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RNORST - February 13

Jess, thanks you so much for the info. I needed help. I'm on cd 9 today, I didn't get the monitor until cd 7. This morning it said cd 10, and not to test, so I reset it to cd 5, so I hope that it lets me test in a few day. As long as I get to test by cd 12 or 13, which would be cd 8 or 9 now on the monitor. I did reset it in the morning when I would test. Thank you so much.
How are you feeling? When will you test?

Butterfly, what did you find out?

Lili, what did the new therm. say?

Ange, did you find anything out from the doc?

Love you girls


lili246 - February 13

well today I had a 98.1 temp. I am now in CD 29 today with no sign of O. And I am so worry about it. Isure hope that I O soon, I notice int he past since my periods have been so irregular that I have O in CD 28, 32, 36 so I sure hope that I can O soon. I am still testing and my test line shows a dark line but not as dark as the control, Hopefully I will O soon, your prayers will help alot. :)

Lets keep the faith!!!

Love Lili

p.s. hows everyone else any good news?

How is it going?


Ange - February 13

Hi Girls! Well Af came last night! I thought at first it wasn't and maybe implatation but today she has confirmed it is heavier. I felt so close to bfp!!!!! Wow that would have been amazing to get a bfp on valentines and that is the day my daughter was born. Yes I am a little sad. But still hopeful for March 2nd to see what the dr has to say. I don't have an infection so that is good news. I wish all you girls a HAppy Valentines I love you all and thanks for all your support.

Tomorrow my little girl turns five and have just been told a major snow storm is coming so schools and work may be close. Good for us but she wants to go I am sure they will be having a party for her with cake.

take care


lili246 - February 13

Please give you lil girl a huge hug from me and I really wish her a happy Birthday!
Have fun and make it a special day for her!! :)

I am sorry to hear that af came, how bad it makes you think that you are PG with those days late and then it shows I hate when that happens but together we will get through this. Have faith!!

Hey Girls I have a question?
I am having a bad cramp down in my ovaries can that be that O might be very close? Or maybe that af will be showing soon. I have not had any temps rise because they have been from 97.9 to 98.3 and thats all, so O has not been confirm. I am worry that I didn't O this month and I should be expecting af. I sure hope that this pain is O pain and that I should be O soon.
Can someone O without their temps rising? Does anyone know anything like this?

Thanks for your support!

Love Lili


Jade - February 13

Ange- That stinks about AF. You werent trying that cycle though, right? I think this will be your cycle. Hopefully mine too. March 2nd is just a couple of weeks away. ...

Lili~ I think maybe you will be oing soon. If you didnt O- you wouldnt get AF to extremely late if at all. So do you have any opk's left. You should keep testing. I bet you have used alot, right?

Renee~ Did you buy a C.B monitor. That is exciting. I hope it works- I have heard good things about them.


lili246 - February 13

Thanks for the advise. I am still testing and yes I bought more opk's from the internet and also went to the store and bought some more just to make sure the ones from the internet were working. I have not got a + up to this point but hope I will very soon.
I have faith it will happen soon! :)
So Af came for you ha! Lets keep the faith and I know that it it will happen for us soon! :)

Love Lili


butterflywishes1 - February 14

Hi Ladies ~ Thank you all for your support! It helps so much!!!
Well, af showed up first thing this morning!! :( I knew she was coming last night because I noticed some slight spotting and my temperature took a sudden dive! So, all my "symptoms" were in my head (lol) Just what I was afraid of. It's ok, though b/c I am very positive about this coming cycle. I O'd on the right side this past cycle so I should O on the left this coming cycle!!! :) I have faith!!!

Lili ~ If you had O pain today, then hopefully you should notice a temp rise tomorrow. Let us know!

Love you girls,



butterflywishes1 - February 14

How is everyone today??? Any good news?

Love ~ Butterfly


lili246 - February 14

well guess what Girls that I bought a $27.00 digital opk and I tested yesturday and it came up positive!!!! In the thing if there is no surge it will come out as O a round circle only and if there is surge it will show a happy face and I got a happy face yesturday. My temps today were 98.3 yesturday they were 98.1 so I hope that I O today so that I can have it covered and bd today aswell. Yesturday I had bad ovaries pain so prpbably I O today and I sure hope so that way I can bd these days so I can be covered. I will test today again and see what it comes up. They say once you get a + opk you don't have to test again but I will just in case, or will it come out - or does it still show as + if I still haven't O.

The weired thing is that on my internet opk I haven't seen a + there probably today, on my target opk it does show a dark second line but not as dark as the control, hopefully I get that today in all of them. I am currently on cd 30 today. I woul dbe expecting af by this weekend but since this cycle changed I guess it will take longer or hope that it doesn't come at all so that I can get that BFP! Wish me good luck sister I need your prayers.

I will keep you posted on how it goes today!!
I hope that I can get all + so that I can rest ;)
I will bd until I see a big temp rise and O if confirm!

So what are your plans?

DH will take me and our son to dinner tonight, hope that we have a great night! :)

Happy Valentines Day!!

Love Lili


vidia1103 - February 14

Hey girls

well I posted this on the ovulex thread but havent got anything back yet and i cant seem to find any information about it on the internet so hopefully one of you guys can answer this for me please : ) Im really anxious for some answers

I was being very curious for some reason and I just wanted to see what an opt would say even though I am only 3 days from af and I have already gotten a positive opt. I tested on cd 16 and it was positive and then later that evening it was negative. Now 3 days from AF I am getting a really dark positive on my opt. Should I see my doctor. I was wondering if maybe my hormones arent right or if maybe it could show up positive if I am preg? what do you girls think.

baby dust


Jess - February 14

Hey girls!! How is everyone on this special day??? Lot's of love is in the air and it's time to make some baby's!!! Lord, please let this be the month for all the girls on this site. amen.

Well I'm on cd24, 13dpo and my temp today was 98.8 I have been spotting light pink since yesterday. I thought for sure I would wake up this morning and my temp would have droped and af would be in full force. Kind of confused right now. Anybody else have this problem??

Baby dust to everyone and Happy Valentines Day!!!!!


lili246 - February 14

that might be some implantation spotting. I sure hope that you get that BFP this month. Keep us posted! :)

Love Lili


RNORST - February 14

Lili, keep up the bd. Let me know if temps are high again. Good luck.

Ange, sorry about af. March 2nd will be here very soon and then you can really start. Hope you dd has a wonderful birthday.

Jade, I'm using my friends monitor. I'm hoping I can still use it this cycle.

Butterfly, I'm sorry about af, keep your head up girl.

Vidia, I dont know why it would be + opk?? Once you find out, let me know. I hope its because you are preg!!!

Jess, I think you temps being that high and the spotting is a good sign. When are you going to test?? Good luck girl, I'm praying for you!!

Well I'm on cd 10 and the c.b.e.monitor says cd 6 and hasn't asked for me to test yet. My friends must O later in her cycle. I think once I use it for a whole month, it will reset it to my body. As long as it asks me to test by cd 9, (cd 13 really) I should be ok. I usualy O about cd 17, but last month it was cd 15. I'm still taking geritol and drinking green tea. I started to have some creamy cm last night, so I'm getting closer. I think I will O on sunday or monday:0).
God please bless up all with babies
Love Ya Renee


vidia1103 - February 14

Well ladies I finally did it. I finally got my bfp, and to think I was about to give up. I decided to go on ahead and take my hpt since the opt was positive and that was weird. I had decided I was going to do it and then leave the bathroom and come back back in 5 minutes. Well when I walked into the bathroom and seen a positive test I almost fell LOL I had to sit down. This has been the greatest valentines day Ive ever had. Plus coming 3 days before af was supposed to be here hooray


Jade - February 14

Hi Everyone.

Jess~ I had spotting starting 7dpo last cycle. I got AF right on time. I thought maybe implant. spotting but it could be a lp problem and could hender implanting. I am going to talk to my dr about it monday when i have my hsg.

Lili~ I am glad you finally got your surge. It is about time.

Renee~ Hopefully that monitor will work for you soon. Wont be long till O....


RNORST - February 14

Vidia, I'm so happy for you. Congrats.




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