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Jade - March 13

Where is everyone? Hopefully they all have BFPs........

Lili~ Still no AF for you? I sure hope she comes soon. I hope AF comes for me soon too.

Ange~ That sucks that you dont have AF. I am waiting for AF too. I am ready to get started on my next cycle and I know you are ready for your surgery. You have been waiting a long time for this surgery.

Renee~ Hope all is well. Have you O yet.


lili246 - March 13

Can you believe it! Still no af for me. I don't know what may be causing it but from the doctor said is because from y hormones, who knows!
I sure hope that she comes very soon. I am all ready for a new cycle. This one has been the longest of all and I hope that everything is ok with me.

Have a great night!

Love Lili


lili246 - March 14

Hey girls,
I am curious because I have felt something down in my private part and I am scared it migh be something bad. I was searching the internet and read that it's possible to get some vaginal cysts, does any of you had this problem before or know any information about it? the one I have is very small and it hurts when I wipe but then it's itchy, I am afraid it might be a bad thing but maybe I should have a pap smear done to make sure. I am just scare of something wrong with me, I care about every single detail.
Any info would be appreciate.

Love Lili


RNORST - March 14

Hi girls, sorry I have not read everyones post yet, I have been busy at work. Hope everyone is well. I'm on cd 6 af is now gone.
My son has to have surgrey on his eye next thursday. So if any one would pray for him I would be very thankful. He has extrpoia. His eyes some times drift out when he is tried or day dreaming.
Praying for all you girls, hope to talk to you tommorow
Love Renee


Jade - March 14

Lili~Is this internal or external? I would probably go check it out with the dr. Don't you go back for test results this week? Maybe you could check to be sure. It may be nothing, but you would rather be safe than sorry. I cant believe that you still havent gotten AF. We are both in the same situation. I am waiting on AF. It really sucks that your cycles were so normal right after your mc and now 3 cycles later they are worse than ever. I think that you probably didnt o. I had the same thing. I got what I thought was a +opk but never did O. It really sucks.


lili246 - March 14

Isn't that terrible that after my mc my cycles were very good and now that I am ttc again they get all mess up and look a very long cycle! :/ I really hate this but about my thing it seems to be extrenal. Sometimes it hurts like when I wipe and then it itches. I do go back tomorrow to get the blood results but like I told renee I have another doctor where she only works on one saturday per month and she is the one who does the papsmear and I don't pay anything. Which if I go to this doctor where I had the physical done they will charge me for the papsmear and they may get wuite expensive. So don't know what to do. I think that it's going away though because I have been trying to look for it and I can't find it so hope that it may go.
I had the same problem when I had my son and after my m/c I felt something and was there a about a week and then it went away so I am not sure it might just in an infection or like you said it might be something else and should have it test it before it's to late. I will wait till tomorrow when I get my blood results and see how they come out.

Thanks for your help and hope that I don't get you all confuse like I

Love ya girl

Don't worry I have Will in my prayers, he will be alright!
Please take good care of him.

Love Lili


lili246 - March 14

How long are your cycles usually for? Have they been normal after you m/c, how long do they usually go?

Hope that we can get bless with some normal cycles!


Ange - March 15

Hi Girls!

Well very odd cycle for me...I am three days light today was the first day that bbs got sore. I wasn't really thinking about it til today. I am not bloated but that could be cause I started training too. I am at a loss I think it will come tomorrow if it is like last month. I was 4 days late then be continued....

Lili it sounds like you might have a rash I would go to the pharmacy and get some Burasol in the powder and use wash with that for a few days. Then see if you are better...let me know how you are doing

Jade~ I hate this waiting game I know it is bfn so I wish it would just come so I could get my sugery. So how is the spotting?


Shara - March 15

Hello Ladies,

I have not been on these boards in a while. I was originally on the older ovulex boards with some of the older members. I have not read all of your posts yet but I am wishing good luck for everyone. I am currently ttc again after my twins passed after birth from prematurity. I had to wait and ccyle out and I am on the trail again. I hope that I can be help and support to those who want it as I wish you can be the same for me.
Babydust for us to become 2007 mommies!!!


lili246 - March 15

I am sorry to hear that. My most sincere condolenses. You babies are now with god with my baby aswell. I had a m/c at 2 months pregnant and I am in the ttc again aswell but my cycles is very weired this month and don't know why.
Welcome back and hope to hear from you!
Keep the faith! :)

I think that it's going away and hope that it does. I am just getting to concern just for anything. I really pray that af gets here soon. I want to start a fresh new month and be all relax. I hate having to be in this situation where I don't know whats going on.
I go to the doctor today to get my blood test results hope that I get good news.

How are you doing today?

Have a great day!

Love Lili


RNORST - March 15

Jade, are you still spotting? You are getting close to cd 40, then they will put you on meds to start af, right?? Then injectables??
The pineapple juice is suppost to help with implantaion. So I will drink it from O to 10 DPO and the stop at 10 DPO, beacuse it can make af come sooner. You have a lot to look forward to, the injectables will really help.

Ange, Is af here yet? I'm sure you are so excitied to get this surgrey done. Is your thryiod back to normal now? So after surgey and you recover are you doing IVF? Good luck girl.

Shara, I'm so sorry for your lost. Good luck ttc again. We are here for you.

Lili, did you get your blood results yet?

I'm cd 7 and fertility monitor had me test today and of course it was low fertility. I'm not taking geritol anymore, I tried it for 2 month. I'm now just taking prenatals, drinking green tea and will try pineapple juice after O, and a whole lot of prayer.
Praying for all you ladies
Love Renee


Ange - March 15

hi girls!

how are you all? I am still waiting for AF! Today is a cramping day errrrr! I think she is coming tomorrow but but boy she is slow.

Shara~ Welcome. I am sorry to hear about your angels... I am happy to hear your ttc. we are a good group here. Were you ttc for a long time?

Renee~ I am getting impatient I want to do the sugery and yes we are doing the ivf right after I get the ok.

Lili~ I hope AF comes for you soon and glad you are feeling better

Butterfly~ where are u?

Jade~ did you get af? I hope you are having a good day!


lili246 - March 15

Hey girls,
I did get my blood results already. :) As you can see I got good news.. YAY! Everything came back normal, my thyroid is good and everything else except I have my colesterol alittle high not that bad but it's not in the normal range. So that is good news and I am so relief. Now I have to wait and see when af will come.

Thank you for you prayers! :)

Love Lili


RNORST - March 15

Ange, I'm so excitied for you, you will get that bfp in a few months.

Lili, I'm so happy that every thing came back normal:). Now you need to relax and not stress and let af come.

Butterfly, hope you are ok. Thinking about you.

Love Renee


Jade - March 15

Yaay. Guess what- I bought an OV-Watch today. I am so excited to use it. I hope AF comes soon so I can use it. I did a lot of research on it and found very few (if any) negative comments. I hope it helps......

LilI~ That is great news about your test results. I hope AF comes soon for both of us.

Renee~ So I guess you will O next week? I am jealous of your timely cycles. :) I had a 32 day cycle once and it seemed to pass much quicker.

Ange~ So AF should come for you tomorrow? That is great- now you can have your surgery. I know how you feel on waiting for her to show. I am on cd 34 and still havent o. I guess AF might not come for me this cycle.

Shara~ Welcome and I am sorry for you loss. Can you tell us a brief history of your TTC journey? Did you conceive on Ovulex or other meds or naturally?


lili246 - March 15

Renee and Jade,

Hey Jade is right I am sure jealous of Renee's timely cycles it seem to go fast for her, when mine no My seems taking for ever and nothing soon. :/ Well I am happy that my blood test results came back normal. Now I will relax and do some yoga so that I can take al lthe stress away.
I have faith that af will come soon and I will be all fresh for a new month. ;)

Thank you girls for your prayers!! :)

Love you all


P.s. Yeah Butterly where are you girl, we miss you. I know that you work so hard but hope that everything wi going well with you! :)



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