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butterflywishes1 - February 22

Hi Ladies ~
I am feeling much better today, although I still feel discouraged. I can't stop thinking that this will never happen for me. :( I know I need to have faith that it will happen, but part of me feels like I can't do this naturally....???? I guess I am just SO scared. Yes, that's what I feel... SCARED. Scared that having a child is not in my future..... :( Is it normal to have these feelings??

Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. It means so much.
Love you all!


designatedmom - February 22

hi Butterfly
I know exactly how you are feeling.
With IVF everybody get positive, i've read thusands of testimonies of success with every symptom i had, nausea, cramping, sence of smell etc...
I have been able to stop crying since i got the call yesterday.


caretta32 - February 22

[quote author=RNORST link=board=4;threadid=3601;start=270#32501 date=1172096051]
Caretta32, When do you test? Good luck girl.

my beta is scheduled for 3/5/ far all I have is sore boobs and very minor twinges on both left and right sides when I stretch...really weird feeling

Butterfly, you are in my prayers. God has a plan for you and just let HIM guide you.


lili246 - February 22

I sure know and understand how you are feeling at the moment. because before I had my son I was thinking the same, I would get scare and thought that i would never have a baby with my o hold in my arms, but look I did it I have my now 2 year old boy and that give me more faith to keep on going and trust in god that he will bless me again. I also have a lil angel and he is taking care of him in Heaven.
But I have the faith and I know that is will happen again for me.
You need to watch the movie Facing the giants because that will help you alot and will bring back that faith that you lost.
Keep your chin up and trust in God , I am sure that all this wait that you are doing it will be worth it.
You know that you are not the only one and we are all here for the same reason.

have Faith!

Love Lili


RNORST - February 22

designatedmom, I'm so sorry about the test results. I did a IUI that was negative, but thats nothing compared to a IVF. I'm so sorry. What is your next step?

Butterfly, Have you ever seen a RE? I felt like that I would never have any more, but after I seen my 2nd re I had more hope. I completly trust in God this will happen I just dont know when. Your time is coming.

Caretta32, Did your re tell you how many eggs you had? Good luck girl. Keep your self busy, that 2 ww is the hardest.

Lili, It's amazing what that movie can do for your faith. Keep me posted on your temps, hope that are sky high tommorow. I'm praying for you.

Prayers and baby dust to all


Jade - February 22

Okay ladies. We all need to cheer up. We have to stay positive. We will get through this. WE all know the feeling of the dreaded BFN and that is so hard to deal with. I am feeling a little better this week than last. I hope to O soon. I am cd 11 and have no idea if I should expect o on cd 21 like last month or maybe sooner (i hope). I am starting to test tomorrow just in case......


caretta32 - February 23

Renee, I had 4 good follies over 15 one at 20.5. DH had over 300 mil in 2 days!! I do think I am pregnant only because I have none of the same symptoms as last much less feels so regular...the boobs are swollen but very little pain only around the areolas (TMI) usually lower back pain is so little and I have had a headeach for 2 days now! I am so confused!!!

designatedmom: my sis went through 2 IVFs until her RE got the drugs right....dont give up!! my I ask how old are you? are you taking any vitamins or supplements or just perscription drugs?

I am 40 (going on 25!) and took my fertility into my own hands and relized the RE only looked at the medical tests but not my body was deficient in Iron, vitamin E, B-6 and selenium....I started taking taking DHEA and Geritol....I have noticed a big difference in my mental and physical health...

Babydust to all!!


Ange - February 23

caretta~ I wish you lots of babydust I hope you get a +beta.

Jade~ I agree with you we all need to pick ourselves up right now! depression won't help our fertility. I think I O but I didn't check yet. Dh went for his test today. He last one wasn't so good. I am sure this one will be fine. I think it took to long to get the last one to the DR.

Renee~How are you doing? Keeping yourself relaxed. I will watch the facing the giants movie this weekend. I am excited to see it.

Lili~ How are you doing? Any signs of anything ?

Designatedmom~ I am doing IVF in a few months. I have to get my results first from my MRI than I will for a surgery to remove a septum in my uterus. sorry to hear about your bfn. will you try again?

Butterfly~ How are you? Are you having a better day? How long have you been ttc? do you have an RE? Have you gone through all your tests?


angelz9 - February 23

hi every one

been reading ur posts i wish every the peace that surpasses understanding.

i had a very strange cycle this month with menses on 5/2/07 and still can't pinpoint O. Since i wasn't charting or really checking but today is cd19 and for about 3 days i've had dull pains like pinch on my left side and my Cm is wet and white on underwear . Cp is switching between high at night and low during the day. i know my temp rose way before cd19 but i didn't have any EWCM since i BD right before period and right after every other day . Another thing i was trying out lunaception i wonder if that caused the confusion.. Todays temp is 98.6
also i had some really weird tingling in breast and i am getting numbness in the back of my knee .

Help anyone .

Mahogany: Where are you and buttons i haven't heard from u.
hope everything is progressing nicely.

imarriedewing: Still waiting to hear from u

Butterflywishes : just keep the faith God is a good provider he knows our needs before we do .
so claim that baby and hold onto that faith.

P.s everyone please be good to yourselves.


lili246 - February 23

No signs for me only those af pains, so I really think that af will be here for sure because my temps are still at 98.1 and not a major rise. I will be faithful and wait till the end. if not I will elax for this coming month and hopefully I have better luck!

This is my first time that my temps are very low hope that it doesn't happen again.

Love Lili


designatedmom - February 23

Hi everyone, I'm slowly recovering, came back to work staying busy but its hurts at times. Thanks again for kind words, its nice to have people going thru IF cause most Fertile people just dont seem to get it.

Renee, Caretta32, Ange - As for next steps I still dont know what to do cause my LMP was back in January 3, and been spotting lightly for the last four days so at this point i'm waiting for AF to start. but i'm leaning towards skip this month so i can atleast get a 'regular cycle' and maybe give my ovaries a break, they did produce 11 eggs and they were painful for weeks. Anyone here who has had IVF? Not sure how long i takes to get back to 'normal'.

- I just turn 35 on 2/12. I wasnt on any vitamis when i started treatment, Actually after reading the Ovulex forum, i thought i shouldorder maybe to help me ger back to norm. During the six week treatment cycle I just took the priscribed birth control for 2 weeks then sarted stims.

- During the treatment cycle the were so many ups/down cause my E2 was very high (over4000) so one minute i'm told to reduce meds, another minute i'm told will canceL cycle, then suddenly, oh we are moving on to retrival and ET on day 3. So its been one hell of a roller coaster.

- Hope your results are +ve and good luck with the surgery. Did your sister succeed on the 2nd-IVF?

Babydust to all who are ttc this month.


Jade - February 23

Hi everyone. I am so glad it is Friday.......

Renee~ Did you O yet? What CD are you on?

Lili~ I am hoping AF doesnt come for you. I have some cheap internet OPK and some clearblue easy ones. I will switch back and forth between those.

Ange~ Next week is your big day. How long is the recovery process if you get to have your surgery?

Butterfly~ Hope you are feeling better. I know how you feel......

DM~ Keep your head up high and stay positive. Will you try IVF again soon?

Caretta~ Wishing you luck for you beta.....


caretta32 - February 23

DM: try the geritol..taste like crap but I believe it helps and it is so cheap I figure why not...I started mid-cycle last time and I was able to go to another round of IUIs instead of having to wait one month...first time for that...hey what can it hurt...I believe that REs read test results but dont always get it..the good old "unexplained infertility" they every look at the other aspects of the body??? I mean vitamin balance, iron concentrations, B-6, B-12, know what I mean.

Do some research online about the vitamins I listed and form your own opnion...good luck and you are in my prayers


lili246 - February 23

I have the clear blue digital opk that I bought have you seen that? That is where I got my + . but never saw one with the internet ones.

Have a great weekend!

Love Lili


RNORST - February 23

Caretta32, I praying for you, keep the postive thinking that awsome. How many day till you test?

Ange, I hope you like that movie, it gave me more faith to keep ttc. I think I O yeterday or today, so I think I'm in the 2ww. I will stay relaxed. You get your results next week right?

Angelz9, Those sound like good signs, hope you get a bfp, when will you test?

designedmom, I have never had a IVF, so I dont know what to tell you, keep you head up. This will happen.

Jade, I had another peak fertility day today!!! I bd yesterday morning and then last night. I will bd again tonight. My temps yesterday was 98.0 and today it was 98.5. So I dont know if I O yesterday or today?? My monitor says peak yesterday and today. I know when I got preg the first two times I bd on the day my temps went up, which would be today.
You are also close to O, any signs of O?

Love you girls


designatedmom - February 24

Hi everyone,

I've been spotting on/off at times heavy then it stops for hours, but the most scary thing just happen and gotta warn that its a bit graphic, went to bathroom and while i wipe something sorta fell out and got a close look on a TP, looked like an embryo (certainly not a normal clot). its like a tiny bean in the middle of some sort of wrap almost like clear piece of plastic. my heart just sank. first thing i did was call my girl friend who knew about the IVF and all she said was "i should get up and move on" and proceeded to tell me about a movie she was watching on TV. I couldnt believe how insensitive she was. or am i over reacting? Has anyone ever seen this embryo-like bean with AF?

caretta32 - Thank for advice on Vitamins and prayer. I will look into those and geritol hopefully it will work for me too. but whichever the case i think i'lll be skipping this cycle and will know for sure once i get some kind of game plan from RE. I have heard from since the -ve results.

Renee - Was aking about your sister 2nd-IVF, maybe wasnt clear. Good luck with 2ww and I really appreciate the positive wishes from you and all the ladies on this board. Hopefully one of these days it'll happen for all of us.

Baby dust to all



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