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Princess24 - February 17


Thank you for not thinking that I am an idiot :) I know that it is up to me and I really do feel that I should go w/ ovulex. My dh is just along for the ride and he told me to do what feels right. So I think I'll do ovulex and anyways it will be cheaper than clomid bcuz I wont have to go in for u/s and bw. I might as well start there and if it doesn't work out or I feel it is not doing what I think it should do I will go ahead and do clomid.

So how long have you been trying? I see that you are 24 the same age as me. :) Are you taking anything? I hope you don't mind me asking, I am just trying to get to know more about you.

Well I gotta go and get some things done around the house, take care.

Love, Kim :)


Jade - February 18

Well I have my HSG 7:00 am tomorrow. I am pretty nervous about the whole thing. I hope that I get good news and that there are no problems. I will let you guys know more tomorrow.


Ange - February 19

Hello Ladies!

How is everyone? I have been so busy lately. I am ttc this month so I am drinking my green tea, prenatal vitamin, extra folic acid, and pre seed. I am on cycle day 8 so it is close to O time. I am just taking day by day

Jade~I hope your hsg goes well! hey your on the same cd as me.

well i gotta get back to work take care


destinybaby - February 19

Hi Jade,

Good luck tomorrow with your HSG. It will be fine take 2 pain killers 30 mins before the start the exam. It helps a lot. That's what I had to do when I did mine and it was ok. Just stay calm and you should be fine. Its not a fun test, but its not that bad either.

Ange, I am drinking green tea as well I will purchase my prenatial vitamin today was well. I hear this really helps with conception. what is pre seed? sorry if I sound silly.



Ange - February 19

Tia~Pre~Seed provides moisture without harming sperm. For use even while trying to conceive – a time of increased vaginal dryness when other products should be avoided due to their detrimental effects on sperm.

It is not silly question we are all learning together so if you got anymore ask away.


lili246 - February 19

It's ok you can aske asnything I don't have any problem witht hat.
Well yes I am 24 years old. And at the moment I am taking prenatals and green tea only, as well as taking my temps every morning.
I was taking ovulex back in August, 2006 and got pregnant two months after taking ovulex then at 2 months pregnant I had a m/c and decided not to take ovulex anymore. I am not sure if ovulex was the cause of my m/c but at the moment I don't want to take anything.
If you need anything else, please ask me you can always email me if you want to. :) You have a friend here!

Does any of you had this problem before?: Well on my chart it says that I ovulated CD 29 and at the moment I am at 6dpo. My temps have not had a big rise yet, they have been at 98.3 to 98.4 and thats all, nothing higher than that. Do you think that I O or maybe they might stay that high and then get a dip rise pass pdo 7 and get that implantation dip? I just want to be positive and I don't want to get my hopes down. But it's really weired because my temps are very low this time, Has any of you had this problem before?

Thank you for your help have a great monday!

Love Lili


lili246 - February 19

By the way I forgot to mention it. I highly recommend to watch this movie:
Facing the Giants. It gives you so much hope and the theme is nothing is impossible for God and that is so correct, hope that you can watch it. :)

Thank you so much Renee I loved that movie and with it I have so much hope and I trust in him more than anything. :)

Love Lili


RNORST - February 19

Jade good luck with your hsg test, It's not that bad. Let me know what you find out.

Lili, my temps some times seem a little lower for about 3-4 days after O. What and see if they raise up after 7 dpo when implantion could take place. And try your old therm. again.

Princess, Thats not a bad idea, to try the ovulex then move to clomid. The blood work and ultrasound, will help you out a lot to see if ther is a problem. Also drink green tea and maybe try geritol tonic, and for sure prenatal vitaimins.

Girl, just like Lili, said, you all need to watch the movie "facing the gaints, it's like the movie was made for us.

I dont think I O, yet. My fertlity monitor said high fertility on sunday and monday, but I have not got the peak fertility sign yet. Maybe tommorow. I have watery cm, but not too much ewcm yet.
My temps friday was 97.9, Sat 98.3, then I forgot sunday and then today 98.3. This new therm. must run a little higher. I did have 98.3 about a week ago. I did have some O pains off and on yesterday. I bd on sat and sunday, I think I will take a break tonight, to build up his count, for the peak day which I hope is tommorow, beacuse today is cd 15.

Love ya Renee


Jade - February 19

Hi everyone. HSG was a little painful but I survived. Everything was good. Thank God!! Hopefully this will be my month.

Renee~ Hopefully you will O tomorrow. Is that your usually time or is it earlier this month?

Lili~ Usually my temps are lower the first few days and then increase more as I get closer to AF. I think you Od and your temps will probably increase more soon.

Ange~ We are on the same Cd which means maybe we will get that BFP the same day. YAAH. What day do you usually O. Mine last month was 20 but RE said hopefully this month will be sooner since my body will be used to the Femara.

Tia~ You were right. Hsg wasnt too bad. It was a little painful but it went away quick. I did have some bleeding afterwards- is that normal?


Ange - February 19

Jade ~glad to hear all went well with the HSG! I had one too long time ago maybe 8 yrs now. Wow time goes by. Mine was very painful cause my tube was blocked I guess. I did have bleeding after and the dr said it was normal. I hope this is your month!!!!!Maybe everything just needed a push! I am glad we are on the same cycle day. I usual O on cd 15 but who knows. I feel like I am now. I am going to test tonight just to see.
Take care!


lili246 - February 19

I am worry because this has never happened before and it makes me worry. But with your words you make me feel better. I wanted to email you my chart so that you can give me some feedback by looking at my chart. It's not that interesting because my temps are not that high after O but maybe I am not the only one with this problem and you might be able to help me.
Thanks for making me feel better. I sure hope that I did O and that I am in the L/P. :)
I am glad that everything went well!! :)

wow you are getting close again. I am happy for you!


RNORST - February 19

Jade, I'm glad your test was good, you now have a better chance getting preg. for 3 months. That what my old re told me. I have been O around cd 17 or 18, but since I started taking geritol O it has been cd15.
Are you taking that med. again this month?



Jade - February 19

Lili~ I would love to check out your charts. Email me. It is [email protected] I think you have nothing to worry about. Is your cm dry. That is a sure sign that already O.

Renee~ What cd are you on? I am on 8. I am glad the geritol is helping you to O earlier. I am taking the femara again this cycle. Hopefully I will O earlier. Last cycle is was cd 21 but my Re said it will probably get earlier and earlier the longer I take it. I sure hope so. I also go a prescription prenatal. It is Cal-nate. I love it. It is much better than the OTC stuff I have been taking. Hopefully that will help. I am still drinking Green Tea, but I am doing Liptons Cold Tea. I hope that will still work. What kind do you drink?

Ange~ Did you test? I hope I o around cd 15 this cycle. Last one was 21. It sucks having such a long cycle. Time seems to drag on.

So I have a funny story. Dh and I had a family thing this weekend (which I totally didnt want to go bc all his cousins are pregnant) I told Dh i would rather not go be around all the new babies and preggies, but he said I should suck it up bc it wouldnt be so bad. ANyways. It was horrible. That kind of stuff never bothers DH- everyone was asking when we were going to start our family and it was our turn blah blah blah. Every time we turned around someone else was making a comment. UHH. So when we got home Dh was like that was so awful and how miserable it is for everyone to be asking us those questions. Then he said we have really got to do it right this month so we can get pregnant. I thought that was so funny. We have to "Do it right" bc I guess he thinks we have been "doing it wrong" all these months. LOL I wish that were the case. I was kind of glad that he experienced that horrible feeling when people are always asking about when your going to start having kids. IF THEY ONLY KNEW....


destinybaby - February 20

hi Jade,

I am so happy that your HSG is over. Yes the bleeding is normal. You should know soon by next week what the situation is. You will get your BFP very soon.



caretta32 - February 20

Hi everyone,
Well the IUIs went well, very lilttle cramping and now to start the 2ww. I am nervous and anxious about this one. On a good note hubby has been taking Amberoz and his number and motility were thru the roof. 99% and 97% motility with counts over 100mil each day!! We are calling the pills "armor piercing sperm" helpers...LOL. I pray to God that this time is it....I am so tired of TTC (2.5 Y).

Good luck to everyone else and baby dust to all!!


Ange - February 20

Jade~ sometimes our dh just have to learn for themselves sounds like your just felt the anxioty that is cause by all those questions. It is funny how he responded. But at least you both are on the same page now. I couldn't test last night I had to pee so bad I didn't make it the 4 hours. Today my bbs are full so I think it might be tomorrow but dh is going for another sperm count on friday morning so we are not bd again till friday after he gives them a sample first. We did bd last night so I will keep my fingers crossed. Oh well I get my results next week from the MRI so we will see from there. I was hoping to ttc but there is away next cycle....we know that will be coming lol!

Renee~ looks like tonight is the night for you! I hope you O tomorrow. I will pray for you. I will check out that movie this weekend.

Lili~ Yeah it seems to happen faster some months......How are you? Are you trying to relax?

What ever happened to Leslie? SHe never came on this site?



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