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designatedmom - February 24

Hi everyone,

I've been spotting on/off at times heavy then it stops for hours, but the most scary thing just happen and gotta warn that its a bit graphic, went to bathroom and while i wipe something sorta fell out and got a close look on a TP, looked like an embryo (certainly not a normal clot). its like a tiny bean in the middle of some sort of wrap almost like clear piece of plastic. my heart just sank. first thing i did was call my girl friend who knew about the IVF and all she said was "i should get up and move on" and proceeded to tell me about a movie she was watching on TV. I couldnt believe how insensitive she was. or am i over reacting? Has anyone ever seen this embryo-like bean with AF?

caretta32 - Thank for advice on Vitamins and prayer. I will look into those and geritol hopefully it will work for me too. but whichever the case i think i'lll be skipping this cycle and will know for sure once i get some kind of game plan from RE. I have heard from since the -ve results.

Renee - Was aking about your sister 2nd-IVF, maybe wasnt clear. Good luck with 2ww and I really appreciate the positive wishes from you and all the ladies on this board. Hopefully one of these days it'll happen for all of us.

Baby dust to all


Jade - February 26

Hi Ladies. Where is everyone? Hope all is well. Anyone have any news?

Lili~ How have your temps been? When do you Hopefully NOT expect AF?

Renee~ Did your temps rise yet? How many DPO are you?

Ange~ This is the week. Friday will be here before you know it.

I had some spotting today. I think it may be still from the HSG. RE wanted me to check to make sure it wasnt an infection- which it wasnt- so that is good. Now I am waiting to O. It is 15 dpo.


lili246 - February 26

well my temps are still low they go from 97.7 to 98.1. They are driving me crazy but if this wasn't my month then I want af now. I hate having this weired temps and not a confirm sign of O. My chart looks bad and don't know what to think. UGH!
I had af last month on 1-16-07 and haven't had it this month but probably will be coming soon :(
Hope to have betetr luck this soming month!

How is it going with you? Is the spotting gone? You are close are you testing?

well have a great day!

Love Lili


caretta32 - February 26

okay ladies need help..late night nausea?!
Have had it last two night in a row..almost throwing up..any clues? Also gas above and beyond normal...DH really getting grossed out (sorry TMI)!
Anyone else had this while on progesterone?


Jade - February 26

Lili~ That really sucks about your temp. It really is bad not knowing if you have Od or not. I think that you probably did. I know what you mean about wanting AF to come if you are not preg. I am still having spotting so hopefully it will not effect o. I have been using opk's but no + yet. Hopefully by Friday.

Carretta~ When I had a BFP I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I would throw up. It happened a few days before expected AF. I also woke up really hot and I am usually really cold. So maybe this is a sign of Pregnancy for you. When can you test?


Mahogany Heart - February 26


I been here just in alot of pain. Chance is fine. We had a Doctor's Appointment today the sugar test.

Supernatural Baby Dust!!!

Keep The Faith!!!


lili246 - February 26

wow you sound like that you might be pregnant. When do you test. I know that when you are pregnant you can have nauseas anytime of the day usually in the a.m but I did have them at night. Let us know what you find out! :)

I am not sure if I really O, from what I see in my chart usually when you O your temps go high and mine did go only up to 98.3 then fell way down so I am not sure. I just want to know if I am or not if not I want af so that I can start a new fresh month because this month was so confusing and I don't want any stress.
I will take it more easy this coming month. :)
Good Luck! :)



caretta32 - February 27

my beta is on 3/5/07 a whole week...i will go nuts by then!!
I am never nauseated...I pride myself on being able to eat anything!!!


angelz9 - February 27


sorry about the pain i hope everything works out for u missed talking to u just wanted to share this really weird cycle with u..
You need to take it easy and take care of chance .Ok
Love ya girl will keep praying for u.


i am currently on cd22 so i have a 25-27 cycle so won't test until after the 3rd of march if no Af.
This ccyle has been kinda weird so i started a cycle journal . Today my temps went to 98.4 and this is the temp i normally see my period at. I had some cm that looked like snot with brown stuff. (TMI) i had to reach in there to find it . My breast tingle and burn and feel full every now and again also my chin broke out never happened and a bump on my chest that will not go away I am having that burny feeling all now in my breast and all my aches are on the left side of abdomen.

Any thoughts would be appreciated...

somethimes our bodies are trying to O so we get those weird temps that never seeem to go anywhere u may need to look into that and have a day 21 progesterone test to see if u did O.
Hope everything works out..

Caretta :
when are u due for Af ? a rise in progesterone can cause nausea and preg symptoms depending on where u are in ur cycle so keep the faith..

To everyone awaiting the BFP praying for all of u.

Baby prayers for all


caretta32 - February 27

well i could not stand the wait and did a HPT this mornign and it was BFN!!! I am so bummed, AF will be here probably next wed or thurs after I do my beta on monday and the RE tells me to stop the progesterone!

I am currently cd19 10/11dpiui and still slightly nauseated...if not pregnant we will be stopping the drugs and starting the ovulex!


lili246 - February 27

Thanks for your advice, but how does that worl 21 day progesterone?

I am sorry to hear about that bfn! I hate seeing those to. I sure hope that it was wrong and that you can get that bfp. I am praying for you girl :)

How is everything with you?

Have you gotten that + opk? Good Luck! :)

Where are you? We miss you?

Has not been here for a while, does anyone know anything about her, probably she is busy at school, but we are all thinking of you sister :)

Have a great day!

It's raining here in California! :)


Jess - February 27

Hey girls!! How's everyone doing this month?? It's been a while since I last posted. I am currently on cd12 and just this morning I hit my peak on my monitor. I don't know if you guys remember or not, but my dh had to leave town on Sat. morning and I was freaking out that he wouldn't be here for my O. Then you guys wrote back to just bd up until he leaves and his swimmers should last five days up there. Well we bd on cd5,6, skipped one day so his sperm would have time to multiply and bd on cd8. I did have a high fertility on that day up until today. So hopefully his sperm is still floating around up there waiting for that little egg.... I've been trying not to think about it, but it is still in the back of my mind.

On another note..... I watched the movie "Facing the Giants" What a GREAT movie!!! Thanks for letting us know about it.... I haven't cried that much over a movie in years. It really hit home for me and I know it would for a lot of us here. I think my faith for the lord has really been restored since watching that movie. I had to watch it two times before I returned it. I am and I will leave it all in Gods hand from here on out. My faith is as high as the heavens right now.

Good luck to everyone this month and welcome newbies!!

God, please bless us all with the children we all long for.


butterflywishes1 - February 27

Hi Ladies~
How is everyone today? Sorry I haven't written in a while but I was out of town and then I've been working a lot plus taking a chemistry class! UGH!
Well, I got a peak on my fertility monitor yesterday, had ewcm, and O pains on the left side. Then, this morning I had a temp rise from 97.2 to 98.0! SO, it seems as if I O'd yesterday. I still have a peak on my fertility monitor SO we will bd tonight.
Anyone else in the 2ww?? Jess, our cycles are almost identical!!!!
I'm going to buy the moving Facing the Giants today! I can't wait to watch it!
Love you all!


lili246 - February 27

Jess and Butterly,
wow I am happy for you girls that you have or are getting close to O. That is great. I am glad that you cycle is not so confusing as mine is ;)

Good Luck!



caretta32 - February 27

lili: thanks for the faith!

butterfly: where are you going to get the movie you think blockbuster would have it?

angel: I also am having pain on the left side, was intermitent but now consistent...the brown thing I am not sure about

Renee: are you okay?

Jade: I have been sweating every night except for last night...I havent been wearing sock to bed I have been so hot!


butterflywishes1 - February 27

Lili ~ Please keep the faith. Sometimes we have anovulatory cycles and/or very confusing cycles.. The human body is very amazing and I know it will happen for you!
Lots of Love ~



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