cm was not that good.

Hey girl yesturday spotting was more than other days. I even got my undies some dirty (sorry TMI) does this still count as spotting or light af? Don't know how it will be today, when I wipe I do get some blood but it's not that bright red yet and not alot it's just very very light!

Thanks for you advice!

have a great day!!

Love Lili


butterflywishes1 - March 20

Hi ladies!
I am SO sorry that I haven't written in so long, but we took a trip to Park City, Utah for some snowboarding! I was gone from 3/13 until 3/18 and then yesterday I worked my typical 12 hour shift @ the hospital. This is the first time I've been able to sit in front of the computer for a full week! YIKES!

Well, I started af on the day that we left for Utah. I was really holding out hope that last cycle was mine, but it didn't happen :( So, here I am on cd 8 and I haven't been charting or taking ovulex!! I find that with each passing cycle I get more and more discouraged. BUT, I've told myself that I am going to start temping tomorrow morning and taking my meds today. I've also decided that if I don't get that bfp by this summer, I am going to seek a re. DH doesn't think it's necessary (he holds out hope that we can do this on our own) but it's been a year since my HSG and nothing yet....

Ange ~ Any sign of af, yet?

Jade ~ Are you still spotting?? Has the doctor changed your meds? Congrats on the OV watch! Let me know how it works for you.

Lili ~ It sounds like you are spotting, but also that AF is right around the corner. Is the color brown or light pink? Keep us posted!

Renee ~ Will is always in my prayers! How is he doing? How is the fertility monitor working for you?? Any new signs of O???

I've missed all of you and want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!

I don't know how much hope I have this cycle b/c I o'd on my left side last time so now I will prob. O on the right side?? We'll see...... "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!" :)




lili246 - March 20

Hey girl it's nice to hear from you!! :) I am happy that you took a trip and that will relax you alot and hope that you had fun. I know it's never long and time goes fast but here you are back to reality.
Hey girl just keep the faith and I know it will happen for all of us.
Here I am also waiting for af to show with full force. I am all ready to start a fresh new month because this 2 months have been very crazy and I am so frustrated.
Well I start spotting again on saturday night that time was brown and yesturday monday, it was pink and some red. Like today aswell is red but not alot it only shows some read when I wipe and I got my undies dirty not alot but they I think that af is ready to come but it's not coming full force. I will go home after work and ask my mom for that remedy to get af. If I am having symptoms of af then it means that it's around the corner so I should be ok if I induce it right?

Lets have faith and you are right with god all things are possible! :)

Love Lili


RNORST - March 20

Jade, I only used to old one once and then when it said high so early I throwed them away. It still said high fertility, and I do have a ton of cm. My temp dropped down to 96.9, this new therm runs lower. My boobs have been a little sore and that happen before O. Are you still spotting? Cd 40 is almost here, then you can start all over again.

Ange, are you on thryiod meds? When are you planing IVF? I will be doing a IUI in May.

Butteryfly, Thank God you are ok. I was worring about you. Thanks for praying for Will, that means so much to me. My fertility monitor says high fertility already, I'm only on cd 12, I have alot of cm, so it might happen early this month?? Will is doing good, I cant wait till the surgrey is over with on Thursday? How have you been? Are you using your fertilty monitor yet? Keep your head up, it will happen. I'm here for you.

Lili, any more spotting? I think you are very close, maybe try what your Mom did?

Love Renee


caretta32 - March 20

Ange, Lili, Jade, Renee, Angel and welcome Shara:
Sorry it has been so long but my bosses have so busy, I am traveling pretty much all over Illinois right now. I am in the office today to catch up on paperwork and get ready for the rest of the week and next week when I am back traveling.
I am on cd14 2dpo, I o'd on cd11/12 by what my monitor says, I have never O'd this early with out injectables so I guess the Ovulex is working. I feel fine except tired due to working 50 hours a week and taking care of my doberman who just had neck surgery!

I havent had time to read everyones post but I hope you are all doing well. I will catch up this weekend after painting my bathroom!.


Jade - March 20

HI ladies. Hope everyone is doing well. My spotting is still here today- I thought it was ending, but I guess not. I called the RE nurse today and she said to take a hpt and then call back with results. I tried to tell her I wasnt preg bc I havent o yet and he told me that when I was in there 2 weeks ago, but she said he wouldnt write the prescription without results. SO here I am staring at another negative test. It is okay though bc I knew it would be........ I go in next Wed @ 2:00 to talk to him about whether I will be doing injectables or femara again. I am hoping for inject bc the femara is causing the spotting.....

Lili~ Sounds like AF is around the corner. My RE said it is considered AF if is is red blood. I dont think it will hurt to try the "remedy" from your mom. I am praying she comes soon for both of us....

Renee~ That is great that you might O early. SInce you are using the new strips I would trust the reading..... I am still spotting- who knows if it will ever end....

Ange~ I cant believe you still dont have AF. I dont have her either and still praying that she comes soon. My mom's thyroid is always out of wack. What meds are you taking for that? I am still spotting- hopefully it will end soon.

Caretta~ That sucks you are having to work 50 hour week. Did you use Ovulex this cycle for the first time??

Butterfly~ Welcome back. I am glad you got to vacation. At least you were able to enjoy yourself on vacation instead of worrying if you were preg or not. Hopefully this month will be your cycle. SOmetimes I dont alternate ovaries each cycle. So there is hope for you.


lili246 - March 20

Jade and Renee,
I will do that, take my mom's remedy and Jade as soon as I know what it has and if it I will pass it along to you. I just talked to my mom and she said to take drink it so she will help me later tonight and hope that it does work.
I think that af is coming very soon because the spotting is alittle heavier than the past few days. So I think that I am getting there thank god. :)

Have a great night!

Love Lili

Thanks for all you support and advice!


lili246 - March 20

Guess what ladies??? YAY!! af is here. For sure and I am so excited... Thank you for all your support! You all are such great friends!

Love you all!!



Jade - March 20

YAAYYY Lili. I am so excited for you. CD 1 for you......HOORAYY.....


Ange - March 21

hi girls!

Well still no Af! I am at cd38 now and waiting! I hope to hear back from my dr today for the blood test.

Lili~ Congrats!!!! Finally AF! I guess you didn't have to use the remedy from your MOM after all.

Jade~Renee~ I am taking synthroid .50 I think it is still too low. I have been on meds for about a year now.

Butterfly, carretta glad you two are back!



RNORST - March 21

Karen, good luck this month, you are so busy that the 2ww should go by fast.

Jade, do you go to the doc today or next week. I would lean toward the injectables, I have heard go things about them. When are you start the med to start your af?

Lili, I'm so happy for you!!! Now a fresh new month to ttc. Hope this is your month.

Ange, let us know what the doc says.

Well ladies I wont be back until monday, my son is having surgrey on his eyes tommorow, If you could, would you please pray for him.
My f. m. still says high fertility, and I still have cm, so I hope by the time I talk to you on Monday, I will have O.
Everyone have a good weekend. Talk to you on Monday.
Love and prayer to all


lili246 - March 21

Girls (Ange, Jade and Renee)

Thank you so much for all your support. I feel so much better now that af is here. That means a fresh new start and I was thinking that this month I will not stress and relax. I will not try that hard because I was praying that I would get pregnant by February so that I could of have my baby by november but in December I have my sister big birthday party her 15 and it is going to be a blast. So I don't want to miss it it will be 12-22. So I was thinking that this month I will relax and not think about it. It I do get pregnant then that would be a bless from God and I accept it no matter what, if that means that I will have to miss the party it's ok I'll take it :) But I think the best thing I should do is staying relax maybe it happens :) So for sure next month if af is on time I will do all my best to get pregnant. :)

I did have some tea yesturday night not alot but some and today I notice bright red blood and I know that the tea helped me so I had alittle this morning and will have more at night. It says that it helps for your mentruation to come and it helps for youn ot to get those bad af cramps. So if you ever want to give it a try do it I highly recommend it! ;)
Here is some info. about it or visit this website:
website give you a picture of how the epazote looks, it's a green leaf.

Epazote - pronounced [eh-paw-ZOH-teh]
An herb well-known to Mexican and Caribbean cooking. The name comes from the Aztec (Nahuatl) epazotl. It is also known as pigweed or Mexican tea and is frequently regarded as a garden pest. It is most commonly used in black bean recipes to ward off some of the "negative" side affects of eating beans. Much like cilantro, it is referred to as an "acquired taste". The herb is quite pungent and some say it smells like gasoline or kerosene.

Epazote (chenopodium ambrosioides) was brought to Europe in the 17th century from Mexico and used in various traditional medicines. The herb was used by the Aztecs as a medicine as well as a culinary herb.

Buy and Store
Epazote can normally be found fresh in Mexican grocery stores or is available air-dried. One teaspoon of dried epazote leaves is equivalent to about one branch, or 7 fresh leaves. Fresh epazote leaves can be placed in a plastic bag and stored for up to 1 week. You can air-dry the fresh leaves and store in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Penzey's is a good source for dried epazote.

Medicinal Uses
Epazote contains compounds which actually act as an anti-gas agent ( referred to as a carminative, which means it reduces gas) when cooked with beans. It's chief use was as an agent to expel intestinal hookworms (wormseed). According to Jessica Houdret (The Ultimate Book of Herbs and Herb Gardening) it has also been "recommended for nervous disorders, asthma, and problems with menstruation). CAUTION: This herb is poisonous in large does.



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