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RNORST - February 14

Vidia, I'm so happy for you. Congrats.



Jess - February 14

Vidia- WOW!! Congrats!!! It finally happened for you. That's probably why you were so emotional the other day at work.....So how long were you taking Ovulex??? And have you been taking up until today? Good luck girl. Talk about a great gift on Valentines Day!! Keep us posted on your pregnancy. Lots of Love.



Princess24 - February 14


I just read your post and I wanted to say congrats!!!!!!
I love hearing a succes story,I hope one day that will be me. How long have you been trying? I hope all goes well and you have a VERY happy pregnancy. Keep us updated on this new, exciting journey.


So you were on ovulex? How did you like it? I'm probably going to do clomid, but part of me wants to do ovulex. I don't know what do think? I thought I made my mind up, I guess not.


lili246 - February 15

I am so happy for you and your dh. Congrats girl and I will need your help!! ;)
Please send us that special baby dust you now have! We need it!!

I am so happy for you what a wonderful surprise girl.
Now take good care!!

Love Lili

p.s. for how long were you trying? What a valentines surprise for your dh, does he know yet?


vidia1103 - February 15

Well I was ttc for exactly 18 months and finally now have my bfp. I am still having a hard time believing it. This was my 2nd full cycle on ovulex I had just started my 3rd bottle of ovulex. I have been forgetting to take it this last week though lol. My DH got home with a bouquet of roses ( how appropriate hehe ) and I went rushing down the stair ( I was soo excited lol ) He said geez calm down what is it! lol I said look look and I should him the + hpt. I dont think he quite got it at first so I had to nudge him a bit but he finally got it lol and he gave me a big ol hug and we both cried because we were starting to give up a little and things have been difficult for us.

Also this was the first month I started drinking green tea everyday and taking my prenatals. Glad I did now. I was starting to not even be able to imagine what it would be like to get a bfp I expected a bfn everytime I took an hpt but it WILL happen for you girls I just know it. If it happened to me I know it will happen for you guys, and I am O so happy because you guys have helped me so much these past couple months I have been on shared journey. BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!!!

Bettie : )


Princess24 - February 15

Wow! you must be floating on cloud nine. Thats so funny how your dh didn't get it at first, men are like that anyways.

So 18mths, but 2mths on ovulex and you got preg. Do you think that the green tea and prenatals is what gave you that extra help? We have been tyring for just over 3yrs and I'm probably want to do clomid , but now I don't know. I didn't want to do ovulex bcuz I don't know alot about the drug and is it really 100% safe? I thought clomid might be the safer bet bcuz you know more about it and my Dr can monitor me to make sure all is well. Now I want to do ovulex, I just want to be a mom sooooo bad and it has been dissapointing over and over again. I'm just wondering if I do ovulex will I get preg faster than doing clomid. I am so confussed I really thought I knew what I wanted :-/

Sorry if I'm raining on your parade. I guess I need some advice and since you had great success on ovulex I thought you could give me some input. Hope to talk to you soon. Take care.



vidia1103 - February 15

Princess- I think that it all depends on the person what will work best for you. just because the ovulex worked for me doesnt mean its right for everyone. Some women on here didn t have much luck it caused bleeding and what not while others have gotten there bfp. So it just depends on what you think you're body will adapt to best. Though ovulex is made with all natural substance I tend to believe that it is more healthy for you than man made drugs. Yes I do believe that the prenatals and green tea gave me that extra boost. Actually I think it helped a lot along with the ovulex. My advice to you would be go with your gut instinct. What do you REALLY want to do?

I dont mind giving you any advice so dont worry about that. I know exactly how you're feeling. Almost hopeless like you just cant figure out what is the best thing for you to do, and it just hurts each month goes by an nothing, but I know that it WILL happen for you eventually just always think about that! That it WILL happen.

Baby Dust everyone!!!



Princess24 - February 15


Thank you for getting back to me. Another woman on here (Liz) told me the same thing, you told me. I know she was right, but then I heard your story and I got caught up w/ it and second doubted myself. I don't even know what my gut is telling me anymore, all I know is I want a child. I do agree about the whole natural substance, thats one of the reasons why I liked. I don't like to take medicine I'm very big on what goes in my body and eat alot of organic foods.

I showed my really good friend the website on ovulex and she said it looked pretty good, just do some research on it. I have found so many diff. opinions on it and the same for clomid that it doesn't make the decision easy. I guess I need to do more thinking.

Anyways thank you for getting back to me. I'll keep you updated. Take care, hun. Talk to you later.

Kim :)


Mahogany Heart - February 15

Hello Just Stopping by to say hello.

Everyone have a beautiful and bless day.

Supernatural Baby Dust!!!


Ange - February 15

Vidia~ Congrats!!! and thanks for sharing how you were able to get the bfp. It really helps us in acheiving our goal for bfp too.

Lili~Thanks so much for you e-card you are so sweet! I will send you a picture

Butterfly~ I loved your picture you are a cute couple. I will send you mine when I get home.

My cycle is not a heavy as it has been. Not even alot of cramps this month so af is being nice to me this month.
I haven't read anymore posts I will post again tonight I need to catch up first.

Take care


lili246 - February 15

you welcome! :) I will look forward for your picture. :)

well girl, yesturday again I got the +opk and ofcourse bd to make sure we have it covered. I sure hope that we can get bless this month. My temps today were 98.4 yesturday they were 98.3 so they are going up alittle.

I am happy for you, wow 18 months seems a long time but you finally did it girl. Were you taking your temps? I think that prenatals and green tea gave you the extra help. :)
Good Luck and keep us posted on how it goes! WHat a great Valentine News!

Bettie is right ovulex doesn't work on all women but if you are giving it a try hope that it works for you. Lets keep the faith!!

have a Great Day!

Love Lili


RNORST - February 15

Princess24, I have been ttc for 3 years now. If you are debating between Ovulex and Clomid, they are like 2 different ball games. Ovulex is getting your body ready, taking herbs to help your body. I was on ovulex for 2 months and had no luck, but since then I have had a surgrey, so I couldn't get preg before the surgrey anyways. Clomid, can help you produce eggs. Clomid will maybe help you faster then ovulex. But my re didn't want me to use clomid more than 3 months. It really all up to you and your doc.

Lili, looks like you O, This will be your month.



lili246 - February 15

Thank you I am praying so much that this could be our month!
I hope that I have it covered. I have so much faith that it will happen.

Love Lili


Princess24 - February 16


Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it :) It feels great when you have people on your side and knows what you are going through. I just wish I could make up my mind and figure out what I want to do. I'll keep you posted, when I decide what I want to do. I feel that my heart is telling me to do ovulex, but then my mind tells me to go w/ clomid. I know that both can have diff. effects on you and who knows maybe both could work or maybe not, so which do I go w/ 1st? I must sound like an idot.

Anyways, thank you for the support. I goota run talk to you later.
Kim :)


lili246 - February 16

It's actually up to you. You don't sound like an idiot it's just that you are not sure which may work best or faster. But do what you think it's best it is up to you!
I am sure what ever you try will work great, so give it a try. Just have faitht that it will happen and trust in God!

Have a great weekend!

Love Lili


Princess24 - February 17


Thank you for not thinking that I am an idiot :) I know that it is up to me and I really do feel that I should go w/ ovulex. My dh is just along for the ride and he told me to do what feels right. So I think I'll do ovulex and anyways it will be cheaper than clomid bcuz I wont have to go in for u/s and bw. I might as well start there and if it doesn't work out or I feel it is not doing what I think it should do I will go ahead and do clomid.

So how long have you been trying? I see that you are 24 the same age as me. :) Are you taking anything? I hope you don't mind me asking, I am just trying to get to know more about you.

Well I gotta go and get some things done around the house, take care.

Love, Kim :)



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