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caretta32 - March 8

hi ladies just a short hello I have been out of the office and need to catch a flight to Atlanta in 1.5 hours. I will give more details as to what I am doing in a couple of days...

Renee, I know it is your month...
Jade: injectrables are not that bad..ask me any questions you might have

baby dust and love to all!!!


Jade - March 8

Hi Ladies~ I am still spotting. I found out today I have a uti- so had to go to dr about that and get some meds. UHhh. When it rains it pours-you know. I have to wait until 3/22 for cd 40 to start prometrium and take that for 10 days and then wait for af. I hate irregular cycles.

Lili~ SOunds like we are in the same boat. Your temps arent up which makes me think maybe you didnt o either. Hopefully AF will show up soon. Then you can use your monitor. I am thinking about getting the OV-watch for next cycle.

Renee~ Your temps still sound high. Maybe you tested too soon. Stay positive.

Butterfly~ SOunds good for you. When i had my BFp in Oct. I was crying over everything. I will pray for you.

Ange~ Any symptoms of AF? I hope she shows up soon so you can get the ball rolling....

Caretta~ I hope everything is okay with you. Let us know....


RNORST - March 9

Lili, did af come? What are your temps? I think you will have really good luck with that monitor, I love it.

Butterfly, that sound like good preg signs to me, hope this is your month.

caretta, Have a safe trip, hope every thing is ok.

Jade, Keep you head up, you have awsome plans ahead of you, I know it seems like 3/22, will take a long time, but I bet it will fly by, keep postive, you are on the right track.

Well my temps fell again to 98.4, so I bet I start af tommorrow. My coverline is 98.3 (this therm. runs high, I will try a different therm. this time.) I was down in the dumps wed. night and some yesterday afternoon, but I'm back stronger then ever. Satan loves it when I get down about not getting preg, he is the one holding me down, My God is so much stronger and I'm holding on to Him. This will happen for us!!
I'm starting to get some cramps now, so maybe af will be here today, the sooner it comes the sooner I can start again. I will do a IUI in 3 months, so I have 2 more cycle to try on my own. I love my Re, I'm sure she will help. I have a appt with her the very first day after I get back for vacation.
Love ya Renee


Ange - March 9

Yuppie Friday!!!
Thanks girls you are always so supportive. I love u all!

Jade~ Sorry to hear about the uti. At least you know why you were spotting? I was getting them last year alot I know it is not fun. I hope you feel better soon. Yeah and no about the symptoms. I felt like my uterus was going to fall out yesterday lol. But today I am fine. I think I will get AF on SUnday! I will let you know!

Renee~ Still no Af? I am praying for you....

Lili~ How are you any signs of AF? Did you test again?

Butterfly~ Have you tested? I am so praying for you....

Take care girls!!!


lili246 - March 9

Renee, Ange and Jade,
Well my temps today were 98.3 they went up but I bet that thay will go down by tomorrow. Well I am going to the doctor tomorrow to have my physical done and hope that they can answer some of my questions. I am scared to hear bad news. :(
Well see what happens!
I am having some mild cramps since yesturday like if af is coming but nothing yet!
I did test for pregnancy on Wednesday and it was a bfn. :(
Hope that af can come soon so that I can start a freash new month and use my monitor, it's still wrap and i will open it when af

Have a great weekend and hope that everyone else is doing good. Let have faith, it will happen for us soon!

Love Lili


RNORST - March 9

Well guess what, af is here, oh well I'm back to cd 1. I knew it was coming so I'm glad it came today. I can start trying again:)
I ordered some pre-seed today from I got 6 things of pre-seed and 2 hpt for 14.99, plus free shipping. I have good cm, but I thought this might help the sprem live longer, any thing is worth a try. Go to and look over to the left side and click on BFP with pre-seed. I also read on there that drinking pineapple juice from O to 10 dpo can help with implantaion. So this month I will take prenantal vitimans, drink green tea, pre-seed and pineapple jucie from O to 10 dpo, and a ton of prayers!!!!!!!!

Ange, after af you will have the surgrey right? You are on your way!!

Lili, I'm sure there is nothing wrong. Hopefully you are preg, but if not hope that they can get af started.

Love you girls


angelz9 - March 9


sorry about Af but look on the bright side another month to plan .. i read on the same twoweekwait that its the pineapple core that is used but i've never tried it but becareful with it ...

i keep getting YI and am on antibiotics a one day pill so i really don't know what is going to happen i am on cd10 and started to fell wetness so maybe there is hope .

i 've been reading everyone's post and all i can say girls is keep the faith and prayer..

baby prayers to u all


RNORST - March 9

angelz, I heard to only drink it from O to 10 dpo and then stop, because it can start af sooner if you keep drinking it. I wont drink that much, just a glass a day from O to 10dpo. Sounds like you will O soon. Hope this is your month.

love Renee


Jade - March 10

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is well.

Renee~ Sorry to hear about AF. I am glad that you are staying strong though.

Lili~ How are your temps? Are they still up? Maybe you just oed?

Butterfly~ Do you have good news to share?

Ange~ Any sign of AF yet?

I am still spotting. Dont really know why though. It is not from the UTI. RE said maybe it could be from the femara, but he isnt sure. I hope it ends soon.


Mahogany Heart - March 10

Hello Ladies. How is everyone? Chance and I are doing fine.

Supernatural BabyDust!!!


Ange - March 12

Lili~ did you do to the dr? Hope you got good news!

Renee~ sorry to hear about AF! sounds like you have a great plan for this month!

Butterfly~ Did you get AF or do you have good news!

Jade~ AF did not come yet! I want her to come now!!!! Maybe this afternoon. As soon as she comes I can call for my surgery! Hope your spotting ends soon!

Take care!


Jade - March 12

Hi ladies. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Ange~ That sucks that AF has not come yet. She was late for you last month too, right? Maybe you are preg.....wouldnt that be a great surprise? My spotting is a little less today- hope it is not a tease and ends soon.

Lili~ Have you seen AF yet either? ARe you temps up still?

Renee~ How is the pineapple juice? Hope it works for you this cycle. If I ever get a cycle maybe I will try it.


lili246 - March 12

Ange, Renee, Jade,
Well I did go to the doctor. She said that sometimes after a m/c our hormone levels get crazy and this can mess up our cycles. So so told me to wait from 3 to 6 months and see if they do for better. I told her that I was so irregular so she said that this is just some hormones going crazy and to wait. So I had some blood test done and some chest x-rays so I will go back on thursday and get the results, hope to get good news. The did tell me that I had a lil high blood pressure, it's nothing to concern about since it's not that high but I do get worry because of that, they told me the same thing when theyw ere getting ready to have the d&c done I was scared and nervous and they said that was the reason of my high blood, don't know what may be the cause of this time.
Also thet tested for pregnancy and came back negative so since I am not pregnant I went ahead and had the chest x-rays done this morning.

So still no af for me! :( How is everyone else doing?
My temps are still weired from 97.7 so who knows, probably I didn't O this month. But I will relax and take it more easy and see if it helps.

Hope that everyone else is doing great!

Love Lili


Ange - March 13

Lili~ I am sorry to hear that about having to wait again. Trust me I know how you feel waiting and waiting. I hope your cycle fixes it self already. Maybe you should find another RE for a second opinion. take care

Jade ahhhhh still no AF I tested this am and it was bfn so rule that out. I think my cycles have changed. Now that my thyroid is balanced my cycles are longer ?????? I hope your spotting stops soon.

Renee~ Af flow is late and I need to make my appointment for the sugery. Just my luck it gets delayed. how are you doing?



lili246 - March 13

I know it's frustrating going through this and not knowing when af will be here. :( I actually saw a regular doctor I don't have a RE myself because I don't have insurance. So I will wait and see what happens I just hope that I can get af soon so that I can start a freash new month.

How is everything with you Ange?

Have a great day!!


Jade - March 13

Where is everyone? Hopefully they all have BFPs........

Lili~ Still no AF for you? I sure hope she comes soon. I hope AF comes for me soon too.

Ange~ That sucks that you dont have AF. I am waiting for AF too. I am ready to get started on my next cycle and I know you are ready for your surgery. You have been waiting a long time for this surgery.

Renee~ Hope all is well. Have you O yet.



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