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RNORST - February 9

Lili, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you O this weekend.

Love ya and praying for you.


lili246 - February 9

Thank you Renee, I really need your prayers!! :)

Love ya aswell and I am also praying for you! ;)



butterflywishes1 - February 12

Hi Ladies ~
Well I am 11 dpo and my temps are still up (98.5 this am, which is highest temp this cycle.) I am due to start af on Valentine's Day (13dpo).
I've been having what I feel to be symptoms, but one can never know for sure!! Mostly I've had very noticable low back pain since 6dpo coupled with on and off "O" type pain in pelvic area. I've also had a lot of very thick, white creamy cm, which also started on 6dpo. I've been very tired (but maybe this is from stressful work days?) and I've had a headache every day. Also, for some crazy reason, I can't even THINK about having a glass of wine after work (the thought makes me sick) and usually I love a glass of wine :)
Well, who knows? It's probably all in my head or maybe I'm coming down with something? If no BFP then I am going to have to see a Dr. for this low back pain!!!

How is everyone else??? Any good news??

Love and Babydust!

PS. Lili, I sent you my email address but in case you didn't get it ~ [email protected]

Ange ~ I tried to send you my picture, but I received a "failure" notice? What is your email address again??


Jess - February 12

Hey Girls!! How is everyone? I am on cd22, 11dpo and my temp today was 98.8! It jumped! I went from three days ago from 98.3 to 98.4 and now 98.8! I tried to check my cervix, but still a little confused on that one... I've been feeling a little tired and nausea, some cramping and of course still the backache. Then again, the mind is a powerful thing.... It might be playing tricks on me! I know we have had a couple of girls that I've seen say they blame Ovulex on m/c... So I've been a little scared on taking the pills until af or bfp comes.

What do you guys think?? With temps going up and the symptoms I'm having, would you continue to take the pills? Or do you think Ovulex had nothing to do with their m/c? I'm a little nervous.... Not sure what to do.

Baby dust to everyone!!


butterflywishes1 - February 12

Hi Jess,
It's so funny how similar we are! I am 11 dpo and having the same symptoms (esp. the low back pain)! I am also afraid to keep taking Ovulex.... and actually, yesterday I only took the pill in the morning ~ skipped last night b/c I fell asleep (lol). I did that the other day, too. I am thinking about taking only one a day right now just to see what happens...
Do you want to know what I'm most afraid of? That my mind is playing tricks on me!!!
Love ya ~ Butterfly


Ange - February 12

Hi Ladies !
Good Monday to all of you! Today is 18dpo amd still no AF! I have been running back and forth to the bath room for a week now. I took those cheap internet hpt and everyday it is bfn. I am going to stop testing I am starting to go crazy. I woke up yesterday with a headache and it has not gone away. It is real bad one too! My CM is thick and I think I might have an infection so I am going to call my doctor and see if he can fit me in. My BBS don't hurt like they normally do. They just feel a little fuller. I get a small cramp on my right side every now and then.

Last weekend I had a fever on Sunday -Tuesday and cramps that was that was 10dpo-12dpo. But they are both gone now I just have the headache. What do you think I should do next?

Butterfly~ My email is [email protected]


lili246 - February 12

I would suggest for you to stop taking the ovulx until you get af or confirm your bfp. It won't hurt you if you stop taking them for a few days until you find out for sure. Good Luck!

well my chart is not that exciting because I haven't O or atleast from what my temps say. They are up and down from 97.9 to 98.0 so I don't know why this is happening. I am in CD 28 today and still no O sign..UGH!! :(

I am praying for you hope that you get the bfp, but that is weired that af hasn't showed up yet and you are dpo 18? That is weired and I understand how you are feeling right now because I am in something similar, I have not O yet and I am scared that I don't at all, this has never happened to me before and I am not sure why it's happening this month. My last cycle was for 32 days and O on CD 20 this time I am in CD 28 and still no O? :( I am confused!

Have a great day!

Love Lili


butterflywishes1 - February 12

Lili ~ What type of thermometer are you using? If it is digital, does it need new batteries? Sometimes thermometers can be unreliable. Maybe you need a new thermometer?
Did you get a + opk???
I am praying for you!
Love Butterfly


Jade - February 12

Hi Everyone. SOunds like we may have some BFP's soon. As for me- I am not quite so lucky. AF showed today. UGHH. I really thought for sure this would be my month. I had (what I thought) were so many symptoms. .... Oh well. Just goes to show that those symptoms can be all in your head. So anyway I go next Monday for a HSG- has anyone had one of those. I dont know if I will get to TTC this month or not. I have heard mixed opinions. ANy info on this ladies???

Lili~ If your temps are pretty regular you probably will o- it sounds like it is just late. If your chart looks like the ROcky Mts. then you may have an annovulatory cycle. That happens to me once in a while- But your temps sound like they are pretty normal. Hang in there girl. I feel your pain....

Butterfly~ GOod luck- you are so close. Hopefully you symptoms will be a BFP- what day will you test?

ANge~ That is so strange that you are 18 dpo. Are you temping? Let me know what the dr says. I hope he can fit you in. That must be frustrating.

Renee~ How is everything? Are you getting close to O?


butterflywishes1 - February 12

Hi Jade ~
I had a HSG in March 2006 and I was told that you have a very good chance of conceiving after the HSG b/c it cleans out any debri that might be inside your tubes. In fact, the doctor told me we should start trying right away. The thing is that we weren't quite ready to try full force at that time. I just wanted to have the test to make sure my left tube was still working. I kinda wish we would've tried right away b/c maybe we'd have that bfp already! Good luck! I am praying for you!

Af is due on Wednesday, so I think I will test then. That will be cd 28 and 13dpo. Wish me luck!

Love ~ Butterfly


Jess - February 12

butterfly!! That is soooo crazy!!! I swear we're too much a like. I to started taking only one pill a day, also in the morning..... About five days ago. That way at least I know its still kind of in my system..... I too am affraid of the mind games.....

Lots of baby dust!!!


Jess - February 12

Jade- I too had a HSG done in 06' and heard the same thing that butterfly said. Some people get pregnant the next month or the month after.... So definately get it done. One thing they didn't tell me before I got it done was that you should take some tylenol or motrin before procedure. It can sometimes be a little uncomfortable.
Good luck to you.

Baby dust!!!!


RNORST - February 12

Jess and butterfly, praying that both of you get BFP this month.

Ange, let me know what the doc, says, hope that it would be a good sign:).

Jade, Sorry about af. I had a hsg done, and its not bad, it only hurt for like 3 seconds. Dont worry, It's not bad. My friend let me use her clear blue easy fertility monitor, I hope it will let me test tommorrow, you are not suppost to start after cd 5 and I'm on cd 8, It now says cd9, so I'm hoping I can still use it this cycle.

Lili, hope you O soon, let me know what your new therm says.

Girls, in church yesterday, we sang a song that said
"all my ambititions, hopes and plans, I surrender thee unto your hands" That song hit me right in the heart, It's all up to God, it's all in His hands, so why should we worry and stress about it.

Prayers and baby dust to all
Love you guys Renee


lili246 - February 12

I am using a basal therm. I will go today to the store and buy a new one just in case. I did go to the store in my lunch break to buy the therm. but got into other things and forgot all about the

You are right my temps seem to be normal and you might be all right I may just be late and I will take it easy let it come because I am testing with the opk and I can see a second line so that means that I am getting close but I am just taking forever right?
I ams orry that you got af, hope that it's easy on you and keep your head up.

That song is so pretty and I know what you mean, we need to relax and let god help us at his own time.
Hope that the monitor helps you and get that bfp!

I am praying for all of us sisters!

Love Lili


Jess - February 12

renee-I too am borrowing my friends clear blue monitor. As long as you SET it by day five of starting your af, then you are fine. It will then tell you when to start testing. The only problem with using your friends monitor, is that it is still set to when she usually O's. If you think you will O before it tells you to, you might need to use what you have used in the past. Once you use the monitor once though, it will be all you. Another thing to remember when you set it, be sure you look at the time when you set it.... You have two hours before and after that time to test yourself. If you turn it on too late or to early, it won't let you test. Hope this helps you out a little bit. Good luck this month!! Have fun on your cruise!!!

Baby dust, baby dust!!


RNORST - February 13

Jess, thanks you so much for the info. I needed help. I'm on cd 9 today, I didn't get the monitor until cd 7. This morning it said cd 10, and not to test, so I reset it to cd 5, so I hope that it lets me test in a few day. As long as I get to test by cd 12 or 13, which would be cd 8 or 9 now on the monitor. I did reset it in the morning when I would test. Thank you so much.
How are you feeling? When will you test?

Butterfly, what did you find out?

Lili, what did the new therm. say?

Ange, did you find anything out from the doc?

Love you girls



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